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DISNEY'S BEST KEPT SECRET... People travel every year to Disneyworld, Disneyland, and take Disney Cruises. Did you know about this little secret that you can find right inside the park?
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Natalie Rubio (15 days ago)
It is said that there are missing pages in the royal Bavarian Castles book, but I wonder if Walt Disney has all the pages that others can’t see because they’re “missing” or “blurred”
Chelsea Long (25 days ago)
Also I'm getting that book thanks for the suggestion!
Chelsea Long (25 days ago)
I've never been obsessed with disney, and I was a 90's kid. I guess I knew deep down lol
Paul Reed (1 month ago)
Correction: Harry Potter has nothing to do with Disney! It is a Universal property. Although I will concede the J K Rowling is probably a witch! As far as "underground CIA / MK Ultra labs", after working at Disneyland (Anaheim) for 24 years, I can assure you they do nit exist. There is a tunnel under Tomorrowland to get supplies to various shops and food venues, but that is about it (and I did a lot of unauthorized exploring on this subject). I have more to offer on this topic if there is interest...
Willow B (3 months ago)
You should do a series of videos about the predictive programming of specific 'classic' movies, tv, or channels. Disney, Freeform (old 'family' channel, who is rebooting charmed), cartoon network, amc, fx, tbs, mtv, scifi, oprah's channel, vice, E!, etc. Especially this time of year when they do their halloween tv/movie specials and really promote the occult. Also curious to know your thoughts on the 700 club being aired late night on freeform. Doesn't really seem like a channel any Christians would want to be affiliated with. I was also thinking it'd be great if you arranged your videos into either a master playlist or themes. Viewers would have greater access to your old videos, specific subjects, and they would autoplay in order without YT throwing in their channel suggestions.
Real Queen (3 months ago)
The statue of Disney and Mickey looks a lot like the Hitler hand gesture..
Micheal Neba (3 months ago)
great work, keep exposing, GOD BLESS U
Leslie Rueda (4 months ago)
I agree! We went to Disney in Florida, nothing in this park mentions God or Jesus. All focus is on evolution. Over priced and over rated park!
Kyle Aarsen (4 months ago)
When John Lennon's death was first announced during a football game 33 was on the scoreboard
Sandra Johnson (5 months ago)
My son thinks I'm crazy for watching this stuff. I looked up a bunch of Illuminati like 2 years ago freaked me out. All I did was sleep for 4 hour then I was back looking into it. Thank you for all of your thoughts and video's
FENRIR-ART (6 months ago)
33 beatings for Disney.
FENRIR-ART (6 months ago)
I read that Disney book too months ago. ;)
FENRIR-ART (6 months ago)
Rather watch a fun anime than their crappy overproduced awful stories that lie and mistreat you and me.
rayholderg1 (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/2lkybOCvLTA WOW.
masimune202 (11 months ago)
turn that 33 logo upsidedown it resembles a flying demon...
Victoria (11 months ago)
There’s this story I read on creepypasta where someone explains their experience with club 33, really detailed and creepy. Read for yourself http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Club_33:_A_Dark_Secret
Joe Mattingly (11 months ago)
33 dislikes wtf
P. G. (11 months ago)
People don't realize that satan COMES as an angel of light, good job Shalom bro
Amber Warrior for truth (11 months ago)
Funny too how Disney's lot is like the only one in California that you can't tour??? So much for family friendly!!
Aarius Warren (11 months ago)
lol i watched the DISNEY ads to support yA. Ironic.
My Madonna Box (11 months ago)
So im watching this and a commercial for the DISNEY channels ZOMBIES comes on??????
Al J (11 months ago)
It's actually funny to me all the brain dead people coming from I'll over the world in their fanny packs to see Mickey mouse? It's sad how brain washed people are .
David Pavely (11 months ago)
11.46 into video is a sevard head. "Right top".
David Pavely (11 months ago)
33 sideways is mm Mickey mouse, or master Mason.
Isela010 (11 months ago)
The pentagon is part of creation. Satanist use the inverted position as a talisman for darkness energy. The cartoon is ok, I thought they were going to show satanic worship and 33 related stuff.
