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Kyuss - Green Machine Live Op Pinkpop 2012

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Watch the entire show at: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/concerten-en-festivals/festivals/pinkpop/2012.html
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Text Comments (103)
dennis cunningham (1 month ago)
Kick arse. Vote against oppression.
Thomas Drogon (2 months ago)
thank you uploader. your intent is beautiful but your pain represented in this song is not lost on me and i wish you well. especially with winter coming. i hope the best for you during a time of decay and depression. i m fighting it daily and i am so exhausted except when i see my kindred spirits on here uniting in loss and addiction and confusion and depression. much love CNS!!
Dominik Duchauffour (3 months ago)
Not the same without Homme.
Thomas Drogon (2 months ago)
what does that mean?? Kyuss' Homme?
Surfcityriot (5 months ago)
Waylon..Willie...Hank...and Kyuss....
Shaun Michael Chase (5 months ago)
These guys are so underrated. One of the best bands of all time.
Dan Best (8 months ago)
I must make a point to listen to Kyuss every spare second of every day for the rest of my life
My Sonner (9 months ago)
Absolutely rocking , great track . will be a favourite for life thx
Dehumanized Tormentor (10 months ago)
garcia is fat af
ya boi (1 year ago)
josh homme looks really weird in this video lmao
Simon Stabij (2 months ago)
the guitar player looks like John Garcia made a baby with himself
Rob Erickson (9 months ago)
Dorito Dust Dave Grohl playing guitar ?
James Will (1 year ago)
This sounds like a screamin V8 engine motering.
mr gonzo (1 year ago)
Was there at Pink Pop, Kyuss rocks
Pqp o Marshall fritando!
love you
ludofikora (1 year ago)
Which is the model of the bass the bassist play??? (I'm asking for the color!)
Poseidon Lp (1 year ago)
this isn't real kyuss, is it?
Gang of Eagles (2 years ago)
Great! Love it!
jeromy akin (2 years ago)
Get this Album!
Hazur (2 years ago)
simply excellent
Jan (2 years ago)
James Will (2 years ago)
Less is More!!!
Nasty Nate (2 years ago)
is that abbath? lol
The Prisoner (2 years ago)
Les Paul + Marshall? good for everything, but not for Kyuss.
Eli C (6 months ago)
In that case, you're going to shit yourself when you see this. Hahaha. http://images.equipboard.com/uploads/source/image/7605/Kyuss.jpg?v=1418583326
WorldDominator666 (2 years ago)
homme had a les paul and a marshall amp at some point during those days
Anderson Dornelles (2 years ago)
Kyuss is very good!
DrummingMethods (2 years ago)
wow, fucking wowwww, the whole damn band!
Adri Haine (2 years ago)
I like the sound of that Gibson LP
TonyRedgrave1501 (2 years ago)
Please change the name of the band. This isn't Kyuss its Kyuss Lives or Vista Chino
frizstyler (2 years ago)
this music gets you higher than weed ever will
dmvdyke (2 years ago)
Garcia...Brant...only real members here. Fevery gets the job done but its sacrilege having anyone but Homme (who wrote all the songs) play guitar. We've been through this already with the whole law suit ordeal. Respect the past and move on. Either do a legitimate reunion tour with original members or put this to bed...and that includes Vista Chino
jakeybball (10 months ago)
dezionlion the clown in this video is literally playing the riff wrong
dezionlion (1 year ago)
Home is a queen! no Queens here. les paul sounds and looks correct
Josh V (1 year ago)
dmvdyke lol no. Garcia is last. bjorn, Homme, reeder. the entire band is crazy good, but more instrumental good then anything. you're fucked.
Brightonrocks2000 (1 year ago)
Correct, I think Josh wrote about half of Blues for the Red Sun - but this is all Brant.
Alexander Scott (2 years ago)
Actually not true, Brant Bjork wrote this.
Pedro Pablo Silva B (2 years ago)
I first Heard this band on the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways documentary and believed they were fucking awsame.
RastaSaiyaman (3 years ago)
For those who wonder why the crowd isn't going crazy: hard to go crazy when everybody is holding their phones up in the air to film the fucking thing.
Misha Stone (3 years ago)
God damn son of a bitch! Garcia kicks some serious ass!
Alessandro Rodrigues (3 years ago)
great band
smithfield71 (3 years ago)
Austin Bragdon (3 years ago)
@TheLensworker- Kyuss originally used an Ovation GP run through Tubeworks bass cabs. The fuzzed out sound was part of their appeal
Deathrape2001 (3 years ago)
The music is kool but the vocals R annoying as fuk = bad SOuthern Rock junk with shrill lame delivery.  Would B much beter without N E vocals, or with a real vocalist =)  That fat talentless clown really kills the mood.
dezionlion (1 year ago)
yeah and look at your screenname...go fuck some dead people
El Mud (1 year ago)
Your opinion, but is like saying: Emerson Lake & Palmer are kooooool but too much solos, wood B beter without solos... the fuck you're saying?
dmvdyke (2 years ago)
+Mountain Man lol no tag
dmvdyke (2 years ago)
Ya dude I know what ur sayin. He uses that mellow kinda laid back vocal style a lot (like in writhe or space cadet) and it really works cuz he just chills and jams out in the background when hes not singing u know as kyuss is basically instrumentals like 75% of the time. he's pretty natural
dmvdyke (2 years ago)
+Deathrape2001 lol I thought the same thing when I first got into Kyuss...but u gotta give it time. His vocals grow on you every time u listen to them. You couldnt have Kyuss any other way
Josh V (3 years ago)
Simply the best of their era, god damn every member is equally talented. I want to shout off about bjork, but they're all great.
sunny smith (4 years ago)
They sound better than ever !!!!!!!!! Brant Bjork rocks
Satanic Speed Metalhead (2 months ago)
the singer couldnt hit the notes, too bad, he has awesome voice but not for touring i guess
Austin Bragdon (4 years ago)
Ugh. Using a Les Paul on a Kyuss track feels wrong
Dib (1 year ago)
He even plays the riff wrong.
