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Intermediate Switching.(3 way switching)
This is a big shout out to all those people who have watched my first video "Two way switching" that has had over 120000 views so far thanks heaps for all the positive comments and subscriptions that came from that one video. I will definitely do more of these videos as I have had many requests to do so. So thank you once again and thanks for watching this one as well.
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Inside the Eachine Stingpad
A Quick look inside the protective cover of the Eachine Stingpad. This antenna is a linear 4 element directional patch.
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The best $5.00 RC upgrade! (FrSky 2.4G V8 Series 5dB Module Antenna RP-SMA)
2.4 ghz 5db Antenna I purchased this 5 dollar antenna for my 2.4ghz Radio Transmitter and using just one example day of flying saw fantastic improvement. This was marketed as the V8 series up grade for the FRsky Radio and modules on Banggood http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-FrSky-2_4G-V8-Series-5dB-Module-Antenna-RP-SMA-p-68703.html?rmmds=detail-bottom-alsolike
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Quanum Cyclops Goggles Firmware hack part 1
Hi everyone this is part one of a multi part set of videos I am doing on modding or hacking the Quanum Cyclops Goggles from Hobbyking. I believe these goggles have been put out into the market for the likes of people like me who can not afford a set of high end goggles but can see the possibilities presented in these entry level FPV googles from Hobbyking with a little modification here and there the owner can end up with all the bonus of an expensive high end set of FPV goggles without the cost. They will be hacked by all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. The most obvious of the modifications is the upgrading of the firmware that resides on the Atmel chip that controls the RX. All credit for this series of videos must go to Kjell Kernen a You Tube channel for his fantastic effort of modifying the firmware which lets you chose the chanel as well as scanning up and down the 40 channels this is a vast improvement on the stock firmware Kjell is such a bonus to the RC community please visit his Chanel and subscribe to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkZLAH78Ecg Please stay tuned for part 2 of this series flashing the firmware to the Quanum Cyclops RX and I will also show where to download all the necessary files.
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PDB+BEC+OSD (with firmware flashing)
PDB_BEC+OSD is another great little addition to the hangers part list. In this video I show the process involved of seeing the OSD's GUI for the Board in operation. This involved flashing firmware to the board via the USB using the Arduino IDE. http://www.mwosd.com Go to this link and follow along. Please Subscribe if you like these videos.
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XJT Module install for the FlySky TH9X
This wraps up the ultimate TH9X upgrade using the SmartieParts 9Xtreme board and the Fr Sky XJT module.
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Achilles Plus Firmware (menu)
This is a video showing the Menu system for the Achilles Plus Link below to Firmware http://achillesfpv.eu/
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XJT Telemetry (Dubai Drone GP Race Intermission video..Unofficial)
Telemetry hook up for the XJT module to FlySky 9Xtreme TX What a day watching all the videos uploaded so far on the Dubai Drone GP. Good luck everyone who has had this wonderful experience.
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Flashing OpenPro58 Firmware to the Eachine Pro58 Diversity
Flashing this Firmware fixes the diversity problem that stoped the reciever locking to the antenna that has the best signal. The openpro58 firmware was written and ported by PioDabro of RCGroups and all acknowledgements go to him for doing this work so quickly for all us poor chumps that bought this Eachine product that came out with defected poorly written original firmware. The Github link https://github.com/piodabro/rx5808-pro-diversity-pro58/tree/master/release/v0.1 The RCGroups link https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2904311-Eachine-PRO58-RX-Diversity-40CH-5-8G-OLED-SCAN-VRX-FPV-Receiver/page9
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Smartieparts 9xtreme TH9X Upgrade.
Installation of the Smartieparts 9xtreme board into my trusty old FlySky TH9X. Many thanks to all the people who have uploaded videos on ER9X they have been a great help. Also my thanks to Steven Morehouse of Smartieparts who gave me 20% off the price. If you liked the video please hit the like button!
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Naze32 Rev6 & PDB+BEC+OSD Fail
Naze32 & PDB BEC+OSD thrown away for Many reasons and I explain a few.
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HS1177 OSD wiring and serial pass through
Brief description of how to wire up the HS1177 Piggy OSD and how to setup serial pass through in betaflight.
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Wing Wing Z84
Build log
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Quanum Cyclops goggles firmware hack part 3 (OLED Screen)
Installing the small OLED screen to take full advantage of the script written by Kjell Hernen the Cyclops + Firmware modification we had previously installed in Part 1 and 2 of this series. For the sake of $6 and Kjell's Skills you can add some great fuctionality. Coming up soon DVR capability for the Quanum Cyclops Goggles. During the DVR Modification we will also add video out and video in Jacks.
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Quanum Cyclops Goggles Video In & Out.  (Progress up date)
Just a quick Video on where I am with the Video in and Out Modification I was doing on the Cyclops Goggle from Quantum. I have decided to use an electronic switching method instead of a Mechanical one which was using the switched TRS sockets. This video switch I have chosen is meant to live on board the aircraft and switch between three different cameras using a PWM signal generated by the radio on a spare receiver channel. I will be using an Arduino micro-controller to generate the PWM signal instead and this will allow me to use the one micro tactile switch for all three. So stayed tuned for flashing a script to our Arduino Mini Pro micro-controller and the installation of the video switch and TRS sockets for the Video in & Out.
