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Sticky Fingers - 'Australia Street' live @ 3voor12 Radio

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Sticky Fingers zijn te gast bij 3voor12 Radio, ze spelen Australia Street 3voor12 is het muziekplatform van de VPRO. Op de site http://3voor12.vpro.nl vind je de Luisterpaal met de laatste releases, een overzicht in beeld en geluid van alle toffe festivals in Nederland plus het laatste popnieuws en interviews.
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Text Comments (67)
AlexSF Rv (1 month ago)
La putamare musica de la putamare, Sudamerica los espera!
hohoho maricris mass (2 months ago)
Felipe Cardoso (5 months ago)
Great Freddy crabs !!!
Chino09M (6 months ago)
That feeling you get whenever Dylan starts singing..Easily one of the greatest to ever do it!!
Indra Jaya (7 months ago)
Cant wait to see u in bali mannn
Darcy Dreamed (7 months ago)
I think Dylan has a unique voice, but I mean genuinely unique
Jarisa Gomes (9 months ago)
Aimmmmm meu coração😭😭😭😭😭😭
tino anjos dafolgada (10 months ago)
Toby Scott (10 months ago)
Imagine being in that room without a pair of headphones on! itd sound soo cool with basically drums and vocals and faintly the electric guitars
Micayla Krauklis (1 year ago)
just watching freddy in the background makes me smile
Harper Klingner (1 year ago)
Only 9 people disliked how good is that
Dilailson Teixeira (1 year ago)
O Brasil também curte o som de sticky fingers
Daniel Schmitz (1 year ago)
hell yeah beaker wearing a dunies shirt
Mad Cih (1 year ago)
Rocio Salva (1 year ago)
los amo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nikki (1 year ago)
does anyone know what diz is saying at 3:30 ?
lostfellaGTGDAWG (1 year ago)
Sounds like he's saying this world is more than me or we
Matías Fuentes (1 year ago)
wena vengan a lontue
ryleyknight (1 year ago)
I think this was the same day as village sessions
Dizza culiao te amo, vengan a Chile:(
laurieg -78 (7 months ago)
yo lo amo más :)
imDabbing (2 years ago)
fuck that outro lol
mark guia (2 years ago)
nice song
Nikachu (2 years ago)
Not enough Paddy in this video.
Francis Camu (2 years ago)
Dylan frost voice can heal all wounds i swear to god
Georgia Sondergeld (2 years ago)
Fucking beautiful x
anne boquiron (2 years ago)
Come to philippines pleaseeee!
nancy presto (2 years ago)
Brenda González (2 years ago)
No ma mes 😨 :,)
DrumerFunk1 (2 years ago)
amazing! greets from Chile!
Diego Flores (3 years ago)
Que feeling csm, ame esta versión💚
Shyanne Kapalko (3 years ago)
this just makes any day better...
Finn Allen (3 years ago)
Hahaha beaker's wearing a dune rats shirt
Tara Ortiz (3 years ago)
KTV (3 years ago)
I like the live version better than the studio version tbh. So much more instrumental.
KTV (3 years ago)
+Martin Doohan haha yeah mate
Brodzzzzz (3 years ago)
Why the fuck didn't these guys headline Groovin The Moo???  They put a shit outdated band on like Wolfmother on.. And not these guys?  Man... When these guys played, You couldn't even walk in the mosh pit, It was that packed! These guys should be WAY bigger than what they are!
i L L A D V i Z E D (8 months ago)
If they were on a major label they be huge, it's an independent label where they can handle their own shit. Although if there was a major label they would have been dead long time ago with the cash advances
Jutts (2 years ago)
Yep really don't understand how they are not bigger. cause they are fuckin bang on. best thing since stone roses
courtneyst (2 years ago)
Sticky Fingers should have definately headlined and Preatures I reckon should have been higher up the pecking list too. At GTM tsv, sticky fingers had probably one of the biggest crowds of the afternoon. Shame they were on at the same time as A$ap, I know a lot of people who were torn between who to see
nathancad (3 years ago)
+Brodzzzzz fuck yeah, so underated
Hannah Cuskelly (3 years ago)
Beaks is on another level in this
Luc ter Schiphorst (3 years ago)
Matthew Sturdee (4 years ago)
BLOODY BRILLIANT! Makes me wanna cry for how good the are! Perfect! These guys have been such an inspiration in my music journey! LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANKYOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR MUSIC!
natanXDDD (4 years ago)
Nicolas Pan (4 years ago)
this guy can sing
thesantiso (3 years ago)
+Nicolas Pan Dizza´s fucking amazing haha
Jonathan Allen Evans (4 years ago)
The mysterious Dylan Frost exceeding all expectations once again
pierre zylstra (4 years ago)
Beaks was in the zone right there!
Jake English (4 years ago)
They are better than the Beatles!
SpicyMemes4U (7 months ago)
Jake English the Beatles were a complete different style of music, they constantly changed too, I don't nessacarily fancy them but they were iconic for a reason
Darcy Dreamed (7 months ago)
Takes guts to say that about any band
Moon (10 months ago)
Russell Starmore (1 year ago)
bombingbloke (3 years ago)
+Jake English hell no dude
Teeps Parker (4 years ago)
great version. beaker's drumming is particularly tight. much love boys
Jess S (5 years ago)
his voice is sex
MissRetroP (5 years ago)
his voice *_*
cool goth (5 years ago)
Fuckin' eargasms all round
motomorini (5 years ago)
Hey Dazza The beard is back!
YOUNG MONKS official (5 years ago)
fucking love these boys. we'll do a show together soon

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