T Bully (11 months ago)
Its pretty simple, Disneyland is all based off 'magic', the magical kingdom as its called, what does the Bible say about magic? Its blasphemy! Have nothing to do with Disney
drea5510 h (11 months ago)
We lost my little cousin at Disneyland about 15 years ago she literally disappeared and when we found her they had her in a secluded room with candy n toys n cartoons she didn’t even notice she was missing and didn’t want to come home when we found her. I feel like they were getting her ready to not come home we just pushed the issue and wouldn’t leave. There were other kids there too and never any announcements on missing kids looking for their parents. Just rubbed me the wrong way.
Laura Halvorsen (11 months ago)
Daniel Amsini (11 months ago)
What do you think of how the super bowl winning team Eagles are mentioning Jesus? Do you really think they believe in him or they r just mocking him? And also this video https://youtu.be/k6l4KYCc9g8 Listen to how Diddy ignores when the girl says Jesus
Danica Alexander (11 months ago)
I should never follow my dreams,it's only stupid anyway 😢.
Koooshim Mamzer (11 months ago)
And One more little comment for Mr. Uprising .... our white hero! You are or, with the whole ''posse' that you're so called so angry with, or you are crazy ...You are shitting down Google & YT for being satanists etc etc, they are a bunch of pedophile sponsoring cowards ... AKA Government, but has it past you that you ARE signed in on THEIR network, saying that THEY, are full of .... is it only me, or are there other people who find that rather hypocritical... And another thing that ALL you so info channels, that supposed to ''wake up'' peoples, theirs OT ONE !! NOT A SINGLE ONE, that provides some sort of getting groups organized against that whole Pedo circus, setting up a site were people register for every community in every country, every province, getting funding from he people ...for the people, Start you OWN You Tube like Site (Mr Uprising who's com and shown us Z way) No ... Mr Uprising is selling (I'm an open minded person, but the truth is ..the truth), the most UGLY merchandise possible, and to what cause .... HIS cause .... indeed ...you are a fine Christian, you continue their HOAX you started your on-line church, DONATE DONATE .. Why, such information, must be free, and the ONLY good thing from that ripped of religion from Africa you all adopted, and have Michal Angelo turned Lilly White, is that the Bible was at least for free ...TO ALL, and when read (I Never, rather read the original) , it gets in man's face ... and is hard to live by, and you MR Uprising are a contradiction if I ever seen One ... if you are going to rip of the crowd of dummies, that's why you sell them a (ugly) Mug, I guess, give them something stylish at least, not something my 5 year old could have done, ..better ...
Naomi Shadle (11 months ago)
Never liked Disney as a kid, now I know why.
Jose Juanjo (1 year ago)
33 was the age of Jesus when he was murdered................the looserferians love to mock it............useless asswipes.......God bless you man...........keep the good work..........
CJ Jacob (1 year ago)
3:22 whaaaaaat?? Harry Potter is owned by Universal, not Disney. Lmao
Sonny Kane (1 year ago)
This is why I stop many people from going to these evil places they need to open their eyes
Bornagainbeliever66 (1 year ago)
Amen brother!
Tania Cassimatis (1 year ago)
The band Collective Soul have a symbol is this satanic.
tiffany allens (1 year ago)
I also grew up watching dinesy but when my church started talking abiut the occult during our bible study sessions I began to be in denial about what they were saying. However after that I started doing my own research on Disney out of curiosity and I was horrified. I haven't watched Disney channel and try to avoid anything they produce ever since. It doesn't matter to me that I grew up watching it...they basically tried to brainwash me so why would I go around defending them?
Fristita (1 year ago)
This is another thing about disney:https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2017/10/teen-stories-kids-come-check-this-out.html?m=1
Kim Scovern (1 year ago)
Mickey and mini are Osiris and isis in Masonic lore
V Ward (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on Boy Scouts of America? I’ve heard some bad rumors, but they may just be rumors. For some reason this Disney video reminded me of this topic.
Ashlee Samba (1 year ago)
Pretending it was nothing to it. We know better. Well some us do.
Ashlee Samba (1 year ago)
Couple talks about their visit to this club. https://eviltender.com/2012/11/20/disneylands-elusive-and-exclusive-club-33/
bumcheek7 (1 year ago)
bumcheek7 (1 year ago)
talknewz (1 year ago)
I'd sure love to see who's on that Disney members list
talknewz (1 year ago)
What for?
