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Barbie A Fashion Fairytale - Life Is A Fairytale Official Music Video w/lyrics

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Text Comments (164)
Star-Sama (4 days ago)
before life was a fairytail and magical but now..its darkness
Gadisnya Lucas Bieber (12 days ago)
October 2018 anyone ???
Barbie movies and shows and songs never gets old
BEARD TS (1 month ago)
Those days when barbie is still worth remembering for. So fucking memorable. I remember watching this everyday with my cousins lmao
little Nicky (1 month ago)
💟this song
Melody Short (2 months ago)
I'm 14 and I still remember the words
Rosie Gregg (2 months ago)
I want to become A fashion designer like Barbie.
0:12 Is it just me or does she only have one leg
Dancoi (3 months ago)
i cried when I heard this agian
Everything Channel (4 months ago)
I m 18 and I miss barbie
Magda Bandera (4 months ago)
I have this movie and I love 😸
MindLess Pals (4 months ago)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Adrija Dutta (5 months ago)
I love that long
Null Moneith (5 months ago)
The Nostalgia is just- I still remember the lyrics-
Miu Heartfilia (5 months ago)
Am I the only one listening to this music in 2018?
drashti Sejwani (5 months ago)
I never miss this song😎😎
Satyajiban Bisui (5 months ago)
cAro_ dA_CAt (5 months ago)
i was 5 when this premiered... i had this song memorized, and today, almost 8 years later, i begin to sing it in the middle of class only to be stared at.... but.... SCREW IT ITS BARBIE!!!! am i right?
shishter (5 months ago)
Wow, 2010 fashion is technically emo but in Paris Hilton's clothes.
Joseph Clegg (6 months ago)
Dian Anggraeni (6 months ago)
Seru suka
Pavul raj (6 months ago)
My fav song
Precious Angela Tan (6 months ago)
Savita Singh (6 months ago)
loom bracelete maker (6 months ago)
Very fashion,beautyful and amazing song and video !😍😍💖💕
Alicia (7 months ago)
Why am i watching this at 1am wtf am i doing with my life 😂😂😂 the 2010 feels man 😂
love it
Shaking in my Grave (7 months ago)
I remember jumping on the bed with my cousins and my sister singing this song over and over 😂🌸💕🌹
little Nicky (1 month ago)
Ha ha
Ema 17 (8 months ago)
shalmali yelwande (8 months ago)
Jagdish Saraswal (8 months ago)
When i first saw this movie,Wanted to be a fashion designer ! And perfected my Sketches Bcuz of this .in short it inspired me
Simoney Luiz (8 months ago)
iFaye YT (8 months ago)
My fav song since i was little and now im 11 y/o 😭
love it so much
love it so much
cringe hunny (10 months ago)
After so many years I still remember the lyrics❤
Hope Jahziel Rondina (11 months ago)
I love this move
tay đô (1 year ago)
Too good😘
Margaret Jeh (1 year ago)
yguihihi nokpkpkpokpkpk lkkmpk l[l[l[l[k p;pomomj lpkpk l[l]kpk[ l[]l[k[k
Caroline Gorman (1 year ago)
This is my jam!!
Yousuf Ali (1 year ago)
Best song for fashion
Atifa Ali (1 year ago)
nice song
Ruhma Ali (1 year ago)
I like this song
BGKL4EVER LOL (1 year ago)
that's y I want to be a fashion designer an animator and a singer in animeted movies
Suraj Dhakal (1 year ago)
i love this movie very much and i love barbie to
Chelsey Jabbour (1 year ago)
what if someone sang this song on Britain's got Talent😂
Sana K (3 months ago)
Chelsey Jabbour that would be great 👼🏼💓
Studio Z (3 months ago)
Kira Mitsu (4 months ago)
Chelsey Jabbour golden buzzer 😂💎
Chelsey Jabbour someone needs to do that XD
renu sinha (1 year ago)
🎶🎵🎹🎼 lovely music
Kathy Cameron (1 year ago)
I have this movie this morning I whatchad it
女王y o s h i n o (1 year ago)
Last comment ;-;
américain VEVO (1 year ago)
🎤 yes
Alexandra Pop (1 year ago)
Ilija orlic (1 year ago)
Me too
I love dis song. Is it sad that I'm 12 and I still know all the words and sing it in class?
+Aki Akabane thank's
Hatim Ouaadoudi (1 year ago)
Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht خ
Aki Akabane (1 year ago)
im 21 and i still love this song. Your sense of music is yours alone. no need to be ashame of it at all no matter how old you are :)
- unknown prinxess - (1 year ago)
Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht no I'm love this song too
meg grande (1 year ago)
Khan Khan (2 years ago)
i have also learnt it
Khan Khan (2 years ago)
amazing song
Khan Khan (2 years ago)
amazing song
Ummara Asim (2 years ago)
💋💋💋💋💋love it soo ooooo ooooo much I have learned it
Enchanted Princess (2 years ago)
Haneen 331 (7 months ago)
Me too
Nandita Choudhary (9 months ago)
me2 loved it 😍
Ummara Asim (2 years ago)
I have learned it
biswas sharma (2 years ago)
my favorite
I love Barbie and this picture
melrcode Gp (2 years ago)
Belkhir Ahmed (2 years ago)
I love this music
Veronika Stoianenko (2 years ago)
this song is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool
Alpha Wolf (2 years ago)
I remember when I first watch this I'm squealing so much! Nostalgia!
