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6 Amazing Lost Treasures That Could Make You Rich

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Throughout the world there are numerous lost treasures. A lot of undiscovered buried, sunken losses in our world and worth a lot but finding them is the difficult part. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list
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Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
First one too! ...like my own comment
the meme hookup (7 months ago)
if i ever find treasures I'd like to keep them not sell them
monster geming (7 months ago)
i jude and in israel so i can read hebrow and i was in the death see
Amos Maclin (11 months ago)
I told u there was maps in Bible God was right seek and u will find
Amos Maclin (11 months ago)
Steve patterson thank you Steve
Toolman329 (1 year ago)
About that first one : HOW do you know what it says if you can't read it?
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
For a reason
Double A (1 year ago)
The Numismaniac (1 year ago)
I've got some cool coins in my collection! Got a couple videos up! Please help me reach "1" view 😂 No but seriously 😒
The Numismaniac (1 year ago)
Toolman329 that must have been really cool to see these coins being still in use! I don't really keep any of my coins I, i like to have a couple that I can see study it's history and pass it on
Toolman329 (1 year ago)
I tried collecting coins as a kid. But, it is frustrating knowing that you will NEVER get at least one of each of them. Back when I was a kid, we still had Morgan Dollars and Liberty Walking in circulation. Indian Head Pennies, you name it! Buffalo Nickels. Have you ever seen one of those plastic Mills? They were 10 for a penny, and had something to do with paying taxes on small purchases. But, at that time, I was a LONG way away from ever making my first purchase.
My brother is a type of scroll??
Toolman329 (1 year ago)
It that better than being a Troll? I sometimes do that, myself! Like, for example, right now.
dont worry bout it (1 year ago)
1.2b dollars huh..yea try and get the govt to shell that out to you as they say you found it on owned land therefor its not yours lol..they will give you a mill and tell you to shut the f up..and u will do it because if u dont,well, we all see what happens to celebs who dont shut up hahaha.
Toolman329 (1 year ago)
Take it OFF that private land, a little at a time until you have ALL of it where you want it to be. Then, say you found it there. They will never know the difference, unless they hid it in the place where you found it. But, then, why would they do that? The chances are very slim! Actually, knowing how some people in the govt act, they might kill you and keep it all for themselves. Hillary would do it that way, Bummer, too!
lorenz ebner (1 year ago)
Recent school significance commander apparently most consist.
Toolman329 (1 year ago)
Turtle wax automobile gyroscope consistency desperate obnoxious.
SwitsoBread (1 year ago)
Pfft! Gold diggers can make it easy.
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
Close today so daddy's house can come
TCLucas (1 year ago)
How about Forest Fenn's treasure?
killed bees
NintendoSonyfreak2011 (1 year ago)
haha omg holy facking shit !!!!!=0 the last one final treasure that was hidden by the Incas civilization was based off of DreamWorks late 90s early 2000's animation movie "The road to el Dorado!!!"!^_^ one of my all time favorite nostalgic animated films of the time as a kid
Lukas Svensson (1 year ago)
NintendoSonyfreak2011 yeah i realised that to watching this that was my favorite movie in a long time. what a coinsident that im a inca too
We are IF (1 year ago)
The hardest treasure is finding Youtube subs!!
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
GOOOOOOOOOOOOO or🔴🔴will come
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
go Go GO
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
+INFAMOUS gamer 503 go Go GO
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
+Toolman329 go Go GO
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
Not for youtube
Hi guys! If you like weird stuff, I make mystery and conspiracy videos! Pls help me reach my 500 sub goal!
F Hazmi (1 year ago)
Mysteries And Thoughts
MeytullAF (1 year ago)
Hi. Have a nice day everyone. Like this comment for no reason
Gorge Hernandez (1 year ago)
MeytullAF ok bich
Toolman329 (1 year ago)
NO! I need a reason!
MeytullAF I
Tabbichan2004 brown (1 year ago)
Ellen Reed (29 days ago)
5th like
Doctor Shame (1 year ago)
well shit I could never get lucky enough to find some shit like that
CHAR LEX (1 year ago)
First hit the likes button...
Ronda Wilson (1 year ago)
it's my birthday today and I'm 10/9.1
Ronda Wilson (1 year ago)
CHAR LEX I did that .

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