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Top 10 Most Awesome Metal Detector Finds Ever

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Metal detectors can change people’s life! Here are some metal detecting finds people found in various different locations. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Searching for things with metal detectors has been a hobby among amateurs and professionals alike since its development in the 1920s because there’s really no telling what you might find. The Boot of Cortez Even though deserts look barren, they might be rich in valuable metals such as one lucky metal detectorist discovered in 1989. Torc Finds If you’re looking for more inspiration, here’s another story of a guy that bought a random metal detector and hit the jackpot. One day, a 35-year-old man named Dave Booth bought a metal detector. Antique Gold Chalice Next time you head out to the beach, you might want to bring along a metal detector. In 2008, a man named Mike DeMar was searching for treasure along the coast of Key West when he struck gold. Anglo-Saxon Treasure You don’t necessarily have to head to the beach or spend hours in the scorching desert to find some great treasures. One man found everything he’d been looking for right in his own backyard. Hidden Cash Speaking of finding things in your backyard, that might not be the best spot to hide your stolen cash... Ringlemere Cup Sometimes, your hobbies make you rich...like Cliff Bradshaw. In 2001, Cliff, a retired electrician, had always loved archeology and metal detecting, so he decided to make a hobby out of it. One day, while he was scanning a field in East Kent, England, he found a crumpled up piece of metal. Roman Remains Sometimes when you’re digging up ancient artifacts, you’re bound to find the unexpected. Metal detectorists, Dave Derby and Alan Standish, were scanning a site that was known to yield valuable artifacts in Nether Heyford. Roman Coins What’s better than finding a skeleton from the Roman era? Finding their stash of cash, of course. In 2009, thirty-year-old newbie metal detectorist Nick Davies was on his first metal detecting adventure, looking for hidden gems in Shropshire, when his metal detector started beeping. Axe Head If you ever dabble with metal detecting, don’t be discouraged if you don’t find something within your first few tries. Finding something of value on your first excursion is almost unheard of, and fortunately for Steve Hickling, he never gave up. Antique Pendant Who says you have to be an adult….or even enrolled in kindergarten….to be able to find valuables with a metal detector? Four-year-old James Hyatt and his father were in a field located in Hockley hunting for treasure with their metal detector when they unearthed the find of a lifetime. It’s true that you’ll never know what’s below the surface of the Earth unless you look! Have you ever found anything valuable using a metal detector? Do you know of any other great metal detector finds that aren’t on our list?
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World 5 List (1 year ago)
For our German-speaking viewers, view this video in German by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw8qpeOz_MI Für unsere deutschen Zuschauer: Schaut euch dieses Video in Deutsch an, in dem ihr hier klickt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw8qpeOz_MI
3 Harry Potter Fans (2 months ago)
World 5 List do you need a licence to metal detect in th uk?
Martin Pearce (1 year ago)
World 5 3
Harley Grit (6 days ago)
unfortunately, when you find ancient treasure in England the government gets it! I believe it's a crime to not turn it in...
david doggy (7 days ago)
I found an old pindent and i only got the wight of gold value $35.00 i fill like a sucker.
JA Purnell (9 days ago)
the native british are the lost tribes of isreal
Pablo Honey (11 days ago)
Money is the root of all happiness....
Annabella Corso (25 days ago)
I found gold earrings metal detecting
jon byron (28 days ago)
I've.found several Confederate uniform buttons on the CC,Tx beach
jon byron (28 days ago)
Watev. That guy soldering was amateur
I'm a metal detector myself and the best I ever found Was just a railroad spike
Hazo Hazo (1 month ago)
If I found something not in my property I wouldn’t say it just say you found it in your backyard
ambread allan (1 month ago)
Staffordshire hoard wasn’t in back garden it was found in ploughed field next to motorway the m6.on display in Hanley museum stoke on trent
Doug Latford (2 months ago)
For those of you that want to take up metal detecting, Just keep in mind... you will probably find a few THOUSAND pieces of junk before you find a good piece of something But happy hunting....
Doug Latford (2 months ago)
RadioShack you have questions we don't have a clue!
