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Sleaford Mods 3voor12 Sessie op Le Guess Who? 2014

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Paul Peart-Smith (2 months ago)
No weak links. None. Its unheard of.
Daniel Davis (2 months ago)
I feel like the people in this crowd are the exact people that the Sleaford Mods hate.
Mike Therion (3 months ago)
Crass Hop!
vargaso (3 months ago)
Love that the DJ is using a standard-issue Dell PC, the kind you issued by the IT guy at your office job.
Frater Heliophobos (3 months ago)
wunderbar. prost ihr fotzen :-)
Marco Peláez Fernández (4 months ago)
that audience though
Phil Merrall (4 months ago)
Also see Phil Merrall - UK Politica
Morgue Original Music (4 months ago)
No criticism what so ever, but I hope they get a band behind them at some point. I know they aren't going for any form of popular sound, but I think they could have a deeper impact on music by doing so.
BRIDKIE (5 months ago)
Damn the sound is so good here!!!
siggy ziggy (5 months ago)
just been listening to Sleaford Mods for only 1 hour on a youtube bender i i'm fucking hooked
herr unterberg (5 months ago)
hahahahahahaaaa thats ironieeeeee ;)
Chortleclips (5 months ago)
6.14 mind blown haha
PunkyTom1962 (6 months ago)
Fuckin love sleaford Mods
Jeffrey Postma (6 months ago)
I like this, its cool, but the guy with the beer that presses play to start the loop on the laptop just nodding and sipping his beer? How must he feel. Most pointless piece of this performance....
Chortleclips (4 months ago)
Jeffrey Postma produces the music tbf
Turkishcap (6 months ago)
60 and I love it!
Miagi Fodder (6 months ago)
kids ain't bothered by swearing fact
Alain Preud'homme (8 months ago)
The dutch make Sleaford Mods sounding like The Ex isn't it?
BAJAFLATOUT!! (8 months ago)
pinned up to fuck man
Lars Hollstein (9 months ago)
is it just me... sounds like the young Yello fckng B. refckngspect
julian (9 months ago)
Andrew Fearns choice in T shirts is quality.................
Lee Hughes Hughes (9 months ago)
Got to come bck to this middle men what a track clear the cob webbs a bit u no what i mean bit wound up respect sleaford mods .... 😡✌🔥💯
Rab Mc (1 year ago)
Andrew Fearn is basically Ike Turner! Sleaford Mods are fantastic and they both contribute equally for people who care to do a bit of research on them. ❤️👌🏻
John Arzola (1 year ago)
ohhhh masters !!!
Jon Wild (1 year ago)
johngr59 (1 year ago)
imjustabadpenny (1 year ago)
33 people seem to have wandered here by mistake and got offended. The"re not Jolly Fuckers.
Jj Jones (1 year ago)
Dude with the glasses is thinking, I found them first!
AdrianVino (1 year ago)
Fucking money. I hear Lee Ving channeled at times.
robert maycock (1 year ago)
Everyone's a winner.
boom baby (1 year ago)
The guy with the glasses and the papercup is pretty much the only one who really gets it.
Lee Hughes Hughes (1 year ago)
BAA BAA crack sheep🐑 have u any rock well lol ..
Saraiva Toledo (1 year ago)
What´s the last song name , please ?
Erik Van Lombergen (10 months ago)
6 horsemen
Saraiva Toledo (1 year ago)
Fuck this audience. This place misses me !
Y Pure (1 year ago)
Best thing i have heard out of the UK for some time.....who needs top 10
OS Sch2601 (1 year ago)
swampdodger (1 year ago)
do a version of Big A, Little A,
swampdodger (1 year ago)
Don Letts said, punks not dead,
Stefan van Hoek (1 year ago)
Well, isn't that crowd goin' ballistic? Nice funeral atmosphere.
Bongo Frenzy (1 year ago)
They got it. Good to see.
Tom Wilson (1 year ago)
look at the standoffish indifference from a majority of them middle crass plebs watching,,half clapping,, as if they are taking the posh kids to see the monkey cage,, well done ladzz,,
John Gallacher (1 year ago)
raw as fuck. brilliant!!!
Eddy Moore (1 year ago)
hate the middle class t**** standing around like they know what f****** poverty is nodding their heads
Krzysztof Jurek (2 years ago)
witaj u polskiego słuchacza!!! kawałek z PRODIGY jest the best!!!!
Tony Wilkinson (2 years ago)
I love this. I think they are brilliant
Fabrizio Morroia (2 years ago)
what's the title of the first song?
Duncan Lambert (2 years ago)
Fabrizio Morroia
TANDPHUTLEY (2 years ago)
Middle Men
plasticbudgie (2 years ago)
Middle Men
Borys Kaczmarek (2 years ago)
Real punk in its best form
imperialjg (2 months ago)
punk rock is dead. long live punk rock. Sleaford Mods style.
