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Relaxing Ocean Waves Crashing on Rocks - 1 hr - Ocean Sounds, Calming, Meditation, Mindfulness

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DVD now available on Amazon: http://goo.gl/JCEsyc Zenchantment - Zen Ocean Waves 2 Enjoy the most relaxing Zen videos on this planet. If you like this video, here’s a curated playlist of favorite Zen Videos: https://goo.gl/cu81Pw Please Subscribe to our Zen Channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=zenpurity Zenchantment presents Zen Ocean Waves. Experience an awe inspiring oceanscape of towering winter storm waves, powerful and breathtaking, crashing and churning along the Pacific's wild coast. Aquatic sculpture in constant motion. Mesmerizing and rejuvenating to behold- perfect for practicing mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and serenity. The ultimate in liquid dream immersion therapy, DVD now available on Amazon: http://goo.gl/JCEsyc Watch Full Length Video: http://goo.gl/RClYjI Zen Ocean Waves captures a stormy sea at its most primal magnificence. As wave after wave explodes and pummels the coastline, you can almost feel the refreshing ocean spray brace against your skin. Recent British studies have confirmed that views of the ocean and other slow moving expanses with horizon lines make us happier than other landscapes. Perhaps it's the feelings of awe and wonder when we look out upon oceans and endless water vistas. Gazing at the ocean is theorized to release a mix of dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. Zen Ocean Waves offers this kind of natural endorphin rush, with an endless loop of vast ocean swells cascading against cliffs and rocky expanses, amidst beautifully stunning coastal scenery. Directed by Milos Kuhlman. Produced by Zenchantment. Caution: May cause drowsiness or deep relaxation. Not to be watched while operating dangerous machinery. For use without a prescription. May be combined with other medications or alcohol. Side effects may include peacefulness, tranquility and feelings of bliss leading to introspection, meditation and/or ultimately deep sleep or serenity. Could become addictive. Use with care. Or without. DVD now available on Amazon: http://goo.gl/JCEsyc Watch Full Length Video: http://goo.gl/RClYjI Director Milos Kuhlman has been accumulating footage throughout destinations East and West since before the new millennium. Now focusing on visual tone poems and long form music art pieces, he seeks out scenic inspiration as a form of meditational reverie, equally found in the slow deliberate liberation of a leaf on a koi pond, or the sweeping vista of an ocean riding on a storm. "The visual journey all about being present in between the random moments of beauty, while the soundtrack is the soul..." Underscored by original soundtracks, Zenchantment takes ambient soundscapes into a decidedly hypnotic, meditational direction; fusing quiet, mood induced textures into a visual sound collage. Together, the minimal soundtracks and sublime scenery convey the fragile and temporal beauty of nature's handiwork in flux. Experience transcendent moments of nature that evoke the reverential and the serene. Experience the visual poetry of life. Experience Zenchantment.
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Text Comments (52)
7:16 is just a tsunami no worries lol(°▽°)
asa zafar (3 months ago)
SubhaanAllaah Pakistan here.. Want to be there with keanu Reeves..
Anjali Queen (5 months ago)
So relaxing
Delmi Gutierrez (5 months ago)
Awesome power!! Well done!!
rgs company (7 months ago)
An hour is not long enough. Please lengthen.
SALTAS (7 months ago)
ivone torrijos (8 months ago)
Relaxing 🌊💙
verdier229 (8 months ago)
relaxing with good headphones on supererior.... reminds of the coast of France below Bretagne,.....so relaxing ....thank you very very much..zen follow my breath in and out just that ....sound of water against rocks......hard < > soft...... grateful to be living today
Baby Snaps (8 months ago)
wow, even caught a glimpse of a beautiful bird. so beautiful.
zenchantment (8 months ago)
Sheila Barron (8 months ago)
The crashing of the water the sounds of the wind puts me in a Calm state even though the waters can lead to tragic things I just hope that none of these scenes were from tragic things Thank you for posting
zenchantment (8 months ago)
Nothing was harmed (or flooded) in the making of this video. ;-) Enjoy!
