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Tea Time - Infinite Drama, Cheating, Hall of Fame, Counterfeits & more!

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Text Comments (73)
Scott D. (4 months ago)
I couldn't find the reddit post they were talking about with the guy who breaks down the apology.
J. Chanslor (4 months ago)
Ya'll spent for ever complaining about cheaters. Lets talk about cards more :)
andre mosh (4 months ago)
it's not cheating if they conceade and scuup up the cards you are not cheating. but if they sey ok and puts the spell on stack you will have to trigger chalice becuse chalis dosent stopp you from playing the card just counter it.
Joaquin Pirotto (4 months ago)
You most certainly CANNOT hope your opponent forgets a Chalice trigger, any trigger that's not YOU MAY for that matter or has a choice associated with it, like a Pact of Negation (you lose the game UNLESS you pay 3UU). It is violating the rules of the game, that spell cannot and should not resolve as stated by te game rules. You are both required and expected to preserve the game state. Furthermore, you MUST remind your opponent of YOUR may triggers, such as in Path to Exile, at all levels of competitive play.
Edwin Hernandez (4 months ago)
Evan preforming Reuben’s joke >_< haha 🤣
Andres Perez-Charneco (4 months ago)
Yeah! Go Cleveland! February is rough though...
woff woff (4 months ago)
It's weird to me that people are not talking more about Ken Yukihiro. Correct me if I am wrong, but he has four top 8s and a team series win. He seems to be a big personality in japan and he usually tops with very original decks including Hollow One. Am I missing something?
José Luiz (4 months ago)
Hey Evan, just wanted to say that I started to really learn about the game (card evaluation and stuff) watching you and Brad doing the complete set review for Return to Ravinica. Till today your voice reminds me of my early days in Magic, and I'm really happy to hear about the project coming to Ravinica again. Thanks for the great work of you all!
JankMTG (4 months ago)
I think he realizes now that everyone will be accusing him of cheating from now on so even if he is flying straight now he could get banned again because he will not get the benefit of the doubt in a future cheating accusation (rightfully so). His article is an attempt at damage control since it is clear that he is and will from here on out be under high scrutiny. It is easy to reform your ways when you have no other choice than to do so.
Kyle Pipkorn (4 months ago)
5 minutes in, I still don't know what the mods were supposed to be "banning." Could you start with a recap?
Ross F (4 months ago)
eh. I don't think players really care about what is going on with the pros. I know I don't.
MrTONDINI (4 months ago)
Alex should’ve been banned for life on the 3rd offense and now WotC has done goofed because he may have not cheated this go around. Now is the mob mentality which I think is wrong. Hall of Fame has become a joke because of who they’ve begun to allow to be in the ballot such as YouTube personalities, Twitter jockies, and moreover just people who aren’t involved in competitive magic or haven’t been in the “booth” for 20 plus years.
J Will (4 months ago)
Reuben we love you but please let Evan finish a thought every now and then. Thank you.
Zack Lumbard (4 months ago)
ummm like almost no one is saying that commander 2018 is sweet, I disagree but no one is really saying that Evan
Matt Hugenberg (4 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA C18 was AWFUL!! They picked 4 themed where they needed to reprint expensive cards to make the decks work, but they would never do that. The decks in a pure vacuum work with each other. But if you throw it in a game with 3 other commander decks? They will flop on there face. At least the other pecons could keep up some other decks.
TheNewOcMuse (4 months ago)
Well, you're entitled to your opinion :) I thought the set was fine, though the reprints were certainly lacking. Besides that, it all seemed pretty sweet.
ApeOfJustice (4 months ago)
@52:58 Did Reuben drop a bit of the F-bomb there?
Hank Carver (4 months ago)
Pretty sure he said the full thing
Arikki1 (4 months ago)
I can only imagine what joke Reuben made that had to be cut in the edit :D
Lim Lim (4 months ago)
What can i say? Alex is the symptom of the flawed Pro Tour System! Time for Erwin to tell it to WotC that a Digital platform is a must for 'eSport'.