RED MOBILE uk (2 months ago)
The uk is full of these kinds of finds ...here you can buy roman coins by the kilo
willie bond (2 months ago)
Really slightly secretary twenty ring chronic present surely medication solid gym
martini carbine577/450 (2 months ago)
Metal detector went off and 9 feet down they found jars ,cans , stove pipe full stolen cash .... A METAL DETECTOR WITH A RANGE OF 9 FEET HAHA  .... somebody has his hand on it ;-)
Edgar Coverzz (2 months ago)
He just putting random photos
3 Harry Potter Fans (2 months ago)
Do you need a licence to metal detect in th uk?
Liam Craddock (1 month ago)
No but u need permission from the landowner. You can also get insurance with the ncmd
colin martin (2 months ago)
If you find a gold treasure on someone's land and take it to a museum for a valuation they will have to report it to the treasury. in turn the treasury will want to find out where it was found. This will lead to your first problem, trespassing, and theft. the item will belong to the land owner...and it's his right to claim the reward if classed as treasure trove...you will get zilch !! So if you have found gold on someone's land, re-bury it, then go to the land owner and ask for permission to detect on his land. then after a day or so, find the item again, and report it to the land owner. then go to the treasury and get it valued. if it's treasure trove you are forced to sell it to the nations museum and they will pay the value to you. you cannot keep it, but then as its value has to be shared between the land owner and the finder, that would cost a fortune to buy out the other partie to be able to keep the item if it was not classed as treasure trouve. so you will have to sell it anyway..so you might just as well inform the treasury and do it properly. when getting a "permission" from a land owner, do it right and get a signed paper that says you will remove any rubbish, return any tractor fittings found and share fifty fifty and valued items. Say you find a rolex watch..have it valued, say 2000 quid then either of you can buy out the other and keep the item legally or sell it and split the cash..and with a contract you will have the land owners adresse, contact tel numbers and email at hand if you need to extend the period or renew the permission...happy hunting.
kay macnair (3 months ago)
It almost my birthadey yay
WolfNerd143 (3 months ago)
On number five the pendant I think there waiting for the owner of the field to die then they'll get the money for it
TheSlothrop23 (3 months ago)
The Staffordshire hoard was 1600 pieces, and the land was not his, it was a farm nearby. It was worth 3.25m
Gilles 08 (4 months ago)
Change da title "gold dectector"
Zacksp 2 (4 months ago)
My uncle found a 148 ad coin
You Tuber (4 months ago)
Give me metal detector
Dekkerz Tekkerz (4 months ago)
Who saw the four cloved leaver in the corner at 3:59
Treasure Monk (4 months ago)
First off, in England you have to split treasure with landowner 50/50, that’s probably more like a Brinze axe head from the Bronze Age, and there are loads of those axes found, there are WAY better finds out there than these! Yes the Staf hoard is best on here only with nugget,, you’d think if your going take the time to make a video of this type you’d ask an expert or do a little more research! But then again, 90% of all videos on here are junk thrown together by teenagers so..
Warren Mills (4 months ago)
These people need to quit lien that staffishire hourd wasnt in his back yard it was at a farm him and the farmer had to split the 3 million not 5
mike94560 (5 months ago)
Interesting stories. About 70% correct.
Freddie Wimshurst (5 months ago)
On my first day I found a Roman weight
Uncle Quack (5 months ago)
9 feet down? what the f**k kind of metal detector was that? he said "Borrowed from US Army" must have been a good one !
Muffine Time (5 months ago)
Indigo Digger (6 months ago)
None of them beat my colonial treasure chest... ;) Hunt Happy
mdabbas ali (6 months ago)
I have 3.27 g, platinum. it made old fox/ grayish colour dog shopis.22crats nitric acid test and gold test machine in bangladesh . and tush stone acid test.but so whaite gold I am not sure.ok
John Rose (6 months ago)
Ryan Allison (6 months ago)
yer was gonna say that meself.The saxon hoard was on a farmers land not in his back garden, the farmer didnt really like terry, so sent him on a field were p eople had already searched it thinking he woudnt find anything lol, i would hate to be them that had already been on the field and didnt find anything must have nightmares to this day thinking what they were walking over lolz
Charlie Orosz (7 months ago)
And the vid abruptly ends before the story ends.😣
MY RIDE (8 months ago)
You are absolutely wrong on the Saxon treasure.
