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Bloc Party - Banquet live op Best Kept Secret 2013

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Text Comments (115)
Golgo Trece (1 month ago)
Sorry, but to be as good as Matt you must be at least 1 of these: 1.- Asian 2.- Shirtless 3.- Matt Is she even trying? I don't think so.
zhelon (1 month ago)
1:13 Chilean flag ? Wena po CTM! :D
Richard (1 month ago)
The singer Looks like muscle childlish Gambino
Alex Lavezzari (3 months ago)
Not the same after the lineup change....
drummer is tight. i don't think i ever saw bloc party early footage where they 're smiling :(
Lyon Leo (4 months ago)
Sarah’s a good drummer but Matt Tong will be a great drummer.
Lukestar1991 (7 months ago)
Butthurt dudebros saying Sarah Jones is playing "too fast", how about you get up there and see if you can do better.
JoyMadrugada (7 months ago)
Damn i miss the Assian dude no offence Sarah
Serpent Lordz (8 months ago)
White Party
Miguel Melgar (8 months ago)
that drummer nailed it.
hell_awaitz (10 months ago)
please check out my new song if you love this- strangemotelau.bandcamp.com.au
yeshh8 (10 months ago)
Por que no hay ni un negro en el público? Wtf!!!!
Flo Ryan (11 months ago)
She drums for Harry Styles now
kendayottusu (11 months ago)
The drummer is gorgeous and better sound on live show than original drummer, but not sure whether she can write better drum phrases than Matt tong
VintageLazer (1 year ago)
To be honest I like the drummers to be girls I don't know why but it's a weird feeling
Adek Dwi (1 year ago)
Omfg sarah jones
Farris Killjoys (1 year ago)
that cameraman besides the drummer must have a really good time there.. if u know what i mean.. 😏😏
monkeyliver19 (1 year ago)
why is there no shots of gordon??? the bass player matters too ya pricks
Deubler (1 year ago)
this took me back over 10 years ago, and when I first heard this song on fuse. Awesome.
ory ocb (1 year ago)
the drumer is so fcking awesome! so tight
eckrymenz guzz (7 months ago)
so tight?
Duc Volpe (1 year ago)
ory ocb but she fucked it up with the tempo and people want the asian guy back not her
Alejandro Molero (2 years ago)
so out of tempo
samynator0904 (2 months ago)
They’re playing the song faster than the studio version, but they’re keeping it consistent, wich is key at playing any song, a lot of bands play their songs differently live
R A T C H E T (6 months ago)
Lmaoooo not they're not
Valter Fernades (2 years ago)
Grande Morales inglês. banda fodaaaaaa!
bamba (2 years ago)
most band's sounds like thrash live, just not these guy's
cavreq (2 years ago)
what her name?
Grumpfff (8 months ago)
Sarah Jones
VerteX (1 year ago)
Sarah Jones
Alejandro Ruiz (2 years ago)
0:33 , damn men D":
Chavo Del Ocho (2 years ago)
The drummer is jamming and smoking those drums. You can hear the chemistry from her to the band. She's awsome. ..
abh13 4 (28 days ago)
No that girls sucks mans are way better
Phil B. (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfafsnzl1Dg&t=1821s just look here, this modern love: 22:07 lol
Phil B. (5 months ago)
wtf matt tong cant hold the tempo but ok :) This madame here is way better in holding the tempo.
Nikki Esmeralda (5 months ago)
matt tong plays song live significantly faster than the studio version: wow matt is the best drummer ever he's so good no one can replace him! new drummer does the exact same thing: shes playing way too fast, she's so off, not nearly as good as matt matt's literally in my all-time top 5 drummers and i have no idea who the girl here is, but the hypocrisy going on here is real. sure she's not _quite_ as good as matt was, but give her some damn credit because those are some big shoes to fill, especially since she was only filling in for matt before they found a new permanent drummer (louise), and she didn't have a whole lot of time to learn the songs
Gaenico (6 months ago)
If you compare her to some rock drummers that are around nowadays (Travis Barker, Chad Smith, Matt Helders for the first coming in my mind) her playing is really really poor and not consistent at all (put a metronome, she's way out of time sometimes)
olivier KILLY (2 years ago)
she's very nice... Good drums
Duc Volpe (1 year ago)
olivier KILLY she fucked up the tempo and ruined everything oh and the asian guy is better
Jared Davenport (2 years ago)
goosies. such a dirty beat.
vengefulhero (3 years ago)
Josh Kuipers (3 years ago)
Sarah Jones.. badass
Hugh Mungus (3 years ago)
Damn Gordon is still here :(
Scurrow (3 years ago)
Really dig these disco beats.
