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8 STRANGE Abandoned Places Across America
From the colossal St. Francis Dam, to the ominous Bahia Honda Rail Bride, these are 8 STRANGE Abandoned Places Across America ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 8.St. Francis Dam LOCATION - Sierra Pelona Mountains, California The St. Francis dam was constructed in only 2 years, between 1924 and 26. It was supposed to be an integral part of the Los Angeles Aqueduct water supply infrastructure. Its close proximity to Los Angeles did not trouble anyone at the time, by close, I mean 40 mi (64km) from downtown LA. On March 12, 1928, 3 minutes from midnight, the St. Francis Dam experienced a catastrophic failure. In all, 12.4 BILLION Gallons (47 Billion Liters) of water rushed down the canyons, destroying everything in sight. The only piece that was not moved by the water became known as the “Tombstone”. The largest remaining piece of the dam, weighing in at 10,000 tons, was dragged ¾ of a mile (1200m) by the current. Around 425 people lost their lives, and the height of the water initially reached 140 ft (43m). Bodies were found as far south as the USA - Mexico border, many more were washed out into the Pacific Ocean The tragedy was massive, and people wanted answers, there were 4 separate commissions that came up with almost identical reasons behind the failure. “The dam failed as a result of defective foundations”. To this day, you can hike around the Sierra Pelona Mountains, and hunt for The reason I went into this much detail about this abandoned place in the mountains is due to the Oroville Dam scare from a few days ago. The spillway suffered a failure, and fearing imminent collapse, the government issued evacuation orders for 188,000 people. Luckily, nothing failed due to erosion from the water… but there are more heavy rains expected in the area starting on Feb 15. 7.Holland Island LOCATION - Chesapeake Bay, Maryland 6.Cahaba LOCATION - Cahaba, Alabama 5.Fontainebleau Resort Las Vegas , Echelon LOCATION - Las Vegas, Nevada 4.Centralia LOCATION - Centralia, Pennsylvania Alrightttt I get it, everyone and their cat knows about Centralia. But it had to be included at least once in these videos. Centralia was a somewhat decent town in the 80’s, with about 1000 residents, to the sad sad state of affairs in recent years, with an estimated population of around 7 people. The downfall of the town began when a coal seam fire was started sometime in the 1960’s. Many people claim that the whole fire was started because of deliberate illegal burning of trash in a former strip mine. No the town is not haunted, but yes, the town is believed to be the inspiration for the horror film, Silent Hill. 3.Glenwood Power Plant LOCATION - Yonkers, New York This dirty old power plant has been the location for many rumors and stories, including its importance as a satanic ritual places, and gang initiations. The plant was built in 1907, and served an important role in the powering up the New York Central Railroad…. The building has been abandoned since 1970, and for a long time, it was an eyesore, an urban exploration spot, and let's face it, somewhere to go when you ditched school. 2.Bahia Honda Rail Bridge LOCATION - Florida Keys, Florida Check this out, its a railroad bridge over the ocean ! But seriously, it is. It was originally part of the “overseas railway” that connected many parts of the Florida Keys. Specifically connecting Bahia Honda Key with Spanish Harbor Key. From 1912 to 1938 it was strictly used as a rail bridge, but it was later converted to highway use until 1972. What happened in 1972 ? A catastrophic failure? Godzilla ? actually something very mundane, a new, stronger, better, prettier bridge was built. Nowadays, the Bahia Honda Rail bridge still stands proud over the shallow waters of the Florida Keys. There are no immediate plans to dismantle or destroy what remains of the structure ! Honorable Mentions Bulow plantation,Grossinger's Catskill Resort, City Methodist Church 1.Bannerman Castle LOCATION - Fishkill, NY Finally, at #1, located on the Hudson river, and built simply by chance, the Bannerman Castle was the home of the ammunitions dealer Frank Bannerman. Who claimed that he was all about peace, even when the bannerman summer home was also used for a stockpile of goods he hadn’t sold yet ! This also lead to the accidental explosion of 200 tons of shells and powder in 1920. It destroyed a bit of the castle, coupled with declining sales, and the loss of the ferryboat that served the island, the place was completely abandoned by 1968. Nowadays, the island is owned by the New York State Office of Parks and Rec. and starting in May 2017, you can visit the island again !
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9 STRANGE Abandoned Places Around The World
From submerged cities and abandoned castles, to magnificent places hidden in mountains and forests, these are 9 Strange Abandoned Places Around the World. HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 9. Chateau Miranda LOCATION - BELGIUM 8.Villa Epecuen LOCATION - ARGENTINA 7.Castle of Merle LOCATION - FRANCE 6.Coco Palms Resort LOCATION - HAWAII 5.Vance Creek Bridge LOCATION - WASHINGTON STATE Ask and you shall receive, Noelle, there are awesome abandoned places all over the map, you just have to find them ! Vance creek bridge is one of those places. There are no road signs, there are no travel guides, there are no gift shops. Well thats how things were before the explosion of social media. What was once a local secret became an overnight sensation since EVERYONE wanted a selfie on “that Pacific Northwest Bridge” Just a short back story, the bridge was built in the 1920s by the Simpson Investment Company and was instrumental in the transportation of lumber from the area. That railroad spanned hundreds of miles throughout the Olympic Peninsula in its heyday. The bridge has suffered a lot in the last few years, many of the wood boards are missing, the metal underneath is covered in graffiti, and of course, there is tons of garbage thrown in the river below. Its sad to say, but sometimes, amazing places can be ruined by too many visitors. However surrounding area is still breathtaking, the bridge is still standing, and the sky has not fallen… yet, but beware, it is all private property. 4.Sarajevo Olympic Village LOCATION - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA In 1984, Sarajevo was the capital of Bosnia And Herzegovina which was under control by Communist Yugoslavia, and it was also the site of the first Winter Olympic games to be hosted in a communist country. The official mascot was Vucko, a playful wolf, and almost everything went smoothly. Things didn’t go so smoothly in 1992 when Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia. Sarajevo suffered the longest occupation of a capital city in modern warfare times, and for 1425 days it was used as a battleground between opposing forces. The Olympic village was not spared, on the contrary, many parts of it were used for ammunition storage and defense, there is stories of people still finding land mines in the area Some of the land that was part of the winter village has been turned into a graveyard commemorating all the people who lost their lives during the bloody conflict. The place is not completely abandoned, and as you can see in this picture, the bobsled track is used by many thrillseekers. 3.Fort Carroll LOCATION - MARYLAND At number 4 on our list, we have Fort Carroll, an artificial island built near Baltimore, Maryland. The project was finished in 1847 and the fort became instrumental in the defense system of north east sea ports. Fort Carroll was upgraded periodically but by 1950 it was rendered useless. In 1958, the fort was purchased for $10,000 with the intentions of opening a casino on it. The plans were never materialized, and the only occupants for the last 60 or so years have been various animals and the occasional urban explorer. 2.Dhanushkodi Church LOCATION - INDIA It seems like almost every place in India is tied to a legendary epic tale, and Pamban Island is no exception. Dhanushkodi is a deserted town on the southern tip of the island, and in the Hindu Epic, Ramayana, it was described as the starting point of the bridge connecting India to Sri Lanka Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole town is the Church, it was built about 300 years ago by the Portuguese. The town was a bustling community until its destruction by the 1964 Rameshwaram Cyclone that hit the area. In December 2016, heavy rainfall caused a big part of the remaining wall to crumble, but not all was lost. Many visitors describe the place as serene and a must visit for any adventurer. 1.Assy Turgen Observatory LOCATION: KAZAKHSTAN It is impossible not to notice the massive influence of the U.S.S.R. in the design of this rundown space observatory. Located, in seriously, the middle of nowhere Kazakhstan, the Assy - Turgen Observatory, is half abandoned, and half operational. The site was supposed to have 2 big telescopes spying on the night sky, but only 1 was ever installed, the other one has been “under construction” for the past few decades. The situation is a bit murky, and the sources I have found for this information are questionable. It is almost like this is a …. Top secret military operation pretending to be a dilapidated observatory. Most people that have had the chance to visit the beautiful mountainside around the observatory have mentioned that the place is still strictly off limits and there are security guards and guard dogs that are not afraid to yell at you.
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10 STRANGE Abandoned Places in America
From desolate ghost towns; to giant buildings; these are 10 STRANGE Abandoned Places in America HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10.Joliet prison | Illinois 9.16th Street Station | California 8.SS Francisco Morazan | Michigan 7.Astrodome | Texas The NRG Astrodome opened in 1962, it was the first of its kind domed sports stadium and was nicknamed the “8th Wonder of the World”, making all these videos has made me realize that there are way too many 8th Wonders of the World…. The stadium was a prosperous business venture for many years, with baseball and football teams sharing it, and of course, who can forget the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ? In 2005, the astrodome was used as a shelter for residents of New Orleans that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. By 2008, the stadium was shut down completely because of failure to meet numerous building code violations. It is worth noting, the astrodome was not open for shelter during the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, but its successor, the NRG Center was. It might be best not to shelter thousands of people in a building that is not up to code, so maybe it was for the best. 6.Ghost Towns of Montana | …. 5.Dufur Area | Oregon Another remnant of what used to be is the area of Dufur in Oregon. With a moderate climate that usually averages to 68F (20C), the lands were perfect for farming and raising stock. The city was formed in 1893 by the brothers Dufur, who started a 600 acre farm. That is so much land to take care of ! Throughout the years, many people came and went, and the community has settled on 600 or so residents. The lands are littered with derelict and abandoned buildings, primarily old barns. Its a scenic drive that takes you on a historic journey through Oregon. Dufur is not the only desolate area in Oregon, so taking a trip through the whole state is well worth it if you’re into this kind of stuff. Jump over to Idaho as well. 4.Miami Marine Stadium | Florida Alright, lets move into something more modern, the Miami Marine Stadium was a place where you could go and enjoy high speed powerboat racing, it was the first place in the country to offer this spectacle in 1963. With a capacity of 6,566, the stadium was actually donated to the city of Miami by the affluent Matheson Family, the stadium was fully operational until 1992. After Hurricane Andrew hit the coast, the Miami Marine Stadium was condemned. Since then, the stadium has been covered by graffiti artists twice over, and some of the art is impressive to say the least. There has been an active renovation campaign by multiple companies and donations have poured in to return the stadium to its former glory. This abandoned place might get a second chance at greatness after all. 3.Byron Hot Springs Hotel | California Back to the west coast we go, who wants to join me in the Byron Hot Springs ? Maybe in the 1950s it would have been a great place to visit for relaxation. Since then? Its been a great place for urban exploration. The hotel is tucked away between stockton and Oakland and it opened its doors to the hollywood and San Francisco elite in 1914. The nearby town of Byron is nothing out of the ordinary, just a small town of less than a 1000 people. 2.Ha Ha Tonka | Missouri 1.Crystal Mill | Colorado Located on the Crystal River in Colorado, the Crystal Mill or Old mill, was built in 1892 and generated power for the machinery inside. It was built to supplement the construction of the Sheep Mountain Mining Tunnel. By 1917, the Sheep Mountain Mine was shut down, and the crystal mill fell into disuse. The area is quite honestly, gorgeous, and it is a miracle that this old wooden building has survived all the way to 2017. Considering that the mill wasn’t placed on the National register of Historic Places until 1985, we can assume that its beauty and hard to reach location kept it safe from destruction.
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6 Ancient Mysteries Unearthed
From NEW evidence surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids, to Baffling Artifacts and Places; These are 6 Ancient Mysteries Unearthed ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 6.The Great Pyramid Chambers LOCATION - EGYPT The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of all pyramids in Egypt. It has been part of history and mysteries for more than 4000 years. Our first modern glimpse inside the structure was around 820 AD when the presiding caliph used battering rams to create a tunnel. The Great Pyramid has been studied and explored over and over, and to this day we find new and intriguing things about it. The confirmed chambers that exist are the Queen’s Chamber, the Grand Gallery, and finally the King’s Chamber. Of the three, the queen’s chamber is the least explored one. Researchers have recently found 2 more “secret” chambers hidden deep inside. Operation “Scan Pyramids” has came out with solid proof about the extra chambers after they found 2 anomalies using thermal scanning. This has sparked new found interested in cracking the mysteries of the pyramids, and the people who built them. 5.Codex Gigas LOCATION - CZECH REPUBLIC 4.Lady of the Spiked Throne LOCATION - MIDDLE EAST 3.Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon LOCATION - ARIZONA The year is 1909, and two ambitious archaeologists are embarking on the journey of a century. The expedition organized by the Smithsonian Institute focused on expanding our knowledge of the Grand Canyon and the cultures that call that place home. The two explorers were Professor S. Jordan, and self proclaimed adventurer G. Kinkaid. Their first trip around the canyon wielded amazing finds, including a network of tunnels and chambers filled with artifacts resembling those found in Egypt or Tibet. And thats about it, this is where the story ends, and the mystery begins. The only accounts of this expedition was written in a small local newspaper, the Arizona Gazette on March 12, 1909,. There was a follow up article that quoted Kinkaid saying "The idol almost resembles Buddha, though the scientists are not certain as to what religious worship it represents. Taking into consideration everything found thus far, it is possible that this worship most resembles the ancient people of Tibet." The articles have sparked many theories, and the obvious thing to do was contact the Smithsonian and cross reference the newspaper’s findings. Their response was less than thrilling, stating they had no records of the expedition, or of “Professor S. Jordan” ever existing. It is impossible to know the truth unless someone comes forward, either from the Smithsonian, or the Arizona Gazette. If it was just an elaborate hoax, who was it meant to fool? The 500 people reading the paper? If it was a cover up, what was so controversial that the public was not ready for? The Grand Canyon still holds some mysteries and it has many restricted areas, maybe those areas are the ones containing the tunnels and ancient artifacts… only one way to find out ! 2.The Yaghan People LOCATION - TIERRA DEL FUEGO The Yaghan Tribe living on the islands of Tierra Del Fuego are regarded as the southernmost peoples in the world. And when you look at a map of the place, its easy to see why. They can see Antarctica from their backyards ! The yaghan were hunter gatherers that had not met europeans until the 16th century, but they left a lasting impression on any traveller that was brave enough to stop there. The strangest part about the Tribe was their extreme adaptation to the freezing climate. They did not wear any clothes, even when the average yearly temperature is around 5 degrees Celsius. The tribes numbers were estimated to be around 3000 before colonization of the region began, nowadays they number around 1500 people, and there is only 1 surviving member that can speak their old language. Their culture and language will soon be completely forgotten… and with it, our chances of finding out who these people are, where they came from, and what made them impervious to the cold climate. 1.Mount Nemrut Finally we have the mysterious statues of Mount Nemrut, it is believed they were erected sometime during the 1st Century BC, and served as guardians to the unknown tomb behind them. No one knows who was buried there, or why they were important enough to warrant statues. It is believed that the tomb might belong to Antiochus, a royal leader of the area during the Hellenistic Period, the ancient site was “discovered” in 1881 The site is deteriorating, fast. There is not much that can be done to reconstruct or repair the statues, and the heavy snowfall during the winter speeds up their erosion immensely.
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12 GIANT Abandoned Structures And Places
From huge unsettling ghost towns to strange and unique buildings. These are 12 GIANT Abandoned Structures And Places HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 11. SSC | TEXAS 10. Foreshore Bridge | South Africa 9. Battersea Power Station | England 8. Tehachapi Pass Wind Farms | California 7. Sterick Building | Tennessee 6.Hashima Island | Japan 5.Ryugyong Hotel | North Korea This is a shining example of what Best Korea can accomplish when they put their mind to it ! The beautiful 105 story 1080 ft (330m) pyramid hotel sports hundreds of unfinished rooms, rustic growth, tons of concrete and no windows for 20 years. Construction began in 1987, abruptly stopped in 1992, and then resumed again in 2011. Not much has changed since, its not a place you can just go exploring at, since you would be arrested fairly quickly, and you DON’T wanna end up in a North Korean prison, trust me on that one. Do you guys think its possible the whole building is just a facade for a massive weapon? That would be crazy ! 4. Fukushima | Japan Let's stick around this area for a bit longer, as you may have heard, in 2011 the Tohoku earthquake caused a massive tsunami that hit the coast of Japan and caused billions of dollars in damages, it was one of the worst disasters in recent history, and things got worse when information about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant came out. The plant suffered catastrophic failure, that could have been prevented… but thats just not the way thing happened. The nearby town of Namie stood frozen in time, until April 2017. The Japanese government allowed people to go back to their homes…. Would you ever go back to your home if you were in their position ? I’m not so sure I would. Namie was not the only town evacuated, this map shows the total area affected... 3. Pripyat | Ukraine Pripyat is a town located dangerously close to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant… before Fukushima Daiichi, Chernobyl was the only nuclear accident to be given the highest rating of 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. In 1986, Reactor N4 suffered a catastrophic failure during a safety test operation, the accident was not handled properly, and many people did not evacuate in time. The town of Pripyat had 49,360 residents, and fell right into the “Zone of Alienation”. For many years nobody was allowed to visit the town, but that has changed in recent years, the Ukranian Government has decided to allow small groups of tourists to visit the ghost town. Not a lot of people mention the actual city of Chernobyl, which also had to be evacuated. Some 10,000 people lost their homes, and suffered health complications. The city was only evacuated 30 hours after the accident. As of 2017, the town is considered a “Ghost Town” by most, but there are residents that have moved back…. Again… that's just strange to me. 2. The Base | Tenerife | Spain Oohhkay, enough with the nuclear disasters, lets go back to old fashioned funding problems. Some sources say this was a military base, others say it was supposed to be a leper colony ? Whatever the case may be, lets look at some photos from here. The church looks pretty cool from the outside, this is probably the main hospital of the compound, the insides of the buildings have served as a canvas for many aspiring graffiti artists, which creates a strange mix of great art and sad history. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of security around the location, just watch out for squatters…or leppers. 1.Tkvarcheli Thermal Power Plant | Tkvarcheli | Abkhazia For our final destination, we will travel to Abkhazia or Georgia, or Russia, or whatever you wanna call it. Do you notice that big power plant? Yeah its no longer operational, at all. This thing is massive, and it was supported by the nearby coal mining operations. Just look at it from the inside, so much machinery just going to waste. Oh yeahh, there is dark and unsettling mining tunnels. Have you ever been inside a shut down mine? I don’t think I would last too long in these tunnels. Let me know in the comments below :D At first, I just thought I would talk about the power plant, but the whole city has suffered, a lot of the buildings are barely holding up, the population has been cut in half, and some of the surrounding smaller towns are completely abandoned.
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MYSTERIES Of The Pacific Northwest
From the strangest arcade game ever; to an actual, serious UFO case; these are 5 Mysteries of The Pacific Northwest HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 5.Dennis Walker’s Collection We kick things off with the story of Dennis Walker, a quote unquote businessman that set up shop in Medford, Oregon. Walker’s business plan was simple, use other people’s money to buy sports memorabilia. After he amassed a sizeable collection, Walker opened up a museum in town. From baseball cards, to uniforms and signed, he had it all. It was around this time that the local police force started getting suspicious about Walker’s activities. After a quick investigation, he was charged with fraud and racketeering, however, much to the surprise of the police, all his investors backed him up, stating that they trusted him 100% with the millions of dollars they gave him. Throughout the last 30 years, over $120,000 of his prized sports memorabilia collection has been located, buuut no one knows how he died. Investigators have speculated it was a mob hit, or perhaps a disgruntled investor… What do you think happened ? I’m pretty sure the juice was still filming Hertz commercials in 1987, so it probably wasn’t him. 4.Mel’s Hole Have you ever listened to the radio show Coast To Coast AM ? Its great for those lonely drives at 2am ! On February 21st, 1997, the greatest host to ever live, Art Bell, took a random caller from Washington State. His name was Mel Waters, and he had quite the story to tell. The caller claimed he lived in a very rural part of Kittitas County, Washington, a county that is remarkably unremarkable, except for… the bottomless pit that had magical healing powers. Waters went into great detail describing the pit, he measured it to be over 80,000 ft deep…. Let's pause for a second, this random hole that no one had heard of was apparently twice as deep as the mariana trench, the deepest part of the ocean. Seems likely right ? Waters became somewhat of a regular, calling in to the show in 2000 and 2002. Always talking about the hole. By 2002, another man claimed to know where the whole is… he also claimed that the government was protecting the area because of alien activity. He also led an expedition of 30 people to see the hole…. However, it seems like he forgot the exact location since the expedition failed. Some government shills claim that the hole is geologically impossible, and any hole of that size would collapse in on itself from the pressure… but what do they know ? 3.D.B. Cooper You really can’t avoid talking about D.B. Cooper when discussing the pacific northwest and mysteries. On Thanksgiving Eve, 1971, Dan Cooper boarded a busy flight headed from Portland to Seattle, he ordered a bourbon, lit up a cigarette and shortly after take off, solidified his place in American history. 2.The UFO We don’t have to go back to the 70s for this mystery ! On October 25th, 2017, FAA and NORAD employees were on high alert due to… an unidentified flying object gliding thru the Oregon skies. As far as we know, the UFO was first spotted on radar near the California - Oregon border. The object disappeared from radar systems as quickly as it had appeared, however, in the next few hours, many pilots flying commercial aircraft over the area called it in. Initially, the story was reported by thedrive.com and after a while a FOIA request for the FAA transmissions from that day was approved. The incident can be mapped out as the calls come in, and what you heard in the beginning of this segment was just a small snippet. Pilot eyewitnesses couldn’t confirm the make or model of the aircraft, and the F-15s never spotted it either… as far as the public knows anyway. What do you think ? Maybe it was a top secret new generation airplane testing its limits ? Sounds plausible. 1.Polybius As far as conspiracy theories and urban legends go… the story of the arcade game Polybius doesn’t seem… far fetched… at all. Lets travel back to the year 1981, Jessie’s Girl was topping the music charts, Raiders of The Lost Ark was mesmerizing movie goers, and every 13 year old kid was spending way too much time at their local arcade. To be honest, that all sounds awesome. Anywhoo, back to the arcades. Some arcades in the Portland area received an unheard of new game called Polybius. It immediately became a hit, more so than any other game at the time. Kids were going crazy over it, waiting in hour long lines just to get a chance to beat it.
