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Top 5 - 2018 Road Bikes

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What's in store for 2018? Well, take a look a look at what we think are five of the most interesting road bikes for 2018.
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Text Comments (173)
Dr Dizzy Saivate (2 months ago)
I'm a fan of trek !
Cory Starley (2 months ago)
Starley bikes made in the UK are far superior to any other bike. (Sorry, I'm biased)
hdineshdeena (2 months ago)
HI...... i like to buy road bike in the budget of 60k can any one give a suggestion a good road bikes pls ???
jay collins (4 months ago)
Bmc team machine should be up
Harley Breakout Guy (4 months ago)
All these bikes are ugly
Harley Breakout Guy (4 months ago)
Fake news
Genadi Genigamer (4 months ago)
Bikesport parallax 26
Mastergamer757 (5 months ago)
This was posted in October 13 2017
Brian Murphy (5 months ago)
thanks for all the prices
I love cycles
joneuf (5 months ago)
where is the denali from wallmart...best pro bike!XD
zogee grado (5 months ago)
spinning nonsense (5 months ago)
All these bikes come from China but they won't tell you that.
Andrew Hoffman (5 months ago)
So you could get away with using a Trek Emonda disc as an all round road bike like a Synapse or Infinito disc.
Andrew Hoffman (5 months ago)
Timothy Gerber (7 months ago)
Mac-ta-mac wicha gonna go waaaayyyaaaa bac!
Jeenius IAMa (7 months ago)
The Specialized is such a beaut !
william wallace (8 months ago)
has this guy got the most annoying accent on youtube ?
Kenneth Cueva (8 months ago)
i really want a bike. but my family salary is only for our daily living i'm 15 i never had my own bike
Dr Dizzy Saivate (2 months ago)
Someday brother
OFFER ZONE (8 months ago)
Best road bike in india/kolkata
Halid Okur (9 months ago)
What about the trek 9.9
Rita Liu (9 months ago)
It's strange why there is no ICANBIKES, this is a road bike I think is very good.
adriboff1 (9 months ago)
are we going to have bike of the year 2018? I always look forward to that!
surfside (9 months ago)
No mention of Specialized Roubaix Comp 2018? It was rated as Bike of the Year in 2017 by BikeRadar. Has things changed that much?
Family in Motion (9 months ago)
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TheMoke523i (9 months ago)
scott no1!
James Collier (9 months ago)
Ummm..., Giant defy?? Easily and I mean easily should've made this list!
Venecia :3 (10 months ago)
Look 795 aero light the best
Adam Ashwill (10 months ago)
Where's the Specialized Venge vias disc 2018?
affirmative (10 months ago)
Any good max 500€ Road Bikes ? Looking for one, but i dont know much.
Barnes Allen (10 months ago)
Hey help me out! I’m old old I would like buy a bike. Speed is not important. Weight 250. Bike trails that are easy .off road ,gravel ect. Will turn around if to hard. What might fit me besides a tricycle. Barney
VHHeman (10 months ago)
Where's Colnago C-64?
nyannyan123456 (10 months ago)
I cant wait to pick up my Scott foil disc 20 next week.
Bernard Wynkoop (11 months ago)
This is the cool bikes I've ever seen!!!
DAGG tv (11 months ago)
Factor ONE
March Wheeler (1 year ago)
I design and build tools for aircraft industry. Been riding road bikes 50 plus years. I've designed a no hands shifting system for road bikes. No prototypes yet. Anybody interested. I would like thoughts and feedback.
anıl can (1 year ago)
where is salgano ??
Sawyer Ramos (1 year ago)
Of course Scott is # 1 in my book. I own two of them!
Chris (1 year ago)
I said GOD DAMN at the 2018 Tarmac!
boending1 (1 year ago)
Pinarello F10 Enough said
ricric (1 year ago)
"Why are Trek and Specialized on the interesting list?" Because they were getting left behind by new hi-tech players BMC and Canyon others. They had to step up their game with new designs and higher performance (less weight).
Takira Sharikane (1 year ago)
How much ugliness in cycling world this days .... cycling manufactures...... take a note what Cannondale is doing .... less bonker tubes and more classic ones , please!
Chalupa batman (7 months ago)
I dont know what your on but the sworks is beautiful
ducman748996 (1 year ago)
Bianchi Infinito CV Celeste with Campy Super Record, rim brakes of course, Enve cockpit, Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon wheelset, now that’s a top five Road Bike!! 😉
ducman748996 (1 year ago)
“Road” bikes with discs and 28c tires ridden on gravel and dirt, now that’s funny. I thought they had they’re own category??
麺條 (1 year ago)
ducman748996 tubeless 28s...Roll without arse troll
Scott Perry (1 year ago)
No giant propel ???
whosoever (1 year ago)
Huh......probably people who think trek is jerk never ride one of them......
Andrew Kelk (1 year ago)
I can remember the time when bikes were beautiful .... sigh.