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Quanum Cyclops 3 way video switch Mod
Installing a 3 way PWM controlled video switch to combine 3 inputs onto the Cyclops FPV goggles. Parts used Arduino Nano Micro switch 3 Chanel PWM controlled video switch
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EASA(Unmanned aircraft) Draft rules and regulations.
I have a say about the so called draft of new regulations the European RC Model users may have to live under.
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Smart Audio VTX with a MinimOSD
Smart Audio VTX with a MinimOSD connected to a soft serial port. MW_osd version 1.6.8 Version 1 Minim OSD has been used but it will be the same using a Micro Minim OSD. Soft serial port used was Pin 6 on IO 1 Flight controller is a SPF3 clone.
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Clone or name brand frames
My opinion on clone miniquad frames versus exspensive name brand ones.
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FPV with the Quanum Cyclops goggles
Just a nice steady flight around an open area to play with the brightness and contrast settings on the goggles menu was really very happy with the image and so far and with the receiver on these set of inexpensive FPV googles. I Also show the little OLED screen that we will mod into the goggles on the next instalment of modding and hacking the Cyclops goggles from Quanum. Thanks for watching and see you soon. The flight footage camera was the VWTech I did a quick video on last year. The Quad I am Flying is one of the Fibre Glass ZMR frames with the 2208 gold motors and some cheap 30 amp BLheli clones from RC. I have done a few videos with these motors. Radio I am using is the TH9X Flysky with the 9Xtreme board modification i have done on it. I have done a video on that as well please check it out.
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Eachine pro58 diversity test
I test the diversity on the Eachine Pro 58 for Fatsharks. During the test I use one antenna then two antennas to show that the firmware on the unit favours B channel quite badly no mater what the signal strength.
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30 amp BLHeli ESC (RW RC branded)
Cheap RW RC 30 Amp BLHeli ESC Blue heat shrink
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Drone Squad a great app for finding other FPV pilots
A quick look at a new app that you can download on both your computer and smart phone which is a tool for meeting other FPV pilots in your local area
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IRangeX RX800 Failsafes at 80m
IRangeX RX800 FrSky clone receiver from Banggood Fails at 80m I have done a previous video on this receiver from Banggood and reported its effectiveness around my house but this is a real world park scenario and it fails miserably.
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Parts for the Ultimate TH9X upgrade
A quick description and list of the two parts to buy for the Fly-Sky TH9X Radio upgrade http://www.smartieparts.com/shop/ For the 9Xtreme Board that comes with RGB LED Backlight Speaker Cables USB Connector Stickers and Hardware to mount Go to the Fr-Sky website to see what you need for the module to suit your radio and buy it from Banggood or Ebay
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Budget ZMR Build take two.
My ZMR clone frame with 30 amp BL Heli ESC's and 2208/2600kv motors and the flight controller is the Flip32+
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Quanum Cyclops Goggles DVR Modification
Adding the HMDVR to the Quanum Cyclops Goggles. One of the most important Modifications that brings it up to the high end Fatshark and Skyzone FPV goggles. So the Cyclops now has Band scanning both auto and manual with the ability to step up or down the frequency range and using the OLED screen you have the graphical representation of all this displayed for you to see. Adding the digital video recording capability has now rounded out this set of FPV goggles very well. One more set of modifications can be made with the Video out and Video in jacks to be installed and while doing this wiring mod to the Cyclops the DVR's Video out will be connected so you can play back the recorded footage on the goggles monitor or on a big screen via the Video out jack we will install.
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DYS RHCP and a Banggood No Stem RHCP
A real life comparison of the standard cheap DYS 5.8 GHZ Antenna against the short no coax version from Banggood. The weight saving was 5 grams. I could not feel the difference flying the RX130.
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Arduino Thrust Stand (Part 1)
I drag Out the old Arduino Uno Thrust Stand I was building after the Quanum Cyclops Goggles AV in/out project using another Arduino board the Nano re inspires the old project. Project requires Load Cell with Breakout board HX711 Voltage Sensor Current Sensor Arduino Board (Uno or Mega) LCD Shield with Input Buttons Plan on doing this project over the next few months in between waiting on parts for other projects. /* sample for digital weight scale of hx711.display with a 1602 liquid crtstal monitor Sketch used for scales http://arduinotronics.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/arduino-hx711-digital-scale.html
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Yotec 936Power Soldering station
Yotec 936Power A quick run down on the soldering station I have been using the last few months 24 volt Temperature control On Off Switch Indicating LED Removal Hand piece Somewhere on ebay 36 Dollars AUD can't go wrong.
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9.9 Volt 3 cell LiFe battery conversion on flysky TH-9X
Video showing how easy this is.
