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Top 10 Fairy Tail Anime Moments [60FPS]

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List of ten best moments from the Fairy Tail anime. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your list below. For more Top 10's and anime related videos subscribe! Buy anime goodies here: https://www.fanimos.com/?aff=95 Backup Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ViniiTubeKai Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ViniiTube/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViniiTube _ Credits to: Outro Image - https://wallup.net/anime-fairy-tail-scarlet-erza-fullbuster-gray-dragneel-natsu-heartfilia-lucy-happy-fairy-tail/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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ViniiTube (8 months ago)
Didn't add too many fights in this since I'll make a different video for that. What's your favorite moment from the Fairy tail anime? Comment below! Like and share the video for more Fairy Tail content 🔥
CharlieLinh Tran (5 days ago)
Almighty Godspeed then why u here? If u hate then use some common sense to leave this video
zubhanwc3 (6 days ago)
Celine I miss Erza vs kagura from hargeon xD
Celine (6 days ago)
I missed Kagura vs. Erza and the Moment on the Island where Erza was the last one standing
Ak Top's (7 days ago)
ViniiTube mirajane vs freed
zubhanwc3 (8 days ago)
Otaku- chan in the gmg arc, she kinda does. Natsu even cries over her corpse
Thekillerosquid (2 hours ago)
The feels are back
Potatoe Gaming (3 hours ago)
I started crying before Natsu with Igneel’s death
Léa Nom (1 day ago)
this shit sad for real
ama党 yyy (1 day ago)
Julian Perez (1 day ago)
somebody knows the song with the guitar that start in 9:20?
TiTio Natsu BR (1 day ago)
Video top dms
ines ben abes (2 days ago)
No I am not crying . You are crying Fuck I really miss Fairytail
Max Krujatz (2 days ago)
Aarohini Ghosh (2 days ago)
Ayyyy. Go wendy!!
Mazen Ayman (2 days ago)
can someone explain to me why do people say that the ending was disappointing ?
Hayal Cetin (3 days ago)
13:07 that moment 🤯 i cant remember that scene
you10ever (4 days ago)
For some wierd reason i can't explain fairy tail always makes me cry. that never happens to me with anything else.
GoodVibes808 (4 days ago)
When Makarov gets big Natsu & Gajeel vs Sting & Rogue
mavis vermillion (4 days ago)
Jesus christ, Makarov and Laxus moment always makes me cry
Sinkerful (4 days ago)
In the last moment I remembered how I let a tear, it was really a pity and a shame.
Anya Black (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who cried at Igneels and Aquarius death
Tan Yuda Liti (5 days ago)
Got that no 1 right alright.. 😇^~^
SnowKidPt (5 days ago)
3:55, the only scene i cry... nostalgia is hitting hard
クパピ (5 days ago)
Warrod Sequen (5 days ago)
Episode 48 Fantasia Parade Send Off that part of Laxus leaving will allways make me cry like a baby.
Alex Naranjo (5 days ago)
aquarios TT_TT
Dhruv Sawhney (5 days ago)
Thankyou for making this video ❤
田中浩行 (6 days ago)
エルザ・・ここにあり!! かっこよすぎ!!
侍骨吉 (6 days ago)
New Anime (6 days ago)
How Much?
Tone Deaf (6 days ago)
fck dem all
Tone Deaf (6 days ago)
silver must have thick dickkk
Tone Deaf (6 days ago)
4:05 I always imagine its a middle finger..
C ruzer (6 days ago)
3:52 👆
ToastyMarshes (7 days ago)
too many feels fam
God. Meepo (7 days ago)
In the fight between fairytail and acnologia why didnt laxus or makarov use fairy law
Ak Top's (7 days ago)
Mirajane vs Freed is also an unforgetable one
中西隆裕 (7 days ago)
Skyro modz (7 days ago)
Fairy tail fannnnnnnnn
Toston (8 days ago)
I woulda put natsu vs zero when he busts outta that other dimension like a badass, but all these are great too
Ryu-sama [竜] (8 days ago)
I cried when Lucy destroyed Aquarius :'(
Luffy1045 (8 days ago)
"I've been inside of you all this time."
germanmejor (8 days ago)
Loved the first one <3
JuTiLity 88 (8 days ago)
My favourite Moment is the entrance of the New team fairytale at the magic tournament
Georgie Dobson (9 days ago)
Sacraficing Aquarius hurt WAY more than anything to do with igneel!
Felipe Sousa (9 days ago)
Amor esse anime 😍😍😍😍😚
Cihan Derin (9 days ago)
a.asyiqin_ (9 days ago)
eVeN tHouGh i'Ve aLrEadY wAtcH aLL oF diS i sTiLL fEeL tHe eMoTiOns HASHDCDJSJDKDH
Demise Senpai (9 days ago)
Really can’t wait for fairy tail return in this fall
Ren (9 days ago)
This is how you define fairytail moments that make you smile and moments that bring tears to your eyes
Shane Thomas (9 days ago)
Man does anyone ever wants to cry when you here fairly tail play that sad music Everytime.
AnimeQueen (9 days ago)
You know when something big is happening depending on the music
cube790 (10 days ago)
Add ultear sacrifice last ages...
DerpDerp AndDerp (10 days ago)
Its so sad it could made me cry😭😭😭but a man dosent cry😠u get ur ass back up that tear sack tear😫
Juan José Martinez (10 days ago)
I love Fairy Tail 👆
PerfectPanda824 Nerd (10 days ago)
Number 7 and 2...*sniff.... I’m not crying...I...WHOS CHOPPIN ONIONS OVER HERE HUH!?!?