Phil Tanics (1 year ago)
Disney is some seriously twisted shit, I got wise to them about 15 years ago, although I always hated Mickey mouse for some reason. Sad part is  have a family member who is crazy about Disney and is completely out of touch with reality, I mean sometimes she behaves very serious and like the 50 year old mother 2 she is, then boom! its like a switch goes off and she is reduced to a babbling 4 year old excited by anything and talking nonsense. Its so bizzare and the "medicine" they give her doesn't seem to help naturally. I pray for her, but it hasn't got any better and I sure her disney infatuation  is either part of the problem, or the reason for it.
Lady Fervor (11 months ago)
Phil Tanics DITTO. I have an aunt exactly like that. It's...Really really weird. Something about the Boomer generation is not right at all.
Faizol Mai (1 year ago)
Disney world, Hollywood they are all doing it together
Amanda Miller (1 year ago)
Disney freaks me out. How do we get people to understand how evil this company is? So many people are obsessed with Disney.
tim hollis (1 year ago)
The back of the chair at 10:50 looks like a demon face.
Vicky (1 year ago)
Thatjust made me think about the whole Prince Charming and love story aspect of Disney is gets kids thinking romantically very young. It’s a way to subtly sexualize children
gomphrena (1 year ago)
Vicky • I don't know. That's pushing it. I speak from experience, because I was indoctrinated to the whole "sordid affair" as a child. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable with any of that. It was a sweet story always ending with "...and they lived happily ever after." Words that are precious to an innocent child's ears.
Desi Thanos (1 year ago)
is adam Sandler also freemason, please expose him if he is
ras9 lop (1 year ago)
Beauty and The Beast is based on the price to pay for wealth by making a difficult choice. Having to marry someone who is violent just to get money. Fifty Shades of Grey is also based on Beauty and The Beast. Magic is: physical seduction through dress as well as body language, sexual rituals involving blood letting as well as body auctions, symbolism through numbers and shapes, dance magic rituals. Cinderella wears blue which means danger. This means she is prepared to do anything for his money. She even says she is just a simple girl and that he is a Prince. She has been conditioned by her upbringing to except foul treatment. He is attracted to her as she is innocent and has been hurt and he wants to break her more. (Ellen even joked about Cinderella being subject to abuse like she knows too much). The Prince sees her in rags and offers to help her out of her situation and she thinks he is kind and is seduced by his kindness but there is a price to pay for his wealth and security. I know how she feels and am sympathetic to the character. Please try not to call these people names as they are desperate and that makes you look bad as well.
ras9 lop (1 year ago)
Modern day Cinderella: Fifty Shades of Grey
ras9 lop (1 year ago)
Cinderella is so downtrodden that she is desperate to try anything to get out of her situation
ras9 lop (1 year ago)
Cinderella is told that the only way to get a prince is by magic.
Andrea Frankendoll (1 year ago)
is this why richard ramirez said something along the lines of "I'll see you in disneyland"? things thay make you go "hmmm".
Ricca Day (1 year ago)
Harry Potter is Universal Studies... not Disney. Minor point, no doubt.
Vera Guillory (11 months ago)
AttractionAddict sorry didn't mean to single you out, I loved Disney too until I see had to let it go.
In the Parks (11 months ago)
Vera Guillory Maybe because we're all people that like the subject of Disney / theme parks as a whole? xD We're not even fighting.
Vera Guillory (11 months ago)
AttractionAddict why are y'all fighting about this, they are all SATANIC who cares who they belong to. Stop the kids from watching and throw away TV's.
In the Parks (11 months ago)
ReaneeB No, actually. Universal is a whole different company that actually competes with Disney park wise. Walt Disney World has four parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. Universal Orlando Resort has Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida park.
The Tae Kwon Doe (1 year ago)
+ReaneeB Scratching my head on this one. Do you mean MGM (yeah, I don't care what it's new name is, I'll always call it MGM)? What about Animal Kingdom? And those are in FL. In CA it's just Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.
not a troll...but dude....take a breath once in a while.
