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Magic Trick during Tea Time w/ Jude

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Magic around the house during tea time! At 6 months old, Jude is now always wanting to pick a card any time I'm working on a new trick, so I decided to give him a chance over a cup of tea on an afternoon at home. Enjoy! http://www.harrisiii.com Special thanks to my buddy Kyle Marlett for the video and trick idea. Check him out: @kylemarlett
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Noah Long (2 years ago)
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!  Amazing!!!  Incredible!!!  Show me more!!!!  Do it again!!!!  XD!!!!
Tracey Huebshman (2 years ago)
I just love the kid
Brittini Keough (2 years ago)
You were awesome at the EDGE you blew my mind!!!! I also love your kids they are so freaking cute!
Brittini Keough (2 years ago)
Your welcome
+Brittini Keough Thanks Brittini!
laura miles (4 years ago)
love this!
DeannaIvy (4 years ago)
Aww, your son is your biggest fan (:
ErikTheRandom (4 years ago)
at my school your baby was dancing to music and all the kids clapped
georgewashman5 (4 years ago)
So cute and funny
Dave West (4 years ago)
Dude - freaking cute kid. And, way to blow my freaking mind.  Well done.
Erin Kondak (4 years ago)
He is too precious!!
Love it :)

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