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10 Restricted Abandoned Places
From the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, to the unreal communist monument in Bulgaria, these are 10 RESTRICTED Abandoned Places ! 6. North Brother Island If you live in New York City you might have seen this island before. It is located between the Bronx and Rikers Island, and it is definitely off limits. The island has a long and sad history as a quarantine zone dating back to the 1880’s when a hospital dedicated to smallpox was built. The most famous patient on the island is without a doubt Typhoid Mary, the first human in the US to be identified as an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever. The remains of the quarantine hospital still stand strong, but the island has been taken over by dense brush and wildlife 5.The 1936 Olympic Village Regarded as the most infamous Olympic games in history, the site of the 1936 “Nazi Games” in Berlin has been left to the elements. The people of Berlin want nothing to do with it, maybe because it is connected to WW2 or maybe because it was under soviet control for decades, there are certainly many factors at play here. This is the oldest olympic village that has any hope of being restored to its former glory, but it will be an almost impossible feat since no one wants to donate money towards the cause. 4.Maunsell Sea Forts These haunting sea forts are located in the Thames Estuary (where the river meets the sea) and were built during WW2. They were part of England’s defense system and served their purpose until the late 50’s. After that, some of the forts were the location of a few pirate radio stations, and after it was all said and done, the buildings were deemed unsafe and the general public has been severely restricted in visiting them. Perhaps you have heard of the Principality of Sealand ? It is an unrecognized micronation that has claimed the Rough Tower Fort, and has been falsely labeled as the “smallest country in the world”. It is not recognized by any other nation or government, and considering it has a constant population of 0, you can see why. 3. Holy Land USA With a name like Holy Land USA, you would expect something a bit more…. holy. This place falls into the “other” holy section… yes that one. 56 years ago, the Biblical theme park was built in Waterbury Connecticut, it was a place for anyone to experience the sights of Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden, and Bethleem. Alas, the park was closed down for renovations during the 80’s, and it never opened again. A group of nuns was put in charge of the place but they could not keep up with the upkeep. The place is restricted in a way, since it is still private property, but inviting front gates offer entry to anyone who dares to go in. The park has turned into a very creepy place, especially at night… 2. Six Flags Jazzland Jazzland was a fully operational amusement park that was permanently shut down after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It is now considered as “Standing but Not Operational” and with absolutely every plan of reopening failing, this six flags location is a prime urban exploration spot, the worst you will have to deal with is lazy security guards… and the fact that the whole place can be considered a giant death trap. In 2013, the movie Percy Jackson: Sea Monsters filmed on location at the park, and many other studios followed their lead. The most famous of them being Jurassic World. And now for NUMBER 1, but first, the answer to our question. On June 15, 1904, PS General Slocum, a passenger steam boat caught on fire near the the North Brother Island, and bodies from the ship littered the coast. In total, 1,021 people died, and 321 survived to tell the tale. 1. The Buzludzha Monument When looking at this massive saucer shaped building it isn’t hard to believe that it was built during the height of Brutalism Architecture in the 70’s. The monument was commissioned by the Bulgarian Communist Party and it officially opened in 1981 and it closed down not even 10 years later with the fall of communism in the country. After it was abandoned, no one really cared for it, at all. The building fell into complete disarray and is littered with graffiti and broken glass. And yet, there is something that attracts many urban explorers to this place, the front doors have been chained up for a long time, but that really hasn’t stopped anyone that wants to see the inside of the building. Roman Robroek, an urban photographer from the Netherlands, captured the spirit of the building perfectly during his trip. The larger than life monument towers over the silhouette of a man who is trying to make out what the ominous red letters above the front doors say...
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10 ANCIENT Places Unearthed
From the perplexing ancient metropolis of Meroe, to the baffling recent discoveries in Bolivia, these are 10 ANCIENT PLACES UNEARTHED SUBSCRIBE TO WORLD UNEARTHED FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS EVERY WEEK ! 10.Elephanta Island LOCATION - INDIA Elephanta Island is located near modern day Mumbai, and it features some of the most intricate cave designs in the world. The complex can be dated back to the 5th century, and the primary use for the location was Hindu Worship. So where is the mystery you might ask? Well, there is absolutely no evidence left over by the builders. Not a single inscription can be found on the island, and it has been common word around the area that the caves are not “man made”. Officially, the elephanta caves are “of unknown date and attribution” Judging by the elaborate designs, and painstaking detail in the sculptures, it was no small project. Legend states that the Pandavas, the heroes of the Indian Epic Mahabharata were the ones who built the caves as a place for worship. Kumari Kandam Lets stick around South Asia for just a bit longer, and explore Kumari Kandam. It is the Tamil name given to the purported continent of Lemuria. At one point scientists believed that there was a lost, submerged continent connecting South Asia, Australia and Africa. It was a way to explain the similarities between the regions, even though they were separated by thousands of miles of ocean.... 9. Meroe LOCATION - SUDAN The desert city of Meroe was a major metropolis of the ancient world, and the capital of the Kingdom of Kush. What made the city flourish was its great location among trade routes, and its proximity to the Nile River. It is believed that the people of Meroe were expert blacksmith, and their iron was sought after all the way to China. The Kingdom of Kush was strongly influenced by the nearby Egyptians, but the people did use their own language, it has never been deciphered or translated. Because of this, our modern understanding of the great city is substantially hindered.... 8.Stone Chambers of New England + Bonus Mystery Hill LOCATION - NEW ENGLAND Weird stuff appears all over the world, even in the so called new world. This time, we are digging through vast swaths of land in the New England area. There are approximately 800 stone chambers scattered around the area, some are small and insignificant, and some, like the Gungywamp Complex are elaborate and unsettling.... 7.The Plain of Jars LOCATION - LAOS Have you ever seen megalithic “jars” scattered in the thousands over valleys and plains? No? Well such a place does exist. The Plain of Jars is located in Laos, and there are a few theories regarding its origin. The commonly accepted theory being that the stone jars were used as grave sites, buuut... 6.The Sajama Lines LOCATION - BOLIVIA First documented in 1932, the sajama lines are an amazing sight to behold from the air. Covering an area of over 8,700 square miles, these geoglyphs were created over a period of 3000 years.... 5. Aphrodisias LOCATION - TURKEY Aphrodisias, named after the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite, is a small, but very beautiful ancient site located in the Anatolia region of Turkey. Like the name suggests, the city is of greek origin and is renowned for the beautiful marble works scattered around. The region has suffered major earthquakes and he one that occured in the 7th Century is believed to have destroyed the city to a point of no return..... 4. Machu Picchu LOCATION - PERU One of the best kept secrets after the fall of the Incas was the existence of the majestic Machu Picchu. After their complete destruction by Spanish invaders in the 16th century, it wasn’t until 1911 that the site was “discovered” by the American Archaeologist, Hiram Bingham. But there are reports of other adventurers finding the hidden city in the mountains earlier.... 3. Rosh Ha’ayin LOCATION - ISRAEL Located near Tel Aviv, Rosh Ha’ayin is a small city that holds a lot of ancient secrets. In 2014, archaeologists found a 2,800 year old farmhouse which sported 23 rooms .... 2. Banteay Chhmar Temple LOCATION - BOLIVIA The massive temple at Banteay Chhmar has been shrouded in mystery and is considered as one of the most important Angkorian -age sites (12th - 13th Century) in Cambodia. It is also, one of the largest. There is no real record of the actual name of the temple, but scholars believe it probably translates to “The Narrow Fortress”, after 100’s of years of, the name now literally translates to the “Citadel of the Cat”..... 1. Tiwanaku Empire LOCATION - ANDES MOUNTAINS Before the Inca’s were the major players in the Andes, the residing empire was made up of the Tiwanaku People. Not much about them can be stated as complete fact, since we can only interpret what was left over from their cities and religious sites....
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7 STRANGE Abandoned Places and Machines in Europe
From deserted ships and fighter jets; to unbelievable forgotten buildings; these are 7 STRANGE Abandoned Places and Machines in Europe! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7.Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre | Latvia In the forests off the coast of the Baltic sea, a once top secret military installation is now open to the public. Well, saying its open to the public might be a bit of a stretch. The site is referred to as VIRAC, but it was originally codenamed Zvezdochka, or Little Star in English. The centre was fully operational in 1974, and its main purpose was, you guessed it, spying on communications between western europe and the us. By the 1990s, the satellites were fitted for scientific research, moving between government and private ownership thru the years. At this point, there is conflicting reports on just how much of the site is still in use. One thing is for sure though, Irbene, the military town that housed Zvezdochka employees is completely abandoned. The town was not marked on any maps and it required special permits to access. Can you imagine strolling thru the woods and accidentally stumbling on a fully functional town that no one knew about ? How would you react ? I want to hear from you in the comments section, don’t let me down :D. 6. Hephaestus | Malta Near the Malta National Aquarium in St. Paul’s Bay, tourists can enjoy looking at some dope fish, aaaand the shipwreck of the Hephaestus Tanker. Which coincidentally ran aground near the St. Paul and St. Luke shipwreck that happened some 2000 years ago. On top of that, the Hephaestus wrecked on the day that Malta celebrates the Feast of the St. Paul shipwreck. On a side note, the ship was named after the Greek god of fire and metalworking, who was also cool enough to be married to Aphrodite because Zeus wanted to prevent a possible war of the gods. 5. St. Demetrius of Thessalonica | Russia 4.Bila Tserkva Airport | Ukraine Bila Tserkva is a somewhat unremarkable town located 60 miles away from Kiev. The town has existed in one form or another since the year 1032, it was originally named after Yaroslav the Wise, the current day name Bila Tserkva translates to White Church. At the outskirts of the city you can find the soviet built White Church Airport. Just like many other airports built during the Soviet regime, it is in disrepair, some reviews on google maps mention that the airport could be great in the future, but for now, its a good place to learn how to drive ! It's unbelievable that the locals use this as a driving course considering there are about 35 Sukhoi Su-24 all weather attack aircraft just… parked there. The whole facility looks abandoned, do you think it's possible that no one is even caring for these aircraft ? In this picture you can see there are covers over the engine exhausts so there's a chance these machines will be used in the future. But.. maybe that's not something we should hope for, considering the implications. 3. La Nostra famiglia | Italy 2. Rodalquilar Gold Mine | Spain Next up, let's visit the so called lost gold mines of Almeria. Almeria being a region in Spain. Sounds a little too mysterious, but you gotta get tourists any way you can these days. This area of Spain has been mined for thousands of years, from copper and zinc to silver, there was plenty to go around for everyone. In the late 1800s, someone found gold deposits aaaaand everyone and their mom went crazy for it. Between 1900 and 1990 many mines opened and closed, none of them were successful since the estimates for the gold reserves on the site proved to be very, very wrong. The last mine in the area opened in the 1980s but by 1990 the site shut down completely, devastating the local economy along the way. By the looks of it, there aren’t any guided tours for the mines, essentially, you are on your own. Which is super cool, until you realize that if anything goes wrong, you are screwed. 1.MICHELANGELO DA VINCI | Italy
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10 STRANGE Abandoned Locations
From forgotten giant bases, to desert ghost towns; these are 10 STRANGE Abandoned Locations HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10. Insterburg castle | Russia 9. Peenemünde Research Center | Germany 8.Rolava Tin Mine | Czech Republic 7. 6.Railroad Yard | Ohio This railroad yard has always been more of a parking lot for older trains more than anything else. Part of the old McDonald Steel Corporation in McDonald Ohio, this yard has definitely seen better days. The photographer of these images mentioned that the since U.S. Steel pulled out of the area in 1981, the locomotives have been in a state of decay. With no one bothering to finish the job of completely disassembling them or refurbish them. It turns out that those big buildings next to the yard, have even more trains, waiting to be delivered across the USA. 5.Palace Theatre | Wales I think this might be the first time we have ventured into Wales ! The Palace Theatre, located in Swansea was a traditional music hall built in 1888, under the name “the pavilion” The theatre has a long and rich history, with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Dan Leno entertaining patrons in the early years. Later on, Sir Anthony Hopkins starred in “Have A Cigarette”, his first professional debut. In the 1970s the palace theatre became a nightclub, somehow along the way, the Palace Theater shut down, the now derelict building is a sad reminder of what used to be. There have been talks for restoring the unique building, but nothing concrete has been done yet. 4.Dospat Reservoir | Bulgaria Located high in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, this reservoir is formed by a an electric dam. The general area is by no means abandoned since it offers beautiful views and activities like fishing and hunting. But, there is this little house, in the middle of the manmade lake. Rumor has it, this derelict building has been haunted since the day it was built. Anyone care to shed some more light on the subject ? If you know the history behind it, please comment below ! 3.Jackson Sanatorium | New York Known as the Castle on the Hill, this sanatorium is located near the small city of Dansville in upstate New York. Surprisingly, it is one of the oldest buildings on our list, built in 1854, the castle on the hill served as a healing center and a vacation spot. A place to get away from the hustle and bustle. Since then, the place has been opened and closed many times, by 1971, the Jackson Sanatorium closed its doors for the final time. 2. Bread Factory | Russia Alright I will level with you, I don’t know much about this factory. Judging by the pictures, it was constructed in 1893. I also know it is located in Novorossiysk, one of the few Russian cities to be honored as a “hero city”. In antiquite, the city was known as Bata, which was an ancient greek colony. In the 1700s, it was under Ottoman rule, and since 1829, Novorossiysk has been an important part of Russia. You can imagine that in a city as old as this, there are many random abandoned structures, and as it turns out, there is. From abandoned ships, to castles that are falling apart, this city has a lot to offer to any urban explorer. 1. Nelson | Nevada
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9 FORGOTTEN Abandoned Places Around The World !
From desolate abandoned islands; to mysterious jungle water parks; these are 9 FORGOTTEN Abandoned Places Around The World ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 9. Industrial Factory | Unknown For what it its worth, I have no idea where this industrial factory is located, or what it was used for. When I stumbled across images of it, it was only described as being in Europe. Looking into the photographer’s background did not help either. Lots of decrepit buildings, ominous chimneys, and a lot of wasted concrete paint a sad picture.. This picture of the outside of the factory reminds me a lot of eastern europe. Don’t worry, it only looks this gloomy because its winter. Finally an image with some identifiable text ! Its a strong maybe at this point, but one can dream right? If this is the right place, the factory was not much of a factory, but a power plant. 8. Mental Asylum | Wales The official name of this complex was the North Wales Hospital, located in the city of Denbigh, locals referred to it as Denbigh Mental. Originally, the hospital was supposed to house around 200 people, that quickly ballooned up to 1500 patients, lets assume more rooms were added. Completed in 1844 the North Wales Hospital had a long future ahead of it, the last parts of it were closed to the public by 1995. Somewhere along the way, stories of ghosts and paranormal activity sprung up, as is customary with mental asylums. Is there a hospital that ISN’T haunted at this point? In 2008, plans of renovating the site were underway. Some company wanted to turn it into a residential complex. Again, how original right ? Well someone decided to light the building up, within minutes the fire spread enough to destroy the main section of the beautiful building. Two more fires in 2017 solidified the fate of the North Wales Hospital, it will be completely demolished very soon. 7. Tilted Church | Montana What do we have here? A ghost town in the plains of Montana, very near the border with Canada ? yes indeed. We are exploring the town of Dooley, incorporated in the distant year of 1913. In America years, that’s like the year 1500. As it turns out, a few investors got together and built the whole damn thing, like the saying goes, if you build it, they will come, right ? 6.The Hacienda | Unknown There is like a 90% chance that this textile plant estate is located somewhere in the Yucatan. To make some things clear, a hacienda is an estate, this one is called the Hacienda Henequen, henequen is a type of plant. So this is an abandoned estate that produced textiles from the Henequen plant. You can also make tequila from it. Niceee. This is where my knowledge ends, maybe one of you can help fill in the gaps ! 5. A whole city? | Latvia 3.Hospital Del Torax | Spain 2. Farmhouses | Unknown 1.The Waterpark | Vietnam
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8 Strange Abandoned Recreational Places
From the controversial Splendid China Park, to the water park in the middle of the desert, these are 8 Strange Abandoned Recreational Places ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 8.Consonno LOCATION - Consonno, Italy 7.Nara Dreamland LOCATION - NARA, JAPAN 6.American Adventure Theme Park LOCATION - DERBYSHIRE, ENGLAND 5.Splendid China LOCATION - ORLANDO, FLORIDA At its core, the park was a collection of miniature replicas of famous Chinese buildings and locations. They even had the Great Wall of China. It just wasn’t so great, or in China… but whatever that's not the point. It opened in 1993, and in the beginning it featured a lot of talented Chinese actors and performers… who immediately ran away from the park and claimed asylum in the United States… Seriously, never thought that a small park in Florida would be the site of so much controversy ! Splendid China closed down in 2003, and news from the area state that a Margaritaville is being built at the location. 4.Atlantis Marine Park LOCATION - AUSTRALIA This obscure little place was constructed in 1981, and it featured seven bottlenose dolphins as its main attraction. Oh and of course, the big statue of Neptune that has passed the test of time. It seems like they didn’t plan for everything though, dolphins are active creatures, and there were 3 dolphin calves born in 1988. Due to regulations, the park had to build a much bigger enclosure for the dolphins. Unfortunately, there was not enough money to do so, the park went bankrupt, the dolphins were released into the wild, and Neptune got vandalised. The End. 3.Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark LOCATION - Newberry Springs, California If you have ever made the boring 4 hour desert drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, chances are, you have seen the remnants of the Rock- A - Hoola water park. It was constructed in the early 1960’s and by 1990, it was forgotten by most, and abandoned. That is until 1998, when it was reopened by new owners, hoping for a different outcome. In 1999, it hosted the Electric Daisy Carnival, and by late 2000, the park had amassed over 3 million dollars in debt, plus a 4.4 million dollar insurance payout for an employee injury. Needless to say, the company filed for a Chapter 11, and the park was permanently shut down… Except, for you know, all the cool stuff that has happened there since, including filming commercials, music videos, and having major paintball fights. 2.Flintstones Bedrock City LOCATION - WILLIAMS, ARIZONA Do you love the Flinstones? Do you love websites straight outta the 90’s ? Do you love abandoned theme parks? THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU MY FRIEND. Not to be confused with the Bedrock City in South Dakota, this place is located in Williams, Arizona. It also not completely abandoned, the owner of the property still lives on the site, but is unable to do any upkeep. They did try to sell the park for $2 million but, sadly, no one wanted to Make Bedrock City Great Again. Honorable Mentions Before we jump into #1, here are some honorable mentions, and of course, a little subscriber appreciation, thanks for the awesome support ! First we have the most famous abandoned place in the World, Pripyat, and the desolate amusement park within. It sure makes for a great photo location, apart from the general feeling of despair and sadness. There is also the not so famous Boblo Island ! It is located on the Detroit River, and it closed down in 1993. There are not that many pictures of the place, and almost all of the rides were sold off to other parks. Next up, The Six Flags New Orleans, a victim of the vicious Hurricane Katrina, this park has been used in a few hollywood productions, I go into much more detail in the 10 Restricted Abandoned Places video, check it out ! By the way, any Mr. Robot fans around here? Did you ever wonder if the FSociety Headquarters was a real place, or just a film set? Well it’s a little bit of both, the outside scenes were filmed in front of the Eldorado Bumper Cars & Arcade on Coney Island, for inside scenes, the production used Silvercup Studios, also based in NY. 1.Birnbeck Pier LOCATION - North Somerset, England Finally, we have the Birnbeck Pier, once a staple of the Bristol Channel, the Birnbeck Pier was opened on June 5, 1867. Making this the oldest location in this video. Since then, the pier has been plagued by heavy damage from storms, and change of owners. It was finally closed for safety reasons in 1994. It lay in disrepair until 2006 when it was sold to Urban Splash, a company specializing in fixing up abandoned buildings. Unfortunately, even they were not able to bring the Pier back to its former glory, the site is becoming more dangerous for urban explorers every year, with the latest collapse happening in Dec 2015.