KrystalGhost (2 years ago)
I love this movie apart from the cringy bits with Ken 😖
default memes (1 month ago)
KrystalGhost i love the kaneki prof pic
Sharon Tan (1 year ago)
Anna Jamison ikr
suzanne s (2 years ago)
enjoyed it!
Elna Ann (2 years ago)
I am going to be a famous fashion designer when I grow up
WinkWink Julie (2 years ago)
When i was 4 years old i dont like Fashion but when i watched Barbie this makes me feel like Yeah okay fine i want to design their clothes someday xD
rebin (2 years ago)
love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love soooooo much it is my favorite song!!!!!
rebin (2 years ago)
love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love soooooo much it is my favorite song!!!!!
Remesh pillai (2 years ago)
I am stil watching the movie I am so old stil
Farheen Khan (2 years ago)
so so so so cute
XxYuki SobaxX (2 years ago)
Nobody noticed at the beginning Barbie had one leg?
XxYuki SobaxX (2 years ago)
+sama ranjbar OMG!!!!
sama ranjbar (2 years ago)
+Werewolf Lps1889 OH MY GOD! meanwhile on the news "barbie is an ALIEN IN DISGUISE , she makes every girl love her until it has 10000000 fans to takeover the universe"
Lucia Mazza (2 years ago)
Sassy girl in the song Summer Sunshine :~) LOL
Chayan Varshney (2 years ago)
i wish barbie was real and my sister .
Manon Niessen (2 years ago)
I'm 19 y/o and i miss Barbie, i love this .....
Samantha mohess (1 year ago)
still into Barbie
Maya Tanner (1 year ago)
I'm 17 and I still love Barbie. And I _love_ Tinker bell Secret of the wings. :)
Malfoyfairyhunter (2 years ago)
mee too 15
Manon Niessen (2 years ago)
+Summer TehRose Right :) Never ^^
Eliza Meeks (2 years ago)
+Manon Niessen Your never to old for Barbie! :)
Luka Komljenovic (2 years ago)
Gm Ilja. Vnhzppiouztrrwwqöölkkjhgfdssaamnbcxyyüpiwemv cüoztrwwqweölljfdsssaangmtitjhjjjngöziluljkjkhkz
Ralph Wu (2 years ago)
I use to watch this movie everyday but now that I'm older, I can't and I miss this
STAR1 SUBBER (1 year ago)
Ralph Wu who said that you can't watch Barbie when you're older??
debbie jones (2 years ago)
I love this song
masi dodo (2 years ago)
hello barbie
Anaam Jamac (2 years ago)
Soon I will sing this on our school stage
Mohamed Mawgoud (2 years ago)
nice song
Barbie girl (2 years ago)
like it😀
Trinity Galatea (2 years ago)
This inspired me to have a career of a fashion designer 😢 thank you
Eliza Khan (5 months ago)
Trinity Galatea same
Trinity Galatea yay
Miu Heartfilia (5 months ago)
I want to become a designer and this was also one of the things that inspired me!
Carlos Cordova (5 months ago)
Trinity Galatea w w o
miss.unaverage (7 months ago)
that's amazing <3
Rhianna Padden (2 years ago)
I love it. it is fabulous
dede sobana (3 years ago)
aku suka
Surasmin Imaluddin (3 years ago)
I love is songggggggggg....
Khan Khan (3 years ago)
this song is amazing
Ummara Asim (2 years ago)
I love this song soo ooooo ooooo much. I have learned it "A simple form , the perfect line it's coming together in your mind. ....................😙😙😙😙😙💖💖💖💖💖💖love it so ooooo much
nainaawan awan (3 years ago)
very very nice 👌
Clove Sevina (3 years ago)
THE NOSTALGIA... THE NOSTALGIA! :P Early 2010's kids unite! :D
Bisma Batool (5 months ago)
Bloom (8 months ago)
I'm a 2000s and early 2010s kid YES!
Tharshena Reddy (1 year ago)
I am here. I am finally here!!😀
Miranda Kereh (3 years ago)
Cantik banget lagunya
Veve Bone (3 years ago)
bagus banget lagux
Ghea Gevira (3 years ago)
I love this songgggggggg ^_^
Vee LouC (3 years ago)
PREMLAT PANDEY (3 years ago)
Love thizz!
Roblox Lauryn (3 years ago)
How the fuck did I end up here?
Natalia Poptart (2 years ago)
+Trinity Galatea XDDD
Trinity Galatea (2 years ago)
I think it ended up like mine, you saw the show you were about to change the channel But you liked the song and waited for it to end and ended up searching this song.
nattiedaisy (3 years ago)
Love this song and the drawings by Lily Martinez!
little Nicky (1 month ago)
Same the drawings so good

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