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How To Choose The Best Glasses And Frames For Your Face Shape

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GlassesUSA: http://bit.ly/AlphaM_GlassesUSA_LP 50% off + free shipping use code WELCOME50 (free basic lenses, premium and marked down frames excluded) Glasses Featured: Yorke Black - http://bit.ly/yorkeblack Dickenson Black - http://bit.ly/dickensonblack Freud Gunmetal - http://bit.ly/freudgunmetal Muse Funk Black - http://bit.ly/funkblack Muse Swing Gray - http://bit.ly/swinggray Academy Black - http://bit.ly/academyblack Acadia Beige - http://bit.ly/acadiabeige Ray-Ban RB5154 Black - http://bit.ly/rb5154 Brutus Brown - http://bit.ly/brutusbrown *Thank you to our amazing partner for sponsoring this video content Alpha M. Confidence Course: http://shop.aaronmarino.com/product/confidence-course/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services: http://www.aaronmarino.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM In this video men's style, grooming, fitness, confidence and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com http://www.aaronmarino.com and http://www.peteandpedro.com, teaches you how to select the best glasses and sunglasses frames for your face shape. In this video Alpha M. will show you how to figure out what face shape you have and then how to picked the best glasses for your specific face shape. Glasses are an amazing to add interest, detail, and dimension to your face. Aaron Marino of alpha m. will help you pick the perfect frames for your face shape. Glasses are a super cool accessory that you can wear on your face. The downside is that they can be crazy expensive. Alpha's first pair was $700! Now with the Internet, you can cut out the middle man and get a better deal. Alpha has partnered with Glasses USA for 70% off retail prices with free basic prescription. Basic glasses start around $48! Guidelines When Selecting Frames What is your face shape? Heart / diamond, round, square, and oval are the type of facial shapes. Alpha presents and discusses the following cheat sheet to help you assess your face shape. The proportion (size) of the frames that you are wearing need to balance (face and frame) unlike face shape that contrast. Aaron illustrates the rules-of-thumb for frames for specific face shapes with examples as well as demonstrates balancing proportion: Round faces need frames that are wider than tall to elongate your face Square faces / jaw need rounder and softer frames to lengthened and soften the natural angularity Oval shapes need symmetrical and not too structure frames to maintain natural balance Heart / diamond shaped face can get away with pretty much anything
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Text Comments (1062)
Buck Hudson (11 days ago)
I have a pretty big head, I really love brow line glasses but my head is too large
Wild Daz (14 days ago)
Should've gone to Specsavers
Mr. Goldfish (17 days ago)
Just want to exchange my glasses because it was the wrong prescription. Love the glasses but this is the last time I'll deal with them. GlassesUSA service can suck my nuts!
Coloris Beast (17 days ago)
your voice sounds so weird compared to now
Joshua Canfield (17 days ago)
What if you're norrow, narrow, narrow bra.. That has to be Square, since it's all relative
ANDROID ANUJ (22 days ago)
Which is the oval's first spectacle
Dylan Cifuentes (23 days ago)
I can’t tell if my Forehead is Either rounded or Wide, my head shape is either a Square shape, or Round Shape.
Dark Moon (24 days ago)
Your have a heart shape face like Kim Kardashian..
Daniel Ezra Vergara (24 days ago)
I can suit most frame shapes but since my eyes are so close together I look cross-eyed with glasses on.
Anhad Singha (25 days ago)
5:22 Panty smeller
conmanumber1 (29 days ago)
I just palmed out 1450 bucks on a blackfin titanium frame linked to premium hoya lenses but I preferred zeiss lenses.
I never saw a single ad in ur video i Appreciate it
Cami Camila (29 days ago)
You look like the UP (movie) old guy... Same face hahaha
Ronald Routh (30 days ago)
Dude.. I gotta say... It's not been very long that I've been watching your videos... But I love it.. You teach people how to look great and also feel great about themselves.. And that's just great! Keep it up brother! 😁👍
Bryan Lim (1 month ago)
There is shit on ur eye
Sulav Shrestha (1 month ago)
Can someone help me find the glasses at 3:48
Kylo Exo (1 month ago)
My glasses are legit 6 years old and super glued together. I think it's time...
miss 4nna (1 month ago)
dis is TERBAIK!!!❤
KaiserSoze679 (1 month ago)
This is probably the style element I worry the most about. I can't even order frames online because every time I've tried, they never work with my face. I generally have to go to a store and try one 2-3 dozen frames to find one I'm "okay with", and have yet to find ANY I could actually get confident about. I swear, glasses stores need to hire professional stylists to help people like me.