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Haunting Abandoned Places and Machines
From deserted cities and hotels; to forgotten planes and ships; these are 11 Haunting Abandoned Places and Machines HEY, I'm on Facebook ! Check me out - http://bit.ly/2isFYRd There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 11.Royal Oriental Hotel | Japan | Hachijojima 10. SS United States | Philadelphia Built in 1952, this ocean liner came at the steep cost of $79.4 Million ($723 Million today), it is fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic in either direction. Unfortunately, the company that built the SS United States never managed to make the ship profitable, neither did the string of owners after them. This beauty of the oceans saw its last voyage in 1969. Since then, it has been dragged to a few docks, eventually settling for Pier 82 in Philadelphia, it has remained there since 1996. I know this one has been requested from viewers for a while,it took me a while to get to it, but we are finally exploring it ! If you have any other great suggestions, don’t forget to comment below ! In 2016, the SS United States came very close to being purchased and renovated as a New York Cruise Ship… Crystal Cruises, the company that made the bid, realised that the expenses for such a restoration project would be too high, but in a surprising turn of events, the company donated $350,000 towards the preservation of the S.S. United States. Chances are, this massive cruise liner will never travel again, but maybe it will become a bad ass museum. 9. Harz Mountains Hotel | Germany 8. RMS Queen Elizabeth | Hong Kong What does RMS stand for? Royal Mail Ship. Just like the Titanic, but with much less tragedy. The ship was launched in 1938 and enjoyed a illustrious career, but by the 60’s there was absolutely no need for a passenger liner this big. A few years and owners later, the RMS Queen Elizabeth ended up in the Hong Kong Harbour, she was purchased by a chinese shipping magnate. He planned to turn this ship into a floating university cruise and renamed the ship “Seawise University”. During the ship’s restoration, a suspicious fire broke out, the ship capsized, and stayed in this condition for over a year. Eventually, most of the ship was scrapped because it was deemed a hazard to nearby travel, some of the remains of the Queen Elizabeth are still buried in the sediment at the Hong Kong harbour, would I dive there to see what I could find? Definitely not. 7.Gagra | Abkhazia 6.Kharkov Tank Repair Plant | Ukraine Another hard to find place, but with google maps, it was easy to pinpoint it. This place is known as the Kharkov Tank Production and Repair Factory. It also shares the property with the dildo factory.haha Looking at the front entrance, it looks like the first floor is filled with something… maybe packages from the dildo factory, who knows. All these tanks have been stored here for years, its possible that some could easily be put back in service, but you gotta wonder how many are as good as scrap metal at this point. 5.Sant Roma de Sau | Spain 4.Hotel California | California Well actually, its the Royal Hawaiian Motel IN California. In the small desert city of Baker, yes california has a lot of desert land. Let me tell ya, the reviews are not so great, even when the place was open it looked closed. Boarded up rooms, shady characters, empty pool, rare staff person sightings, the whole thing was a mess. Some gems from their yelp page include … It seems this place only survived because of the random people that decided to drive from the east coast to los angeles, unable to make those last 3 hours of driving between Baker and Los Angeles. There is absolutely no news about this unsettling motel, and just know, it might be closed, but its not empty. Shady characters still decide to spend a night or two there, so beware, if you are trying to go on a little urban exploration mission. 3. MV Kalakala 2. Beichuan | China Speaking of abandoned but not forgotten, how about Beichuan county in China ? After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the region was devastated, ruins littered the horizon and thousands of people were forever lost. It is believed that 80% of the county’s buildings collapsed from the 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake. The main town in Beichuan had a population of 20,000, but no one lives there anymore. The city will be turned into a memorial for the 69,000 people that lost their lives from the massive earthquake. If you want to see what a completely destroyed town that isn’t in a warzone looks like, this is the place to go. 1. C-47 Skytrain/Dakota | Turkey
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20 Most UNSETTLING Places Ever
From the Voodoo markets of Africa, to the loneliest road in the USA, these are the 20 most UNSETTLING Places EVER ! 20.Akodessewa Fetish Market LOCATION - Lome, Togo Many of you are familiar, or have at least heard of, VOODOO. Although Haiti is seen as the biggest stronghold for this dark magic, voodoo originated from Africa, and it still practiced to this day. 19.Manpupuner Rock LOCATION - Komi Republic, Russia Also known as the Seven Strong men Rock Formations, this set of 7 gigantic stone pillars is a sight to behold. Especially in winter time. 18. Paris Catacombs LOCATION - Paris, France When the first sign that greets you is “STOP, HERE LIES THE EMPIRE OF DEATH”, you know things are about to get very creepy. 17. Mutter Museum LOCATION - Pennsylvania, USA Slides of Einstein’s brain, Grover Cleveland’s tumor, a piece of John Wilkes Booth, the liver of the famous “Siamese Twins”, this is the kind of cool stuff you can find at the Mutter Medical Museum. And that's only a fraction of the 1300 specimens on display. They have about 20,000 specimens hidden from the public eye. 16.Oradour - sur - glane LOCATION - HAUTE- VIENNE, FRANCE Oradour - sur - glane is a well preserved French village that suffered almost complete destruction by the Nazi Waffen - SS. In total, 642 villagers were brutally murdered, including 247 women, and 205 children. 15. Door to Hell LOCATION - Derweze, Turkmenistan What do you get when you mix natural gas, shady Soviet science, and a lust for natural resources? An eternal pit of fire that can best be described as the “door to hell” 14. Death Valley LOCATION - California, USA Death valley is one of the most extreme locations on earth, it is the point of lowest point below sea level in North America, and it is also the hottest area in the world. 13. Mount Roraima LOCATION - Pakaraima Mountain Chain, Venezuela This spectacular geological formation can not be described easily. If the world was flat, and you got the edge of it, this is what it would look like. The mountain is often surrounded by clouds that hide the steep cliff sides, and they create the illusion of an “island in the sky”. 12.Kabayan mummy caves LOCATION - Kabayan, philippines During the industrial revolution in the Philippines, loggers near Manila stumbled upon a very strange, and scary site. Hundreds of ancient burial caves, containing mummies were littered across the mountains. 11.Aokigahara LOCATION - Honshu Island, japan Since they started counting in the late 60’s, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have decided to end their lives here. Local official have even put up signs, urging people to seek help for their suicidal thoughts, and in an attempt to curb the popularity of the forest 10.Trolltunga LOCATION - Hordaland, Norway Okay, lets see how many of these names I get right, Trolltunga, or Troll’s Tongue sits above the Ringedalsvatnet lake, in Hordaland county, Norway 9. Wells of Sacrifice LOCATION - Chichen Itza, Mexico The sacred cenote, is a Mayan sacrificial site for the Mayan rain god Chaac. The place is littered with the bones of young men, women, and children. 8.Silfra Rift LOCATION - Bingvellir, Iceland Speaking of diving…. This is no ordinary lake… It is part of the rift between the North American and EuroAsian tectonic plates. 7. Mano Del Desierto LOCATION - Atacama Desert, Chile. A lot of people think that desert are boring, but as Death Valley and the Atacama Desert prove, they can be the most interesting and disturbing places on earth. 6. Sedlec Ossuary LOCATION - Sedlec, Czech Republic. Apart from the awkard spelling, the Czech Republic is home to some truly disturbing sites, and the Sedlec Ossuary is a prime example. 5. Park of Monsters LOCATION - Lazio, Italy Also known as the Gardens of Bomarzo, the park of monsters was built sometime during the 16th century. It is a site of great grief and loss, the creator of most of the park was Pier Francesco Orsini, and his motivation was the death of his wife. 4.Route #50 LOCATION - NEVADA, USA Otherwise known as the “Loneliest Road in America” the 287 mile stretch of road between Ely and Fernley, Nevada, gives every traveler the chance to find or lose themselves. 3.Ghost Church LOCATION - Lukova, Czech Republic St. George’s church, otherwise known as the Ghost church is littered with white statues of ghosts preying. Originally built in the 14th century, the church was in complete disrepair and was going to collapse soon 2.Unit 731 LOCATION - Pingfang, China This location was advertised as the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army during WW2, but by the end of the war, it was discovered that the place was a covert biological and chemical warfare research center. 1.Lake Natron LOCATION - Arusha, Tanzania Lake Natron is a salt and alkaline lake that provides no comfort for anyone around it. It is inhospitable for most species, but nature always finds a way.
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World's Strangest Isolated Places
From desolate islands, to strange ancient cultures and abandoned locations; These are 10 World's STRANGEST Isolated Places ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10.Danakil Depression, Ethiopia 9.Svalbard 8.Wadi Rum 7.Great Basin National Park, USA Nevada is one of the least populated states when you exclude the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, and it shows. As soon as you venture off into the sunset, you can drive and drive and drive. At some point you might make your way to Baker, Nevada. Population - 68. Great Basin National Park is about 5 miles away from Baker, and the whole of White Pine County has a population density of 1.1 people / sq. mile. Great Basin is huge, and you might need a few days to experience the most interesting parts of the park. There are many sights to see, like the Lehman Caves, which are mostly occupied by chipmunks, bats, and small insects. Or Wheeler Peak, and the Wheeler Peak Glacier ! Thats right, there’s a glacier in Nevada ! Of course the biggest attraction of the park has to be the Bristlecone Pines, these are trees that even time forgot. They are the oldest known non-clonal organisms. The oldest bristlecone pine, known as Prometheus, was at least 5,000 years old… but it was cut down for research purposes. 6. Villa Las Estrellas, Antarctica It's weird to imagine that there are pay phones on Antarctica, but here we are, there is a coin operated pay phone on Villa Las Estrellas, one of only 2 permanent settlements on the continent. Also known as “The Stars Town”, Villa Las Estrellas is considered to be a part of Chile. It is located on King George Island and it has about 150 residents. Temperatures here average around 28 F ( -2.3C) to 34 F (1.5 ) 5. Niue Island Do you like pokemon ? How about Star Wars? Would you believe me if I said the Nation of Niue minted coins depicting characters from both ? Although for the most part, the residents of this tiny island use New Zealand money; they have also minted some super awesome limited edition coins with characters from famous movies and cartoons ! With average yearly temperatures of 77 F (25C), this coral island is a tropical paradise, and since 2015, every village on the island has high speed internet so if you are visiting during the rainy season you can just watch youtube videos all day. You know you want to… don't lie to yourself. 4. St. Kilda, Scotland St. Kilda is an archipelago located west of Scotland, it is believed that humans have resided there since the Bronze Age. Buuuut nowadays, there are no permanent inhabitants. Waaaait a minute, scratch that. So the story goes something like this, by 1928, the native population had fallen to only 37 people. And by 1930, the community electively chose to evacuate to mainland Scotland. From 1930 on the island was completely abandoned, until 1957, when the British Government decided to build a missile tracking range there. Since 1986, this place has become a World Heritage Site which has helped preserve and restore a lot of the archipelago’s history. 3. Easter Island, Chile Have you seen these statues before? They are called Moai and were built by the ancient Rapa Nui people. First western accounts of this mythical island date back to 1722, but the island is believed to have been inhabited since 300 AD. Since the 1700s, the island population has suffered greatly, starting with what was believed to be a civil war over resources, then the pirates and privateers came. Peruvian slave raiders attacked the Rapa Nui multiple times, stealing and killing people every time. Nowadays, the situation seems to be a bit better, but there is still some disagreements between native tribes. 2. Solheimasandur, Iceland Iceland. The country thats pretty much on everyone’s bucket list offers some incredible views, desolate landscapes and completely untouched nature. Lets focus on the U.S. Navy Douglas Super DC-3 wreck site. On Nov 24, 1973 the plane crash landed, there were no casualties but due to the remoteness of the location, the plane was never recovered. Since then it has become a somewhat popular tourist spot… eventually all good things must end. The local farmers that own the land have completely shut down access to the wreck since tourists did not care about the local environment. I’m sure there is a possibility of private access if you are nice enough. 1. Tristan Da Cunha At Number 1, we have the actual most isolated inhabited community in the world. Tristan Da Cunha. It is under British rule and sports a healthy population of 262 people. To get there you will need to hitch a ride to Cape Town South Africa, then get on a boat for about 6 days… and you are there ! Easy Peasy. What do you think ? Would you be able to live in such an isolated place ? Comment Below, check out the video that's coming up next and subscribe for more awesome content !
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STRANGE Bizarre Abandoned Places
From forgotten derelict churches, to ghost towns and condemned malls; these are 10 STRANGE Bizarre Abandoned Places HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 5.Blue Heron Paper Company | Oregon Between 1829 and 2011, the Blue Heron Company was a stable and interesting place to work at, providing views of the Willamette Falls, employees had something cool to stare at while providing a much needed service. Paper. On the other side of the paper mill you can find a hydro electric generation facility that was built in 1888. The Blue Heron wasn’t the only paper mill near Oregon City, but it was definitely the most famous one. When the company shut down in 2011, a lot of people were hopeful that it would be only temporary, but by 2014 there was plans for redevelopment. Things are actually moving kind of quick compared to similar projects, so don’t expect this abandoned station to last too long. If you want to visit, do it soon. 4. Berengaria Hotel | Cyprus Opened in 1931, the Berengaria Hotel in the mountains of Cyprus offered a place to relax and be surrounded by nature. It was definitely not a place for common folk, and it was advertised as a luxury retreat. Having great amenities including a nightclub and a casino was definitely a plus for anyone that wanted to spend some money while vacationing, however by the 1980s, mismanagement resulted in a fall from grace. The bad management can be attributed to the fast change in ownership, the original creator of the hotel retired and left the business to his three sons, who in turn, ruined everything. And of course, lets not forget the 2 ghostly figures that have been spotted by the now empty pool. Is there an abandoned hotel that ISN’T haunted ? I don’t know about you, but this hotel is definitely hauntingly beautiful, what do you think ? Would you spend a night in this now derelict building ? 3.Sacra di San Michele This is perhaps the most interesting building on our list, and definitely the oldest. This ancient abbey was built between 983 and 987, and its located on the top of mount Pirchiriano, so you can imagine it offers some incredible views. Although it is definitely not abandoned now, Sacra di San Michele was completely suppressed in 1622. I guess the pope at the time didn’t like the abbey and its close ties to the cult of St. Michael. The abbey was left to the elements for over 200 years, until the King of Sardinia and the Pope ordered to restore it. Out of all the places on this list, I would most like to visit this abbey, what about you ? Let me know in the comments below. 2. Florus and Laurus Orthodox Church | Russia I can’t tell you much about this Church, online research doesn’t help when you are dealing with a dilapidated building that was built in 1803 and was completely abandoned and suppressed by the soviet regime. Judging by the pictures, there isn’t much time left, without intervention, this orthodox church will definitely not exist 20 years from now. In the Russian Orthodox Church Saint Florus and Laurus are considered the patrons of horses, mainly due to the fact that when their relics were found, a severe horse plague came to an end. In the region of Suzdal, you can find many more churches, some still in use, some barely standing. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, have fun ! UNKNOWN - ROCKY MOUNTAIN MINE | COLORADO 1.New World Mall | Thailand Built in 1982, the New World Mall was quite the project. It originally boasted 11 floors of wall to wall shopping, however, the local government had only approved a 4 story building. Its not really clear when the extra stories were torn down, but I think it was in 1997. At that point, the mall owners decided to abandoned the building and moved on to greener pastures. In 1999, a fire obliterated the roof of the building and slowly but surely, the bottom levels of the New World Mall started filling up with rainwater. Before anyone figured out what to do with the building, a major mosquito problem was thwarted by introducing fish inside the mall. Not surprisingly, the fish multiplied in number very quickly, and the New World Mall became an urban aquarium with a thriving ecosystem. At some point, the Thailand Department of Fisheries decided to step in and relocate all the fish to different parts of the country, in an effort to stop curious tourists and locals from entering the condemned building. Looking at google street view, the building has not been demolished as of May 2017, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. Its kind of crazy to think that it used to be 11 stories tall.
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12 Unique Abandoned Places
From restricted airports and ghost towns; to deserted lighthouses and hidden locations; These are 12 UNIQUE Abandoned Places ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 12.Constanta Casino , Romania This beautiful art nouveau building was commissioned by King Carol I around the turn of the 20th century. By 1910 it opened up as a Casino. It was primarily tailored for the elite; and people who could afford to vacation on the Black Sea. Like most non essential buildings; the Casino was turned into a hospital during the 2nd world war but it never returned to its former glory. The decline in tourism and rising costs saw this unique building turned into a high end restaurant by the communist regime of the time. As of 1990, the building is barren; it has become a Romanian National Historic site so there might be some efforts to renovate it; but don’t hold your breath. On a more colorful note, the Constanta Casino was used in a Sony Bravia 4K TV ad in 2016. 11.Tillamook Rock Light , Oregon Nicknamed “Terrible Tilly”, this lighthouse was at one point the most expensive lighthouse operated by the U.S. Construction of the light was officially finished on January 21; 1881 Due to horrible weather in the region the rock light has suffered a lot of damage over the years, by horrible weather I mean wind speeds of 109 mph (175 km/h) launching boulders big enough to seriously damage the structure. In 1957; The government was like yeahhh we can’t keep paying for this so they shut Tillamook Rock Light down. Never to let anything go to waste; investors from Nevada bought the rock, as what I can only assume was a real estate investment. IN 1980 the place was sold to other investors who created the Eternity at Sea Columbarium. What is a columbarium ? A building in which funeral urns are stored to forever rest in peace. Unfortunately; the company’s license was revoked in 1999, anddd since then not a lot of things are happening on the tiny rock. 10.Darul Aman Palace, Afghanistan The Darul Aman Palace was built in the 1920s and was one of the most advanced buildings in the region at the time. Having central heating and running water. It was supposed to be used by the future parliament of the country; but that never happened. In 1969 the building caught fire, it was fully restored and it began housing the Ministry of Defense. Since then the Palace has been under attack multiple times from different forces; until 2016 there was no sign of repair or reconstruction, as of now; work is still underway to return this stunning palace to its former glory. 9.Cape Romano Dome House, Florida This house entered the mainstream a few years ago when pictures of bizarre dome shaped structures were found near the coast at Cape Romano. The story is pretty simple, and pretty sad. The unique house was built in the 80s by Bob Lee, a retired oil producer. It was the family’s vacation home, and this vintage photograph shows what the house looked like when it was in use. Many people mistake it for multiple buildings, but it was only big building, as you can see. It sure looks like a cool house, i wonder what that person is sitting on? A Giant chair? Wait no, its just the railing for the stairs deceitfully hidden by some brush. 8.Jet Star Rollercoaster, New Jersey After Hurricane Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey, this is what was left of the Jet Star Rollercoaster and the surrounding pier. Pretty bleak. The rollercoaster was part of the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, after the storm surge from Sandy, the pier was successfully repaired but the rollercoaster had to be destroyed. The rollercoaster was abandoned and finally destroyed in May 2013. 7.Warner & Swasey Observatory Located in East Cleveland, Ohio, this observatory was built in 1939 and operated until 1983. The reasons for its closure were mainly light pollution. The building was abandoned, and its equipment was moved to different locations. In 2005, a couple bought the property and tried to turn it into a home… buuut things didnt turn out so well, the owners were convicted of mortgage fraud and went to prison in 2007. So, it looks like this abandoned observatory won’t be demolished or restored for a while. 6.żarnowiec power plant , Poland This one is a bit different, the planning for the first nuclear power plant in Poland began in 1972, but it took the government 10 years to find a suitable location. They landed on Lake Zarnoviec. The locals were pretty vocal about their distrust in the technology and opposed the construction of it every step of the way. From 1982 to 1990 the plant was in a state of limbo, and everything was finally scrapped and liquidated on Dec 17, 1990. 5.Nicosia International Airport 4.Na Nivách Street, Czechoslovakia 3.Prora, Germany 2.Rummu prison, Estonia 1.????
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8 Deserted and Abandoned Military Locations
From mysterious observatories, to strange giant Submarine Docks; These are 8 Deserted and Abandoned Military Locations HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 8.Boden Fortress | Sweden 7.Maginot Line | France 6.Fort Ord | California . 5.Saint Nazaire U-Boat Base | France 4.Fort Point 3.Vienna Flak Towers | Austria 2.Pamir Station | 1.White Elephant |
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The Deep Web Explained
From mysterious conspiracies; to the dark truth; this is the DEEP Web Explained and Explored HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat !
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BIGGEST Salvage Projects In The World
From the Deepwater Horizon Rig event to giant abandoned ships; these are the BIGGEST Salvage Projects in The World ! Check me out on Facebook- http://bit.ly/2isFYRd There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7.MV Cougar Ace | Alaska The Singaporean vessel Cougar Ace is primarily used for transporting cars from Japan to North America. In 2005, it set a record for most cars unloaded from a ship in Canada. Kind of a weird record, but hey, who are we to judge? A year later, Cougar Ace was carrying 4,812 brand new cars, about 97 % being Mazdas. In total, the cargo was valued at $117 Million… Well during an exchange of ballast water, the stuff that keeps boats balanced and stable, the Cougar Ace tipped 60 degrees to port . Which means the ship looked like - This. With some luck, Titan Salvage were able to tug the ship to Unalaska Island, where it was finally “righted”, meaning the ship was no longer tilted, then it was towed to Portland, Oregon for inspections and repair. This incident was quite the nightmare for Mazda. At first, they said the cars would be not be sold as brand new, but after testing the safety of the cars, the company decided to scrap every...single...one.. 6.MV Baltic Ace | Netherlands 5.MV Rena | New Zealand The MV Rena was a container ship with a capacity for 3,351 containers of whatever you want to transfer globally. With an engine that had a max output of 29,497 horse power, this 38,000 ton, 106ft(32m) long ship was built in 1990 and served multiple companies throughout the years. In October 2011, the MV Rena ran aground on the Astrolabe reef near the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. This was already very bad for the local environment and reef, but things got even worse when the Rena started leaking oil. Because of bad weather, the crew of 20 was evacuated, when the ship started shifting. A few days later, the oil spill was declared the worst maritime environmental disaster of New Zealand, and people were rightly pissed. A few days later, the ship was sitting at a 20 degree tilt, and 88 of the cargo containers fell into the sea. In January 2012, the ship finally succumbed to the sea and broke in 2. By 2014, 77% of the cargo was removed, and major parts of the ship were salvaged. So what is happening today? NOTHING. The ship owners were allowed to abandon the rest of the wreckage, with the stipulation that they will have to pay for ongoing clean up costs, and for the damage the ship has done to the local environment. 4.MV Drake | Australia 3.Deepwater Horizon Rig | USA 2.Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard | Bangladesh Well here is a business of.. Opportunity? In 1960 the ship MD Alpine was beached and abandoned on the shores Chittagong, Bangladesh, a local company purchased the ship and started the scrapping project. The ship was pretty big, and most of the work was done by hand, so the project took years to complete, but it was also the birth of the the ship breaking industry in Bangladesh. Nowadays, the brutal and unsafe work conditions have not changed, but the landscape sure has. 1.Costa Concordia | Italy The Costa Concordia was a beautiful cruise ship that cost some $500 million dollars to build, its maiden voyage was on June 29th,2006, and not even 6 years later, the Costa Concordia was involved in a tragic accident off the coast of Isola del Giglio. The accident was pretty straight forward, the Costa Concordia hit a rock, a 174ft (53m) gash was opened up on the port side of the hull. All power was lost and the ship drifted towards the shore and rolled towards the starboard side. After rescue operations were over, it came time to figure out what could be salvaged from the ship. Smit International, a salvage company assessed that the best course of action was the total write off of the ship as a constructive loss, they were contracted to remove the fuel from the ship. In 2013, the ship was finally brought back to a vertical position, and the salvage costs rose up to $799 million in total. At which point I assume the people doing the estimates said to themselves “Screw it, lets just round up to $800 million”. In 2014, the ship was refloated and prepped for towing, estimates for the total cost rose to $2 Billion. In July 2017, the final pieces of the Costa Concordia were scrapped and recycled, finishing the story of this tragic event.