Pablo Horteg (1 year ago)
The guitar sound is pretty dead on here though.
Dib (3 years ago)
+RastaSaiyaman An Ovation GP is just 3k dollars. Plus even with a les paul, you COULD get the proper sound, but this guitarist just has no clue what he's doing.
Austin Bragdon (3 years ago)
Eastwood makes a replica
RastaSaiyaman (3 years ago)
+Austin Bragdon Not everybody can get their hands on an Ovation GP, they are pretty rare.
Ralf P (4 years ago)
Brant Bjork on drums kicks ass \m/
Josh V (1 year ago)
Ralf P right, he was always the star of kyuss imo
Ralf P (3 years ago)
+flamerod169 that's right :) He's kick this track straight ahead on ass :) full stoner power :\m/
NPR (3 years ago)
+Ralf P In this video especially, he's a man on fire. Even if you don't care for the music, gotta love the guy's energy and passion.
Dib (5 years ago)
I know
Hans Wurst (5 years ago)
And now on tour under the name "Vista Chino"
Natsume (5 years ago)
fucking hell, the mix on this <3 Pink Pop's techs really know how to mix bass-heavy bands like Kyuss...
Pai3000 (5 years ago)
I know exactly what you mean :D
javier avella (5 years ago)
the crowd sucks
Dib (5 years ago)
This is not Kyuss, this is "Kyuss Lives!"
stunn ka (5 years ago)
3:02 oh my god, its John Lennon !
Carlos Alberto (5 years ago)
0:40 Theon Greyjoy?
nilruf (5 years ago)
I miss Nick
FlyLosah (5 years ago)
1'18: the only guy going berserk. At least!
No Baloney (5 years ago)
This is not Kyuss, this is Kyuss Lives! now called Vista Chino.
RedTiger1917 (5 years ago)
His voice is so shit in this vid
Essa banda é muito foda.
jerry kolk (5 years ago)
thats a mean fucking bassline and guitar
ritammashina (5 years ago)
worst crowd ever , fucking hilarious !
SuGGoz (5 years ago)
The only way of seeing a whole dam Youtube video is to download it! Nice going YT!
coatingthickness (5 years ago)
Brant Bjork is god on drum
Franck Roder (5 years ago)
Nick left the band at that point. That replacement bass player emulates Scott Reeder's playing very well though.
possiblespammer (5 years ago)
0:35 evil drummer!
Giel Vandecruys (6 years ago)
Can't help but say it should be played a whole bit slower.
SuGGoz (6 years ago)
The best version Kyuss! EVER! New energy and, wow the bassplayer has some sweet shops!
Coleine (6 years ago)
Heavy fucking motorcycle Intro!
qpwoeiruty841 (6 years ago)
Kyuss Lives no KYUSS....really different!!!!!!!!!
Peter Müller (6 years ago)
Probably nick is in prison as so often..
djAbrasive (6 years ago)
Looks like two Garcia's on stage :P
El Go (6 years ago)
sounds a lil... skim milky without the original members :/ IMHO... NEEDS MORE REEDER!
Andrea Signorelli (6 years ago)
I LOVE drummer's t-shirt,B.O.C. rules!
arthuro13 (6 years ago)
Yup.. Jammer dat Homme de naam Kyuss in een trademark verandert.. Dit nummer is toepasselijk :V
Stuje van Houden (6 years ago)
the title's wrong, this is Kyuss LIVES
azombiestool (6 years ago)
Besides that guy not having Josh's tone, this sounds just like the old stuff!
glazenglas (6 years ago)
In 2011 Nick was arrested for suspicion of felony domestic violence after a standoff with police SWAT team. He allowed his girlfriend to exit the house two hours into the stand off and two hours before the SWAT team made entry into the home and arrested Oliveri. Drugs and a loaded rifle were found in the home. According to TMZ, Oliveri has been charged with four felonies related to the incident; if convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.
Megatellica1 (6 years ago)
wow ik dacht dat pinkpop niks was
Eeegobrainn (6 years ago)
where is Nick?
ROD Productions (6 years ago)
Brant Bjork go's with the Flow
hayzeephantayzee (6 years ago)
hm it's not up to me to demand this but I feel if only 2 original members are left, they should maybe abandon the name Kyuss, although they always had changes in the line up. It's more like "Garcia plays Kyuss" again. Or why not "Revenge of the Sons of Kyuss", that'd be cool.
hayzeephantayzee (6 years ago)
hey that's not scott reeder???
piet pietje (6 years ago)
do have a vid of freedom run?....that song was awesome,
RastaSaiyaman (6 years ago)
I was there, it was awesome.

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