A K (11 months ago)
Kooky katt shut up mate.
Lady Fervor (11 months ago)
bitecha bitechabitecha Why? because he has the balls to be angry about this, and you don't? Does righteous anger make you feel uncomfy? Go away then.
James Gibson (1 year ago)
Keep it up man !
Freddy G. (1 year ago)
When I went to Disney World, I noticed that everywhere we were I saw no other birds besides crows all over. Don't know if anyone else noticed that.
Joan Crawford (11 months ago)
Crows are actually really awesome birds! SMART! Researches that have done studies find them to be more smart than chimps. I think they are there to help protect good people. Check out studies that they have done on crows, fascinating!
In the Parks (1 year ago)
Wrong place at the wrong time. I go all the time and all kinds of birds are there.
Amie Diehl (1 year ago)
yup been trying to tell ppl for years n years!
A CATAL (1 year ago)
Disney's Hollywood have gotten worse now, their show so much of Satanic and witchcraft.
Savonna Selkr (1 year ago)
Uuhhgg I feel like I was cheated of everything when I was asleep. Is it just me?
Lynn Purcell (1 year ago)
I read Hollywood's Dark Prince about Walt Disney. It was years ago and I was so enlightened about what is really going on in Hollywood.
Andrew Williams (1 year ago)
is that a black chemtrail @ 4:00 ?
Truth Girl (1 year ago)
Lord have mercy...
NotoriousNickname (1 year ago)
Is this guy serious? "Witchcraft"?! Jeez, conspiracy theorists! I tell ya...
Angel Bulldog (1 year ago)
AttractionAddict Not at all. Lack of belief in God is just that. It doesn't have to lead to satanism. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear that up. And just FYI, I am Christian, but I have friends who aren't--one is even a dominatrix. But I care about her and we get along because we don't push our beliefs on each other. Happy New Year.
In the Parks (1 year ago)
Angel Bulldog ... Are you saying that all atheists support Satan?
Angel Bulldog (1 year ago)
Jas D Be an atheist. Your choice. But wake up. There are things going on you obviously know nothing about. Things are not what they seem and we've been fed a pack of lies. I know atheists who do good deeds, like donating to charity or helping a neighbor. But satanism/luciferianism is far beyond no belief in God. Do some investigation. Even an atheist will be horrified and disgusted.
In the Parks (1 year ago)
I know, right! I personally know a relative who works at the Disneyland Resort. I can tell you, basically everything he’s saying is bull. xD I actually have the chance of going into 33 because of this relative talking to someone who works and 33, so I guess I’m a Freemason now! Whoops! And my relative loves Satan too! LOL.
Claudia M C (1 year ago)
It is hard to believe but do your own research on some of the things that this guy is talking about and you might realize what's really going on in the world. I at on point thought all of this was crazy bullshit until I did my own research. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion & their own beliefs that's what being human is all about. God bless ✌
Justin C (1 year ago)
Can you re-upload "How They Got Into Power" video?
Disneyland will be one of the places that gets burned up when Yahshua returns! Hit that place with FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nick S (1 year ago)
Hohoholy shit you're crazy... xD
Get Kickz (1 year ago)
Architects and Builders was also one of the books, definitely a tie in to free masonry. Compass and square (tools for building)
grodenbarg (1 year ago)
Referencing you recent vid about music and witchcraft, Disney films heavily use music in them. Goes hand-in-hand of the attractiveness of those movies. I have 2 girls from a divorce (not in my custody) who love Disney films and their music. My EX and I refuse to talk to each other, she lets them watch the movies thinking some are good (I know that is an assumption by her and her family that is not true). but I personally don't care/like for the Disney movies due to witchcraft in all of them. I used to like Disney before I was saved because of the soundtracks of the movies. I do not like my kids being into Disney, but have little control over that. Try listening to "let it go" over and over again (OUCH)
Tracey M (1 year ago)
The only thing you can do is talk with Christians... anyone else won't understand... What does it have to do with God at all? Where in any of Disney parks or anything they've created, where is any credit to God for anything? There is none. People will say Walt Disney believed in God, but a person of God would not ignore God and turn magic and witchcraft into something good and elevate himself, even naming the park after himself.
ursusem (1 year ago)
What do you know about Disney that is negative? I'm very curious to hear and wouldn't be mad or upset about anything you say! Please spread your truth.