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7 EXTRAORDINARY Abandoned Military Sites
From strange radio stations in the Italian Alps, to this mysterious pyramid in North Dakota; these are 7 EXTRAORDINARY Abandoned Military Sites HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7. Tonopah Air Base | Nevada Tonopah Nevada is a tiny town located midway between Reno and Las Vegas, with a current population of 2,400 people, Tonopah has had its fair share of decline. Founded in 1900, the town sprung up after the discovery of silver in the area. At one point, it was considered the second richest silver strike in Nevada, but too many people tried to make too much money. Not even 15 years later, the town population decreased by 50 percent. The main source of income for the town since the 40s was the Tonopah Test Range and the Tonopah Air Base. As for the Tonopah Test Range, it is a favorite spot of conspiracy theorists, but that's a story for another day. 6. 20th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment | Russia How’s this for a change of scenery ? From the deserts of Nevada, we travel to the middle of nowhere Russia. DISCLAIMER. I am not sure this is 100% true information, but from the research I did, it makes the most sense. The pictures we are looking at here were taken by a Russian photographer who did not disclose any information about the location of the place. Reverse image searches did not help either. After some time I stumbled across a forgotten airfields website. They claim that the small Kamenka air base was active between 1929 and 1998, the last regiment to be stationed there was the 20th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment, from 1994 to 1998. Subsequently, the aircraft were retired to the Voronezh Military Airfield. I believe the pictures are from there, considering the regiment consisted of 30 Su-24 Fencer fighter bombers, it makes sense. What do you think ? Here is a picture or two for comparison, sure looks like Su-24s to me. 5. NATO Troposcatter Monte Giogo | Italy Let's stick around Europe a little while longer, located in the mountains of Northern Italy, the ACE HIGH Station Livorno Monte Giogo was built during the 50s, as part of the Allied Command Europe System. Yep, these giant antennas were used for better long range communications and nothing more. Abbreviated to ACE HIGH, the fixed service NATO radio communication system had 82 stations in 9 countries all over Europe. There was 18 stations in Italy alone. By 1980, the program was completely shut down due to the advent of satellite communication, and for the most part, each ACE HIGH site was abandoned without a care in the world. I wonder what the total cost of this project was ? I can’t find any numbers on it, but for comparison, there was a similar system built in Alaska. Called the White Alice Communications System, the network was built and operated by the U.S. Air Force and it consisted of 80 radio stations. Not all of them were built, and not all of them were big, but for only 31 sites, the costs ballooned to over $300 million. So yeah, to sum it up, billions of dollars were spent on technology that was rendered useless in the span of 20 years. That sucks. 4.Angel Island | California 3.Fuchū Air Base | Japan 2. RAF Woodbridge | England The Royal Air Force Woodbridge Base was built in 1943, its main purpose being an airfield that could be used by distressed aircraft returning from raids over Germany. Fun fact, to dissipate the fog around the landing strip, pipes were pumping 120,000 gallons (450,000liters) of petrol per hour, as it burned, the wall of flames created would lift the fog. Pretty crazy right ? So from 1943 to 1948 the base was controlled by the RAF, then from 1952 to 1993 it was the United States Air Force. After the end of the Cold War, RAF Woodbridge was deactivated, Since 2006, parts of the base have been in full operation, under the control of the British Army. Without a doubt, the strangest thing to happen here is the so called Rendlesham Forest incident in which USAF personnel, including the deputy base commander, described seeing UFOs flying above the base. The two sightings in the winter of 1980 are probably the most well documented UFOs in England. What do you think ? Should I make a video about unbelievable UFO Sightings ? Comment below and give me a suggestion for a future video ! 1. Safeguard Complex Missile Site Radar | North Dakota
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12 Strange Forgotten Places in Europe
From extremely secluded hermit churches, to the biggest communist era monument, these are 12 STRANGE FORGOTTEN PLACES IN EUROPE SUBSCRIBE TO WORLD UNEARTHED FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS EVERY WEEK ! 7.Katskhi Pillar The Katskhi Pillar is limestone monolith located in the central part of Georgia. Locals refer to it as the Pillar of Life and have created quite a few legends about it. The pillar was first noted by scholars in the 18th century, but no one bothered to climb up there until 1944, it was the first documented ascent of the monolith. By that time, only small ruins remained from the original Church. Nowadays, the pillar has a small Church, a crypt, and three hermit cells for anyone that wishes to live in total isolation. 6.Jonas Caves The Jonas Caves are an unique cave system situated in the middle of France. This cave dwelling was originally started by Celts around 400 BC. Since then it has been occupied by villagers, monks, and knights. During its years in operation, the dwelling amassed 70 rooms spanning 5 floors. The Jonas Caves complex fell into obscurity and was abandoned at the start of the French Revolution in the 18th Century. With no upkeep, the place became dangerous and visitation dwindled immensely. Nowadays, you can still visit the caves, but beware, further expansion of the system is frowned upon. 5.The Stone Desert Did you know there is actual deserts in Europe? Crazy, right? The Bulgarian name for this place is Pobiti Kamuni,which translates to Beaten In Rocks. What makes this place really unique is the rock formations themselves. Every rock is hollow on the bottom, and filled with sand. From afar, the formations resemble ruins of a great Roman or Byzantine building, but when you get up close and personal, you can really see the strangeness of these rocks. There are a few theories about WHY these rocks exist, but none have been conclusive in figuring out the exact process behind the phenomenon. 4.Kyrkö Car Cemetery It is strange to imagine that there is a car cemetery that is NOT located in the U.S. and does NOT have a 67 Mustang FastBack , but places like this DO exist ! The Kyrko car cemetery is located in Sweden and sports a lot of rusted Volvos and SAABs. The place has become ideal for photo shoots, and people go there just to enjoy looking at the rusted out old cars. In 1998, the Swedish Government wanted to destroy the site and recycle all the metal, buuuut, as it turned out, a lot of people loved the place and petitioned against its destruction. The location got a 49 year permit to exist, so they are safe till 2047. 3.Daniil Sihastrul’s Cave In the mountains of Romania, there lies a cave, it was used by Daniil Sihastrul, he was an adviser to the King of Romania, and a spiritual guide for the Romanian Orthodox Church. Due to his popularity Sihastrul decided to live in the middle of nowhere and build this cell. He is considered a Saint, and has been credited with demon exorcisms, removing suffering, and healing the sick. His actions sparked a hermit movement, and there are many small huts and isolated dwellings all around the mountains of the city of Voronet. 2.Shumen Monument, Bulgaria The Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria was built in 1981 to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the First Bulgarian Empire, it is considered to be the biggest and heaviest communist monument on Earth. The monument has actually been maintained through the years, and even though it might get some visitors, it is not on the top of anyone’s bucket list. The cubist style structure has stone sculptures of the khans that founded the country and brought it to the size of an empire, although briefly. It is truly a sight to behold, when you walk thru the great hall and notice the giant stone faces staring at you, it makes them feel larger than life. 1.Monastery of the Holy Trinity This vertigo inducing Monastery is located in Central Greece. It was constructed on a 400m cliff, and it was part of a larger chain of 24 Monasteries in the area. Nowadays, only 6 remain open. Although people have seen pictures of this place before it is often confused for a Buddhist temple. It is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site, and was even used in a James Bond film in the 80’s. The popularity of the Monastery dwindled down, then began rising again because of its popularity on social media.
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11 Unreal Ancient Sites and Artifacts
From the hollowed out rocks of Mada'in Saleh to the BIGGEST Pre-Columbian city in South America; These are 11 Unreal Ancient Sites and Artifacts HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 11.Mada'in Saleh LOCATION - Saudi Arabia 10.The New World Egg 9.Kaunos LOCATION - Turkey, Anatolia 8. The Maya Calendars 7.Ajanta Caves LOCATION - INDIA, Maharashtra 6.The Mask of Agamemnon 5.Skellig Michael LOCATION - Ireland Quick, what does Star Wars The Force Awakens, and The Witcher game series have in common? Skellig Michael, thats what. Skellig Michael is the larger of two islands off the coast of Ireland, sometime during the 6th to 8th Century AD a monastery was built, and the island became a hermitage. It is believed that no more than 12 people lived on the island at any one point. The island was suffered a Viking attack in 823 , and due to harsh harsh climate change, the island was abandoned in the 12 Century AD. Due to its recent rise in popularity, which will increase even more when scenes from the upcoming Last Jedi movie appear, conservationists believe the influx of visitors will negatively impact local Puffin and Storm Petrel colonies. 4.Panagyurishte Treasure Panagyurishte is a small town that has many ancient ties, located Bulgaria, the the town became famous for the immense Thracian treasure found there. You might have heard of one of the most famous Thracians - I’m SPARTACUS (such a great scene ) Back to the treasure, it is believed to have been used as a ceremonial set by Thracian kings, the total weight of all the objects is 13.5 lb (6.164kg) of 24 Karat Gold. If you had to put a price on the gold alone, it is worth $237,125 today. Many scholars consider this the best Thracian treasure ever found and people have commissioned a few exact replicas of it, some speculate that the original treasure which sits in a Museum in Sofia, is actually a replica itself. 3.Chan Chan LOCATION - Peru, Andes Mnts. You may have never heard of this place before, but it is the largest pre-Columbian era city in South America ! It served as the capital of the Chimor Empire, who were later taken over by the Inca Empire. Chan Chan translates to “Sun Sun”, it got its name from the incredible sunny climate in the area. The city was founded sometime around 850 A.D. and grew to an estimated 60,000 people in 1300 A.D. After the Inca take over Chan Chan fell into an economic decline, but that did not stop the Spaniards from looting an estimated 80,000 pesos (or $5 million in today's money) worth of gold from it. The city fell into complete obscurity and was abandoned, well only until 1969 when archaeologists began excavations at the site. Nowadays, the city is World Heritage Site and the grandiosity of it still inspires many explorers and adventurers. 2.Celtic Tomb In March of 2015, a team from the National Archaeological Research Institute started excavating a site in France, what they found was astonishing ! A burial chamber for a Celtic Prince was unearthed, filled with Greek Iron Age artifacts, Denis Gliksman managed to capture photos of the most prominent ones. We are looking at a wine cauldron with a sculpture of the Greek God Acheloos on it. The original god of all water ! Sadly, he got demoted to just a normal river god during the hellenistic period. These artifacts shed a new light on Iron Age trade 1.Terracotta Army LOCATION - China In 1974, some farmers in China stumbled across one of the most unreal archaeological discoveries ever, the terracotta army. Can you imagine what it was like to find hundreds of statues of soldiers all perfectly lined up? At this point, I would imagine there was an evil ancient curse, that would befall me too if I didn’t get out of there fast enough ! The figures date back to around 210-209 BC, and they are believed to be the protectors of the Emperor in his afterlife, they are made of terracotta, and sport some amazing details. Terracotta stands for “baked earth”, commonly referring to clay-based ceramics. The army is only a small part of the 38 square mile (98 sq.km) necropolis, the tomb of the emperor has actually never been opened due to concerns over preservations of its artifacts.
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11 Strangest Desert Locations
From the bizarre "Lagoon Desert" of Brazil, to the mystical Nazca lines, these are 11 STRANGEST Desert Locations in The World ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 11.Abandoned Ships LOCATION - ARAL SEA 10.Lençóis Maranhenses LOCATION - BRAZIL 9.Mapimí Silent Zone LOCATION - MEXICO 8.FARAFRA LOCATION - EGYPT 7.ANTARCTICA LOCATION - ANTARCTICA 5.Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard LOCATION - ARIZONA Have you ever wondered what the U.S. Government does with all their decommissioned planes? Some of them end up in the middle of the Arizonian Desert. This is one of the biggest boneyards of its kind, and you have to take an aerial look to really appreciate the grandiosity of it all. The Air Force base The area was chosen because of its hospitable climate, and the planes are not completely scrapped. Some will never fly again, but some will once again take to the skies as recycled parts in newer, cooler planes :D 4.Salar de Uyuni LOCATION - BOLIVIA Salar de Uyuni is part of the Bolivian high deserts, and its the LARGEST salt flat in the world ! None of these images are photoshopped, this is EXACTLY how big this place actually is ! 4086 sq.mi (10,582 sq.km) Whenever the flats get a little rain, the place turns into a giant mirror since the water does not seep through the salt easily, it makes for some extra ordinary out of this world photo ops ! There is also minimal light pollution in the area, which opens up the night sky like none other. All in all, Salar de Uyuni is one of the most breathtaking places in South America, you just gotta get there first ! 3.Barringer Meteor Crater LOCATION -ARIZONA If you have ever driven through Flagstaff Arizona, you might have noticed the roadside billboards “For the Best Crater in the World”, you just have to drive 10 miles off the freeway, and then WOAHHHHHHHHH It really is one of the best in the world, and it is so well defined because it's relatively new. It was created about 50,000 years ago ! NASA actually used the location to prepare astronauts for the Apollo Missions to the moon, unfortunately, the area is not public property, there is a charge to get in, but I think it's worth it ! 2.Mano Del Desierto LOCATION - CHILE and URUGUAY The hand of the desert in the Atacama Desert of Chile is one of the most unsettling locations there, especially if you had no idea you could stumble across a GIANT hand sticking out of the desert floor. The hand was constructed by a Chilean sculptor who did *this* piece on the beaches of Uruguay. He wanted to show emotions like sorrow, loneliness and torture by using the human figure. I think he nailed it… For some reason people like to graffiti the desolate sculpture, which many visitors think is just plain rude ! HONORABLE MENTIONS Salton Sea, The Desert Breath, the lonely tree Before we jump into #1, here are some honorable mentions, thanks for all the wonderful comments on the recent videos ! Watch out, you might be featured next ! We have the Salton Sea, a giant failure of the agricultural system in California. The “Salton Sea” was once a promising tourist destination, nowadays it's filled with salinated water, dead fish, and surrounded with abandoned buildings, we also have the Desert Breath, a magnificent sculpture located in Egypt, this one is eroding away naturally, not much can be done, its just the way of the desert. And finally, I give you, the Lonely Tree in Tenere ! It was once considered the most isolated tree on EARTH, it had survived the impossible, only to be knocked down by a drunk driver… 1.The Nazca Lines LOCATION - PERU The Nazca Desert is the home of the Nazca People, who designed and built the famous Nazca Lines ! Hmm, Nazca Nazca Nazca, say that three times fast. There are hundreds of geoglyphs in the area, some are simple geometric lines, and some are intricate zoomorphic designs of local animals. It is always said that the Nazca Lines can only be seen from the air, which begs the question, why were they built in the first place? As it turns out, that is just a common myth, there are plenty of hills surrounding the location, making the sculptures visible from the ground. This should not remove any of the grandiosity and misticity of the site, no one has still conclusively figured out WHY these geoglyphs exist. What do you think? Landing instructions for ancient aliens or just a bunch of bored people in the high deserts of Peru?
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9 Unusual Deserted Military Sites
From abandoned Forts all over America, to the creepy military hospital that saved the most evil man in the world, these are 9 UNUSUAL DESERTED MILITARY SITES SUBSCRIBE TO WORLD UNEARTHED FOR WEEKLY AWESOME VIDEOS ! 9.Fort Tilden LOCATION - NEW YORK CITY 8.Johnston Atoll LOCATION - PACIFIC OCEAN 7.DUGA Radar Array LOCATION - UKRAINE 6.Željava Air Base LOCATION - CROATIA This place was considered of the scariest bases in former Yugoslavia, it was the largest air base it had, and one of the largest in Europe. It is believed the base held two full fighter squadrons, or 48 fighter jets. The more interesting part of the base was the underground bunkers, capable of surviving a 20kt nuclear blasts, and being self sustainable for up to 30 days. After it was apparent that the Yugoslav Wars of 91 were not going their way, the air base was destroyed by the Yugoslavian government. Nowadays, it is sometimes used for police training, but its primary purpose is an awesome urban exploration spot. 5.Devil's Slide Bunkers LOCATION - CALIFORNIA The Devil’s Slide is an aptly named area of the Pacific Coastline close to the city of Montara. It definitely looks like it was airlifted from the rocky Mediterranean coast. One of the hills was part of a military triangulation station designed during WW2. It served its purpose of protecting the harbor of San Francisco from the threat of a Japanese military attack. The bunker is still standing to this day, barely, but its still there. The area is prone to landslides and heavy erosion, chances are that the Devil’s Slide Bunker will slip into the Pacific Ocean sometime soon, so pack your bags if you want to see it in person. Beware of the current owners too, the area is now private property ! 4.RAF Stenigot LOCATION - ENGLAND Unfortunately, this is not the site of a downed UFO, as much as we want to believe the truth is out there, this is not it. RAF is an acronym for the British Royal Air Force, and the stenigot site was a radar station used for the early detection of Nazi Air Raids. After the war, the Stenigot got a major facelift, and the 4 dishes that we see in these pictures, as part of the ACE High programme. ACE High stands for Allied Command Europe and it was a radio communication system created by NATO in 1956. As the years passed, there was less and less need for this location, it was officially decommissioned in the late 80’s. But, still, it looks pretty strange from a far. 3.CAPE MAY BUNKER LOCATION - NEW JERSEY Don’t you just hate it when you go to the beach, and the only available spots to relax are right next to an abandoned WW2 era bunker? Yeah me too. The official name for this structure is Batter 223, it was built between the world wars as part of the modernization of the Coastal Defense Program. This bunker sports 6 foot thick walls that were ready to take direct hits from any enemy battleship, luckily, the bunker was never put to good use. There are no plans of destroying the bunker, so it's safe to say that it will remain on the beaches of New Jersey for quite a long time. 2.Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard Complex LOCATION - NORTH DAKOTA SRMSC for short, is probably one of the most interesting things you can see in North Dakota, the state that boasts the title of the “Least Visited State”, but hey they also have the lowest unemployment rate in the country… so its even stevens Anyway, back to the base, this place was a crucial USA defense location, holding 30 SPARTAN antiballistic missiles capable of intercepting nuclear warheads 400+ miles away, and another 70 SPRINT short range anti-ballistic missiles. The site was first operational on April 1st, 1975, and was deactivated on February 10th 1976. The complex cost $6 Billion dollars to build, and operated for less than a year, that’s about 545,454,545 dollars per month. Hooo weeee
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8 Forgotten Abandoned Places in America
From desert ghost towns and mines; to hidden metropolitan locations; these are 8 Forgotten Abandoned Places in America 8. Glenrio | TEXAS, NEW MEXICO | Don’t STOP, KEEP GOING Even google decided not to drive through this area again, look at the quality of the pictures, so 2007 ! Glenrio was originally known as Rock Island, it was founded over 1,000,000 …. Hours ago. (120 years), if you can’t do the math in your head, the year was 1903. What made this ghost town popular was its prime location, half of it being in Texas, and the other half in New Mexico, it was also a pitstop on the famous Route 66. Many people find beauty in the abandoned gas station and surrounding buildings, others try to scurry away as fast as possible. 7. Clairton | Pennsylvania What used to be…. Clairton is the home of the largest coke manufacturing facility in the U.S.A, and no, we are not talking about the Refreshing Soft Beverage Coca Cola; rather, the “fuel” created from black coal. It is used in the manufacturing of steel. Clairton is one of those towns that you hear about on the news, you know, “coal country” or in this case its better to say “steel country” . Traveling around the town on google maps, you can see many abandoned homes, overgrown sidewalks, just avenues of broken dreams. Perhaps the most striking neighbourhood is located on Lincoln Way, every house on this street was abandoned… No one really wants to talk about it; or even give exact reasons as to why this neighbourhood was affected so much more than the rest... In 2015, Lincoln Way was ravaged by a fire, some of the 30 or so homes were completely destroyed. Local authorities have vehemently opposed any stories about supposed hauntings or ghosts, “I don’t know where people are getting these stories. People are listening to them and then they’re running with it….. This town has a lot of good history. But as far as Lincoln Way is concerned, I don’t know why it stands out.” Maybe because a streetful of people decided to leave ? Granted it wasn’t an overnight operation… but still, makes you wonder. 6. Sideling Hill Tunnel | PENNSYLVANIA See you on the other side In the 1940s the Pennsylvania Turnpike was nicknamed the “Tunnel Highway”, having not 6, not 8 but 7 tunnels in its path ! By the 70s the road was so busy that expansions had to be made. Some smart people did some math and found out that the best thing to do was to bypass 3 tunnels; and merge the other 4. At this point, Sideling Hill Tunnel became a post apocalyptic dream location; no traffic, no people, just you and the dilapidated road. The site was used to train soldiers for the iraq war; policemen used parts of it as a shooting range and a small company called Pike 2 Bike tried to make it a tourist destination. Oh yeah, almost forgot, the critically acclaimed movie The Road also shot a bunch of scenes there! 5. Two Guns | ARIZONA 4. Animas Forks | COLORADO This picturesque deserted mine is hidden along the Alpine Loop in Colorado. The first settlers came around 1873; and it took only a few years for Animas Forks to become a full fledged community. Just like most bustling mine towns of the time; as soon as the profits dried up, so did the town. These days; Animas Forks is owned and operated by the Bureau of Land Management. QUICK QUESTION: How much land does the BLM own ? About 247.3 Million Acres; or about ⅛ of the country. Anytime you are driving through the middle of nowhere USA and wonder who owns the land; chances are it's the BLM. 3. Pleasure Beach | CONNECTICUT 2. Grain Silos | INDIANA What is the most forgettable state? Seriously; what do you think the most forgettable state is ? Comment away ! Indiana is home to hundreds of abandoned grain silos that have somehow managed to survive longer than their surrounding communities. A great example is Corwin; Indiana. Apparently; its not even a ghost town; being described as an “extinct” town…. Hmmmmm. We also have the town of Sloan ; Dunn ; and many many more. 1.1964 New York World’s Fair Pavilion | NYC
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STRANGEST Caves In The World
From mysterious caves in India; to the bizarre cave of giant crystals ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 12.Devetashka cave | Bulgaria Welcome to the Devetashka cave, nowadays it's home to over 30,000 bats, thousands of years ago it was a shelter for paleo humans. Thousands of years might be an understatement since archeologist found traces of human presence that date back some 70,000 years ! 11.Carlsbad Caverns | New Mexico Located in the Guadalupe mountains of New Mexico, this national park was 250 million years in the making. Turns out the area was a coastline for an inland sea, and the caves were an elaborate reef. When the sea dried out, earthquakes and tectonic plate movement brought the reef above current sea levels. Pretty neat right ? The biggest chamber has an area of about 8.2 acres (357,192 sq.ft, 33,184 sq.me), or the equivalent of 6.2 american football fields. The ceiling reaches heights of 255 feet (78m). Surprisingly, those are rookie numbers, the Big Room as its called is only the 28th largest in the world. 10.Benagil cave | Portugal 9.Phraya nakhon | Thailand Thailand is blessed to have some of the most interesting and beautiful natural scapes in South East Asia, some are famous and right in the open, others are hidden in plain sight. The Phraya Nakhon cave can be reached by a 11mile (17km) hike, and it is definitely worth it to traverse the Tian mountain region to get there. Yes, that's a temple, and yes, the ceiling of the cave has a giant opening that allows sunlight to come in. If you visit the temple at the right time, you can see the sun shine directly on it, which creates a mesmerizing view. Since 1966 the cave has been part of the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, the 11 mile hike is measured from the parks visitor center. 8.Cave of the Crystals | Mexico 7. Marble Cathedral | Chile Continuing our journey south, we reach one of the more mesmerizing sites on this list. After thousands of years of water erosion, this marble coastline was shaped into what we see here. This is definitely not a place you go to just because, considering its remoteness. Also, its often referred to as the Blue Marble cavern, but depending on the time of day and sun position, the colors can vary drastically. 6. Waitomo Caves | New Zealand 5. Fingal’s Cave | Scotland Perhaps the smallest cave on this list, it was named after the hero of the epic poem by the same name. It measures in at 279 ft deep (85m) and 75 ft high (23m), and believe it or not, the photo you are looking at was taken in 1900 ! Since its discovery in 1772, the cave has been featured in numerous art and literature works, including a song by Pink Floyd and the movie When Eight Bells Toll. 4. Jomblang Cave | Indonesia 3.Manjanggul Cave | South Korea Hey did you know that there is something called a lava tube ? Its formed by flowing molten lava that eats thru already solidified lava. Anyway, the Manjanggul cave is just that, a lava tube ! Formed sometime between 2 to 3 hundred thousand years ago, it's considered to be in excellent condition. As for size, it gets up to 75 ft wide (23m) and 100 ft high (30) and get this, its 5.5 MILES long ( 8,9km) , for reference, the longest known lava tube is the Kazumura Cave in Hawaii, coming in at 40.7 miles (65km) 2.Ellora Caves | India 1.Ice and Glacier Caves | Around The World In most cases, ice caves are old limestone or lava tube caves that are covered by ice year round. Although they are pretty cool, not much changes inside. Some ice formations and natural sculptures will definitely keep your interest. Oh yeah, some of them look like a nightmare waiting to happen. On the other hand, you can find yourself exploring a cave, inside of a glacier. These ones are formed by running water from the glacier. On a danger scale, glacier caves rank way way way higher up. Considering the terrain is forever changing, sudden changes in the weather or glacial motion can cause collapses. On top of that, the paths you explore today could be different or completely gone next week. Mapping glacial caves is a fools game, but hey, its not everyday you get to see what the insides of a glacier look like. The world’s largest glacial cave, depending on weather conditions is the Mount Rainier cave system in Washington state. Would you go in ? Just to set the mood, we are talking about exploring a constantly changing ice cave system, that can collapse, and is also located on the top of a large active volcano.