Dick Armstrong (8 months ago)
Terrible video - no actual photos associated with "the boot of cortez" I turned it off after that.
Jim Murphy (8 months ago)
He has to share with the land owner by law
Nurfarisha Iliyana (8 months ago)
you talking to.much
Ronald Solberg (8 months ago)
One time when my friends and I were looking with our detectors in a park in Phx. in the bad part of town a woman started SCREAMING my baby, my baby someone help me he chocking. The woman was holding the baby by now but we went running over to her. My friend who was a paramedic layed down his expensive  Whites gold finder and went running over to her.  Just as we got to the woman she said I got it, he had a piece of hard candy that he got ahold of and was chocking on it. With everything ok we went back to looking for more coins, Or I guess I can say I did as he no longer had his detector.  In all this mess someone grabbed his.  We all positive that the woman was part of the plan. The cops said the same thing. Never fall for what we did.
Spiral Dive (8 months ago)
The bronze age axe head was found in st.helens, england, not mount st.helens in america. Its on display at the cafe shop at fir tree farm. I've seen it. 👍
OLSKOOL (9 months ago)
oh its finders keepers! I would NOT TELL WHERE I GOT IT!
Postal Patriot556 (9 months ago)
I call bs, 9 feet down? What metal detector can reach that deep?
Raquel Embleton (9 months ago)
The Saxon hoard was on farmland not his own backyard I just watched the full documentary
EXTREME Crafts (9 months ago)
1980: did you pack the snorkeling gear 2020: did you pack the metal detector? lol
SWFARE (10 months ago)
Best buy does not sell metal detectors as you mentioned on your RIP radio shack. Now you know.
SWFARE (10 months ago)
Always starts off with...One day...blah blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
edgar helbling (10 months ago)
@ 6:52 this idiot actually says this.
Adam Vesely (10 months ago)
I wouldn't be @ all surprised to find that: Earth = Seeded with GOLD....That is, that gold was - strewn about...as it were...
Sopera Gaming (10 months ago)
The Roman Empire fell in the 4th century tho
Patrick M (10 months ago)
That’s bullshit how a country can make laws saying they have the rights to whatever you find. Fuck off, this stuffs been sitting there for hundreds/thousands of years and now you take people’s good luck and screw them over.
graemenawn (10 months ago)
They don't split the reward with the land owner because they are "nice people". They split it because it is the law!
Bravo Booty (10 months ago)
peter arnold (10 months ago)
saxon hoard was found in a field by a different man. Learn the facts first idiot
Golden Plays (11 months ago)
Whenever I go on beaches I find a bunch of bullets
mugsytop (11 months ago)
Terry herbert found the saxon hoard on Terry Johnsons farm.
microbusss (11 months ago)
*I* wanna be this lucky! GRRRR!!!
Jadon Dannehl (11 months ago)
As a metal detector, all of this is unrealistic. After 5 years you are lucky to dig a silver coin worth $10. Good machines are $800+
Lev Bergoč (11 months ago)
I found a bayonet from 1st world war lol
Mike Penske (11 months ago)
Just remember this detectorist...If you are not suppose to be there...you were not there.
Gary Howell (11 months ago)
I hate the stories of a novice buying a cheap detector and then finding a huge score on his first day. I bought one of the most expensive detectors and have been hunting for years but have never found anything but people's garbage.
Gregory Rapier (11 months ago)
26 lbs is not anywhere near the biggist Sonora California there was a 203 lbs nugget and the the 1080s a 44 lbs nugget was found.
