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Most AMAZING Treasures Discovered By Accident!

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Check out the most amazing treasures discovered by accident! This top 10 list of buried treasures found accidentally with a metal detector or just by digging has some of the most unbelievable discoveries ever! Subscribe to World5List: http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Check out our "Superpowers You Can Get RIGHT NOW!" video at: https://youtu.be/a6QmVdBTf0g Check out our "8 Bizarre Things People Found in Their Pool" video at: https://youtu.be/gH7ywvBgXkE 8. Atari Games If you’re more than thirty or so years old, chances are you’ve heard of, played, or, perhaps, even owned an Atari game system. Not to announce my age or anything, but I recall spending my Christmas break from school up at my grandparents’ cabin with my cousins, relying on the primitive console’s “Pong” game as our main source of entertainment. 7. Diamonds Hidden in a Chair A Scottish couple purchased a quaint, but dusty old chair for a mere £5 in 2006. Because they couldn’t afford to renovate the chair at the time, Angela Milner-Brown and her husband, Angus, placed it in their attic and added its much-needed reupholstering to their “to-do” list. Like with many things people plan to “eventually get around to,” the chair sat untouched in the couple’s attic for six years. 6. Keith Haring Mural Imagine investing in real estate and discovering that your already-valuable Manhattan property contained a hidden mural by a renowned artist. Pretty cool, huh? Well, that actually happened. In 2001, architects Todd Ernst and Frank Servidio set out to discover a rumored, but far-from-proven treasure in an apartment at 260 Broadway in lower Manhattan. Hidden behind a closet used for cloaks and AV gear, the men found a wall adorned with unique artwork, made out of shoe polish and alcohol. 5. Jackson Original Artwork In 1992, a woman named Teri Horton, who had an eighth-grade education and was admittedly far from an art expert, visited one of San Bernardino’s local art thrift shops. For a mere $5, she walked away with an original Jackson painting in hand. The painting, which was originally purchased as a gift for a friend, was too large to fit into the homes of the various people Horton offered it to. 4. A 17th-Century Painting Inside of a Sofa When a financially strapped German student from Berlin purchased a sofa for 150 Euros - around $215 US - in 2007, she didn’t expect that she’d discover something exponentially more valuable stashed between the folding sections of her newly-acquired piece of second-hand furniture. But she did. 3. A Rare Chinese Bowl If you’re like most people, chances are, you peruse garage sales for the express purpose of acquiring cheap belongings. You’re most likely on a budget, and even if you’re not, you’re probably still a sucker for bargains. Every now and then, however, a cost-conscious shopper unintentionally stumbles upon a fortune when buying second-hand goods. 2. A Norman Rockwell Painting Some unexpectedly discovered treasures prove that, if nothing else, we’re all human. When Don Trachte Jr., a cartoonist for the Sunday paper, found himself in the throes of a divorce, he wasn’t about to let his soon-to-be ex-wife, Elizabeth, take him for all he was worth. 1. Rare Gold-Rush Era Coins It started out as an ordinary day. In 2014, a couple in Northern California took their dog for a seemingly routine walk. Little did they know, they’d return home as multimillionaires. While out on their stroll with Fido or Lassie or whatever the dog’s name was, they stumbled upon a fortune when the wife spotted part of a rusty old can sticking out of the ground near an old tree.
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Text Comments (57)
john doe (19 hours ago)
Firstly if he bought it before he got married his wife has no ownership at all.
Tony Montaña (5 days ago)
The only things I find is over due bills in my mail box so I quit going to the mail box
kenneth jacobs (8 days ago)
Woman that holding on to the painting that's worth 9 million dollars if it had been me it would have been sold cash only
37ccooper (9 days ago)
I wish I could discovery something
Mario Bugeja (12 days ago)
were did that lady of the painting live? so i can make her a friend on face book any thing can happen who knows hahahaha
Hadjanurj Jain (13 days ago)
Same here
andy cabrera (28 days ago)
I totally discover this priceless video by accident,,,,
S Stritmatter (28 days ago)
The 2 discovered in Europe (gems and Jerusalem painting) probably hidden during WWII from impending invasions.
Jared Tyler (1 month ago)
I love how this like doesn't show any actual photos of the treasures.
BILL SARGENT (1 month ago)
I discover GOD
Reymond Carrillo (2 months ago)
Yes very.and I will.Lord willing ....love the video.