Isaak (1 year ago)
I was kinda exposed to some perverted stuff early on when I was little but I swear that whenever I watched Disney movies I felt more perverted as a little kid. These movies are the same as music in my opinion. They have spiritual ties.
Isaak (1 year ago)
Disney only disturbs me now a days.
J purple ramen (1 year ago)
When I was little I went to Disney i wanted to go on the rides but I dont remember what I got on there I can only remember a alian ET ride my mom keep me close to her becouse she knew there were pedos and alot of people​ too there sometimes I felt like someone was watching me there it got pretty creepy at night at Disney it was all dark and it felt like something was in the air.
J purple ramen (1 year ago)
Isaak Me too if you to go there with your kids dont let them out your sight.
Isaak (1 year ago)
Ya I always get that feeling of being watched as well when I'm there. I don't even want to think of all the dark crap that has probably happened there.
Gary 828 (1 year ago)
This must be why so many football players yell I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD after they win the Super Bowl.
Leggo YourEgo (11 months ago)
Gary 828 interesting
Dont Bullshit Me (1 year ago)
"Mingle with Disney enthusiasts" Get it? Kids are the DISNEY ENTHUSIASTS!!!!
Simon Yesh (1 year ago)
I've honestly never liked Disney.
Richard Smith (11 months ago)
I was no fan if it. Good thing I go for our Lord and Savior! 😇
Angela Jane (1 year ago)
Yep, often wonder what these elite & rich folks do with all their millions & billions?? Could probably never even spend it all in a lifetime...meanwhile their are countless people starving, homeless, struggling to just get by day to day. The greed in this world is absolutely sickening! Soon they will have to answer to God though.
Nothing New Under The Sun (11 months ago)
AttractionAddict Well if you think that is a more useful way to spend your Time AND money go ahead, but even if they really spend that "jump change" from the fountains you can't be ignoring all the satanic pedophile shit going down in Disneyland and being used in their Movies. Also most of the Money they make will be used for more mind control or to further enrich these satanists. Also most charities are fake anyways, only about 10% or less of the Money will actually reach the poor ppl in need but hey what do I know? What you are saying here is just ignorant.
In the Parks (11 months ago)
Yes, I believe they do. There’s literally sponsors and plaques on some of the fountains. I’m aware that there are channels and vids about this “Disney is bad” stuff, but I have better things to do, and I have no time for that crap. I’m gonna keep giving my money to Disney. Bye.
Nothing New Under The Sun (11 months ago)
AttractionAddict Apparently you do, if you really believe that Disney is doing good deeds. There are many vids on this Channel or in channels like SouljaOfGod. May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, amen.
In the Parks (1 year ago)
Huh, funny. I have a relative that works at the parks and told me that all the money put in fountains at Disney are given to charity. Not to mention the many times Disney has sponsored and partnered with charities, but I have to “wake up” don’t I? xD
Mannard Mann (1 year ago)
Keep on giving your money to Disney and Satanic Orlando, FL..... smh
In the Parks (1 year ago)
Just did! Going in February. 🖕🏻
this a sub me
Awoodward7899 (1 year ago)
Go8ng through my subscriptions and pretty much every truth channel has been wiped. I don't have to scroll far and uploads are like 4days old...i usually get multiple uploads per hour
Coldbloode23456 (1 year ago)
Jake Paul is the anti crhist
TruthIsFreeing (1 year ago)
I unfortunately went there and they use biometrics to scan you in with your hand print before you can even enter the park. That right off the bat gave me the creeps and I hated my visit there. So much witchcraft and demonic bs there...even my little girl hated it!
Lester Green (1 year ago)
The Disney rabbit hole gets WAAAAAYYYYY deeper. Check out Fritz Springmeir's "The Disney Bloodline."
Susan Rhodes (1 year ago)
The reality. Very possible surgery is amazing.
La Belle Joni (1 year ago)
Susan Rhodes - Oh God, that must be horrible to be a part of that! I hope you're okay now. God bless you +💝❗
Susan Rhodes (1 year ago)
I know to different people who were programmed at Disney (besides me). You are one of the few who educated himself to truth.