SinEp Forcerer (11 months ago)
5:49 He was an electrician ... and they should a fridge having a new motor installed. lol (AKA a refrigeration mechanic)
miles andress (11 months ago)
Wait! The postal worker buried his stash 9 feet down? I didnt know metal derectors could penetrate that far down...military grade equipment????
kalam cat (11 months ago)
radio detector shop at Malaysia...wow
Renny1953 (11 months ago)
Hmmm so much for research. The two biggest nuggets in the world were found 50 kilometres from where I am sitting now in Victoria Australia. One was found with a metal detector- 'the hand of faith' which was sold to the Golden Nugget casino in Vegas and the biggest ever found was the 'Welcome Stranger' found in the 1800's a few kilometers east of the other find. It weighed in at 3,123 oz. The biggest nuggets in the world have all been found in Australia. Big nuggets still turn up every year.
Synx RAGA (1 year ago)
3:53 Wow nice name...HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHA
Sherman Tank (1 year ago)
I been looking in a creek for gold here in NC for weeks ain't found shit I need a metal detector
Sherman Tank (1 year ago)
I did find a wallet with a target card with 5 bucks on it
Richard East (1 year ago)
He bought a random metal detector, you mean the one he specifically picked out for purchase.
sticks0012 (1 year ago)
Several flaws of facts on this vid.
Innperlenburg (1 year ago)
"...that the Cornish and the Greek had close ties...." ??? Kent isn't anywhere NEAR Cornwall. Like saying that Plymouth Rock is near Newfoundland.
LIFE STYLE (1 year ago)
Spiting the find with landowner is not fair, 20% would be fair otherwise I do not declare the location of my find.
Nova _ 33 (1 year ago)
I once found gold I was out at fort Jefferson and I found a small piece of gold I could not take it I was at a national park I want to fucking die
gorilla cookies (1 year ago)
The Boot of Cortez is far from the largest piece of gold found in the western hemisphere . A 54 lb nugget was found in Calif as one example
James Lane (1 year ago)
And you can stick to spool up your ass Your Story Hour f****** ridiculous
James Beards (1 year ago)
The staffordshire hoard was not found in his back yard far from it! It was found on farm land
Gordon Johns (1 year ago)
In UK all finds are the property of the landowner usually shared 50/50 with finder but depends upon individual arrangements. So the Hyatt's almost certainly were only entitled to 1/2 of the find at most! Doing some research before posting this video would have been a good idea
James Milner (1 year ago)
What detector goes 9 foot deep?
Jon Handel (4 days ago)
It didn't say it was a handheld detector. It could have been the large, powerful, 2-person kind.
James Milner your right
karl wood (1 year ago)
at 6 mins that person would be a plumber not an electrician,, lol still putting together waffle as usual ,, wow this channel is pathetic, half of what is said is utter nonsense
Rocky Smart (1 year ago)
and... the thieving IRS takes most of you cash as always.
Paul Melkus (1 year ago)
All of these fines are the exception to rule and what I tell them that are looking at starting to metal detecting. I been metal detecting for well over 30 years and fines like this do happen but very rarely. A normal day out for me will net maybe enough for a soda on when home or if I'm real lucky a cheap hamburger but more then not I will go in the hole after paying for gas and batteries. Don't get your hopes up and just enjoy the hobby and if you do fine something great then that's icing on cake.
damon stelly (1 year ago)
The cup was 300 years old but the ship sank in 1622?
LoSt (4 months ago)
demon stelly listen to the video next time retard
Bagdad Alamode (4 months ago)
damon stelly He said it was 385 years old....
jconearth (1 year ago)
and the money stolen and buried 9 feet down is BS since the BEST Detector will only go 2 feet down
Kenneth Flowers (1 year ago)
Yeah bro he was looking for a hammer in a farmers field DUH!!!!
Zigi (1 year ago)
80% Bullshit.The funniest one was the Bronze age Axe-head apparently found on Mount St. Helens, Washington, United States...LMFAO
Zigi (1 year ago)
9 feet down...I laughed so much i lost control of my Bladder.
darkeyes blue (1 year ago)
Middleham jewel. Crosby Garrett helmet.harrogate hoard name just a few.👍
Darren Barnes (1 year ago)
Nothing beats the Amazing surprises that can be found under the ground, These are some great examples, Gold rings and Gold nuggets are to be also found all over the world 🖐🏻Hello from Australia and thankyou for sharing the info 🙂
Buttermybutt (1 year ago)
Aluminum cans are not trash in my state.