Fry it and Try it (1 month ago)
All i have is a wide forehead
• • (1 month ago)
Only time I'm upset for having 20/20 vision
My Geeky Life (1 month ago)
Just came here to get advice and it happened that I'm an oval face... was wondering what glasses would fit me best. ( since I just bought a new pair ) then the second pair he showed for oval look exactly like mine!! yay! watching alpha m for the past few years payed off!
Shimada Gaming (1 month ago)
I'd love to have glasses for style.
Cameron McMaster (1 month ago)
why this nigga look like tai lopez? also anyone watching in 2018?
Syed Ahmad (1 month ago)
What's your face shape?
Stranger Beamer boy (1 month ago)
I have a oval/heart shape face
Indika Asela (1 month ago)
Brandon - (1 month ago)
Wait... well-seeing people actually buy glasses to look better?😂
Jake Hartel (1 month ago)
I've been Rocking the same pair of Armani's for eight years. Lenses are scratched to hell by now in this pair. It was defiantly more than a name I paid for.
Anup Nishanrao (2 months ago)
alpha m how do you come to know abt all this
Dylan D Fleck (2 months ago)
How do you even know what face shape you have? Because I have no idea what face shape I have. All I know is I have a big forehead lol
Lord Snoozls (2 months ago)
Dude. On the vid the right eye/your left eye has a blood spill. It's from too much stress on the eyes and the blood cells pop and spill a bit blood. Last night i got it and i am worried about my eyes cuz im a gamer and have bad eyes. Just dont be like me! Keep your eyes!!!
AM YOGI (2 months ago)
Where the hell did i see this guy 🧐 cant quite put my finger on it god dammit
Ainsley Harriott (2 months ago)
*when I were glasses I look like a pedophile*
Bluu (2 months ago)
0:38 do you fucking know the stragle great tip:don't wear glasses if you don't need them
Joel T (2 months ago)
Thanks for the info!
Mythical (2 months ago)
Lmao, I've seen some of the most stylish glasses (some even look better than yours) at like $70 dollars, I don't know what you Americans been smokin' if your glasses cost that much.
Optically UAE (2 months ago)
This video really cleared my idea to have which type of eyeglasses for myself.Really helpful. After searching I got best eyeglasses for myself through https://www.optically.ae/
lienel jodie (2 months ago)
He look like a young version of the granpa in the movie "Up"
David McGuckin (2 months ago)
whats wrong with ur eye - cigarette ash in your eye while sucking the Johnson
a113sabertooth (2 months ago)
Can you see aliens with those glasses? Does it have an inbuilt computer?
Bored scientist (2 months ago)
the video starts at 1:45
Sumit Singh (3 months ago)
700 $ ?! seriously
daniel girgis (3 months ago)
You should never buy fake glasses it makes me sad I wear real glasses this photo was taken before I needed them
Kingchristopher7 (3 months ago)
Iconic a glasses add before the video
Dragoon TV (3 months ago)
this is confusing as hairstyles and hats i wear can totally transform the way i look with some outfits.
Mohini Tandon (3 months ago)
Sir what is your face type........... Please send me reply........
Lars Cronin (3 months ago)
anybody know the brand or where i can find the first glasses with the 2 shiny dots each side thanks!
JH Piano Anime (3 months ago)
Glasses make me look like a girl... I think its my hair...
Todd Lemmon (4 months ago)
Great vid! What is the name of the glasses at 3:30???
LIF Cloud (4 months ago)
glasses usa.com probably owned buy luxottica
The Goat (4 months ago)
Can oval face wear Aviators?
YOLOit'sJUSTus -_- !!! (4 months ago)
5:28 trial n err
basic bich (4 months ago)
$700????? I got my first pair for $120 WHAAAAAAAAAT
#Camden Smith (4 months ago)
This is like my math class in 6th grade
tim gong (4 months ago)
700 o bought mine for 150 included presc metal fram and lens
cham chan (4 months ago)
Alpha elf cuck wtf?!!
Klint Morre (4 months ago)
also the 4:10 time
Klint Morre (4 months ago)
Dude can u send me the link on the glasses at time 2:54, Thanks man ama get them
Romeo Norris (4 months ago)
How the hell do you make everything look so good?!?!
Sohail Khan (5 months ago)
What shape structure is your all are suits on you... Lol
Edward Kvietkus (5 months ago)
Possibly the best, most instructive video you've ever done! That was Great!!!