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9 Strange Abandoned Ships and Planes
From ghost ships and deep ocean wrecks; to forgotten airplane locations; These are 9 Strange Abandoned Ships and Planes ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 9. Lady Be Good 8.Lyubov Orlova Lyubov Orlova was named after the famous Russian actress by the same name. Built in 1976 by the USSR she served as an expedition cruise ship, traveling around the Arctic and Antarctica often. In 2010, Lyubov Orlova was seized at St. John’s Port, Newfoundland because of accrued debts amounting to 251 thousand dollars. It stayed at that Port for the next 2 years, and when it was being towed to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped, something happened. Not even 1 day into the journey, the tow lines broke and the ship drifted away… Incredibly, she was captured again by a Transport Canada tug boat and dragged away to international waters…. Where she was cut loose. The last time Lyubov Orlova was spotted was in 2013, near the coast of Iceland and Ireland. By the way, I foolishly tried to find her on the marinetraffic website, but then I decided to check out some other ships, and as it turns out, for the LOW LOW LOW price of $157/year you can pick your favorite ship and never miss a beat !... or if for some reason you want to act like a pro and track up to 50 ships in real time, it will be $9,000 a year. What a steal haha. 7. Kee Bird 6.TSS Duke of Lancaster The TSS stands for Twin-Screw Steamship or Steamer… meaning it has two screw propellers compared to a Single Screw steamer… which has one. The More you know ! From 1955 to 1979 the ship provided services for travelers around the United Kingdom until it was forever beached near Mostyn, North Wales. At this point; The Duke of Lancaster was branded as the “Fun Ship” becoming a tourist attraction, but local politics made it almost impossible for the owners to operate the business. 5.US Navy Vought F4U Corsair airplane 4.MS World Discoverer The World Discoverer was a cruise ship that operated from 1975 to 2000. Visiting such great spots as Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands, the ship was loved by many… but on April 30th, 2000, the ship hit a huge uncharted rock near the Solomon Islands. All passengers were transported to safety while the Captain stayed on the ship, steering it into Roderick Bay. At that point, the ship was considered a loss… and to this day, the World Discoverer remains at the same location. It has become somewhat of a tourist destination, being visited by other cruise ships in the area…. Which is kind of unsettling. 3. Atka B-24D Liberator 2.S.S. America After its illustrious 54 year career, the S.S. America was being transported from Greece to Thailand to become a five star docked hotel ship. The journey began on New Years Eve 1993 and a few days later, during a massive storm, the tow ship Neftegaz 67 lost control of the cruise liner. The S.S. America, now renamed the American Star found its way to the coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands and ran aground. Within 48 hours the harsh waves of the Atlantic Ocean split the ship in 2, she was declared a total loss and left to rot. At this point, there is almost nothing left from the ship, only a distant memory. 1.Murmansk The Cruiser Murmansk was built by the Soviet Union in 1955; and it served proudly until 1989. A few years later; the Russians decided to sell the cruiser to India for scrapping; during the move the ship ran aground near the Norwegian Coast. Shortly after; this haunting picture was taken, the ship looks like its in almost perfect condition; except for you know, being almost sideways...If only someone tugged on the big chain, it might have been an easy fix… or maybe thats not how this works. Anyway, No one wanted to deal with the clean up until 2009. Thats when everyone realized that due to the extremely harsh weather; the ship would have to be dismantled piece by piece. So thats what the Scandinavian contractor AF Decom did; in style. They built a dock around the ship and emptied out the water; this picture was taken during the process, you can see it that it REALLY was a team effort ! Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about this video in the comments below; subscribe for more awesome World Unearthed and check out the video coming up next !
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BIGGEST Military Machines In The World
From bad ass airplanes and ships , to giant submarines and helicopters these are the BIGGEST Military Machines In The World HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10.Tsar Bomba | 9.USS Enterprise | Biggest Naval Ship No, not the biggest ship in the world, the biggest NAVAL ship, meaning a ship used by the NAVY. The USS Enterprise, not to be confused with the USS Enterprise, or the USS Enterprise (the Grey Ghost), or the upcoming USS Enterprise(CNV-80), was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world. What does that mean? It means that the ship had an unlimited operational range for up to 25 years. The 1,123ft (342m) ship had the capacity to hold up to 90 aircraft, displaced 84,626 metric tons of water when it sailed the high seas, and had a maximum complement of 5,828 people. The USS Enterprise made her maiden voyage in 1962, and was involved in many missions around the globe, including the quarantine created around Cuba when the “Cuban Missile Crisis” happened. On December 1st, 2012, the USS Enterprise was deactivated, but it took until earlier this year for the ship to be finally taken off the Naval Vessel Registry. Unfortunately, the USS Enterprise will not become a museum like many people wanted, the ship will be fully dismantled. credits- U.S. Navy video by MC2 Aaron Chase/Released 8.Little David | Biggest Caliber Mortar 7.AN-124 | Biggest Military Cargo Aircraft At a unit cost of around $100 million dollars, only 55 Antonov An-124s were built between 1982 and 2014. Again, a friendly reminder before you go crazy in the comments, the An-225 was only used by the military for a short period of time, it is now designated a commercial aircraft. Anywayyyyyyy, the AN-124 is pretty much a rip off from the C-5 Galaxy, just kidding. But there are some similarities in the designs. The aircraft measures in at 226ft(69m) long, with a wingspan of 240ft(73.3m, the max take off weight is 405 tons, 150 tons being cargo. It can fly at speeds reaching 537mph(865km/h) with a range of 3,231mi(5200km). IF you are unsure of how to transport your 40ft yacht, or your massive dump truck, look into hiring the Antonov An-124, some models are also available for commercial use. 6.B-1B Lancer | This strategic bomber was in the works since the 1960s, the military wanted the great speeds of the B-58 Hustler, combined with the payload and range of the B-52. When everything was said and done, the B-1 Lancer has scared the crap out of bad guys since its first flight in 1974. They just didn’t know what it was until 1986 when it was first introduced to the public. In 1988, the B-1B cost $283 million to produce, and the U.S. Government decided to build 100 of these supersonic machines. It takes 4 people to fully operate this bad boy of the skies, and with a combined ordnance payload of 125,000lb (56,700kg), the Lancer could bring democracy in a 3,500 mi (5,500km) range at speeds reaching 830 mph (1,340km/hr) Video by William Lewis 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs 5.Akula | Biggest Submarine Project 941,or Akula, NATO designation “Typhoon”, is the Russian nuclear powered attack submarine that holds the record for the largest class submarine ever built, it was also the answer to the Ohio-class U.S. Navy submarines . These subs can chill underwater for about 120 days at a time and displace about 48,000 tons of water when submerged, they are also 574ft(175m) in length. Maybe the Russians went a bit overboard with these subs, and even though it seems that going overboard is military speak for “barely doing the minimum “, these subs are expensiveeeeee. So expensive that it was cheaper to build 2 new borei class submarines than to modernize a Typhoon sub. With the advent of the START III disarmament program, it is expected all typhoon class submarines to be scrapped in the future. 4. Challenger 2 | 3.MOAB | Credits - DoD News U.S. Air Force Courtesy Video Michael Martin 2.Mil Mi-26 | Biggest Helicopter When you have the biggest sub, nuke and cargo plane in the world, why not go for the biggest helicopter as well? The Mi-26, is used for military and commercial purposes, final testing of the chopper finished in 1980 and with a safe maximum cargo of 20 tons, this beast holds the record for the greatest mass lifted to 3.2miles (2km). It managed to carry 57 tons in the sky. This is what the 130ft (40m) Mi-26 looks like from the inside. Pretty spacious if you ask me. Oh yeah, its also pretty fast, with max speeds of 183 mph (295km/h) ! 1.Heavy Gustav | Biggest Railway Weapon "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."
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10 MOST TOXIC Places On Earth
From the DIRTIEST Cities, to nuclear wastelands ; these are the 10 MOST TOXIC Places On Earth. HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10.La Oroya | Peru 9.Dhaka | Bangladesh 8. Norilsk | Russia The city has been branded as the most polluted city in Russia, where the snow is black, air tastes like sulfur and rivers run red. Life expectancy of employees in the smelter is 10 years below the Russian average. By some estimates, 1% of the world`s sulfur dioxide emission comes from the Norilsk nickel mines. Nearly 500 tons of copper and nickel as well as two million tons of sulfur dioxide are released into the air, annually. In 2016 the nearby Daldykan River turned red and the evidence pointed to privately owned wastewater pipes. The company accepted the responsibility while claiming that the coloring was of no danger to humans or wildlife. The smelting plant was in the process of being modernized and steps are being taken in order to reduce pollution. 7.Nevada Proving Grounds | Nevada Nevada Proving Grounds, now known as the Nevada Test Site or Nevada National Security Site is a U. S. Department of Energy reservation in Nye County, Nevada, 65 miles northwest from Las Vegas. The tests stopped in 1994 but the area is still extremely radioactive. Even though the radioactivity in the water is gradually declining, isotopes like plutonium and uranium could pose risks to workers or future settlers on the NNSS for tens of thousands of years. 6.Shanghai | China In December of 2013, Shanghai suffered a great spike in air pollution when the so called “2013 Eastern China Smog” occurred. The pollution levels were between 23 and 31 times the international standard. Nearly one-third of all government vehicles were pulled off the streets, construction work was halted, student`s outdoor activities were suspended, flights were cancelled or diverted. And even though air pollution in Shanghai is substantial by the world standard, it is still lower than other cities in China. Among the top 500 most polluted cities in the world, Chinese cities hold 179 spots. Thankfully, China is taking extremely serious measures to reduce pollution, closing coal factories, smelters and mills while switching over to more eco-friendly energy sources. 5.Northwest Arctic | Alaska Out of all the states in the union, Alaska produces the most toxins, outranking every other state by nearly 3 times. A closer look reveals that 91% of all of Alaska`s emissions come from one county, Northwest Arctic, most of it originating from one city – Kotzebue, population 7,500. So how is it possible that a tiny city, in the middle of nowhere Alaska is responsible for so much pollution? Well, just 90 miles from Kotzebue is Red Dog Mine, the largest source of zinc in the world. It was established in 1987 and each year, it releases 756 million pounds of toxins into the environment. 4.Asse II mine | Germany The Asse II mine opened between 1906, initially extracting potash (until 1925) and producing rock salt (1916-1964). But during the period between 1964 and 1995 the mine was used as a storage of radioactive waste. Now, this mine has been abandoned, with barrels of low-level and medium-level waste in a jumbled heap, some of it not even contained properly. There`s fears that the mine could fill with water and authorities are rushing to remove the waste with remotely operated vehicles since it is unsafe for workers to go in there. 3. | New Mexico The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’s history is relatively short, it became operational in 1999. The facility is used to store transuranic waste left over from nuclear weapons research. Transuranic waste consists of clothing, tools, rags, residues, debris, soil and other items contaminated with radioactive elements, mostly plutonium. 2.Pacific Proving Grounds | Pacific Ocean Pacific Proving Grounds is the name given to a number of sites on the Marshall Islands and in the Pacific Ocean which were used for nuclear testing between 1946 and 1962. The US conducted 105 atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests in the Pacific. 1.Pripyat | Ukraine 50000 People used to live here... Now it's a ghost town. Radiation levels were so high that Nuclear Power stations in Sweden, Finland and Norway detected the anomaly. Twenty years later, the area is still uninhabitable. Except for the 197 people living in 11 villages scattered in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The average age is 63.
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Strange and Mysterious Places Around The World
From abandoned ships, to incredible mountains in the sky; these are 10 STRANGE and MYSTERIOUS Places Around The World ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! Reach me on Facebook ! http://bit.ly/2isFYRd 10.Kaali | Estonia 9.Catatumbo | Venezuela 8.Nazare | Portugal Nazare is a beautiful and famous coastal town of Portugal that attracts people from all over the world. Primarily, big wave surfers. And I mean BIG wave, even though nothing is confirmed yet, the top 3 records for biggest waves ridden have occurred here. The giant waves are caused by the underwater Nazare Canyon, why you might ask ? I’m not really sure, but I can tell you this, the confirmed record breaking wave that was surfed in 2011 was 78 feet (24m) from trough to crest. 7.St. Ignace Mystery Spot | Michigan Hey, here is a tourist trap in Michigan that is as tacky as it is strange, the story goes something like this. A few surveyors were checking out the area some time in 1950, everything was going well until they found themselves in a mysterious spot that affected all their equipment. They felt uneasy, and lighter than usual. Then I assume they ran home and told everyone that a forest witch attacked them. Nowadays, the mystery spot is advertised a bit too heavily for my tastes. Everyone enjoys a bit of campy fun sometimes, so if I was in the area I would definitely visit, just to say that I did. As they say, come for the mystery spot, stay for the 400 years of forgotten history. 6. New Mt. Carmel Center | Texas 5.Ropoto | Greece When it rains, it pours, this is especially true in the ghost town of Ropoto, Greece. Before 2012, around 300 people called this place home, but after the April 12, 2012 landslide, they all had to evacuate. The village and all its history will be completely lost sooner rather than later, there is no signs of recovery, and the landslides will not stop. Perhaps the eeriest of all, is the old church that is slowly but surely sliding down the hill. Eventually the building will lose its structural integrity and collapse. The local government hasn’t done much to help the people that used to live here, the whole town is “off limits” but at the same time, some folks are still required to pay property taxes on these crumbling homes. That has to suck ! 4.Pelangi | Indonesia Kampung Pelangi, kampung meaning village, is… amazing. And uplifting, and wholesome, and very very colorful ! What used to be a dilapidated, depressing small village was transformed into something beautiful for the small sum of $22,000. Whats even more incredible is that Pelangi is not the first, or the only village in Indonesia to transform itself into something more than a slum. The Judipan Colorful Village is the original one. 3. Bellefonte Station | Alabama 2.Mount Roraima | Venezuela , Guyana , Brazil Here is a place that is not only stunning, but geographically interesting as well. Mount Roraima serves at the triple border point between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Other people might recognize from the world renowned, true story, hard hitting drama … UP. There is no easy way to get to the top, most of the mountain is surrounded by steep cliffsides, that make for a very interesting experience. Ooops, actually I guess there is a relatively easy way to climb up top, from the Venezuelan side, but trust me, it still sucks. When it is cloudy, Mount Roraima can be compared to a island in the sky, and that's exactly what 90% of clickbait videos on youtube do. 1.Skeleton Coast | Namibia I know this video has been a bit out there with the content, we have explored some very different places, but this one, this one is very unique. The Northern Namibian coast is known under many different names, Portuguese explorers called it “The Gates of Hell. Local tribes named it “The Land God Made in Anger” The one that stuck out the most was “ The Skeleton Coast”, coined by the writer John Henry Marsh, from a book he wrote by the same name… From derelict buildings, hundreds of shipwrecks and thousands of whale and seal bones, the skeleton coast lives up to its name. The farther mainland you go, the more you realize that you are surrounded by nothing but desert. Nowadays, most of the coastline is protected land known as the Skeleton Coast National Park. Most of it is only accessible by plane, and only the southern part is open to 4 wheel drive vehicles. In other words, if you find yourself here alone… good luck.
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7 STRANGE Mysteries of Space !
From dark energy and dark matter, to space flight, these are 7 STRANGE Mysteries of Space ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7. The Great Dark Void | Empty Space in Space ? 6. Dark Matter | Primordial Black Holes What is matter? Its any substance that has mass and volume. What is dark matter? No one knows really. It is a hypothetical, massive, exotic, particle. But hey, if it wasn’t for dark matter, a lot of other things wouldn’t make any sense. Dark matter helps explain the unexplainable. Turns out i'm not an astrophysicist, but here it goes, scientists know what dark matter isn’t, more than what it is. Here is what we know. Dark matter does not emit any light, it does not reflect any light, it is not antimatter, and until recently, it was believed that dark matter is not a part of black holes. Buutt, recently, theories linking dark matter to primordial black holes have surfaced. And by primordial I mean black holes that were formed within the first fractions of a second of the universe’s existence. 5.The Great Attractor | Pulling The Strings Right now, our very own Milky Way Galaxy is flying through space at an incredible 1.3 million miles an hour. Where are we headed? No one can say for certain, but scientists have dubbed it “the great attractor”. Some possible explanations are a super giant cluster of galaxies that we are unable to see, a massive black hole, or a cluster of dark matter. Considering we are also supposedly located in the biggest void of space we know of, its hard to imagine just what kind of forces lurk in the darkness, we just know know they are there. It doesn’t help that the great attractor is also conveniently located in the center of the “zone of avoidance”, which is hardest area to visibly observe because of galactic space dust. There are other theories of an even bigger attractor that is dragging us through space, however, this one is believed to be a super massive cluster of galaxies. 4. Dyson Swarms | KIC8462852 3.Dark Energy | The Force Just like dark matter, we don’t know what exactly dark energy is, but we can venture a guess as to what its responsible for. Since the 1990s humanity’s observations indicate that the universe is indeed expanding, at an accelerating rate. Current measurements suggest that dark energy makes up about 68 % of the total energy in the observable universe. The density of dark energy is miniscule, but because it is uniform across space, it dominates. In the grand scheme of things, dark energy is a bigger hypothetical than dark matter, and our chances of measuring, finding, or observing it are much smaller. The easiest way to think of dark energy is as the fundamental energy of space. The energy density of empty space. A little more on the expansion of the universe, scientists believe that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe began some 5 billion years ago, before that, it is believed that the expansion was decelerating due to dark matter. But dark matter lost the battle, and dark energy rules supreme in our universe. Orrrr, neither dark energy or dark matter exists, Einstein was wrong, and we need to fix the general theory of relativity. Sounds like fun huh? 2.Black Holes | Do they have a counterpart ? 1.The Size | Where are we? The universe is defined as all of space and time, everything that has ever been or will be, including all forms of matter and energy. The observable universe is estimated to be at least 156 to 554 billion light years in diameter, but for all we know, it could be infinitely big. For me, thinking of the universe as infinite is a lot easier than thinking about what comes after it. How about you, my dear viewer, how do YOU see the universe? Let me know in the comments below ! Our general understanding of the formation of the universe is the big bang theory, some 14 billion years ago, give or take a few million, something happened, and a fixed amount of energy and matter has been gently expanding. Into what? We don’t know, from what? We don’t know. How? We don’t know… most importantly… why ? We don’t know. Humanity has a long way to go in exploring deep space. On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey in outer space. 4 years later, on March 18th, 1965, Alexey Leonov, the man you see in this grainy picture, became the first person to spacewalk. He stepped outside of his Voskhod-2 craft and for 12 minutes and 9 seconds, experienced what it's like to be in outer space. Then, on July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually walked on the moon. “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Hopefully the future brings more of these moments for mankind.