Michael Retz (2 months ago)
Money comes with truble power out for the taking if find things of this best not the share
JAS0N888 (2 months ago)
Videos without actual footage suck
John Youngblood (2 months ago)
I found $45 by a trash can down town. A $20 outside a restaraunt and $10 at CVS. Havent had much luck. But this past year Ive been indoors mostly and High af 24/7 so..havent exactly been Indiana Jones. But when I go out I keep my eyes open. You never know.
space mann (2 months ago)
pollack possibly the best conman artist whoever lived, anyone who can convince people a bag of shit is art deserves the title legend
Jason Jagger (1 month ago)
Look! Narcissists, deaf to all but the inner voice...rehearsing what they will say next. Each convinced of their superiority over the other. The tension is ratcheting to near unbearable levels. A high-pitched whine fills my skull, my teeth vibrating painfully.
space mann (2 months ago)
how very dare you, i am of simian (monkey in case you are as dumb as you sound) descent therefore my dear old mother would have undoubtedly shagged an ape to get me, nice try though darling, maybe ask your daddy/brother pimp to write for you next time. Now unless you are related to said shit artist, im not sure why you would take this so seriously. oh well that's the trouble with the interweb any old thick as shit cunt can get on it..eh eh eh .
Jade Zee (2 months ago)
he no bigger a con man then your mom..who convinced people she mated with a human and not a pig to produce you
SnipingSkulls (2 months ago)
I discovered my dad 18 years later.
+Freddie Young Yes it is. LOL
Freddie Young (2 months ago)
+SnipingSkulls because im black?
SnipingSkulls (2 months ago)
Just by the way you talk, I can tell you are a below intelligence individual.
Freddie Young (2 months ago)
+SnipingSkulls wtf r u talking about nigga
Casey Reeves (2 months ago)
21 for me lol
Dr. Who (3 months ago)
Don't know if Atari was a find or a smart guy who bided his time and bought at right time.
elizabeth howell (3 months ago)
Im the luckiest person on the planet....ill write later.
Jenny Q (3 months ago)
I haven't discovered shit :(
cronelius bryant (13 days ago)
No bullshit.
Mary somo (5 months ago)
Dooplay Jajaj (5 months ago)
Madeline Anderson (5 months ago)
One and/or plastic appreciate bowl present routine Muslim share meeting poetry perception.
Ilyathe2nd (1 month ago)
I'll take machine translation for 200$, Alex!
Carmencita Abaquin (1 month ago)
Madeline Anderson great
Jason Jagger (1 month ago)
Jason Irelan (5 months ago)
3,346th view and 13th comment Take care and God bless.
aislynn mullins (5 months ago)
to bad I'm not one of those or I will give my mom the money if she bought me star rider it sounds selfish but she will be rich
xGARIDx (5 months ago)
A year ago i found golden watch from bag but i didnt know that was a golden and i though it was Chinese fake one. So i contacted with the owned and gived to him he was happy about watch and i asked... Ohhh shit no way i thought.
Irma Knight (16 days ago)
You are a rich person. Honesty is priceless.
Jason Jagger (1 month ago)
When you gived it you gived it real, real good.
Jason Irelan (5 months ago)
xGARIDx You did the right thing by returning it to its owner. Take care and God bless.
Young Dagger Dick (5 months ago)
Your Sweetener (5 months ago)
So hello
Your Sweetener (5 months ago)
I think im early
Nicole Martinez (5 months ago)
That lady has a painting worth $9 million dollars, wont sell and is still panhandling???
Albert Toth (2 days ago)
Albert Toth (2 days ago)
One day at a car show in southbend in at 4f ground I was to take the cans goods to homeless shelter. Putting bag cans in back of my pick up I found a ring worth. Five thousand dollars
John Youngblood (2 months ago)
Thats what I thought. Sell that mother fucker for 9 million ya stupid bitch before you get killed over it. Living on the streets or in a shit hole somewhere when you could be living in beverly hills?? What-Ever.
Dr. Who (3 months ago)
+Melvin Prado: It'll be stolen or she'll be dead by then. Stupid.
Nicole Martinez (5 months ago)
I agree but shes getting up there in age . Why risk your safety by panhandling when you're just holding out for more money
Wacky World (5 months ago)
Sheheryar Raja (5 months ago)
im rich
Dr. Who (3 months ago)
Yeah, we all are.
Awxkzy (5 months ago)
2nd comment
furious porres (5 months ago)
First comment

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