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Fat Freddy's Drop - Russia live op Pitch Festival Amsterdam 2013

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3voor12 is het muziekplatform van de VPRO. Op de site http://3voor12.vpro.nl vind je de Luisterpaal met de laatste releases, een overzicht in beeld en geluid van alle toffe festivals in Nederland plus het laatste popnieuws en interviews.
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Lorena Dominguez (3 months ago)
Lo mejor de lo mejor!!!
hmmmnz (4 years ago)
piss poor perfomance boys, ease off , well everything, :D  the worst ive seen from you guys,   but it was amsterdam so everyone was probably to baked to notice
CAP10 (5 years ago)
fuck waarom was ik hier niet!
nlSpiller (2 years ago)
Erger nog, wel naar Pitch '13 zijn geweest en dit gemist hebben....
Dung Pie (3 years ago)
+tyxno omdat dit nummer beter is als je een goeie koptelefoon hebt ;P
Alwin Mueller (5 years ago)
rapgenius com slash Fat-freddys-drop-russia-lyrics
Alwin Mueller (5 years ago)
mucho Reggae'sk
franke vidify (5 years ago)
i need the lyric's! who can help?
Tao Gunka (2 years ago)
From ninety-nine we're doing it fine Taste the dub wine Gets better with time Spin on a dime Turn it all around This is the sound Come follow me now I wait until the sun has fallen And go to where the stream is flowing Swim in the darkest waters With all the midnight sons and daughters Where I go you will not follow it's such a bitter drink to swallow The rhythm beat that has no equal Time is running now with no sequel Got to strike while the time is ripe If you feeling it's the rhythm of your heartbeat The heart? If you feeling it's the rhythm of your heartbeat Of you heart? [mc slave:] And this is how you start, I say You feel it in the rhythm And you feel it in your heart [x2] Say they're both bound together You can never tear apart [x2] Interconnected by this foundation This universal sound felt by each and everyone Felt by your daughters and felt by your sons Heartbeat rhythm is the inspiration Yes it's felt in the heart of a musician And spread around the world to each and every nation Dj fitchie got the top the drop selection Drop comes to conquer like a true champion Drop originated down the new zealand Top choice music I say that's where we come from Say the twelve tribes, [?] and the roots foundation Sweet reggae music and we're still number one [dallas tamaira:] Take the step forward Take the step back Looking for my destination All your strategies Leave them at the door We don't need no information Living in the age of technology But it's all the same to me now Just keep it on the flame Keep the fire burning Keep the fire burning Strike while the time is ripe Rhythm of you heartbeat Strike while the time is ripe Feeling it's the rhythm of your heartbeat Strike while the time is ripe I've been waiting till the sun goes down that's when I come around I've been waiting till the sun goes down that's when I come around that's when I come around
Miguel Trejo (5 years ago)
haret0n (5 years ago)
Their music is so crap that you can't even figure out how they fucked up. Turgid.
Stephen Wilson (5 years ago)
MC Slave on the mic. Love it!
Stephen Smith (5 years ago)
Love that Dallas is wearing a Kora t shirt. All one family!

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