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5 Fascinating Old Age Conspiracies Explained
From the Phantom Time Hypothesis to the All Seeing eye, these are 5 FASCINATING Old Age Conspiracies ! 5. What year is it? The phantom time hypothesis Today is September 29, 1719. Waaaait a minute, or 156,103,200 minutes to be exact, we live in the great year of 2016, not 1719. Whats going on here? Dr. Hans- Ulrich Niemitz came up with a very strange hypothesis in the early 90’s, he called it the “phantom time hypothesis” In essence, the paper claims that the early middle ages, 614 to 911 AD, never happened. Instead the 297 years in between were either added to the Gregorian calendar by mistake, or deliberately. The main reasons behind this conspiracy theory are There are many falsified documents by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages Multiple other “gaps” in history, including the fact that there was apparently nothing built in Constantinople between 558 AD and 908 AD. The biggest reason this theory has any merit is the real discrepancy in time. To make things easier, here is a brief history of timekeeping. In 45 BC Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar. Now the calendar had 365 days, 12 months, and a leap day every 4 years. But the math was not perfect, the “Julian year” was 10.8 minutes too long compared to the Tropical year (or the time it takes the Sun to return to the same position in the cycle of seasons) By 1582, the 10.8 minutes had accumulated to a ten day discrepancy between the Tropical year and the Julian year. That is when Pope Gregory VIII (8th) decided to improve on the calendar,and fix the 10 day difference... and Thursday, October 4th 1582, was followed by Friday, October 15th, 1582. The Gregorian calendar is also not perfect, but it would take 3,300 years to rack up a 1 day discrepancy. (continued) 4.King Arthur’s Grave King Arthur was the legendary leader who saved Britain from the Saxons during the 5th and 6th Century AD. His existence is highly debatable, and the legends surrounding him are even harder to explain. The stories of Camelot, Merlin, Excalibur, and the Knights of the Round Table can be written off as folklore. In 1136, Geoffery of Monmouth wrote his famous “Historia Regum Britanniae”,(The history of the Kings of Britain) where he talked about the amazing feats accomplished by King Arthur and the legend was born. In 1190, Monks of Glastonbury Abbey had dreams and visions about the mythical King, they eventually shared their experience with King Henry II. Then Henry revealed a shocking old family secret, the body of King Arthur was buried in their monastery. They excavated the area, and found the supposed remains of King Arthur. The King and the monks gained untold fame and fortunes when they displayed the skeleton for visitors. When this story is told, it is rarely mentioned that those same monks claimed they had found the body of Saint Patrick and Saint Dunstan in the same area, just a few years prior. In addition,the monastery was in financial troubles. (continued) 3.Treaty of 1213 Holy…Ownership?Alliance?Land? In the most simplified terms, the Treaty of 1213 was a treaty between Pope Innocent III and King John… in which King John pledged the lands of England and Ireland, and any other British colonies or conquered lands to the Pope and the Vatican itself. The treaty is commonly referred to as the “Holy Alliance”, and it definitely came with scrutiny. Wealthy Barons all over England took up arms and made King John sign the “Magna Carta” (in modern terms it would be comparable to the Bill of Rights)... but there was only one problem. The Pope was very much against the Magna Carta and annulled it not even a year later. Only two people made the treaty, and only two people could have dissolved it. They both died before doing so. To this day, the treaty stands. (continued) 2.Holy Grail and the Holy Blood The origins of the Holy Grail story can be traced back to a 12th century French romance book. The Holy Grail is the chalice used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper but that's not what makes it Holy. Joseph of Arimathea, an important person in the Gospels, and the man who donated his tomb to Jesus, used that same chalice, to collect Christ’s blood during his crucifixion. Since then, it has been rumored to be an object of immortality, and immense power. So what's the conspiracy here? (continued) 1.The Illuminati All the riches in the world are worth nothing compared to the power of the all seeing eye. The enlightened ones, as they are called, control EVERYTHING. There is not a single dollar printed, or a soldier killed without their word. Every conspiracy, every forgotten truth or remembered lie can be summarized as “they” did it. Who are they? The only way to find out would be to become part of their society, because without inside information, all we have is speculation.
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10 BIGGEST Companies You Never Heard Of
From MASS MEDIA publishers ; TO the company that runs your daily life; these are the 10 BIGGEST Companies You Never Heard of ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10. BERTELSMANN Bertelsmann is a German multinational organization located in Gutersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Germany. It is one of the world's greatest mass media organizations and also engaged in the education and service sector. Bertelsmann was established as a publishing business by Carl Bertelsmann in 1835. Following World War II, Bertelsmann, under the administration of Reinhard Mohn, went from being an average-sized enterprise to a dominant conglomerate, giving not only books but also music, television, magazines, business, and radio services. Bertelsmann is an unlisted and resources market-oriented firm, which remains principally controlled by the Mohn family. Since 2016, significant divisions of Bertelsmann are Penguin Random House, the world’s largest book publishing company, BMG the music publishing company behind artists such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Dj Khaled and of course, the best soft rock band the world has ever seen, Nickelback. For our European viewers, you might be familiar with the RTL Group, which is another part of Bertelsmann. This company gives a new meaning to MASS media. 9.SIMPLE Group Limited, is anything but simple, it is a conglomerate of independently run organizations that each has its focus area in Tax Planning. The core marketing areas are Legal Services, Offshore Banking, Fiduciary Activities, Corporate Service, offshore outsourcing, and Offshore Business Services. The date of establishment is listed as 1999 by Companies House of Gibraltar, who identify it as a holding company; however, it is recognized that SIMPLE Group's marketing and trading actions date to the secondary part of the 90s, probably as a consolidated body. SIMPLE Group Limited is a conglomerate that encourages secrecy, they are not registered on any Stock Exchange, and the organization is owned by a complex series of offshore companies and trusts to shield the owners. The Sunday Times declared that SIMPLE Group's advantages could be estimated at £77 million; the stockholders are perceived to be a collection of Swiss Private Banks' owners. In other words, if you want to hide the $50 your mom gave you for your birthday, get in contact with the SIMPLE guys.They will make sure the grubby hands of the government will never see a penny in taxes. Also I really don’t buy the 77 million pounds number, I am guessing there is much more money tied up there. 8. BAE SYSTEMS 7. JOHNSON CONTROLS 6. TATA MOTORS LIMITED 5. CARGILL 4. WORLD FUEL SERVICES 3. TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Ltd. (TSM) has been at the lead of chip design since its establishment in the 1980s, and today manufactures chips for some of the most significant clients in the world. Among many others, the organization manufactures chips for Apple (AAPL), including the important A10 series. Apple is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing’s biggest client, accounting for one-fifth of businesses – sales that surpassed $24 billion in the last financial year. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing sells chips to customers all over the developed world. Geopolitics does make an impression in the company’s categorization of its revenue by region. By far the organization's largest market is North America, which produced 69% of total profits. If you are watching this video on an iPhone, you are watching this on a taiwan semiconductor chip ! 2. MCKESSON CORPORATION 1. SERCO GROUP Serco Group plc is a supplier of public co-operation with offices based in Hook, Hampshire. Serco works in six sectors of public service supply: Transport, Health, Defense, Immigration, Justice, and Citizens Services. Yes. A SINGLE company is responsible for most of the transport, health, immigration, prison and “citizens” services Serco runs school investigations, speed cameras all over the UK, and the National Nuclear Laboratory. It's also responsible for the early warning ballistic missile defense systems in the country. All in all SERCO has 50,000 employees and and operating income of 42 million pounds, it doesn’t seem too big right ? True, but considering how many very important services the company runs, the value of the company changes ten fold.
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12 Strange Abandoned Places and Machines
FROM ABANDONED AIRPLANES AND SHIPS, TO THE UNUSUAL HIDDEN SPOTS IN OUR CITIES, THESE ARE 12 STRANGEST ABANDONED PLACES AND MACHINES ! SUBSCRIBE TO WORLD UNEARTHED FOR MORE INTERESTING VIDEOS EVERY WEEK ! 12.Khodynka Aerodrome LOCATION - MOSCOW The Khodynka Airport was built in 1910 with donations from aviation enthusiasts, it was the official, and only airport in Moscow until the 1930’s. It was used and cherished for almost a 100 years, until its eventual shut down in 2003. The area was repurposed and part of it became the airport graveyard that we see in these pictures. Many planes, commercial and military are housed here, left to collect rust, and provide an eerie reminder of what used to be. 11.Teufelsberg Devil Tower LOCATION - BERLIN Teufelsberg is a manmade hill, its made of approximately 75 million cubic meters of debris from the destruction of Berlin during WW2. The eerie tower on top of the hill, was used as a “listening tower” by the U.S. Government during the Cold War. The project was completed by the NSA, and it was believed to be a big part of the global ECHELON intelligence gathering system. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the station was no longer needed, the NSA gathered all of their equipment and closed up shop… except…. They decided to leave the building intact. Over the years, the station has become a cool spot to explore, and even though they were some talks of bringing it down, a local Veterans Group is opposed to any such plans. They want to turn the whole hill into a memorial for fallen soldiers during the war. 10.Milk Factory LOCATION - BRISBANE There is not a lot of information about this strange factory, if you didn’t know milk was processed here, it might seem like something out of a mad science movie. Flickr User DarkDay explored the abandoned milk factory and managed to take some amazing photos.... 9.Abandoned DC-4, Gila River Memorial Airport LOCATION - ARIZONA This is not the first abandoned place in Arizona that we have seen, not by a long shot… Anyway, the Gila River Memorial Airport was used until the 80’s, primarily for cropdusting flights *PSSST WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT CHEMTRAILS?* As time progressed, the airport turned into a boneyard for retired aircraft. The airport is not very accessible, and police have been spotted around, yelling at many modern explorers... 8.Wreck of SS America LOCATION - THE CANARY ISLANDS The SS America was finished in 1939, it was originally intended to be a passenger ship, but due to the progress of the war in Europe, in 1941 the ship was acquired by the U.S. Navy.... 7.The Skeleton Coast LOCATION - NAMIBIA The skeleton coast got its name from the numerous seal bones that littered it during the height of the whaling industry. Nowadays, the metal bones of shipwrecks have replaced them.... 6.The Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard LOCATION - BANGLADESH This specific location is hardly abandoned, quite the opposite really. This is the biggest ship breaking operation in the world, and it employs more than 200,000 people. The work they do is so dangerous, that on average, 1 worker dies every week... 5.Spreepark Berlin LOCATION - BERLIN Spreepark was originally opened in 1969 under the name Kulturpark Planterwald, when the Berlin wall fell in 1989, the park took on its current name. It operated until 2001, when massive debts and sketchy owners closed the park down indefinitely.. . 4.Pegasus Airplane Crash LOCATION - ANTARCTICA On Oct 8, 1970, the C-121 Lockheed Constellation aircraft named “The Pegasus” crash landed by the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. The plane took off from Christchurch, New Zealand and found itself in the eye of a vicious storm over Antarctica, they did not have enough fuel to return back to New Zealand safely, so they tried to land... 3.St. Nicholas Coal Breaker LOCATION - PENNSYLVANIA This coal breaker was once the LARGEST in the world, capable of processing 12,500 Tons of coal PER DAY ! The site was built around 1861, and the 2nd breaker was built in 1931. Even though it was the safest, and biggest operational machine of its kind, it shut down a mere 30 years later... 2.Sathorn Unique Tower LOCATION - BANGKOK The story of this huge 47 storey luxury condominium building starts in 1990, it was designed and developed by Rangsan Torsuwan, a famous architect and developer in Thailand. In 1993, Rangsan was accused of plotting the murder of the President of the Supreme Court of Thailand…. The case dragged on until 2010. The building was not touched much since 93, and to this day it is an eyesore... 1.Craco LOCATION - ITALY When you hear “Ghost Town” you immediately think of the American Southwest, not Italy. But, Craco is exactly that, a ghost town. It was abandoned because of natural disasters It looks like something out of a hollywood set, which might be due to the amount of movies filmed there, including Quantum of Solace and The Passion of The Christ... CC BY 4.0
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10 ABANDONED Ships and Planes Across Europe
From pirate shipwrecks, to forgotten airplanes, these are 10 ABANDONED Ships and Airplanes Across Europe HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10.Nicosia Airport | Cyprus 9.The Corpach Wreck | Scotland This beauty has definitely become part of the scenery at Lake Linnhe, or Loch Linnhe if you are being dogmatic. The ship began its journey in 1975 under the name MV Dayspring, it was built as a fishing vessel and it got the job done for decades. In 2001, under new ownership, the ship was now renamed to the “golden harvest”. Not long after, the fishing vessel was all but abandoned at a pier. When the chain holding the ship failed during a heavy storm, the ship found its way to the shores of Loch Linnhe. Since 2011, the golden harvest has been slowly deteriorating, I assume the relatively calm lake is the only reason why this ship is still intact. It's not grandiose, its not tragic, but it is a beautiful little abandoned ship. 8.Elliniko Airport | Greece Located in Athens, the Elliniko airport WAS the main international airport for sixty years ! Things went south for the place in 2001 when it was replaced by Eleftherios Venizelos, the new athens international airport. At its peak, elliniko served around 13 million passengers yearly. In 2004, a lot of the area was repurposed for the 2004 Summer Olympics. Google Earth provides a glimpse into what remains from all those renovations… pretty much nothing is operating. On the other end of the airport, we stumble across “parked” airplanes, that are doing nothing but collecting dust. The planes belong to olympic airways, however, the airline ceased operations in 2009. There is no clear answer as to what will happen to this tiny fleet, but the outlook is not great. There have been talks about turning the whole complex into a massive park, but without a massive influx of money, nothing will change. 7.Garðar BA 64 | Iceland Garthar BA 64, did I say that right ? I think I did. Anyway, the BA 64 is considered the oldest steel ship in Iceland, and spoiler alert… its not in operation. It was designed to be a whaling ship, and it set sail the same year the Titanic sank. In its long career, the GLOVE IV, as it was originally known, changed many owners and names. When the whaling business was riddled with regulations, the powerful ship was repurposed to fish herring. By the time the 80s rolled around, Garthar was no longer deemed safe to use, instead of leaving the ship at a pier indefinitely, the owners decided to drag the ship aground. There is no active preservation groups that care for it, so the ship is slowly falling apart. 6. Mil Mi-4 | Bulgaria 5.MV Panagiotis | Greece Chances are, there is no way you haven’t seen this ship before ! Located on the popular tourist island of Zakynthos, the ship is now known as the “Navagio” wreck, named after the beach on which it lays. The story of the shipwreck is probably embellished for dramatic effect, but here it goes. The Panagiotis was in the business of smuggling cigarettes, after a brief chase with authorities, it ran aground. It may look like it is hundreds of years old, but the incident occured in 1980. Wait… 1980 is like 40 years ago… man we are getting old. Navagio beach has become a great place to visit, just watch out for the base jumpers ! 4.Douglas C-47B | Croatia 3.Olympia Shipwreck | Greece It seems like 1980 was a really year to be a Greek smuggler operating by water. Aka a pirate. Locals say that a mischievous captain looking to escape the weather in the area. Sheltered near the Kalotaritissa Beach, strong waves pushed the ship to the shore, and sealed its fate forever. Since then, the ship has been battered by the sea, it eventually broke in half, but damn does it still look cool. Ironically, the ship was originally named “inland”. Why someone would name a ship inland, is a mystery for another day. 2.The DC | Iceland 1.Mediterranean Sky | Greece I really didn’t plan to include so many ships located in Greece but its not my fault that it's so hard to navigate these waters. The mediterranean sky, originally named the City of York was built in 1952. While it did have a long career, things took a dark turn in 1997. The company that purchased the ship, was having some “financial troubles”, eventually, the ship was seized at port. By 2003, the ship was in a pretty shape, it began to list, so they moved it closer to shore, the end result is what we see in these pictures. It's not clear if the cruise ship will be left here indefinitely, but I haven’t found any information indicating otherwise.
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7 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Tape
From unexplained deep sea monsters; to ancient discoveries in the Amazon, these are 7 STRANGE Mysterious Creatures ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7. Deep Sea Tremors ? LOCATION : TEXAS 6. De Loy’s Ape LOCATION - Colombia/Venezuela 5. Ivory- billed Woodpecker LOCATION - Southeastern USA Well I don’t know about you guys, but sightings of supposedly extinct animals are cool to me. Such is the case of the Ivory-Billed woodpecker, one of the largest in the world, coming in 20 in (51cm) long with a 30in (76cm) wingspan. The American Birding Association listed this woodpecker as a class 6 species. Class 6 is defined as “definitely or probably extinct”. The last confirmed sighting of this woodpecker was in 1987, and if you think everyone forgot about the species and moved on, think again. In 2008, the Nature Conservancy group announced a $50,000 reward to anyone that can lead a biologist to a living ivory-billed woodpecker ! Respected biologists have come forward with supposed sightings of the bird, with the biggest one being a video shot in 2006 and 2008. The mystery of the ivory billed woodpecker will only grow as time goes by, and more people become interested in searching for this strange, possibly extinct creature. 4. Tasmanian Tiger LOCATION - Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania 3. The WTF LOCATION - NOT NEAR ME PLEASE 2. Zuiyo-maru carcass LOCATION - New Zealand Behold, the, new NESSIEE *crickets* Well, I don’t know what you were expecting ! The so called new nessie was a carcass that fished out of the depths of the sea. Speculations on what it actually was started immediately. At first ,the decomposing flesh was attributed to a special sea serpent, or perhaps, a plesiosaur ! Could it be? Some random fishermen stumbled across a once in a lifetime discovery of an ACTUAL DINOSAUR ? No. No it couldn't. It was later decided that the carcass was that of a basking shark…. Or so they say. 1.The Alaska Ice Monster LOCATION - Alaska In the early hours of October 31, 2016, the Alaska Bureau of Land Management released a stunning video on their facebook page. *NOTE* The cheesy recording overlay was added by the government, not me* In it, you could see a smooth moving, ice covered, something ? Unlike other cases we have looked at, there is no clear explanation for this one ! Yeah the Washington Post was all like “Fake News” , but for true believers, there is no amount of educated guesses that will change their mind. Whatever this was, it spooked a lot of people, and rumors of river monster attacks spread locally. So, what do you think ? Was this just a log covered in ice, floating downstream, or something a little bit more… alive ?
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STRANGEST Abandoned Hotels Around The World Part 2
From an abandoned Russian mafia resort to an bizarre former stronghold, these are 8 STRANGE Abandoned Hotels around the world, part 2 HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7. Grossinger’s Catskill Resort, New York 6. Roy’s Motel Café, Amboy California 5.Wonderland Hotel, Elkmon Tennesee What’s creepier than an abandoned hotel? How about an abandoned hotel in the woods! The Wonderland Hotel began when Little River Railroad realized they needed some way to market the tracts of land they owned. Much of the land was all logged out, so in 1911 the president of the company tried giving 50 acres to Charles Carter, told him to build on it, and started promoting the area for hunting and fishing. The plan worked! There he built the Wonderland hotel, with 26 rooms, antique claw footed bath tubs, a beautiful view of the mountains, and a lobby with a large brick fireplace and posh couches. The once empty space grew and grew, with so many visitors coming by that the more affluent ones wanted something more exclusive, and opened an “Appalachian club” on a nearby tract of land. Eventually that exclusive club grew too large and started rejecting members, who ended up buying the Wonderland Hotel and changing that to a private club too. In 1920, the Wonderland Club Hotel closed their doors to the public, catering only to their wealthy members, and built out an additional annex. Things seemed to be going well, for a little while, until the railroad leading to the hotel was dismantled and turned into a small private road, and the surrounding areas designated a national park. The hotel managed to hold onto their lease, clinging to the property with fewer and fewer visitors, until eventually ceasing all operations in 1992. With part of it lost in a fire in 1995, by 2005 the remnants of the hotel had collapsed, it was dismantled, and parts of the once exclusive property in the woods were set aside for preservation in an archive. 4.Igloo City, 180 miles north of Anchorage Alaska 3.Costa Del Croco, Tsarevo Bulgaria There were many notable failures when the housing market collapsed in 2008, but this one was by far one of the largest. Planned to be a 62,000 square meter development, with 16 sections, 53 buildings that had 927 apartments, hotels, casinos, a hospital, and more… now the remains from the beginning of this construction lay vacant and abandoned. A beautiful vacation resort and invesment properties spanning the Bulgarian coastline What happened to this grand project? The mafia. The Russian mafia to be specific. The managers of this now bankrupt development company, Andrey Panpurin and Konstantin Tsiganov, were found by Bulgarian authorities to have ties to violent Russian crime syndicate UPS Uralmash, a “threat to Bulgarian security,” and banned from entering the country’s territory for 10 years. With the main investors banned, and funds coming into the development drying up, the project was abandoned and the collosal remains of this ambitious development now lay vacant, waiting for someone to take over and see the vision through. 2.Diplomat Hotel in the Philippines 1.Hotel del Salto, 20km SW of Bogota While not quite as frightening as our final entry, this place can easily give you the chills. A giant classical mansion built overlooking a waterfall, eventually abandoned and left to the elements with rumors of hauntnigs. The hotel del salto was built in 1923 in Colombia (around 20km south of Bogota) for a wealthy architect. In 1928, an addition was built and it was opened to wealthy city travelers visiting the Tequendama Falls area. It gained in popularity and grew, with ambitious plans to expand it into an 18 story hotel in the 1950’s, but the plans fell through, construction never started, and eventually the building sustained too much damage for expansion to begin. Its demise was helped by two other factors. One, the insane pollution levels of the Bogota river. Some sources have it listed as one fo the most polluted bodies of water in the world, obviously not a great draw for tourism. And two, rumors of hauntings from people jumping off the waterfalls. There were tales of Indigenous Indians jumping from the waterfalls to escape the Spanish Conquerors and turning into Eagles at the bottom, soaring away to their freedom. Unfortunately these romantic tales inspired locals to jump off the waterfall.. And not turn into eagles. The hotel was closed in the 90s and left abandoned, until partially reopening in 2013 as a museum of biodiversity and culture.
