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Damien Rice - 9 Crimes live op Best Kept Secret 2013

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1999maggy (2 months ago)
Daniela neri (3 months ago)
Its adorable the way his hands are shaking while he's playing.. it's always happened to me and i felt like it was an anusual thing, something of strange.. but its not.i've just realized it.. If you are full of emotions inside, how could you kept them?
Andrea P (6 months ago)
Uff 😥
Leif Lauxtermann (6 months ago)
what a song.. and what a performance...
Jösväny 19 (8 months ago)
朱睿 (1 year ago)
The first time I heard this version I just couldn't help weeping.
Susana Nivia Gil (1 year ago)
Oh my God!!!!!!
Koetstratsj (2 years ago)
2:45 <3
Mariz (2 years ago)
u'll feel more pain if it's live
Chris Wijchman (3 years ago)
fucking A
Pia M. (3 years ago)
Moreno Moro (3 years ago)
Ko Zushi (3 years ago)
Ever since Lisa Hannigan left, his voice longs for Lisa in all of his pieces, which makes them even more emotional and moving now.
Jackson Pastoor (3 years ago)
As the late and great Bill Hicks once said, and as he is certainly doing, "Play from your fucking heart!"
3:12 oh baby please don't cry
Leto Music (3 years ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTmSJ1vm4vo 9 crimes ( Hip-Hop remake/cover)
Stacy Steele (3 years ago)
I can't stop listening to this. He's so compelling, you can feel the pain and need in every note.
Aneta Cipryánová (3 years ago)
+Stacy Steele exactly
sophie rachel (3 years ago)
beautiful man, beautiful voice
Libero Mazzilli (3 years ago)
+Sophie Rachel ..and beautiful song.. :-)
Mônica Felipe (3 years ago)
Uma versão melhor que a outra! #belacansão
Nicholas P. (3 years ago)
I feel like his voice is getting better and better as he ages.. Holy shit
Sean O'Reilly (3 years ago)
Nice! Take a look at my Damien Rice cover. i think it ain't half bad =)
Mark Smith (3 years ago)
It's just not the same without Lisa....still really good though...
Esther van den Belt (4 years ago)
Ik was hierbij :)
yasmina salmi (4 years ago)
It's very impressive and beautiful to see how he put his soul into it. So heartwarming. 
random person (4 years ago)
This is music ,f*ck Nikki Minaj , Miley Cyrus etc
Setaareh Lessan (4 years ago)
Oh my God... How amazing...
Paradox (4 years ago)
not the same without the girl
Ju Bo (4 years ago)
one of my favorite songs from the best artist!  But why is the titel called "9 crimes"? stands the 9 for the album, in which the song appered (No. 9)? Thanks :)
Ju Bo (3 years ago)
+L0RD B4C0N Thank you very much :) that was very interesting. Yeay, people always do.
Peppi (3 years ago)
+Ju Bo In the Ten Commandments number 9 is: Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbours Wife. It basically says, that you shouldn't cheat in typical biblish bullshit ;) And this fits pretty good. The song is about cheating, in one concert Damien talked about this song and said, that it's about him being alone at home in Ireland, his then girlfriend was in France I think, at least somewhere else. He thinks, that she is possibly cheating on him in this moment, which is total nonsense, but yeah, people often think about total nonsense. So, he thinks about her cheating on him and then he asks himself if it's allright to cheat on her too.
Csutka Balázs (4 years ago)
Ez igen !!!!
ashley boyle (4 years ago)
This is one of my favourite Damien Rice songs. I do a cover of this if anyone wants to check it out http://youtu.be/XDL4_grAfN8
Lydia Lubs (4 years ago)
Check out our cover of this song! Nine Crimes Cover by Kirsten Heeman and Lydia Lubs
lisette kooistra (4 years ago)
amazing !
Floris Tijhuis (4 years ago)
i'm literally crying here, wonderful version
Laure (4 years ago)
amazing version, wow
Besnault Coline (4 years ago)
How God <3
Gabriela Garza (4 years ago)
Great version!!!!
Pomelo55 (4 years ago)
Good, but misses the magic touch of Lisa Hannigan's fantastic voice.
jackie mayock (4 years ago)
love all his lyrics
Evelyn Katharina (4 years ago)
Simply perfect
Chezuz_Krytzt (4 years ago)
Somwhere around here on youtube his full setwas to be found. Could someone help me with this one? Probably a live DVD I can buy? Or at least the video link?
mziko potskhverashvili (4 years ago)
grdznobs imas rasac mgeris:))) -
Lemon pie (4 years ago)
It's a small crime... and I got no excuse. ♥
Tobi Kooiman (4 years ago)
Het is Theon Greyjoy met baard.
rigdigwus (1 year ago)
lol thats true
Stef Van Chaze (4 years ago)
echt he.. dacht ik ook aan
Winston Churchill (5 years ago)
Now this is music! Just perfect
Manon Martin (5 years ago)
Liv Krake (5 years ago)
Ik wil hier nog een keer bij zijn
Duyt95 (5 years ago)
Very touchy song.
Phurithut Chatnamphet (5 years ago)
The rhythm make me cry.
Bethany J Sheppard (5 years ago)
Amazing. Just Amazing. Pure Perfection.
musicbuff51 (5 years ago)
like this wee song while since heard it....nice version
Lee Robin (5 years ago)
best version
Jasmin-Kristin Sager (5 years ago)
♥ wow ♥
Clau Reyes (5 years ago)
Ohhh Damien... hace tanto no te veia... its a small crime...
Sonja Brouwer (5 years ago)

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