臣LOVE_ MONET (10 days ago)
Vighnesh Kesavadas (10 days ago)
Silver’s death should be top 3 imo
Joshua Andrey (10 days ago)
Laxus's and Wendy's character development is what I like the most in Fairy Tail... No. 10 and No. 8
hadi abas (10 days ago)
I miss fairy tail 😢😭
Benas (11 days ago)
A honourary No.11: Cana uses Fairy Glitter during GMG.
Roronoa Zoro (11 days ago)
*Fairy tail is the best anime ever*
Fatimh Almatrafi (4 days ago)
Roronoa Zoro that's subjective
Roronoa Zoro (11 days ago)
Gray father made me cry
Mahad Macow (11 days ago)
I don't know when watching fairy tail every hair on my body stands, can't take it mann. missed fairy tail so much
Neptoon (11 days ago)
I feel like Natsu vs sting and rogue should be on here since it’s a badass moment
Scarecrow (11 days ago)
Napiszę po Polsku-Titania jest tu. i niema ch*ja we wsi (wiem, że nie zaczyna się zdania od: (i) , ale możecie mi odpuścić ten jeden raz chyba? ... :P
Gintoki (11 days ago)
6:22 i love this moment with the ost and crying friends 😌
God Eater (11 days ago)
Oh boi! Watching this video just bring back some memories. All those times when Fairy Tail made me angry, happy, sad or made me cry like a baby.
Hyper 1017 (12 days ago)
*The Music tho*
Leox Gaming (12 days ago)
3:11 👆🏻
Lydia Larissa (12 days ago)
fairy law gimme chill
susyko (12 days ago)
Where are dragons who's destroyed faces?
Daniel Bridges (12 days ago)
8 makes me tear up every time
Fairy Tail helped me realize the importance of having friends :') <3 IT NEVER FAILS TO MAKE MY CRY!!!!
Mr. Blackwood (13 days ago)
Holy sh.t you're taking out the big guns for this one xD
Melle Wtf (13 days ago)
dude I honestly thought that the number one would be when natsu does a 1v2 against sabertooths dragon slayers.
Noscoptic GT (13 days ago)
T H I S Q U A L I T Y I S *K I L L I N G* M E
Venom Vortex (13 days ago)
Dub is better
Badum Ts (13 days ago)
Every scene gave me goosebumps. Good job!
Tiffany Luong (13 days ago)
Woahhh y’all tripping. Fairy tail is one of the best anime’s I know like no offence to all y’all haters out there. Just pointing out the obvious
Fatimh Almatrafi (12 days ago)
Tiffany Luong well there are reason why it's not one of the best anime a lot of reasons
Narosan (13 days ago)
anybody here an Aquarius??
Gabriel Huck (13 days ago)
Por wendy la loli mas linda de todo los animes
Shushui (13 days ago)
chorei mais que a lucy na cena da aquarius
Ruthless Reaper (14 days ago)
Some of these scenes brings me to tears no matter how much times I've seen them💯
ZombifiedGuitarist (14 days ago)
That hurt to watch. So many feeeeels!
Lucy Fullbuster (14 days ago)
I cryed so much on number 1
Heartig (14 days ago)
Storm (14 days ago)
Where can I get that wallpaper at the end?
Storm (14 days ago)
Trash anime, but still better than one piece/wan piss
Fatimh Almatrafi (4 days ago)
Storm I asked if you watched it
Storm (11 days ago)
Fatimh Almatrafi one piece is trash lol.
Fatimh Almatrafi (12 days ago)
Storm did you watch one piece or read it because if you did you will see that it's one of the greatest if not the best shonen manga
邱亭皓 (14 days ago)
No.9 Meliodas:Full Counter
Asher TheValiant (14 days ago)
21:53 is that noise hair or just a mustache?
Keenan Peterson (14 days ago)
I read entirety of the fairy tail manga. Every weekly update, as a pass time it did the job, entertaining enough. However I personally don't see the hype, the story and fight seemed mediocre. Natsu attacks never felt like they had much impact. I'm curious why do some of you refer to it as a favorite given some of its contenders?
Samantha Kowalewski (14 days ago)
When I was first watching the anime the one where they put up the sign made me cry
saengo10 (15 days ago)
Erza cilled the last monster, my favorite scene, eeeeeeevvvvvver.
Sensei san (15 days ago)
Every scene make me cry 😭 I've watched this anime 4th time and I'm never get bored . Can't wait for the new season .
Gray vs. Zero its where man cry
HoneyBudsX (16 days ago)
fml. It's 3 am and i'm surfing sad scenes of all my favorite anime :/
Jared Hamilton (16 days ago)
I could care less for any of the problems fairy tail has, it is still one of the best animes ever. Easily top 10
Blue Eyes (16 days ago)
what is the name of the music on 13:20?
Isabelle Camino (16 days ago)
I don't care what anyone says about Fairy Tail; it is my absolute favorite anime and it gives me the feels like crazy ; - ; Hiro Mashima trolled with my heart all the way through the final arc of the manga and I am so excited that it's getting animated. Not to mention the new spinoff series he's put into play. Thank you for making this, I bawled like a baby. <3
Raian Hossain (17 days ago)
What happened to Natsu vs the win light and dark dragon slayers?
Noscoptic GT (17 days ago)
Dienus Camrio 18 (17 days ago)
A fairy tale in Fairy Tail! Long live!
The Masked Newfie (17 days ago)

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