Sune Pedersen (1 year ago)
It's post-punk if anything. But there are clear similarities.
g man tramp (2 years ago)
you wish
beanie b (2 years ago)
Wow, they're something else....
hoi Sleaford Mods het klingt allemaal wel leuk en een goed ritme maar verstaan doeje het niet sory VPRO leuk
versnellingspookie (1 year ago)
moet je de teksten maar eens lezen online of in het cd/lp boekje, soms komt het door zijn snelle spraak en Midwest-Engelse accent dat je het niet goed hoort maar de teksten zijn het helemaal waard! Verdiep je er maar eens in, zijn teksten zijn grappig, fris en gaan recht je ziel door
Horse Outside (2 years ago)
controleer je onderbroek
versnellingspookie (2 years ago)
Dan moet je hun teksten eens opzoeken! ;^)
bristolred5 (2 years ago)
I fear I am going to upset some of you, but I have an opinion of the Bourbon biscuit, somewhat similar to that of Sia Furler. Both when described sound lovely and are greatly admired. However I find my self somewhat underwhelmed. I often feel that I'm missing the point with the Bourbon biscuit and by rights should like it a lot more than I do. However, I find that I will frequently pass it over , frequenting as it does biscuit assortments, in favour of biscuits with apparently lesser charms. I can quite imagine that some people think that this is about as good as it gets, I'm just not one of them. None the less I still have a great deal of respect for the Bourbon, being as it were one the elder statesmen of the biscuit tin, and showing the Johnny come lately biscuits a thing or two about biscuit design.  Bourbons are also reassuringly uniform in size regardless of the manufacturer. Perhaps Bourbon biscuits could form the basis of an SI unit of measurement, with biscuits being measured in Bourbons e.g. the digestive has a diameter of 1.13 bourbons, or that ocean liner is 7.6 kilobourbons long, or wavelength of light emitted by that Argon/Krypton laser is 46.1 nanobourbons. I'm sure you see what I'm getting at.
LoudHOrnz 5 (1 year ago)
bristolred5 Your in the wrong place. Fuck off!
José Blues Ibiza (2 years ago)
Memories of Ian Dury
Rafael Pineda (2 years ago)
One too many cuck eyed fuck ;P
marco branzini (2 years ago)
Brad Fuzztone (2 years ago)
Hey Sleaford Mods. Get your fucking lazy arses over to Holland ASAP
Anthony Stephenson (2 years ago)
This is the real United Kingdom.
Piston Scrumpy. (2 years ago)
The Jonny Borrell bit is genius
Dave Clark Comedy (2 years ago)
Amazing, this is brilliant, pop round mate give you a fiver, FIZZY, Jobseeker, Tiswas, Corgi, 19.2 top, Jason Williamson is a genius remembering it all, I tell my nipper it's all gone wrong, lol.
Insomniak Sleepover (2 years ago)
Probably  my favourite  live Sleaford Mods vide. Fucking love it!!! WOH!
robrov1971 (3 years ago)
cant wait to see these live in 2016 johnny rotten and bez
lefroy1 (3 years ago)
I wonder whether or not the audience realise the Mods are singing about them?
Jules Petyt (3 years ago)
Aye Andrews loving his job, He's already done the hard work tho! Having said that what a front man Jason is, Ive loved this band since I 1st heard the intro to Air Conditioning, Best band around no question, This is a great performance,
Niall Toland (3 years ago)
who makes his trousers?
Lucky Coins (3 years ago)
Top sounds. ;)
F. Manggarai (3 years ago)
truly a gem this duo is . this gig has the most boring crowd Ive ever seen. out of place , which makes it even more relevant . come and see them live, that's where it's at
S Miller (3 years ago)
Love it but can't help but feel when I'm watching/listening to them that I'm part of an EDL march
Piston Scrumpy. (2 years ago)
Piston Scrumpy. (2 years ago)
What a fuckn daft thing to type.bottom of the class.
S Miller (2 years ago)
+Ste Oppenheim There's just quite a stereotypical view of a EDL marcher and these guys just fit it so well. I know they're not though. Just wandering but what song do they rip apart the EDL in?
Stevie (2 years ago)
+S Miller Even though thery kinda tear EDL to ribbons in one song. ;)
Franklin braga (3 years ago)
this is absolutelly ridiculous
Fret Friend UK (3 years ago)
Went to see them In Leeds last Monday [28th September 2015] = brilliant live and the place was buzzing! :D
Mari Metsikkö (2 years ago)
+N G One Seven Lucky You!!!!!!! We`"re still waiting (hoping)here in Finland.
david lister (3 years ago)
these versions of middle men and jolly fucker are better than the album versions definitely. they are actually perfect and i love it when james goes whoa!!! as punctuation.
Horse Outside (2 years ago)
try edit
david lister (3 years ago)
+david lister sorry jason not james ..think i just undermined my point in rubbish with names
MrBradius123 (3 years ago)
its wonderful ..... Is it us only us old cunts who remember being pissed off and liking it
MrBradius123 (3 years ago)
nice rug
Jazz Cat (3 years ago)
I spotted a hipster at 2:49.