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RX 130mm Micro (Maiden and FPV Flight)
RX 130mm Bangood frame Racerstar MS 15 A ESC Flip F4 FC 700TVL Cmos camera 200 mW TX XRange 800 Frsky compatible shit RX
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Realacc PDB with Current Sensor
Realacc PDB with current sensor PDB-XPW 140 amp Current Sensor Dual BEC 5V/12V New style of XT60 ESC Signal wire solder pads I Think this is the perfect PDB.
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Ebay red 20 amp Simonk esc
I investigate what is under the red heat shrink of a cheap 20 amp Simon K ebay ESC
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X4R Free Style frame from Banggood
A short video on the X4R Frame from Banggood My thoughts on cheap frames compared to the name brand frames
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Realacc Mini Pagoda Antenna Flight Test
I put the Mini Pagoda FPV antenna from Realacc through a real world test flying behind Buildings and trees. Conclusions and thoughts. Can not say that I am impressed with these first Pagoda FPV antennas I have ever used so can only compare against same companies 4 leaf CP antennas which gave better reception.
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Quanum Cyclops Goggles Video In Out project gets Audio
A quick explanation of why the Video I/O youtube is not up yet. And I show off the extremely small audio amplifier I will use to give the Cyclops sound.
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Quanum Cyclops Goggles Firmware Hack Part 2
Okay everyone that was part 2 of of the Quanum Cyclops Goggles firmware hack before I ramble on any further please see the original hackster himself Kjell Kernen Video on the firmware hack the OLED sreen Modification and even an alternate way of flashing using Arduino just follow this link and support a Master of our hobby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkZLAH78Ecg I will be doing a heap of modifications to these fantastic set of hackable goggles next up is what ever gets here first. Blue 3-5V 0.96" SPI 128X64 OLED LCD LED Display to show graphical frequency Chanel numbers and rssi signal http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Blue-3-5V-0-96-SPI-128X64-OLED-LCD-LED-Display-Module-For-Arduino-/191736126003?hash=item2ca45d1a33:g:C7MAAOSwcBhWYBNV HMDVR this dvr is as small as the oled screen and will record hrs of footage http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HMDVR-Mini-Digital-Video-Audio-Recorder-30fps-for-FPV-Drones-Quadcopter-Q250-/301959879936?hash=item464e361d00:g:pNcAAOSw74FXPBH1 I thought one of the Mini FPV cameras at the front like the sky zones with a nice tactile button http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/600TVL-1-4-1-8mm-Lens-CMOS-170-Degree-Wide-Angle-CCD-Mini-FPV-Camera-NTSC-/252365058501?hash=item3ac22131c5:g:EiIAAOSwJSJXGwx4 and of course simple AV in and AV out jacks to round it off. But the killer hack would be of course one of Bruce Simpsons diversity circuits and an other RX
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FPV Antenna Wrong polarisation WTF???
I realise that the circular polarised antenna i purchased for the Cyclops googles should have been left hand not right hand and yet at the distance of around 50m I have found that it has not made much of a difference........... OK seems this needs to be put to some practical tests... Out for a fly see how we go..
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Betaflight 3.5.0 Stock PIDs
First flight of BF 3.5.0
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Kingkong F3 Mini Flight Controller De Pinned
De pinning the Kingkong mini flight controller so it fits the Micro build. Best thing about the board so far is a Boot button.
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Achilles Plus Firmware for the Eachine Pro58 Diversity Module (Introduction)
Achilles Plus the new firmware for the Eachine Pro58 Diversity Receiver this firmware has been written from the ground up to take advantage of the 32 bit processor that this receiver uses. A Special thanks to George Chrysostomos who is the author of this great firmware and for letting me be part of the test team. You can purchase firmware on the Link below http://achillesfpv.eu/
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DANGER Cheap 50 W LED floodlight not earthed.
I check out a floodlight I bought off of eBay and find the earth wire is not connected. This is happening on most of the cheap Chinese fittings I buy from eBay be careful.
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Racerstar 15 Amp BLHeli-s
I pull the heat shrink off and discover that these ESC's are manufactured using two separate PCB's Racesrstar 15 A BLHELI_S From Banggood
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Another ZMR PDB
I get close in with a meter and have a look around another ZMR PDB off of ebay. It was less than 13 dollars and came with 2 BEC's a 5 V and a 12 V it was advertised as having a minim OSD but it only has the spot to place pins in for one. Another choice for a cheap PDB on ZMR Builds. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/252328576001?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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Yellow heat shrink and Red heat shrink 30amp ESC"s off ebay
An unwrapping of the 30 amp yellow and the 30 amp red heat shrunk ESC's off of ebay
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SQ12 Mini Action Camera
SQ12 I think it stands for shit quality all year long. Once again proving the old adage of you get what you pay for.
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ZMR 250 use 1500mah or 3000mah Battery?
Flying the 2208's on the ZMR with 5" props still gives me heaps of zing carrying 3000mah battery.
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ZMR 2208 2600kv 6045
Very powerful 250 quad ZTW Spider 30 amp ESC
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