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Agnes Obel - Beast (live @ Great Wide Open 2011)

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Live at the Great Wide Open Festival 2011, Vlieland, the Netherlands Kijk voor het hele concert op / See entire concert at http://3voor12.tv
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Text Comments (21)
Bruno Campos (1 year ago)
Eu aqui no Brasil me amarro nessa música e o Philarmonics melhor disco com som de piano
A. Ruby (2 years ago)
What a beautiful song.
Bruno Campos (2 years ago)
My favorite song , well " i consinder you "
HIHisLife (2 years ago)
Those eyes.
Dashkitt Ju (2 years ago)
cocteautwinned (2 years ago)
This woman changes lives. She for sure did mine
Perry Cheshire (3 years ago)
Your music haunting me >w< I <3 you
Splinter9543 (3 years ago)
So glad I discovered her music. I really think she may be the most talented artist I've heard in years.
Laurens Gerritsen (4 years ago)
She gods me!
Boby Stoned (4 years ago)
..thank you Agnes!
Daniel Malara (5 years ago)
So glad I could find a live version of this song. Beautiful song. Thanks for the upload.
Merline Merlin (5 years ago)
Dans Beast, ses intonations de voix me font penser à celles de Kate Bush.
ghfhgfhgf gbgffg (5 years ago)
Que venga a Chile!!!!!
Vi Vi (5 years ago)
so sweet - love her . lovely voice.. Bacio
Acquavallo (5 years ago)
She's hot
Omar Beno (20 days ago)
Acquavallo Your shallow
Javier Ayala (5 years ago)
que exquisita voz... que deliciosa interprete... genial agnes.... realmente una música que tranquiliza... espero escucharla en ópera...
Jeroen Peys (6 years ago)
I would have made the "3voor12 stamp" a little bigger! Great performer Great Song!
SirBede (6 years ago)
wmprokipchak (6 years ago)
even more captivating live here than on the Acoustic TV5Monde version. I think I held my breath for 4:16. lovely.
Steven Van de Velde (7 years ago)
Thx for this vid. Good quality and sound. Saw her last week in Brussels. Concert was a bit short, but good. She's outstanding live.

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