Mark Lacey (8 months ago)
Bikes are more beautiful than ever in my opinion. And I love the look of all of these bikes. Everyone has a different opinion I suppose
MrFairworld (8 months ago)
And when was that ?
Nicholas Cazaerck (1 year ago)
mechanic1756 (1 year ago)
Agreed, with selection ,  however all bikes are overpriced today for many reasons ... .
Pinarello didn't made the list?!? Lol
A Brooks (1 year ago)
I think that the new propel disc has it place in this list
Han Lockhart (1 year ago)
I`m new to this stuff, but it`s 2017.
BikeRadar (1 year ago)
Ha! Bike years don't run from Jan-Dec; they're more like Jul-Jun these days.
Sinan (1 year ago)
Forgot the almighty Merida Reacto
Two wheels112 (1 year ago)
No Giant???
Pedobear (1 year ago)
That trek looks like some womens touring bike
PhilCA (1 year ago)
Giant - best bang for your buck
Vegan Instinct (1 year ago)
No Giant?
Matteo Bizzaro (1 year ago)
Best budget bikes 2018 please!
jörg fauser (1 year ago)
i just fell in love with that s-works tarmac
Matt Dion (1 year ago)
I still can't get over the 3T's stock photos. They don't even have the tire labels lined up with the valve stem.
Patrick Kennedy (1 year ago)
ill be rocking that speckelized
Hajime Kuma (1 year ago)
Anyone else think the headtubes on the Treks look like a penis?
Davy Scales (1 year ago)
All these bikes are way too expensive for us mortals £3000, £4000 £6000 who are you kidding. Make a bike affordable Carbon or Alloy nice bright colours, good group set, add a warrenty of 3 years and whey eye man.
Billy Li (8 months ago)
B'twin bang for the buck!
MrWellred81 (10 months ago)
The Specialized tarmac s-works retails at £9000! Crazy.
Rory Leggott (1 year ago)
You should check out Ribble cycles, you can get a very good deal from them. I recently bought the Ribble Aero 883 with full Ultegra Di2 for well under 3K....and with 7 yr warranty on the frame...what's not to love about that!?
TomaCukor (1 year ago)
Psst, buy a 3 year old model for half the price, or 5 year old for a third. Expensive bikes depreciate like hell.
Tom Holden (1 year ago)
since when is scott a swiss brand? or do I Need a Hearing aid?
Ethan Miller (1 year ago)
Since ever, they were just called Scott USA and now are called Scott Sports. Why ever put USA as a suffix for their brand? No idea.
Slavestothesystem (1 year ago)
Ram the disc loving up your hole
Cristóbal Valero (1 year ago)
Jajaja where is the new GIANT PROPEL ADVANCED SL 2018???
John Kim (1 year ago)
Dont trick the viewers with lame title
JogBird (1 year ago)
all of the 2018 emondas incl the slr are now made by giant in taiwan, i have a 2016 slr8 thats made in the usa.. SAD
Jackson Jxnatti (1 year ago)
opinions like this are simply racism/nationalism. there is nothing wrong with frames "made in taiwan". carbon is carbon
Skeptical One (1 year ago)
Why sad? Giant simply 'builds to print'. They're widely known for manufacturing excellence. The design is all Trek. Frankly, the repeatability of Giant's mss production is likely as high or higher than the units coming out of Waterloo.
Sheldon Wiebe (1 year ago)
"top 5"
Jonathan Zappala (1 year ago)
Wow, since you said Trek only uses 6 letters, now I notice that Emonda, Domane, and Madone all use the same letters! Then they spoil it with speed concept haha.
tarmacsurfers (1 year ago)
We all knew this was coming and it is great to see the designs going this direction. I dream of one road bike. One that is aero, disc, light and all day comfort and it's happening! YES! That new foil is almost there. I want a new bike big time to replace my 2015 tarmac but I'm gonna sit this one out a while longer as things are changing fast. Woohoo!
Maca (1 year ago)
tarmacsurfers 2016 foil 10
tarmacsurfers (1 year ago)
Maca yeah it does. I am hearing the 2018 foil is much more comfortable through the seat stays than the previous models. Out of interest wot year is yours mate?
Maca (1 year ago)
tarmacsurfers The new tarmac looks quite aero compared to the older one. My Scott foil is nice but a little to stiff
1 1 (1 year ago)
No GMC Denali from Walmart? Unsubscribed!
Kaat Debusscher (7 months ago)
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Hilarious!
Adam Ashwill (10 months ago)
This comment made my day!
Dogs And Yoga (1 year ago)
1 1 😂
shantanu sardal (1 year ago)
Haha I love the gmc Denali. Cheap and sturdy!!
Christopher Santos (1 year ago)
The new Propel?
Ron Doucette (2 months ago)
Aaron Householder (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for this video. Thinking of my next bike—who isn't? ;-)—I had four of the five of these on my short list already. Emonda & Tarmac due to weight & all-around ability. And the Foil & Strada have me intrigued. And, yes, engineering does make the difference.
