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Skin Magic Tea Review! (Your Tea)

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Last Beauty Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxz-BWpZV88 Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/vloggingblonde Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vloggingblonde Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zarbeauty Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/zarbeauty Your Tea Website: http://www.yourtea.com/ I am so excited about this tea because I am always trying to keep my skin looking healthy and flawless so this tea is perfect! I have been drinking it for a few weeks and so far, no pimples! I will keep drinking it and hope it stays this way! FTC: This video was made in collaboration with Yourtea. I will always share my honest opinion on anything that I review in my videos :)
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creativeamore (4 years ago)
Did your acne ever Pop back up after a while? How long did you use it for?
Lightsismyidol623 (4 years ago)
Hi, I love your channels! Can you please make a video showing what you use for your skin every day? Like an at night skin care routine! It's so flawless! It looks like you have no blemishes at all?! Hope you see this, thank you! :)
Clarissa Gunn (4 years ago)
Tiny tea is amazing! It cleared up my acne.
Clarissa Gunn (3 years ago)
one box (the 30 day one) was enough.  for about 5 or 6 months my skin was clear.  THen i noticed i started to break out a bit....so then i order another box.  I got the pink box. But i also use benzaclin so that helps alot with acne.  So topical cream AND tiny tea = flawlesss skin for me (except for the occasional breakout from "that time of the month" LOL.   +Morgan MacLeod 
Morgan MacLeod (3 years ago)
+Clara Gunn did you have to keep ordering the tea for your skin to stay clear? or was the one box enough?
Sarah Pickford (4 years ago)
Are you anywhere around ontario, Im in ontario, canada
Alissa Thaler (4 years ago)
...I've never seen any impurities on you...like ever...Lucky girl!!:D
vloggingblonde (4 years ago)
Aww thanks! I get zits though for sure :)
spaceguy8000 (4 years ago)
I thought this was another Mountain expedition video. But still, I learned all about Tea's. :-)
zarbeauty (4 years ago)
+spaceguy8000 haha thought I would take it easy today so you don't worry about me on the mountains haha
Nini Wang (4 years ago)
"your tea" is so cute!! and your eyes are just so beautiful!! love it :) btw, i found that your eyes, clothes, earrings, necklace, the logo and also the tea package have a similar color hehe <3
zarbeauty (4 years ago)
+Nini Wang hahaha yep! the jewelry is all from my boyfriend...love that color :)
Madison Withers (4 years ago)
Please follow me on Instagram 12mad12
Madison Withers (4 years ago)
I admire and look up to you so much!
Deanna Contreras (4 years ago)
Beautiful like always! 💕 I want to try it out, where did you bought the Tea packet? +vloggingblonde
Deanna Contreras (4 years ago)
+zarbeauty You are very welcome 😊 Okiedokie I will definitely try it!
zarbeauty (4 years ago)
+Deanna Contreras Thank you so much :) You can go right to their website, which I have listed below the video :)

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