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STRANGEST Monuments Around The World
From unique towers and architecture; to breathtaking statues and pillars; These are the 15 STRANGEST Monuments Around The World HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 15. Balkan Mountains Region | Bulgaria While driving through winding mountain roads in the Balkan Mountains, you will stumble across some unique sights. The countryside is littered with giant brutalist architecture monuments, instead of just focusing on one, lets take a little trip. First we stumble across the well known House of the Bulgarian Communist… or is it socialist ? Party. Abandoned, destroyed, and used as a backdrop in movies, this saucer shaped building has become a staple of brutalist architecture, and probably the most famous structure of Bulgaria. A little ways down the road, we can explore the Shipka Monument, a grand reminder of the lives lost in the Liberation of Bulgaria, specifically, the Battle of Shipka Pass. I’m really digging the lion above the entrance. If we keep going West, we will reach the Arc of Liberty, which is dedicated to the “Bulgarian-Russian brotherhood of arms”, celebrating the victory of the Russo-Turkish War, that eventually lead to the liberation of Bulgaria from ottoman rule. If we travel east, we can arrive at the Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria, this location is massive, and can be seen from 18 miles (30km) away ! I have covered both this monument and the House of Bulgarian Communist Party in previous videos more extensively, so be sure to watch them if you love this stuff ! 14. Valley of the Fallen | Spain 13. Leshan Buddha | China This giant buddha statue is 233ft(71m) tall, and it was carved out of rock between the years 713 and 803. Surprisingly, it has survived for over a 1000 years, quite the accomplishment considering how many buddha statues have been destroyed. Perhaps the reason nature hasn’t taken this area back is the still working drainage system, it still provides a safe way for rain water to avoid the statue. What would compel people to carve such a massive statue? Hai Tong, a Chinese monk believed that the giant buddha would calm the turbulent river below. The number one threat to this statue is the rampant pollution in the area, only time will tell if humans will be responsible for the building, and destruction of this giant Buddha. 12.THIRUVALLUVAR STATUE | India 11. Lord Murugan | Malaysia 10. Monument to the Conquerors of Space | Russia 9.Molinere Structure Park | Grenada Near the west coast of Grenada, you can find yourself surrounded by ecological contemporary art, the best part? It's all underwater ! So hold your breath and lets see what we can find ! The park has been growing since 2006, with most installations happening in 2007. The most famous of them being the Vicissitudes, the ring of 26 children holding hands symbolizes the cycle of life. Perhaps the best part about this location, is that it will always change due to the wildlife surrounding it. 8.THE RUSSIA–GEORGIA FRIENDSHIP MONUMENT | Georgia 7. Hand of the Desert | Chile Another favorite of mine, traveling around the Atacama Desert in Chile you can see some incredible places, structures, and natural phenomena. The Hand of the Desert is pretty high on the list, I also like the sister statue located on the beach. The hand has survived the desert since 1992, and apart from some graffiti, it looks like it's here for the long haul. It is supposed to represent human helplessness and vulnerability. What do you think? When you look at this statue, what are the emotions it evokes? Share your thoughts with everyone in the comments below. 6.TSITSERNAKABERD | Armenia 5.The Star Pyramid | Scotland 4.AZADI TOWER | Iran This 148 foot (45 meters) tall tower is completely covered in marble, and it was built to celebrate 2500th year of the foundation of the Imperial State of Iran. So I guess it was a pretty big deal. It has a few nicknames, like the Imperial Gate, or the Gate of Cyrus, and looking at it from above, it just looks very cool. Also, there is an observation level at the top of the tower, doesn’t look like it's in the best of shape, but the views are pretty nice. Oh yeah, one more thing, underneath the tower you will find yourself walking through the Azadi Museum. 3. Georgia Guidestones | USA 2. Floralis Generica | Argentina Floralis Generica is a machine sculpture located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at night the petals close, and every morning they open up, welcoming the sun. It is supposed to represent all the flowers in the world, kind of strange to have a statue made out of metal to represent something natural, but in the big scope of things, it's not so bad. 1.THE CHRONICLE OF GEORGIA | Georgia
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11 CREEPY Real Horror Movie Locations
From the unforgiving beauty of the Pacific Northwest, to some of the strangest buildings in America; These are 11 CREEPY REAL HORROR MOVIE LOCATIONS. HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 11. Pacific Northwest LOCATION - WASHINGTON/OREGON MOVIE - THE RING 10.Matera LOCATION - ITALY MOVIE - THE OMEN 9.Burkittsville LOCATION - Maryland MOVIE - THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT 8.Evans City Cemetery LOCATION - PENNSYLVANIA MOVIE - NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 7.13236 Bavarian Dr LOCATION - SAN DIEGO MOVIE - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 6.Algonquin Provincial Park LOCATION - ONTARIO MOVIE - THE WITCH 5. Devil’s Tower LOCATION - WYOMING MOVIE - CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3rd KIND Close encounter of the 3rd kind ? CONTACT. WE. ARE. NOT. ALONE. If you haven’t seen this movie yet but you love aliens, you need to go watch it immediately ! Well… maybe finish this video first :D. The film is not that creepy, but man this location sure is. How did the Devil’s tower get its name exactly? Just a mistranslation actually. The guide for Colonel Richard Irving Dodge misheard the native american locals. They called it something along the lines of “Bear’s Lodge”, or the “Bears lair.” Fun fact, the Devil’s tower is the first declared U.S. National Monument ! 4.Dakota Apartments LOCATION - NEW YORK MOVIE - Rosemary’s Baby What have you done to it? What have you done to its eeeeyeees. Ahhhhhhh MAN, this movie was weird… and creepy. Very very creepy. I’m definitely not jumping into any details about Rosemary’s Baby, if you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. The whole movie is pretty much supposed to be taking place at the Dakota Apartments in New York. Officially known as The Dakota, the building was unfortunately used for exterior shots only. But let me tell you, this apartment building has a lot to put on its resume, with residents like John Lennon, Judy Garland, and even Maury Povich. Apparently it's super hard to get an apartment there, Antonio Banderas, Gene Simmons, Billy Joel and many more notably artists have been rejected by the vicious “Board of Directors”. Studio execs were considering making a remake of this brilliant film back in 2008. Their chosen producer? Michael Bay. …. Boom boom boom boom explosions pew pew pew. I wonder what Satan would look like as a transformer. 3. Oak Alley Plantation LOCATION - Louisiana MOVIE - Interview with a Vampire Do you love 1800’s architecture? Do you like huge beautiful oak trees lined in a mesmerizing path? Than the Oak Alley Plantation is the place for you. Oh, I almost forgot, do you also like VAMPIREEEEES ? Before you get on your high horse, yes, the movie’s name is actually Interview with THE Vampire ! But this whole mandela effect has taken the internet by storm, so it will be fun to see the bewildered people in the comments section ! Don’t you just miss Brad Pitt burning the whole place down while Tom Cruise is mad at him ? 2. Timberline Lodge/Stanley Hotel LOCATION - OREGON, COLORADO MOVIE - THE SHINING HEEEERES number 2 ! The Shining is one of those movies that goes great with non existent bourbon and your handy wooden bat by your nightstand, in case someone decides to hack your door down. So this one is a bit more complicated. If we are talking about the book, than the inspiration for that was The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, if we are talking about the movie, the hotel used for the set was the Timberline Lodge in Oregon….. And if we are talking about the interior scenes,the inspiration behind those sets came from the Ahwahnee Grand Hotel in Yosemite National Park. Soo there’s quite a few places you can visit and be like “I feel the Shining.” Nothing beats snowy nights and empty offseason hotels in the middle of nowhere though, so if you want a true creepy experience go to the Timberline Lodge or the Stanley Hotel. 1.Point Reyes LOCATION - CALIFORNIA MOVIE - THE FOG So we got our 3 National Park in this video, and this time its in foggy Northern California. The Point Reyes lighthouse This area has A LOT going for it in terms of mystery and legend. Most notably, it is believed that Sir Francis Drake made the first European landing in Northern California on these shores, but back to the lighthouse. The first structure was built in 1855 and stands strong to this day, it is considered a National Historic Place and John Carpenter had a little bit to do with that. WHICH MOVIE LISTED DO YOU THINK WAS THE SCARIEST? Love reading your comments, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to World Unearthed for more videos every week !
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12 STRANGE Archaeological Discoveries
From long abandoned ghost towns; to lucky artifact finds; these are 12 Strange Archaeological Discoveries ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 6. Sanxingdui (san-shing-do-aye) The Sanxingdui, as it is now known, is the name of the archeological site that was first discovered in 1929, when a farmer who was digging a well found a large stash of jade relics. For generations, archeologists tried to find the main source of the artifacts, but were unsuccessful until 1986. As accidental discoveries go, this is a perfect example. Because, even after 50 years of research and excavation, it was construction workers who eventually found the main source of the relics. The culture in the area had a completely different way of bronze making compared to the “traditional” ancient Chinese way. This means that there were multiple, independent cultures in ancient China. Findings like this challenge the official narrative that all Chinese Civilizations started from the Yellow River plains. Some scholars considered the Bronze figures that were found, to be more fascinating than the Terracota Army in Xi’an because of the immense difference in artistic style, and the amazing level of detail they posses. 5. Paestum This ancient Greek city was once known as Poseidonia, after the Greek god of the sea. By the way, you really don’t know how weird that name is to pronounce until you’ve tried it. Go ahead, lets see how well you do ! It was built right on the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea in Magna Graecia, which is now known as southern Italy. The city was conquered by the Lucanians and then by the Romans who gave the city its current name. Eventually it would be abandoned during the Early Middle Ages but rediscovered during the 18th centurY. 4. The Antikythera Mechanism This artifact was discovered and retrieved from the sunken Antikythera wreck that is located just off of the Greek island with the same name. The device has been dated to as far back as 205 BC and is often considered to be “the world’s first scientific calculator.” Well that's a stretch to be honest, but it WAS able to able to accurately measure the position of the sun, moon, and the planets. And if you were a fan of the olympic games, the antikythera mechanism could also track their four year cycle. The mechanism was very advanced for its time, and the technology behind it was somehow lost over the years. It took about 1400 years for other scientists to create similar machines. Which makes you wonder, what else have humans discovered and engineered,that is completely lost to us now? 3. 2. The Rosetta Stone This giant stone tablet has three decrees etched into it on behalf of the king Ptolemy V. The decree is written in three different languages. The top and middle portion both use a mixture of Demotic script and hieroglyphic script, while the last section at the bottom is written in Ancient Greek. Thats cool and all, but what is the significance of this artifact? Well since we know ancient greek, the rosetta stone was used to translate the ancient egyptian language. It was the cypher, the missing link, the bee’s knee’s. At this point, you might have figured out how the language learning software “The Rosetta Stone” got its name. 1. Pompeii The tale of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii is a devastating one. The city and its people would fall at the hands of Mount Vesuvius as its eruption blanketed everything. The thick layer of ash was piled between 13 to 20 feet high and perfectly preserved the people in their final moments. The cities of Herculaneum, Oplontis, Boscoreale, and Stabiae suffered the same fate. This occurrence took place way back in 79 AD and it wouldn’t be until 1748 that Pompeii would be rediscovered by a Spanish military engineer named Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre.
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7 SECRET Military And Government Projects
From TOP SECRET airplane designs, to Cold War Era cover ups, these are 7 SECRET Military and Government Projects. HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 7. Project Crested Ice | U.S. Air Force 6. Project Aquiline | CIA Would you believe me if I told you that the CIA was testing military drones back in the 70s ? Well, maybe that's a bit exaggerated. Project Aquiline was the CIAs way of finding better, safer ways to spy on people. The prototypes included “fake birds” and fake dragonflies. The biggest one they built measured in at 6 feet long, that's a big bird. Of course, to make things more interesting the drones were built and tested in Area 51, because why not ? The project started off great but by the 2nd year, Mcdonnel Douglass, the contractors tasked with building the drones, were asking for 100+ million dollars… That price was too steep, even for the U.S. Government. By the end of negotiations, the project was canned. But do not think for a second that the CIA doesn’t have fake flying birds all over the world today. 5. Operation Chrome Dome | U.S. Air Force 4. Operation Garden Plot | U.S. Army | Nat. Guard. 3. Operation Washtub | USAF | FBI Seriously kids, the WAS NO JOKE. In the early 1950s the FBI, with the help of the Air Force ensured that there was sleeper cells of spies…. In Alaska. Yes. Alaska. The Feds were worried that in the event of an invasion, Alaska would be lost to the Soviets with no easy way of retaliating. Because the FBI planned for the case scenario, 89 people were given equipment and trained for covert service incase the Ruskies invaded Alaska. The plan remained in until 1959, when Alaska finally became the 49th state of the union. It turns out those 89 people knew how to keep their mouth shut, because we would have never known about this if it wasn’t for a FOIA request in 2014. 2. Project A119 | USAF 1. AMSA | USAF By the late 1960s, the us air force wanted to combine the range and payload of a B-52 with the Mach 2 speeds of the B-58 Hustler. There was numerous studies, designs, and contest between contractors that cost millions of dollars. At one point, the XB-70 was hailed as the next best thing to replace the B-58, but after the introduction of surface to air missiles, the 1.5 billion dollar project… was canceled. The USAF was not done yet though, by 1977, another prototype plane was built. This one, you might be very familiar with, they called it the B-1A. 4 B-1A units were built, however, due to cruise missiles and the work on a new stealth bomber, the Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft project was… cancelled. In 1981, the program was restarted, and AMSA jokingly became known as “America’s Most Studied Aircraft”. By 1986, the final design version, known as the B-1B, entered service as a nuclear bomber. All 100 units were delivered by 1988 at a general cost of $400 million dollars each, in today’s money. . In the 1990s the plane was converted to conventional bombing use, and by 2036, the B-1B will be… retired. The USAF hopes to replace most active units with the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider, which started development in 2014. That plane will cost an estimated $560 million per unit. "The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement."
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10 STRANGE Abandoned Ships And Planes
From mysterious ships in Russia, to junkyard military jets; these are 10 STRANGE Abandoned Ships and Planes ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10.Test Site Plane | Russia We kick off this list with a derelict test site found in the leningrad oblast of russia. I spent way too much time trying to figure out the exact location, and I have had no luck ! The test plane looks like an earlier model of the Sukhoi Su-24. The plane looks extremely close to the Su-7. If I am correct, that means this test site dates back to the 60s, which was an interesting time for both the USSR and the USA. Trying to find this spot on google maps also proved difficult, since the pictures I found had absolutely no details, just that it was an abandoned test site in the Leningrad Oblast in Russia. For those of you wondering, Leningrad was renamed to St. Petersburg, but the “oblast” or county/area was never changed. Well if anyone has any idea what this place was, or where it is, please share the knowledge in the comments below! 9.MV Sygna | Australia 8.Bristol Freighter | New Zealand 7.Landévennec | France 6.Douglas C47b Dakota | Croatia 5.Edro III | Cyprus The Edro III is another norwegian cargo ship that had an unfortunate history. The ship ran aground near Pegeia, Cyprus. As always, rough seas and bad weather were blamed for the wreck, there was no salvage operations attempted, but the ship was emptied of all cargo, fuel, oil and anything that will negatively impact the local environment. Articles state that it is now forbidden to visit the ship because its deemed too dangerous, which means at some point, people were allowed to explore it, which must have been a pretty cool experience. As if one shipwreck wasn’t enough, you can also find the remains of the MV Demetrios II nearby. That one seems to not have fared as well as Edro III. 4.BKK Airplane Graveyard | Thailand I am not sure this is an official or regulated airplane graveyard. The first time I heard about this place, the visitors said that there were multiple families living inside these abandoned hulls. And it just seems, so random? Tall grass, no security, no fencing, its almost as if someone decided it would be a good place to dump an airplane, and other companies followed suite. 3.US Navy Reserve Fleets | USA Found from the sunny coasts of California, to the murky rivers of Virginia, these fleet reserves are strange sight to experience. The ships are seemingly stationed in their own parking lots, just missing the white painted lines. The James River Reserve fleet used to have 60 ships, nowadays, it's dwindled down to only 6 ships. All the other ones have been scrapped. The suisun bay reserve fleet, located in the Greater San Francisco Bay, has a few more ships, and looks cool from the air. There are more fleets that vary in size, and for the most part, these fleets are just temporary parking for ships before they are ultimately scrapped. 2.unknown | New Jersey Well its not really unknown anymore, but when I first started writing about this place, I had no idea where, or what it was. Then I contacted the photographer and she shared some more information with me. Finally, I figured it all out, these pictures were taken at Wade’s salvage in New Jersey, I think. I'm not sure. The photographer said it was small place south of Philly, this place fits the bill ! What I am not so sure of is why there is a scrapped US Air Force plane in some random salvage yard 1.Kamchatka Ship Graveyard | Russia Should I have just made a list of airplane and ship graveyards? Maybe ! In the barren lands of the Kamchatka Peninsula, near the city of Petropavlovsk, you can find yourself surrounded by snow and abandoned ships ! I believe there are multiple locations in the area that have abandoned ships, you can see some ships in this aerial photo that look like they are in a pretty bad shape. This photo has been circulating blogs since 2008. Many people called it fake, many people wanted to know some more, but even now, almost ten years later, this set of photos is the only one from the region. The 2 fellas in the photo look so calm standing net to the massive rusting ship, if you had the chance to explore around the icy waters, would you? I think these are some abandoned ships I would not want to go near. Google Streetview provides a rare glimpse into the area, it sure looks a lot different when the bay is not frozen over !
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10 HAUNTING Abandoned Hospitals
From ghostly giant deserted buildings; to mysterious legends and forgotten places; these are 10 HAUNTING Abandoned Hospitals HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10. Pennhurst Asylum | Pennsylvania 9. Narrenturm | Austria 8.Renwick Smallpox Hospital | New York The ruins of a once grand revival gothic building that was Renwick Smallpox Hospital can be seen on Roosevelt Island, formerly known as Blackwell Island. It was built in 1856 in order to quarantine those who had smallpox and the facility managed to treat 7000 people a year until the hospital was moved due to overpopulation on the island in 1875. 7.Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital | South Korea 6. Letchworth Village | New York Nestled about 40 miles north of Manhattan, not far from the Hudson river lays a quiet and peaceful place once chosen to be the location of a new, enlightened mental institution called Letchworth Village. It was built in 1911 to host 2000 people on 2000 acres of land. In its time, it was a fairly modern establishment, with a feel of a true village – opposite to what mental institutions of that era usually were. 5.Skrunda Hospital | Latvia Skrunda-1, located in Latvia, is one of the ghost towns abandoned since it was no longer funded after the fall of the Soviet Union. It used to be a secret city, given only a code name Skrunda-1, built around Soviet radars which were there in order to alarm the authorities of any incoming missiles during the Cold War. Even though it was nowhere to be found on the maps, it featured everything that any other city would have – a school, parks, apartments, even a night club, and of course, a hospital. All of that was abandoned and left to rot after 1991 when the Soviet Union fell apart. Russian Federation used the radars for four more years but after that Skrunda-1 was completely left behind. The whole city has that eerie feeling about it. All of those halls and streets, meant to be roaming with people, are now deserted and silent. The hospital too, is slowly decaying. There are abandoned rooms, with mattresses and sheets thrown around on the floor – all of which makes Skrunda Hospital one of the most haunting abandoned places in the world. 4. Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane | New York 3. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum | West Virginia 2. 1. Hovrinskaya Hospital The construction of Hovrinskaya Hospital began in 1980 but it ceased altogether five years later, leaving behind just a shell of what could have been a grand hospital of 1300 beds. That shell still remains in Moscow, providing endless source of stories and legends for locals to tell. One of the stories says that the hospital was a layer for a cult who sacrificed animals and held strange rituals before they moved out in the 1990s. Some consider violent graffiti on the walls a proof of that. Other stories speak of psychos roaming the deserted halls.