Simon Choo Sze Shiong (4 months ago)
#Justice for Golgari Grave-Troll, for we know who dat Graveyard Gal
bcmaledragon (4 months ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it a million more times over......Bertoncheaty shouldn't EVER be allowed to play competitive magic EVER again. It wasn't great when he got caught the 1st time and people were willing to give him another chance(Except me because as the old saying goes...ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER). Shortly after being allowed to play again he goes ahead and cheats again and again each time only receiving a slap on the wrist while us legit magic players receive a smack in the face because he keeps being allowed back in to play. The last time I watched a live streamed tournament that he was entered into and on camera I quit watching the stream. As for the Chris Pikula HOF talk all I can say is he should've been there years ago when he was on the ballot the first year if not the next time.
immortally insane (4 months ago)
to avoid anymore cheating. DIGITAL tournements. the end, problem solve!
suprunown (4 months ago)
Wow. Way to rag on all the Canadian players. Nice to see you expect Canadian players to spend all their money (and then some with the exchange rate) to travel to the center of the universe to play, but god forbid you throw a bone to the players once in a while and have an event somewhere central that more Canadian players could get to. Hate to break it to you, but there's more to Canada than Toronto and Vancouver.
House of Shadow (4 months ago)
Tristan Karns (4 months ago)
Cedric and Patrick are the highest quality commentators in MTG history.
bcmaledragon (4 months ago)
Best in the business for sure. They are why I started watching live streams of MTG playing.
Phyrexian Juggernaut (4 months ago)
Ling was the skinny comic relief character in Mulan's military friend trio. Jimmy is a perfect choice, he'll do great. (He'd be better suited as Li Sheng or Mushu tho, the man has range.)
sdfkjgh (4 months ago)
After reading Alex Bertoncini's Facebook essay, it is my sincere hope that he can become Magic's Frank Abagnale. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Abagnale Who better to catch cheaters than one of the most historically notorious cheaters?  He'd be aware of the tactics, he could bring judges' attention to some of the trickier, harder-to-spot cheats. I guess I'm just an old softy, a sucker for redemption stories.
Chad Zeluff (4 months ago)
Alex is blocking negative comments? Weird, we witness similar things happen in Twitch chat...
Simon Choo Sze Shiong (4 months ago)
Amen to the mentality towards the "XYZ is my everything".Fix your game in whichever XYZ you so choose, so that it at least looks like you walk your talk.
sdfkjgh (4 months ago)
In light of scummy decisions like the Twitch Prime bs (https://twitter.com/Dedlok/status/1031619590701375489 ), WotC's strict adherence to its Reserved List decisions almost seems like a breath of fresh air. Almost. Sometimes, a revisiting of past decisions is necessary for the continued health of a company.
DragonHatz (4 months ago)
I agree with Evan about the pokemon go issues at work. We have problems at work with fantasy football. Clock out or do it on your break people!
Spencer Ward (4 months ago)
One of the best mind tricks ever was when Mike Long exiled his only copy of Drain Life to Cadaverous Bloom to create enough mana to draw his deck with Prosperity since he was unable to win with his board state. Long bluffed at having a second Drain Life, his opponent didn't make him earn it and swept. I love these mind games, and I don't think bluffing and mind games should be a bannable offense. Showing a Gut Shot with a Chalice on one and an opponent sweeping is a grey area. If you bluff, that should never be cheating, but revealing cards from your hand is grey and I guess it depends on the situation. Now showing the top of your deck like what'shisname did to LSV should be a game loss every time, maybe not a dq or suspension but definitely a game loss every time.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
Yelling about it on twitch got you talking about it, in turn you talking about it will catch wotc attention.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
Yes, that is exactly what it makes them, they have a business relationship with wotc and are officially vetoed by their pr department. It is not an employer-employee relation, nor a owner-subsidiary relationship, but another kind of BUSINESS relationship none the less. Not being paid does not factor into it. If you really think you posting here registers the same way with wotc as this guys making a video or tolarian academy making a video, you are deluding your self.
