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Clone or name brand frames

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My opinion on clone miniquad frames versus exspensive name brand ones.
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Peter McArdle (1 year ago)
SWAY FPV (1 year ago)
Yeah I agree with you, I started with the cheaper stuff, but I didn't want to buy "cloned". For lack of a better word "copies". Some cases it was unavoidable. When I was on a budget I mounted thing clean and solid. Soldered everything properly just so it would last. I did find the cheaper stuff was good. But when I could afford the good stuff I pulled the trigger and got myself the gear and the longevity and performance was night day. And because of the care I took installing the cheaper stuff had a roll on effect. I still will buy the cheaper stuff. But not cloned gear let's face it. Clone is a fancy word for. That's a nice design, I'll change a few things and call it something. So people new to the hobby click and buy thinking they are getting what joe blogs said to get. All I'm saying yes buy cheap, but support the legit businesses that work hard to get this stuff out to us.
NQIS Steve (1 year ago)
Sway Great comment and as always thanks for watching this old bloke!
Kenneth Holland (1 year ago)
Well said...I am with you. Maybe they get the frame free and have to talk in glowing terms or they are getting kick backs. Always wary of these unboxing videos etc.
NQIS Steve (1 year ago)
Cheers dude thanks for your input.
Trochartist (1 year ago)
👍👍 I fly a Martian 2 frame,it was cheap enough where I bought two frames (one for replacement parts). 4mm CF is 4mm CF 😉 great vids🍺
NQIS Steve (1 year ago)
I Agree thanks for watching

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