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Future Islands singer has the best stage exit ever!

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http://3voor12.vpro.nl/ Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring leaves the Best Kept Secret Festival-stage by first jumping into the crowd, and then climbing a fence to reach the backstage.
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Daniel B.M (18 days ago)
It doesn’t matter what happen, always be a good moment to knock his chest 🤣 Great Sam
Doug L.64 (7 months ago)
Lmao. Awesome brother!!!!!
youknewmyname (1 year ago)
Modern day Ezio.
Andrew McIntyre (1 year ago)
I don't get it
dvnobles (1 year ago)
0:45 beats chest triumphantly...
rick piquette (1 year ago)
Why shouldnt the best stage moves in the business have the best exit? This guy's just too good.
Dana Pie (1 year ago)
That's when he got this inspiration for "Ran"
Stuart Satterthwaite (1 year ago)
peespooropinions (1 year ago)
i have seen beck climbing the side of the stage, and tricky spending more time in the crowd than on. stage. but never have i seen a guy exiting stage and going for a swim
RK A (1 year ago)
0:30 I don't know if the cheers are for Sam hurling the fence or the guy taking a piss
Robert Stribley (1 year ago)
Now I know where the inspiration for the Ran video came from
Mooga Man (1 year ago)
For a semi husky dude, this fucker is limber
Mads Mikkelsen (1 year ago)
Someone noticed the guy next to him taking a piss was like "what the fuck?"
Bored Progression (1 year ago)
bahaha. totally missed that. Good catch.
stormin300 (1 year ago)
some say he is still running to this day...
Saint Sataniko (1 year ago)
Sam is so fucking awesome.
Luis Medina (1 year ago)
Sean Connelly (1 year ago)
anxiety attack
Ayven Moon (1 year ago)
Ran round the wailing world
portaccio (1 year ago)
keixoun (1 year ago)
look a that beautiful beast, running on the prairies like a wild animal
Yung Frost (1 year ago)
Scott K (1 year ago)
And thus the song 'Ran' was born
Evan Kidd (2 years ago)
Straight up Greenville, NC spirit in the house right there!
EVIL Co. (2 years ago)
Bad Ass.
Jon Hogg (2 years ago)
Man having a slash @ 30 secs
Linus Martin (2 years ago)
What a man
busheybushdawg (1 year ago)
Linus Martin I
Hugh Janus (2 years ago)
really dog this band.
Tim Scanlan (1 year ago)
i lhasssa apso these muddafukkasz
frankisarobot (1 year ago)
Good dog, 16/10, would boogie.
John Wharton (1 year ago)
Bow wow woof woof bow wow , Diamond dogs
Simonchez (1 year ago)
I chihuahua
seriouslyfuckutube (1 year ago)
i straight up labrador them!
dean robinson (2 years ago)
really needed a shit.
sue ravenscroft (3 years ago)
Ghandjaloodah (3 years ago)
Not what I expected! Good for him. You should always be able to handle yourself. He seems fit too.
S. Smith (3 years ago)
lol nevermind the 28-33 second mark
Ahmed Fallah (3 years ago)
very nice

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