Rev (1 year ago)
These facts are so far off and you have no idea what you are taking about. Why didn't you just do a simple Google search to find the actual pictures as well??
J K. (1 year ago)
Radio shacks $70 metal detector finds treasure 9 feet below the surface every day 😄
John Harrop (1 year ago)
Bull shit the Staffordshire horde was found on a farmers land not in his back yard and they went halves in it
Christopher Mullenix (1 year ago)
The Bronze age axe head found in st. Helens was in St. Helens, UK. You used a picture of Mt. St. Helens in WA state instead... smh..
TheViperDetecting (9 months ago)
jimmythesaint nope, bronze age axe heads are actually relatively common in amazing find terms, while being worth a cool £3-10 thousand this one really doesnt keep up to the others on the list, probably about 1 in 50 detectorists here in the UK have found one
jimmythesaint (11 months ago)
i was wondering about the 'bronze axe head'.. do not think the natives had the technology to get this done.
Jadon Dannehl (11 months ago)
noticed this too, I live in Oregon so I see st helens every day lol. Nothing near that old here in america..
Echo 9970 (1 year ago)
My amazing country am sure has many many more wonderful and outstanding finds to be had. If you have permission to dig on land anything of interest to the museum and any rare finds most be handed over to that area finds coordinator, they will log the find or finds and then they will go to the museum to be appraised. They tell you what it is and how much it would be worth? If the Museum has nothing like it inn the collection then they will offer the finds a fee, or if it goes to auction then they do have to split the money with the land owner. The Museum only have so much money to buy the finds and sometimes they hope that the finder will let them have it on loan in the museum. Very sad if part of our history goes into auction and is never seen again 😞
Zigi (1 year ago)
You could not be more wrong if you tried (1)Anything over 300yrs old and at least a minimum 10%Gold or Silver is classed as treasure trove. (2)Finds can be handed to a finds liaison officer,or museum or even the Police. (3)An inquest is then led by the CORONER who determines whether the find constitutes treasure or not. (4)Finds are NOT appraised by a museum.They are appraised by an independent board of antiquities experts known as the Treasure Valuation Committee. (5)Non-treasure finds are the remit of the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Also of interest...The hoard was purchased jointly by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery for £3.285 million Pounds.You can view the hoard at the above mentioned building. And sadly the owner of the land and the finder of the treasure are no longer friends.They fell out because the detectorist found even more treasure from the same spot in the following years,and the farmer wanted it all for himself.Treasure like Religion makes good people into fucking idiots.
The Solo Searcher (1 year ago)
The Staffordshire Hoard was found in terry's back yard lol You absolute retard !! Actually research before you make a "Fact video"
James Milner (1 year ago)
I was just going to say this. It was a good watch
Zigi (1 year ago)
I was being sarcastic,as fox news always get their facts wrong,or just make shit up.
storm trooper (1 year ago)
It was made by CNN
Zigi (1 year ago)
Right on man,maybe this video was jointly made with Fox news lol.
Dennis The HiRev (1 year ago)
Are any of the pictures the real thing or are all stock footage? Thumbs down
Refugio Zamora (1 year ago)
this video is so wrong the Saxon hoard was found on another guys land that he asked for permission to hunt , if you're gonna make a video get your shirt right and don't make up your own stories no wonder only 30 views , DO NOT SUB. TO THIS CHANNEL WASTE OF TIME
Refugio Zamora (1 year ago)
Minigod Fan Hey Bud it's almost Thanksgiving take it easy bro. I still love you as a brother ,Happy Thanksgiving
Minigod Fan (1 year ago)
Refugio Zamora (1 year ago)
Dobby The house elf both
Kimberly Rose Hill (1 year ago)
You mean get your sh*t right not shirt
Atifurgith (1 year ago)
FFS do some research before you make fault statements on findings. Most are completely wrong.

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