Trush Tucker (5 months ago)
Brendan Murphy (5 months ago)
I paid 110 for my glasses including prescription lens
Carlos Velazquez (5 months ago)
Glasses Usa is total shit never buy from them. you will never glass. I am ashamed of alpha for sponsoring them
Nhan Nguyen (5 months ago)
This guy can talk to an ant 🐜 & make it comes out of it's nest :)
Suchismita Gupta (6 months ago)
I feel you look harsh with that beard..my mind's interpretation of you
Le Goat (6 months ago)
I liked the ones at 3:29
Ryan Reynolds (6 months ago)
The glasses at 0:11 look Dope where's can I buy them?
meghnath dey (6 months ago)
I got my first pair for 20$
ABS (6 months ago)
Wtf 700$
Passiveagression (6 months ago)
Where did they steal their intro music from?
Zeke Stortz (6 months ago)
Thank I’m for sure gonna check them out
Steve O (6 months ago)
So, people with round faces should try and look more square and square face people should try and look more round? glad I'm an oval. Grass is always greener eh? lol!
Joe Alias (6 months ago)
Why are you yelling?
StamZ • (6 months ago)
Name of the glasses at 3:50? Please?
Ivan Ramirez (5 months ago)
StamZ • I need the name also! They’re so cool
Arunadoy Dasmahapatra (6 months ago)
I am the only one whot thinks dat he luks like the young version of grandpa frm gravity falls!!
prashant kumar (6 months ago)
if u r first spectacle buyer can also vist my link. https://youtu.be/A9kd7nouRHE
A Dude (7 months ago)
No need for glasses just rub Teige Hanley in ur eyes
QuickNEazzy Tutorials. (7 months ago)
Jake Leatherman (7 months ago)
My face is wide tall and just overall massive.. I had to get a 2x size helmet in football, and no store or school has a 2x helmet.. meaning again my head is huge. Mostly wide.. glasses look really funny on me. And I can’t see. So I’m just wearing the glasses I have. Looking for a pair that fits, let alone look good. Any suggestions?
Kamry M (7 months ago)
Thankyou for this video
the officialrecruit (7 months ago)
Well that didn’t help. Can’t figure out what face shape i am.
Cheyanne Núñez (7 months ago)
I was thinking about making the glasses Charlie sheen wore in major league you know the ones with the skull and crossbones on the bridge my actual glasses there fake should I or find something similar
Danko Akovic (7 months ago)
My lenses are almost a inch
Tristan Rayburn (7 months ago)
Hm hm hiiii
Martín Contreras (7 months ago)
This guy is just like mr. Peanutbutter
武鹏阁 (7 months ago)
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武鹏阁 (7 months ago)
If you want have one pair .please check GEELOOK on Amazon
Dennis Smithjr. (7 months ago)
Who agrees He isnt that handsome?
M Nauman (7 months ago)
what about thick glasses frame... guid me bro
Noor Wesam (7 months ago)
You can buy cheap prescription glasses online from eyebuydirect website. Get $10 by using this coupon: IF1127EW32
TheLostinkorea (7 months ago)
Where should I click to never see any of your videos?
maria serrato (8 months ago)
Been told a have an oval face, would aviators look okay ?
Louis Arv (8 months ago)
I tried that glasses website, after selecting the $50 frames, entering my prescription and then selecting my lenses, I was up to $400! Perhaps if you only receive single vision lenses (window glass) it’s possible to get for <$100. Where is the savings? Where can you get them fitted once they arrive? Get sponsorship for videos but make sure they can provide what you say or you are just wasting everyone’s time.
GoodAdvicesForFranco (8 months ago)
Can this guy be any more genetically gifted? Anyway, I’m bald and struggling to find a pair that doesn’t make me look like johnny depp from sleepy hollow
shahroz ahmad (8 months ago)
my face is inverse triangle not diamond . my jawline is larger than my forehead . what should I wear.???
Max Salgado (8 months ago)
$700!? WTF kinda glasses have you been buying and where? I've been purchasing them since I was 14 (24 now) and have owned name brand glasses such as Ray-Ban, Gucci and my last pair; Armani...At MOST, it was a little over $350 for the frames WITH exam and lenses included...
inverted triangle (8 months ago)
He looks like Chester Bennington
rmbeavers (8 months ago)
Any chance I can send you a picture of my face and you can just tell me?  I've tried the whole outlining my face in a mirror thing.  I think I have an oval face but not entirely sure

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