Richard Cahill (3 years ago)
69v96 (3 years ago)
\m/ 1. Middle Men 2. Jolly Fucker 3. Tiswas 4. 6 Horsemen
Aleksandr Pulse (3 years ago)
мегя ахуенно
Horse Outside (2 years ago)
проверить трусы
Marcio Oliveira (3 years ago)
Tiswas It has a crazy beat/bass
Darin Paterson (3 years ago)
Mr jolly farkin a...
John McCabe (3 years ago)
I cooked for them later on that evening. Great lads!
Renato Andrade (3 years ago)
Pirando neste duo!!! Desgraçadamente bom :)
David Gibbs (3 years ago)
Love it!
electrizer (3 years ago)
is that a Thinkpad? :)
De hope (3 years ago)
Wish my dad had taken me to see something like this when I was a small child - like kid in audience. Great stuff. Love this band, remind me of when I first discovered Crass. Breath of fresh air in the beige world of music that exists today.
dublinirishkelt (3 years ago)
His mate has a handy number standing there with a bottle of beer
chris leigh (3 years ago)
To be fair to the Dutch audience I doubt they ' get ' the lyrics , even though most of them speak excellent English. I need to listen over and over to catch the lines. In my humble opinion these two shouldn't change the way they do their thing , it's unique , it's raw power !
Filmfritze111 (3 years ago)
simlpy great !!!
Nicholas Chriss (3 years ago)
Look at all the children's faces in the background at 5:00  they are loving it!
Joseph Knight (3 years ago)
Did he just rhyme anarchist with trainspotter?
Horse Outside (2 years ago)
I think it was anarspotter and trainchist mate.
Chris Summerfield (3 years ago)
Nice antidote to Pop Idol shit.  Like a palette cleanser.
doomkarloff (3 years ago)
very british, grreat stuff. could someone please post the track titles
Dynasoar (3 years ago)
fockin great. yes
littleniyah (3 years ago)
There's a big fan in the background singing along to all the words. But there are also very middle-class looking people looking portentous about it like they are thinking "yaaasss...this is Im Por Tant'.. interesting how the middle-class always come and hijack everything. They'll have this bunch living in the Cotswolds soon enough
RobbStarck (2 years ago)
I get the idea but for me it's a good things to see that those kind of music doesn't stay marginalized. Also you doesn't need to be poor and unemployed to agree with the messages shared by sleaford mods or the punk culture and subcultures.
littleniyah (2 years ago)
+RobbStarck no, just judging by what's gone before...like with punk and grunge and so on.
RobbStarck (2 years ago)
+littleniyah So you only judge people by their look or their bank account ? It's very pitiful
suffern63 (3 years ago)
+littleniyah As below,unleash the Fall on a foreign audience and see if they understand Mr Kipling
Hermes Gypsy (3 years ago)
+littleniyah From what I can tell (vpro.nl is a Dutch TV station), this is filmed in Holland, so not everyone there would 'get it'.
littleniyah (3 years ago)
Its interesting but three songs is enough. He's really like John Cooper Clarke..except can listen to JCC for ages. This is nerve-shredding after a while. If the guys would work on the musical background a bit. Look at Straight Outta Compton. It was just as stripped back as this, but every song was clearly starkly different. All these are so similar. The guy keeps just shrieking out a chorus that's one line over and over. "Jolly Fucker" or "Jobseeker" In the end its pretty crap. ...really all the same. But it has potential.
Randy TenBrink (3 years ago)
fuckin right.  love this shit
Dana Adalaide (3 years ago)
Middle men, the metropolis of discontent.. red and orange lights and old men.
Horse Outside (2 years ago)
concrete and dog shit, don't suck your crunchie emily.
Slotter Dawg (3 years ago)
Hhmm hooligan karaoke.. interesting.
FadGadget1 (3 years ago)
Smashed it at Glastonbury. Fucking class.
Charlie Nicholl (3 years ago)
Ah yes, bringing your children to see the Sleaford Mods.
Lee Davenport (3 months ago)
Typical middle class uni crowd who see him as a circus freak. They have no clue what being the underclass is. They look like inbred nerds and Don dance and because they can't
Saraiva Toledo (1 year ago)
Ross r (1 year ago)
Better education than the shit they get in school.
brian amin (2 years ago)
brian amin (2 years ago)
+PenguinBadger TurkeyBear OCT 2016 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
Fret Friend UK (3 years ago)
Ha! They both look like they don't wanna be there! I mean = what kind of crowd is that for this? :P
Lars EF (3 years ago)
+N G One Seven Its a showcase festival. Dont think so convantional.
Cheers Leaders (3 years ago)
Check out Cheers Leaders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ie9uBk0TGU
Horse Outside (2 years ago)
needs more cowbell, bud.
Scottie S (3 years ago)
Brilliant so up there!!!! Bang out another.....
Waca Gherkins (3 years ago)
Punk Attitude !!!

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