House of Shadow (4 months ago)
+Vader Skywalker As do a lot of content creators. Doesn't make any of them officially connected to WoTC. Hell, all content creators who get promo cards have to say shit like, "we were not paid for this in any way," to further make that obvious. But you do you, fam.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
They get preview cards, that is done through a relationship with wizards pr. Yes they dont REPORT to wizzards BUT they are on their radar.
House of Shadow (4 months ago)
Also, this show is not officially connected to WoTC. I don't know where you're coming up with that information.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
That is a mighty assumption you come up with, a few random guys bitching about it has no where near the same impact as a show like this which is officially connected to Wotc and viewed by hundreds of people bringing it up, which in turn is not the only show like this that will do so.
TidalGaming (4 months ago)
Wait isn’t long the not fat not strong guy in Mulan? Ya know. Chopsticks up the nose?
lemonylizardlicker (4 months ago)
Rueben needs tea with no caffeine next time.
po1980 (4 months ago)
This episode gets thumbs-up based on the first topic alone
Christopher Peterson (4 months ago)
As someone who got snap banned from chat for a sexist comment made while I was a little intoxicated, I can testify to the fact that mods do not take that kind of thing lightly. Claiming they don't is hogwash.
Psychozen 71 (4 months ago)
Cheating should be a 5 year ban first offense second offense ban 10 years ,third would be lifetime
Joaquin Pirotto (4 months ago)
That's a VERY broad statement, anything could be regarded as cheating, even unintentional stuff. Last PPTQ in my area one player accidentally grabbed 2 cards when he was going to draw, he didn't put them in his hand but he saw what the cards were, it was an honest mistake. The judge was called and the situation explained, the deck was shuffled and he got a warning. No advantage was gained or attempted to be gained, yet he was punished in spite of it.
Psychozen 71 (4 months ago)
Everything in my life is my family wife, three children. Then comes friends and church followed by hobbies.
KujakuDM (4 months ago)
Wow. Fired for playing a game during some down time. You going to go into the bathroom to make sure they aren't playing on the john? You also make people clock out to go to the bathroom?
Azraell P (4 months ago)
Alex is horrible for the game but WotC doesn't care anymore we have seen this already. Sadly they will not do anything at all whether we like it or not. Unless it costs them money right now they will do nothing at all sadly. Which is so frustrating but alas is reality of late.
Knyghtmarez05 (4 months ago)
Erin is a dude right?
Joaquin Pirotto (4 months ago)
Stewart Jenkins  You aren't helping anyone
Stewart Jenkins (4 months ago)
+Knyghtmarez05 that doesn't matter... Its just ignorant. She doesn't have to act like a stereotypical women to be one. Not only is it obvious when listening to how Erin talks about herself, it's obvious when you listen to how even and reuben talk to her.
Knyghtmarez05 (4 months ago)
+Stewart Jenkins not really it was a legit question. She a bit Manish.
Stewart Jenkins (4 months ago)
No! Erin is a women. She has made it very clear. Comments like this are really unnecessary...
bcmaledragon (4 months ago)
Was yes.
James Carman (4 months ago)
It doesn't matter what we expect to accomplish by our chat comments. You should not ban people for chatting about the current issue in Chat. You, Erin are wrong, and your comments about the issue prove to me that you know that!!!