Kipa Lampinen (9 months ago)
Does anyone know where this was filmed?
zenchantment (9 months ago)
Karen Kelly (9 months ago)
Does anyone know where this is?
zenchantment (9 months ago)
West Coast of California
Kipa Lampinen (9 months ago)
I always try to chose a sitting place in the wiev when look at these ocean videos. In this video there is none during the first fifteen minutes.:D I tried to imagine how it was to sit on this little rock island when the wave comes by, and I had to laugh when I saw myself trying to stay there under a huge wave.
graz grazier (10 months ago)
ahaaa the view from my bedroom window.. well similar. in summer I just open my window, but now in the freezing winter. I play this relaxing and soothing sound. goodnight all...zzzzzzzz
zenchantment (10 months ago)
You're very lucky! Enjoy!
Kipa Lampinen (11 months ago)
Thank you milos kushman
zenchantment (11 months ago)
D M (11 months ago)
Beautiful Video and the sound is amazing too. There are many videos that do not quite sync very well with the sound. But this one does.
Susie Arviso (1 year ago)
Crashing waves is much better than a crashing plane.
Manfred Spence (1 year ago)
every time I am sleepy i listen to this and fall asleep while watching this lovely ocean view and crashing waves
TheMalba06 (1 year ago)
I could sit there all day and just listen to the crashing waves. I really need to know where thus is.
TheMalba06 (1 year ago)
Would anyone know where the location is? Good god this is so beautiful! Looks like it would be somewhere on the PCH?
taniac300 (1 year ago)
thank you... this is fabulous.. what kind of birds are those? near the beginning...there is one swimming in the water too.. (they are long necked..methinks not gulls)
Jennie f (1 year ago)
Thank you again ! Jennie ~ :)
Jennie f (1 year ago)
I do ! I love the Ocean ~ Happy to you ! thanks !
zenchantment (1 year ago)
Thanks Jennie! Enjoy!
Timothy Tobin (1 year ago)
Reminds me of my honeymoon 5 years ago , my new bride and I were in Hawaii , I took her out on rock area, something similar..well long story short a huge wave came and engulfed us, I was able to cling to the rock , unfortunately my wife was swept out to sea ..oh well, I still have my savings at least ..
TheMalba06 (1 year ago)
Did she really? Was she saved I hope?
Beverly Shaffer (1 year ago)
This looks like where I live!!
zenchantment (1 year ago)
You must live in a very beautiful place!
Astrid (1 year ago)
This is so satisfying. I haven't gone to the beach very much and this helps me soothe my need for the ocean ^u^
zenchantment (1 year ago)
You're most welcome!
Suzanne Alexander (1 year ago)
Simply breathtaking! Thank you!
cindy pruitt (1 year ago)
Where is this?
Stuart Taylor (8 months ago)
Oh Brilliant.
Susie Arviso (1 year ago)
The water. Its in the water.
profesortutka (1 year ago)
so beautiful, thank you!
theAbeElement (1 year ago)
Incredible! <3
Slime_DIY challenges (1 year ago)
I love the sound on them crashing thank you
Susie Arviso (1 year ago)
You wouldn't like the sound of a plane crashing.
Karolyn Chapman (1 year ago)
this is so healing & relaxing .... I feel like I'm there ♡♡ high quality thank you
Susie Arviso (1 year ago)
Crashing waves; relaxing. Plane crashes, not so relaxing.
Tiffany Hill (1 year ago)
soothing...... this reminds me of the Holy spirit....
Jill Sanchez (7 months ago)
I agree.
observe the movement of waves in and out. It is like the mind
Emma Bidwell (2 years ago)
Oowahh this was amazing, big fat beautiful waves and the sound was blissfully relaxing, I feel connected to the ocean I am at one with nature, thank you for this beautiful video, I love to meditate with the ocean
zenchantment (2 years ago)
Nicole K. (2 years ago)
Hey! Just sent you a message here on YouTube! Hoping to hear back from you. :)

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