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Black Cadillac - Joyce Green

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Rockabilly tune Black Cadillac by Joyce Green. http://ax.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/browserRedirect?url=itms%253A%252F%252Fax.itunes.apple.com%252FWebObjects%252FMZStore.woa%252Fwa%252FviewAlbum%253Fid%253D214006817%2526s%253D143441
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Text Comments (6)
Dirt City Chronicles (3 years ago)
What's the point in posting a little over a minute of the song? That's some low down, scum sucking horseshit right there
mutleybird (7 years ago)
Holy crap, this is a money making thing! Its only a minute of the song! How idiotically republican...
Patrick Kadas (8 years ago)
Black Cadillac - Joyce Green [Bradford, Arkansas] - 1959 - "Better not CHEAT on this female, or you will be a passenger in this black Herse." - Rockin' Bones: 1950s Punk & Rockabilly (Disc 1) (Rhino)-2006.
bottlebrusher (8 years ago)
...what? huh??? what happened to the rest of the song????
POETPICT (8 years ago)
is there any longer version ?
CrowdedGarage (8 years ago)
Great tune, and I like the video!

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