House of Shadow (4 months ago)
sithapprentic03 (4 months ago)
its funny how mike long is still playing magic
Rich LeClaire (4 months ago)
Just ban Alex, plain and simple.
bcmaledragon (4 months ago)
They have on quite a few occasions and EVERY time they let that shit back in because they want everyone to feel "welcomed". I say the 2nd if not the 3rd time his ass got caught for cheating should've been the LAST time he was EVER allowed to play competitively.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
Wizards has used many different printers, methods and suppliers all across the world over the 25 years of MTG. Its very difficult to put much credence to some one that claims a card is "fake" out of the blue with no justification what so ever. The card "feels" fake is not going to fly with me.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
You said it your self, that video is about 1, again 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the providers used over 25 years of MTG. That says NOTHING of the rest of them, further you dont even know how many where used or which equipment/process each used. If you dont have official WotC documentation about it, then you know nothing about it, only hearsay and repeated gossip.
Tony N (4 months ago)
Vader Skywalker I've explained it and showed that in fact it's one of the markers used to verify. Just because you don't have the ability to tell a fake doesn't mean another doesn't. If it bends like paper and feels like sandpaper, you know it's fake and proceed to run the other tests that I already outlined. Grow up and admit when you're uninformed or wrong. Go watch any video with a fake. You don't seem to know about rebacks, non industrial printers, etc. You think most fakes were made with half a million dollar printers? That would make it very noticeable to the touch. Learn or not, I could not care less. What I care about is the misinformation you give so I had to fix it. If you can't tell a reback by touch, get out of magic fast. For almost everyone else, it is quite easy and rarely does a fake pass even the initial touch, even with most chinese fakes except the most recent run, which then falls apart to even a simple phone flashlight. No fake has copied the blue core right yet afaik(they tried on the latest, but it's nowhere near right yet). Unlike you, I actually know the authentication process used and I know a good deal about the fakes out currently... Ffs, you went off on how I don't know, when I basically gave you every test done(which I'm guessing you didn't even understand and you probably don't even know what a rosette pattern is...) short of checking if the corners were recut or the holo-foil... Yet you go off on how I don't know and all you mentioned was printers over and over... Meanwhile I have thousands of cards even from the 90s when I began playing. When you sell to an lgs, you think they run every test? Lol. They only do when it FEELS off, unless it's a very expensive card. They don't even check fifty dollar cards unless they feel off. There's no talking to people like you, so I'm done here. Go on and repeat printers, I'll be out of here. ;)
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
You would not know. It does not matter if everything confirms the casters assumption of the card being fake, the fact that they have no official documentation about it, makes it nothing more than speculation. You dont know where the card was printed, you dont kow how the card was printed, you dont know the combination of materials used, further you dont know what all the combinations of these factors were, for said edition printing world wide where. You only have a limited card pool you have seen, and you assume all must be the same, which is complete BS. I have played with the same cards, same edition and different languages. To say that the printing quality, feel and color are wildly different between Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian versions of the same card, is really putting it mildly. Again, show me some official WotC documentation on every supplier they used for each edition and yeah ill be ok with it. Until then, its all supposed "experts" and baseless speculation.
Tony N (4 months ago)
Vader Skywalker You may not be able to feel if a card is legit, but you CAN feel if it's fake. It's one of the main things people use to verify authentic cards. Along with the rosette, light test, bend test, black ink over the colored rosette, and knowing the ins and outs of a particular set. Go watch anyone deal with a fake card and the FIRST thing they talk about is how it feels. Go on, go watch some vids. It's usually what starts an authentication process anywhere. Some of the fakes even have a plastic fog over the card... Usually the card turns out fake if it felt it, in just about every video I've ever seen.
Vader Skywalker (4 months ago)
It applies to tournament and simple transactions, what all these brainiacs dont realice is that thanks to WoTC outsourcing printing world wide, there is no single standard for what a "Real" card is supposed to be. It certainly is not documented anywhere, and what little is documented, it is either easily reproducible (aka blue resin), incredibly unreliable due to changing raw materials (aka card transparency/"feel" what ever the fuck that last one means) or flat out inconsistent across the several printers used over the 25 years of mtg (aka dot matrix).
AJ Amherst (4 months ago)
Adam Balaban (4 months ago)

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