Maxim Chiasson (3 years ago)
wow that was aweful.I love that song so much specially for its awesome drumming.But she sped up the tempo too much and she missed too many or all roll cues.Just a bad take.
Saptarshi Mukherjee (1 year ago)
They've always done that live, even with Matt Tong. They just like playing it fast.
FiMo (2 years ago)
+Maxim Chiasson studioversion of bloc party is always different
s4rc4st0m (3 years ago)
+Maxim Chiasson I really don't want to defend her, but this song is ALWAYS sped up live. Look at the 2008 Reading Festival version: already sped up!
Maxim Chiasson (3 years ago)
listen to the original song and compare
Maxim Chiasson (3 years ago)
maybe you have to be musically inclined to notice.like making someone taste something but they dont have tastebuds
pablo Flores G (3 years ago)
Min 01:19 Arctic monkeys t shirt :D
infaltable la bandera chilena hermosa asdks XDD<3
C. (2 years ago)
ojalá bajen a chile :(
Leo T (2 years ago)
el pais de los locos?
sabiandrum (2 years ago)
llevo no se cuantos años esperando q vengan :(
777Dubliner (3 years ago)
They should play at hemp fest in Seattle, I'd pay to go if I had too to see them
RockSmith SVK (3 years ago)
+777Dubliner they ended :/
mayrad05 (3 years ago)
wasn't she the same drummer from New Young Pony Club? i saw them in Sydney back in 2005, she was awesome live, played with a metronome from her ipod which i thought was pretty cool
Cat Muezi (3 years ago)
Yes she was & still is.
iguyiguy (3 years ago)
Where is the shirtless - eyeglassed - asian - drumer ???
Ahmet Tugrul (1 month ago)
he was so cool!!
B to the T (2 months ago)
His drumming for Algiers isn’t all that
pounde hande (4 months ago)
his dick was too slam for the cocksucking new drummer and the singer so they cant do porn so he left, TIRED OF PLAYING poor riff of a crying black migrant poodle sniffin female doggie assss
alba vicente (4 months ago)
iguyiguy He's now drumming with the Algiers
Shaun Zafar (8 months ago)
Jason Cox (3 years ago)
DAAAANG. Sarah kills it! 
NujillicAx (4 years ago)
new drummer?
YruamaZepol (4 years ago)
Tiene chichis la vieja, por eso la contrataron jaja
Rogelio GR (3 months ago)
Es por que sabe tocar bien la batería pendejo imbécil 😊
pablodz81 (4 years ago)
what happened  with the asian drumer?  he was   way better
Alejandro Ortega (2 years ago)
+Ky Nobba no, she's not, way hotter though
pablodz81 (3 years ago)
allau acbar my frienddd
Ky Nobba (3 years ago)
She's a session drummer idiot. So she is better.
Sergio Corral (4 years ago)
the girl is fineee!!
i farm wooshes (10 months ago)
Christian Herrera (4 years ago)
Matt rocks, that girl plays awesome, but the the hit hat it's not the same, and I think that's the bright of the drums in this great song...
taufiq imam hidayat (5 months ago)
exactly what i thought. its never the same without Matt
Saul Goodman (3 years ago)
+Christian Herrera exactly
polako256 (4 years ago)
no me gusto la mina, poco limpia para tocar, prefiero a Matt Tong
abh13 4 (28 days ago)
Anonymous dude seas pendejo culero esa vata toca pesimo
Anonymous dude (9 months ago)
Todo lo contrario, mira a Matt tocar este tema en vivo. Lo toca horrible, no sé qué le pasó, la mina lo toca perfecto. Escucho este tema todos los días, sé de lo que hablo.
Oscar Antonio (11 months ago)
Da lo mismo, está bien rica.
Esteban Garcia (3 years ago)
+polako256 Esta wena
Twisted_Arcade (4 years ago)
Es verdad.
Lucas Antunes (4 years ago)
Matt is better 
Marco Garibay (4 months ago)
Matt is a beast
barry s (6 months ago)
Infinitely better
Anonymous dude (9 months ago)
iNDiANA TLV (4 years ago)
cause you know I'm on fire when u come!!!!!
SmallvillenerdTwo (4 years ago)
whos the drummer? 
Antonio Elivar (4 years ago)
She´s Sarah Jones, original drummer of New Young Pony Club.
Benja Gutierrez (4 years ago)
The drum girl is Sarah Jones, she plays with Hot Chip too.  I love her
ubik514 (1 year ago)
Ventjock (4 years ago)
I masturbated furiously to her!
David Matthews (4 years ago)
German Bierma (5 years ago)
la mina toca la raja :D
Jan de Vries (5 years ago)
Dit is gewoon het laatste optreden. Gek idee.
karlojecar (5 years ago)
I heard he quit the band.
EasyOceans (5 years ago)

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