Anonymous nigger (1 year ago)
Makes you look back to that tv movie way back called "Mr. Boogedy" and *shake your head*
Jeffrey Snyder (1 year ago)
has anyone noticed the eztremw youtube sensorship today. Most if not all of my subsciptions are gone?
humdrum yokel (1 year ago)
I got an ad with ... space ships ... Astro Conquest ... well, I do not fall anymore for the fairy-haggadah told by NASA-priests ...
Savedby Grace (1 year ago)
I've never been to Disney. There are better places to go.
jennifer siagian (1 year ago)
Susan Rhodes (1 year ago)
Not to people in Orlando. I preach to white washed tombs.
Clyde Burton (1 year ago)
Ol Walt is currently residing in hell being tortured 24/7.
Lionel Pereira (11 months ago)
If God is evil, He would not punish sin. We all deserve to be in hell because of our sinful nature. However, Jesus says," For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life in him." (John 3:16) You see, God loves us so much that He sent His one and only Son Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus took the punishment that we deserve by getting crucified on the cross. But here's the Good News, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and is seated at the right hand of God the Father in heaven. So what does that mean for us? If we believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again from the dead, we receive a new life in Jesus Christ. We receive the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that brought Jesus back from the dead. This same Spirit will help us each and every day to overcome our very own sinful nature and every demonic power. So think about it. Why be a slave of satan when you can have freedom in Jesus Christ? Why follow satan to eternal punishment when you can have eternal life?
Truth 101 EARTH (1 year ago)
Mickey Mouse is a Scumbag
david jones (1 year ago)
Solid brother.👍.. Sicko's Cenral.
Jughead Jones (1 year ago)
The rapture is a conspiracy!!! A conspiracy to be abducted by aliens!!! It is stated that the Kingdom of God is to be established on Earth!!!
Daniel Hawley (1 year ago)
This stuff is very disturbing and upsetting. I would wonder how many of these innocent kids go missing every year? I bet they don't publish these stats. And I'm not just talking about kids who are never seen again, what about the children that just get lost for several hours and then they re-surface later. I bet there are all kinds of strange stories the children tell when they are reunited with their terrified parents. That underground stuff should be shut down. I would hope that someday the authorities investigate those places under there and report it to the public so all these parents can see for them selves what Disney is really all about and hopefully they would think twice about letting their kids be brought up on this stuff.
sean christian (1 year ago)
The authorities allow it because they are in on it. Judges, police, FBI, and corrupt social workers turn the other way when this stuff happens.
Eric Jenner (1 year ago)
And the name Walt Disney is 33 in the Chadeon Numerology calculator. Good vid ACFAU.
Gary 828 (1 year ago)
Odel Beckham got hurt tonight; out for the season.
Lady Fervor (11 months ago)
Gary 828 Go away, you dumb beast. Go stuff some horse shit down your mouth
Korie Roberts (1 year ago)
Gary 828 best Comment ever! Go Patriots!
Gary 828 (1 year ago)
Call, you hear that? Football is satanic, so wake up!
Clyde Burton (1 year ago)
Who gives a crap about Beckham? Not me.Football is satanic too.Wake up!!
Gary 828 (1 year ago)
i went under Disney and found Mario listening to Hillsong and crying.
Em Rich (11 months ago)
Hillsong is not evil what the heck.
Angel Bulldog (1 year ago)
Gary 828 Hillsong is evil masquerading as Christian...like so many other things and people.
J purple ramen (1 year ago)
Gary 828 hahaha😀😅
Bigd Hehe (1 year ago)
Hahahaha :D
OldSchool (1 year ago)
I always wanted to go to Disney land when I was a kid. Very glad my parents didn't take me. Even though it probably was because we couldn't afford it. So we go to Ocean City, MD instead.
I got an ad at the end of the video, and I reloaded the video and got more ads, I will just play the video so you can make some money, God bless you call
13:21 look at his shadow on the wall it's witch
Child of God (11 months ago)
Wow I didn't notice until you pointed it out. Thank you😊
In the Parks (1 year ago)
No shit, Sherlock.

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