Jorge Calderon (1 year ago)
Nice video! good picks, fair and honest
Bruno Vasco (1 year ago)
so true about the emonda
Espen Unaas (1 year ago)
A video like this is just a joke, there are just to many good bikes our there. And i guess its all about who pays the most to get the model on display here. There are too many top models you have not talket about. For example: BMC SLR01 Disc it is undoubtedly one of the best top model for 2018. I remember Ben Delaney at BikeRadar was impresed about that model when he tested it.
James Collier (9 months ago)
Espen Unaas Giant defy most definitely should be on this list
Addicted Cyclist (1 year ago)
never support Trek
daniel finao (5 months ago)
What is the reason?
Jonathan De Bruyne (1 year ago)
Addicted Cyclist why not?
Craig Paterson (1 year ago)
In my humble opinion most of these bikes are not very exciting to look at , especially that disk trek
Zenver (5 months ago)
I though most of them looked pretty cool
TheRealBajan (5 months ago)
A bike can only look like a bike therefore I do not understand this comment.
Xixlo (6 months ago)
Jane Goodnut I agree
Mr. Teff (8 months ago)
Hey Goodnut, when I'm not riding my bike, I'm usually looking at it. (I guess that sounds weird. Like maybe I need to get a life?)
riikerman (9 months ago)
Lay off the crack, pal.
Sir Heff (1 year ago)
Giant Propel?
mayalman (1 year ago)
Jacob Rushforth fair point.
mayalman (1 year ago)
Not available commercially yet so I cannot imagine that they have ridden it...
yangraks (1 year ago)
bmc slr teammachine??
Rixter (1 year ago)
@1:34 the paint at the top of the fork, immediately below the headtube, looks lumpy and flawed on the Canyon
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
That is neither cable rub not grease but that is either a manufacturing defect or a repair, I think the former. This is why I'd rather buy from a LBS then have to deal with a direct sales brand via email
dart318swinger (4 months ago)
It looks like a janky repair.
Rixter (1 year ago)
PartyPlace 15 okay maybe lubricant, but it looks like crap, especially for the photo shoot
PartyPlace 15 (1 year ago)
Rixter They either put a clear sticker on the paint for cable rub, or put some kind of lubricant on there. It definitely isn't the paint job.
Jake (1 year ago)
It's grease
The Seattle Cyclist (1 year ago)
Yellow bar tape on the tarmac is a must.
Adam Ashwill (10 months ago)
Andrew Frink (1 year ago)
It's a shame the lower spec Canyons aren't available here in the USA. i suspect it's because they want to position themselves as a "premium" brand, and selling a $700 AL bike with Sora or tiagra they feel will mean that no one will want to pay $12,000 for a Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD. Kindda like how it's the Acura NSX here in the states, but it's the Honda NSX everywhere else.
jlebrech (1 year ago)
Baron von Bullshit don't the roadlites have sora? No need to go that low with groupo
jlebrech (1 year ago)
lower specs aren't available anywhere, except for Roadlite you can get those in Sora. Tiagra is available for endurace AL and CF
Przemyslaw Sliwinski (1 year ago)
Heck! You described the 28mm tires as "bulbous", didn't you?
nowave7 (1 year ago)
Bulbous also tapered.
Fast and bulbous!
Josh Chacón (1 year ago)
Already doing that since 2014
Brian Whitley (1 year ago)
Przemyslaw Sliwinski They haven’t figured out that 28mm is getting ready to be the new normal for road tires.
jlebrech (1 year ago)
Canyon are absolutely the best bang for buck, except that they don't give much choice in terms of colour.
errbud (7 months ago)
pedro andrade I can only speak about my personal interaction with canyon but their customer service in the UK is excellent
jlebrech ur right
Richard Tickler (1 year ago)
true the canyon womens team has one of the best designs
Jackson Jxnatti (1 year ago)
fjoa123 lol the matte yellow bmc is just tragic with grime. the first time buyer of matte only sees how it looks in the shop
fjoa123 (1 year ago)
yeah, last sportive I went there was this huge dude on a matte dark gray - black canyon. It was al dripped all over with sweat drops. It looked freaking horrendous. Why bother having such a beautiful bike coated with ugliness.
George Panouts (1 year ago)
Trek Emonda is the most dated bike . In 2017 I didn't find any reason a carbon frame not be aero . Today's technology permits the combination of lightness and aero .
bill30306 (1 year ago)
J S, interesting statement. what is the rationale?
George Panouts (1 year ago)
But why not aero like F8/10 or new tarmac ? Modern frame should have small aero shape tubes .
Maca (1 year ago)
I have an Edmonds and I don’t use it because it’s light. I use it because it’s super comfortable but feels stiff when putting power down. Best ride quality of any bike I’ve ever used
Josh Chacón (1 year ago)
mabozza85 absolutely agree.

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