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8 Craziest Declassified Military Projects
FROM MIND CONTROL AND PSYCHIC RESEARCH, TO THE CONTROVERSIAL OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD AND A TRIP TO MARS, THESE ARE THE 8 CRAZIEST DECLASSIFIED MILITARY PROJECTS EVER Subscribe to World Unearthed for more interesting and shocking topics ! 8.Hardtack Teak and Orange Agencies Involved - JTF 7 - Join Task Force 7 - U.S. Military, Federal Civilian Employees, DoD, AEC DATE - July 31, 1958 and August 11, 1958 LOCATION - Pacific Ocean near Johnston Island 7.NERVA Agencies Involved - NASA, AEC, SNPO DATE - 1964 to 1972 LOCATION - Area 25, Nevada, USA. 6.MKULTRA Agencies Involved CIA, U.S. Army Chemical Corps DATE 1950 - 1973 LOCATION USA, Canada 5.Project Azorian Agencies Involved CIA DATE 1974 LOCATION Pacific Ocean 4.Operation Mockingbird Agencies Involved CIA DATE 1948 - Present Day? LOCATION United States, possibly Global 3.PRISM Agencies Involved NSA DATE 2007 - Current LOCATION - Global For decades conspiracy theorists have warned about mass surveillance systems being used in the USA, but they never had any substantial evidence for them. That all changed when Edward Snowden, a private defense contractor, spilled the beans on PRISM, the biggest clandestine surveillance program, which is a weird way of saying something is being done in secret, hidden from the people, and other government agencies. The full name for the program is the Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management. PRISM has collected unimaginable amounts of information from every major cell phone carrier in the U.S.A, social media companies, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo. Pretty much every company that collects information about its user, passes on that information to the NSA. The NSA had to acknowledge the program after hard hitting articles were published by The Guardian and The Washington Post. Later on, President Barack Obama simplified the extent to which PRISM is utilized, stating that it was a “narrow system directed at us being able to protect our people.” The whistleblower, Edward Snowden, currently lives somewhere in Russia and is not looking to come back to the states anytime soon. In 2013, he was officially charged for theft of Government property, and two counts of violating the Espionage Act, the archaic World War 1 Law allows spys to be sentenced to death ! 2.HAARP Agencies Involved U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, DARPA DATE 1990 LOCATION - Alaska, USA The official program for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research started in 1990, the first facility was built in Alaska in 1993. The main goal of the facility was to find an efficient way to control the Ionosphere. A thin layer in our atmosphere that reflects a great amount of High Frequency Radio Signals. Many people theorize that by controlling the ionosphere, the government has a direct way of controlling the weather, anywhere in the world. Now this is where it gets controversial, and the line between “conspiracy” and “reality” blurs. The research at the Alaska location has proven very effective, and a U.S. Air Force official stated that HAARP had been successful in learning how to “control” the ionosphere. The comment happened during a 2014 Congressional Hearing on de-funding the Alaska facility. HAARP in Alaska was officially shut down in 2014, since no agencies wanted to claim responsibility for it in their budgets. In 2006, the Missile Defense Agency paid $900 million for the Sea Based X-Band Radar. Officially, the vessel is a radar used for the early detection of enemy missiles in the Pacific, unofficially, it is a mobile HAARP installation that is conveniently close to every major earthquake and bad weather that has hit the Asian coast in the last 10 years. What do you think? Since there is ample evidence that the government can “control” the ionosphere, is it plausible that they are also controlling the weather and attacking our enemies with engineered storms and earthquakes? +++ PROJECT PEGASUS +++ Agencies Involved DARPA DATE 1968 - Present LOCATION Worldwide Seattle based Attorney Andrew Basiago claims he was part of a time traveling test under the name of Project Pegasus. The mission of the project was to study the possibility and effects of time travel on small children. They used children because they were more adaptable to traveling thru space and time. The technology was made possible by the last studies of the late Nikola Tesla. (bonus fact, Donald Trump’s uncle, John G. Trump collected all the work of Tesla after his death) Andrew claims that he visited the 1800’s on multiple occasions, and his proof is an image of a child at Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address… Andrew also claims that he teleported to Mars in the 1980’s, accompanied by none other than Barack Obama. As 2016 has shown, anything can happen, but Project Pegasus still seems on the far far far far side of possible….
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5 SHOCKING Unsolved Mysteries
From the Monster with 21 Faces in Japan, to the unexplained disappearance of Micheal Rockefeller, these are 5 SHOCKING Unsolved Mysteries ! 5.Kryptos Kryptos is a sculpture dedicated to the CIA office in Langley Virginia . It is composed of 4 encrypted messages, and since its creation in 1990, only 3 of the 4 messages have been solved. Cryptanalysts have been scratching their heads for 26 years trying to figure out what the 4th code means, and at this point, most of them have to be a bit mad. The sculptor, Jim Sanborn, did not have a special background in cryptography but he did have some help from a retired CIA agent. Even the solved parts were clouded in secrecy until 1999 when a computer scientist from California announced publicly that he had solved the first 3 codes. The NSA later claimed that some of their agents solved the codes back in 1992. “Between Subtle Shading and the Absence of light lies the nuance of iqlusion”, this is the solution of the first code, the weird spelling is supposed to be a clue about the 4th code. The 2nd and 3rd messages are bit longer and they seem to tell a story. 4.The Monster with 21 Faces In the 80’s, the Japanese food company Ezaki Glico (the people behind POCKY ) was targeted by a crime syndicate that called itself the “Monster with 21 Faces” The CEO of Glico was kidnapped in front of his family by two thugs, in exchange for his life, they wanted 100 Millon Yen *or about 850K dollars*, and 100 kilos of gold bullion. Somehow, the CEO escaped, but the monster with 21 faces did not stop there. The crime group sent a letter to Glico informing them that all the candy the company produced had been poisoned, this cost Glico around 21 million dollars in losses. At this point, the monster was done messing around with Ezaki Glico and focused its attention on the food company Morinaga, the guys behind uhhh chocoballs? 3.Do you know these any of these men? On average, there are always at least 90,000 missing persons in the U.S.A. And according to the FBI, there are about 50 active serial killers in the U.S.A. right now. Where do you think these two statistics overlap, and by how much? 2. Lake City Quiet Pills Here is something that didn’t happen decades ago… or maybe it did. And we are just now finding out about it. It is strange to start off a grand mystery from a reddit post, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire ! Without getting carried away, some reddit users believe they have uncovered a secret group of mercenaries that will do any job for the right price. Including VIP escorts, drug smuggling and murder. It all began with the apparent death of /u/ReligionofPeace , a 79 year old WW2 vet who many believe was the leader of the group due to his involvement with shady characters, posts where he described, in vivid detail, how to dispose of dead bodies, and the fact that he operated After some accidental detective work, there was hidden content found on the lcqp webpage, including job opportunities, and general updates on the “company”. Immediately after being found out, the group switched to using encrypted messages, and a little later deleted the website all together. 1. Michael Clark Rockefeller Michael Clark Rockefeller was the son of New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, and a fourth generation member of the famous Rockefeller family. He was prone to adventure, he was interested in “primitive art”, and he loved to travel around the world. Michael eventually ended up in Papua New Guinea in 1961. He was there on an expedition to learn about the local Asmat culture, and to collect art pieces. On November 17, 1961,Michael, two tour guides, and Rene Wassing, a dutch anthropologist, were boating to a nearby island when the pontoon boat swamped and overturned 3 miles from the shore. The two tour guides decided to swim for help but it would be hours before they returned. At some point, when the boat had drifted about 12 miles from shore, Michael decided to abandon ship and try to swim to the nearest shore. “I think I can make it” Those were his last words … and the fuel that started the mystery surrounding him. In 1968, a New York Magazine editor went to New Guinea to investigate the case and concluded that Michael Rockefeller was most likely the victim of cannibalism. The story does not end there though, in 2004 documentary maker Fraser Heston discovered footage from the NY Magazine expedition that raises more questions than it answers. You can see a pale white man, with a beard, canoeing alongside Asmat tribesmen. Is it possible that Michael Rockefeller gave up being a part of one of the most influential families in the World... so he can live out the rest of his years as a member of a primitive tribe? We may never know….
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STRANGEST Abandoned Hotels Around The World
From ghost town resorts to cursed tropical hostels, these are 10 STRANGE Abandoned Hotels Around The World ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10. Divine Lorraine Hotel | Philadelphia North Philadelphia Built and Abandoned; the Divine Lorraine Hotel has been a landmark building of the city since 1894. It was luxurious and beautiful, a sight to behold. The hotel was one of the first high rise buildings in all of philadelphia, sitting pretty at 10 stories tall. The building was renamed as the Divine Lorraine Hotel and it was the first business of its kind to be fully racially integrated, and even had a “public floor” that was dedicated as a place of worship. The hotel was open until 1999. That is when this beautiful building transformed into a placeholder for local graffiti artists and a great place to break into if you were homeless for the night. So where are we now ? Surprisingly, the complex was successfully renovated, you can get yourself a 1 bedroom apartment starting at $1500/ month. Its nice to see that sometimes, a historical building can be used to its full capacity again. 9. Kupari Resort | Croatia 8. Bad Gastein | Austria Some conflicting stories on this one, a lot of people describe this majestic Alpine village as a great resort to visit, others, believe that the handful of abandoned hotels and sanatoriums are an eyesore not deserving of their money. Bad Gastein was once one of the most popular spots for a winter holiday, but with the rise of nearby communities, tourism dwindled. Hotels like the Grand Straubinger and Badeschloss have been shut down for good, The local community is pretty mad about the situation, a big company purchased 4 failing hotels with the promise of renovation, but they never followed through with their plans. 7. Bokor Palace | Cambodia 6. Ducor Hotel | Liberia 5. Hotel Sheraton | Cook Islands Would you believe me if I told you this hotel was cursed from the very beginning ? Well thats how the official story goes ! This hotel’s builders had close ties to the Mafia, and some locals claim that the land they built the hotel on, was illegally obtained. During the building ceremony, a man started chanting, he cursed the project… and to be fair, the Hotel Sheraton Rarotonga never did open its doors ! The project was abandoned, but only after most of the buildings were completed. You can visit the creepy location… if you dare ! 4. Sanzhi UFO Houses | Taiwan 3.Lee Plaza Hotel | Michigan Yet again, we visit Detroit Michigan, the whole city has suffered greatly, and even though it has such a rich and vibrant history, many parts of the town lay in ruins. The Lee Plaza Hotel was finished in 1929, at first it was used as a luxury apartment building, During the Great Depression, the building changed a few owners, each having a different idea for the future of it. In the 50s and 60s, it became a not so fancy hotel, and by 1968, it was converted to an old folks home…. That didnt last too long either, by 1997 the Lee Plaza was completely vacant, and shut down. The City of Detroit has purchased the Lee Plaza, there are talks of renovations, but only time will tell. 2.Hotel Belvedere | Dubvrovnik 1.Hotel belvedere | Switzerland Nooo, I didn’t mess up, it's just coincidence that both these hotels are named Belvedere. Or… is it ? Wellll, the definition of the word is; a building, designed to have great scenic views. To tell you the truth, for the longest time I just assumed it was a famous last name…. How about you ? Anywaysssss, this quaint little building is located very close to the Rhone Glacier, in a place people call “furka pass”. Yet again, there are some conflicting stories to tell, reading reviews of the hotel, it seems that it has been shut down for the past 3 years or so…. Buuut there is a review from June 11, 2017. So which is it? Lets try and book a room, shall we ? No such luck, maybe the rumors are true, and this hotel IS abandoned. The surrounding area has suffered as well, I guess the glacier isn’t as majestic as it once was, so tourism money has all but dried up.
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CRAZIEST Abandoned Military Projects
From Aircraft Carriers made out of ICE, to the MYSTERIOUS Flying Saucer, these are 5 CRAZY Abandoned Military Projects HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 5. Airborne Laser COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:USA DATE:1996-2010 COST: $5 BILLION 4. The Green Cheese COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: UNITED KINGDOM DATE: 1950’s COST: UNDISCLOSED 3. Project Habakkuk COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: UNITED KINGDOM DATE: 1942 COST: UNDISCLOSED This one, this one is really bizarre guys. Geoffrey Pyke, an inventor that worked for the British Combined Operations Headquarters during the war, came up with an insane idea. An aircraft carrier made out of… ICE ! Well, pykrete to be exact, which is a mixture of wood pulp and ice. Since steel and aluminum were in extremely short supply, the allied forces needed something cheap and efficient to use in their winter operations in the Atlantic. The ice structures would act as mid-way points for aircraft that were deep in enemy territory and could not fly all the way back to. Even Churchill was interested in the project, and scale models started popping up around Canada. However, it turned out that the ice ship would need a lot more than just wood pulp to keep its structural integrity. A fun side note, during the Quebec Conference in 1943, there was a demonstration of the strength of pykrete. Lord Mountbatten, a British Naval officer, shot a gun at a block of pykrete, the bullet ricochet and grazed the leg of one Admiral Ernest King. By the end of 1943, it was realized that the total cost of one of these ice ship islands would be more than building an actual fleet of conventional aircraft carriers, and thus, Project Habakkuk was no more. 2.Bartini Beriev VVA COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USSR DATE: 1970’s COST: UNDISCLOSED The Bartini Beriev VVA, VVA standing for vertical take off, amphibious aircraft was thought of by the Italian - born designer Robert Bartini. His story is actually quite interesting, during the rise of fascism in Italy, the soviet union welcomed him with open arms. He defected in 1923 and took many secret plans and designs with him. He became an important part of the Soviet Union’s Air Force cabinet. Bertini also spent 8 years in prison after being falsely prosecuted, but that did not stop him from creating new plans for strange airplanes. Okay, back to the project, the aircraft was designed to be able to fly at high speeds at high altitudes, while also having the capability to “fly” just above sea surface. It was supposed to somehow help destroy U.S. Navy Submarines. It is believed that only a few prototypes were built, and due to inefficiency from companies supplying required parts, the project slowed down immensely. In 1974, the aircraft’s fate was sealed when Bertini passed away. You can find the last known survivor at the Russian Federation Central Air Force museum…. By the looks of it, it won’t last there that much longer. 1. Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:CANADA DATE: 1958-1961 COST: $10 MILLION In the early years of the Cold War the U.S. Air Force and Army commissioned a top secret aircraft project, and they chose Canadian Based Avro Aircraft to design and build it. The U.S. wanted a VTOL, vertical take-off and landing, aircraft, that was very fast, efficient, and deadly. Well, that was the original concept anyway, the project was scaled back immensely over the years due to design problems. The project started off as wishful thinking and turned into proof of concept in the span 3 years. The most important part of the Avrocar, was its concept creator, “Jack” Frost. He was a very respected aircraft designer that moved from Britain to Canada after the war. Design 1 had its issues, Design 2 tried to improve on them, but ultimately, the craft was unstable. It never got close to reaching the estimated maximum speed of 300mph, in reality, it could not pass 35mph due to serious instability. Funding was cut abruptly, the project was seen as a “dead end” and we never got to fly high in saucer shaped aircraft, and because the U.S. commissioned and paid for the concept, the VZ-9 1,2 were transferred south of the border. The first avrocar collected dust for over 40 years in the basement of the National Air and Space Museum, it was eventually restored and put on display, nowadays you can find it in the Presidential Aircraft Gallery. The second design is currently under restoration at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum in Virginia. Everyone wants to believe that the truth is out there, and maybe it was, maybe the project was “scrapped” from the books, but continued somewhere in the Nevada desert. *clears throat*. What do you think ?
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20 CRAZIEST Facts About Elon Musk and SpaceX
From being a college dropout, to the incredible feats of his companies; these are 20 CRAZY Facts About SpaceX and Elon Musk ! HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10. Who needs a PhD anyway? After getting two bachelor's degrees, in physics and economics from UPENN, Musk set his sights on a PhD in applied physics and materials science at Stanford University. quick side note, do you know what PhD stands for? Scroll down and comment! After only two days in the program, Elon left to pursue his dreams. 9. Satellite Constellation To increase profitability of the SpaceX company, Elon Musk wants to build an constellation of 4000 communications satellites that will provide an uninterrupted satellite internet connection to the entire globe. Nonsense you say? Well, the company is already testing prototype satellites and it is believed that the project could be operational by 2020. 8.Zip2 The same year that he dropped out of school, Musk started the Zip2 company with his brother. Zip2 aimed at helping newspapers by creating an online “city guide”. After contracts with the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times the company was headed to success. Compaq purchases Zip2 for a total of $341 million in 1999. Elon received $22 million from the sale. 7.SpaceX and NASA Probably the most famous and important contract for SpaceX is the development of technology that can safely and consistently resupply the International Space Station. NASA has funded the Falcon 9 to the tune of $278 million. In May 2012 their funding paid off when SpaceX became the first private company to dock to the ISS. Most importantly, SpaceX is trying to be the first commercial company to carry crews to the ISS. Their only competitor at this point is Boeing. 6. Presidential Advisor Elon Musk has said that he is “ Somewhere in the middle, socially liberal and fiscally conservative”. In 2016, he became a member of then President Elect - Donald Trump’s presidential advisory committee. By June 2017, Musk decided to resign in protest of the Paris Agreement climate change fiasco. 5.Major OOPS Every company has setbacks, especially when you are dealing with space flight and tons of rocket fuel. The biggest of these setbacks is probably the 2015 failure of a resupply mission. In total, U.S. taxpayers lost $110 million, and NASA only paid 80% of the expected payment. 4. Elon Musk and Aliens What are Elon’s opinions on extraterrestrial life? Well, for one, he believes “there is a good chance that there is simple life on other planets”. At the same time, he “ questions whether there is other intelligent life in the known universe”. In other words, sure there is a big possibility of bacteria and other simple life forms existing, but big bad sentient aliens? Not so much. 3.SpaceX and Aliens On Dec. 22, 2017, social media users around California reported strange lights in the sky that had many people believing we were about to be destroyed by aliens. What actually happened? SpaceX launched a satellite with a Falcon 9 rocket, the light show was just a side effect. 2. Elon Musk and AI Elon believes that there are many potential dangers of artificial intelligence. He has said that artificial intelligence is “the most serious threat to the survival of the human race”. After watching some videos on the possible dangers of AI, I think I agree with Elon. 1.Falcon Heavy SpaceX made history again when they launched the Falcon Heavy, a reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle. Designed to carry payloads of up to 63,000 kg ( 140,000 lbs) to low earth orbit. The numbers say that it can also carry up to 16,800kg (37,000lbs) to Mars. Originally, the Falcon Heavy was supposed to make its maiden flight in 2013, but complications, and failures of other launches moved the date further and further into the future. Before you know it, 2016 came and went, then 2017. Finally on February 6th, 2018, the Falcon Heavy Demonstration Mission achieved great success. The payload for the mission was Elon’s very own midnight cherry, first generation Tesla Roadster. No, that is not a human being, just the mannequin called “starman”. The roadster was also blasting “space oddity” and “life on Mars” as it escaped earth’s gravity. Oh yeah, everything was live streamed for the first 4 hours. You could tune in to check on starman and make sure he was still okay. The roadster will orbit the sun as long as it doesn’t get knocked out by an asteroid. As for the central core and boosters? The boosters successfully landed back on earth, the central core crashed spectacularly only 100 meters (300ft) away from the autonomous spaceport drone ship. It was going 500 kmh (300mph) at the time of impact.
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If I asked you to name the last man to ever walk on the moon, would you be able to answer ? An estimated 600 million people tuned in to see Neil Armstrong become the first man to walk on the moon. Few remember the final speech given only 3 ½ years later. HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. As the Apollo 11 moon landing mission started on July 20th, 1969, an estimated 600 million people tuned in to see Neil Armstrong become the first man to walk on the moon. Few remember the final speech given only 3.5 years later. If I asked you to name the last man to ever walk on the moon, would you be able to answer ? Let's rewind a bit, the year is 1960 and NASA has just started their third human spaceflight program, called Project Apollo. At first, their goal was to create a spacecraft that could fit three people, but later on President John F. Kennedy made it a national goal to take a man to the moon and return him safely. Obviously, there were many more small intricacies, considering the 60s were the height of the Cold War and the space race. While the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis was taking its toll on the world, scientists at NASA were hard at work working on the Apollo Command/Service module and the Saturn IB launch vehicle. Part 1 : THE TECHNOLOGY The Apollo mission was years in the making, even before it was official. The work of Wernher von Braun and his team made it possible to dream that we could travel to space. The saturn series of launch vehicles were originally meant to launch heavy payloads to earth orbit, like military satellites, later on they explored the possibility of using Saturn rockets for manned space flight launches. Part 2 : FIRST TESTS AND FLIGHTS Codenamed AS-201, the first test flight of the Apollo program took place on February 26th, 1966, some 6 years after the start of the program. After 37 minutes, the module had successfully reached and returned from sub orbiting the earth. Another major milestone was the AS-204 test flight, also known as the Apollo 5 flight. It was the first unmanned flight of the Apollo Lunar Module which was manufactured by the Grumman Aerospace Corporation. Part 3: FIRST/LAST Apollo 11. July 16th, 1969. 1:32 pm. A Saturn V rocket launched an Apollo Command/Service Module and a Apollo Lunar Module from the Kennedy Space Center. On July 20th, the Lunar module landed on the moon’s surface. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made history and forever changed our outlook on the final frontier. Apollo 12 was the second successful moon landing. It was also the first mission to have “the remote possibility of interplanetary contamination”. Long story short, NASA sent over a Surveyor module to extract lunar soil and take pictures, 2 years before the Apollo 12 mission. The crew was tasked with bringing back the soil samples and camera from the moon. It is widely claimed that Streptococcus mitis bacteria accidentally contaminated the camera equipment of the surveyor before launch. When the Apollo 12 crew brought the camera back, the bacteria was discovered, still alive. As unbelievable as it sounds, this tiny little organism managed to survive the extreme harsh lunar environment for 2 and a half years. Oh, the crew also carried the first color tv camera to the moon, but accidentally destroyed it when it was pointed towards the sun. Apart from being a dramatic story of extreme bravery, skill and fortune, the Apollo 13 crew is also credited as the farthest humans have ever traveled from earth, at an astounding 248,655 mi (400,171km). Finally, we have arrived to a distinct moment in human history, the Apollo 17 mission. The crew made up of Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt broke several records, including longest time in lunar orbit, longest moon landing, largest lunar sample, longest total moonwalks. Prepared with a Lunar Roving Vehicle, Cernan and Schmitt spent a little over 3 days on the moon's surface while Evans patiently awaited in the Command module orbiting the moon. “Bob, this is Gene, and I'm on the surface; and, as I take man's last step from the surface, back home for some time to come – but we believe not too long into the future – I'd like to just (say) what I believe history will record: that America's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of tomorrow. And, as we leave the moon at Taurus–Littrow, we leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind. Godspeed the crew of Apollo 17.” Eugene Cernan was the last man on the moon.
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