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Tea Time Analysis

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Welcome back to the Nightmare Expo! Nightmare Expo Weekend is here. To kick off day one, we are diving into Tea Time, an eerie short film. Enjoy. Give some love to Swamp Dweller for starring as our host of NE Weekend: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyYjOfKMuuIv0oMjG68Reug Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NightmareExpo Join my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/NightmareExpo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tea Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKQpG7EjXsg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Nightmare Expo (11 months ago)
Update: I'm loving all of your theories. So many incredible points and perspectives coming from you all. See you tonight!
Kya Kun (24 days ago)
Both the old lady and the dead man have rings on their right ring fingers, both rings are simple silver rings, I think the dead man is suposed to be her husband, he does look older
Rosario BY (1 month ago)
So, here's my theory: She killed the husband a while ago. Maybe a few days or so. She killed him while he was getting ready to take a shower, which is why there's only blood there and he's not fully naked. She goes into hysterics. So much so that it leads her to kill the cat too. After seeing what she did, she hastily shoves the cat into a bag under the sink to hide from her guilt. She doesn't go into the bathroom for a long time, avoiding it while her psyche slowly deteriorates. She slowly detaches herself from the memories. Though deep down she _knows_ what she did, for the next few days, she literally forces herself to forget. She continues to put food in the cat bowl, confused that the cat hasn't eaten yet but assuming that he'll come to the bowl when he's hungry. Just brushing it off nonchalantly so she doesn't have to remember. She makes tea every morning. She and her husband always have tea in the mornings. But he hasn't come to the kitchen for the past few days. Oh well, he probably just left for work early!~ But this morning, she's forgotten so much that she actually decides to go into the bathroom to freshen up while waiting for the water to boil. When her face falls in the mirror, it's not because she's looking at herself. It's because she sees the blood splattered on the tiles behind her. Slowly, she turns to face the memory returning to her in full force. She begins to slowly unhinge as she stares at her husband's corpse, exactly where she left it. If not for the kettle whistling, she would have fallen into a fit of hysterics again. She hurries out of her room to finish her tea and to try and force the memories back down. But as she sits with two cups, she can't escape them like she once did. No. The guilt and the remorse and the fear manifest in her mind as her husband, pulling himself out of the bathroom and joining her at the table to make sure she _can't forget this time._ Finally, she's forced to deal with the problem. So, in order to try and further bury the entire incident, she grabs her saw. She's going to cut him up and literally bury him, and then clean the bathroom. She'll probably bury the cat too eventually. I feel that in the end, she's _trying_ to forget.
big black pp man (1 month ago)
Nightmare Expo to me it looks like she was philicaly abused by him and she finally killed him. The only problem with this theory is the dead cat. I don't know what the dead cat has to do with it
lol linguini (6 months ago)
Momo Yaoyorozu (7 months ago)
just because you have Alzheimer's dose NOT mean you can have to hurt someone so bad, that u kill them. or even try to hurt someone in a confused state at all.. that's why i firmly believe that this was giving you 2 logic based questions we are left with. one why did the husband get stabbed? answer is because he hurt the cat. (weather or not he hurt her isn't the issue, we see no bruising to state that though.) the second question we are left with, is why is the cat (that's been dead for a while) under the sink, and not out buried, or taking care of in some way? that answer is because she has forgotten, or dosen't want to admit she is totally alone. these are the SIMPLEST answers to these questions.. and all to often, its the simplest route that's the truth. she has no blood on her, no scratches.. and looks to me like she only stabbed her husband ONCE, and all that blood trickled down. BUT, pause it at 5:55 .. you will see the husbands body, and you should notice some blood trail that dose not fit on his (stage left) arm. kinda looks like some really bad scratches to me huh? so the cat tried to jump on the husbands shoulder, husband gets mad because of the pain, kills the cat, wife gets mad and confused, kills husband, and is left totally alone, and unwilling to accept it.
Marla Moore (4 hours ago)
0:00 - 0:09 my ears tho
Rob B (1 day ago)
You could analyze a video of someone taking a shit & I'd still watch it.
DirectorCM (3 days ago)
I know I'll be the only one but...That's not a Hacksaw. It's a Panel Saw.
DirectorCM (1 day ago)
I'm a professional Driver and Filmmaker. Thanks for the inquiry. You don't really need a profession to know what tools are lol.
Rob B (1 day ago)
Rofl you're right didn't even notice how slender it is & squared off at the end. Gee I wonder what your profession is lol
stephen hopper (3 days ago)
This breaks the one rule of Horror don't kill the cat, so in my eyes it is an absolute piece of shit
BIlly Ray (3 days ago)
I honestly found it fine, not unnerving or creepy, or even slightly scary...overall....boring.
Random Fandom Trash (3 days ago)
Why does this remind me of COMMUNICATIONS case 1?
Ember D&T (4 days ago)
I have the exact cups (and plates) as the lady in this film lol
chryzinwonderland (4 days ago)
It didn't even creep me out...made me sad AF. Kinda made me think about my grandmother with dementia. "Strangely distraught"...is perfection for a description of this.
Ultimate Creator (4 days ago)
hey wanna analyses me?
The Jags nation (7 days ago)
Cool girl 123 (9 days ago)
She murdered the cat and the man.
Dillon Dawson (10 days ago)
That goddamned piano jingle is gonna make me crack
CrimsonSandBoa (11 days ago)
It's unnerving but also makes me sad. Seeing what dementia does to people in real life is very heartbreaking, and this does follow certain patterns I've personally seen.
Christian Murphy (11 days ago)
This reminds me of a story ive read about a old lady who poisons people with tea and kills than stuffs them
OneBig Crybaby (11 days ago)
Spoopy and its not even holloween
Neon Pug in Socks (11 days ago)
3:41 watt
Ioana 666 (12 days ago)
well its rosa fault
Shadow (12 days ago)
Swamp Dweller? Sounds like Shrek
asexualboredom (13 days ago)
holy fuck my screen got all distorted and it scared me more than the video
asexualboredom (13 days ago)
2:40 *THaT hAS tO bE thE SASsieSt DEaD boDy iVE eVEr seeN*
Doodle Soup (13 days ago)
Mia Kamradt (13 days ago)
Alrighty Swamp Dweller buddy, that's nice and creepy and all but can you not talk directly in my left ear and left ear only Edit: That lady is me in 50 years
bighollywoodproducer (14 days ago)
Why was the "husband" in his underwear? And wasn't wearing a wedding band.
usagi (15 days ago)
I started crying when I saw the dead cat :( I know it’s fake but like- it’s really sad...
hey_its_teags (15 days ago)
Lol forget the dead guy the pooR CAT
Eat Booty (15 days ago)
*What are you doing in my waters*
ataridc (15 days ago)
Doesnt the guy look a little young to be her husband?
Tank Engine (15 days ago)
Can I point out that when she sets down the tea cups, the handles are at vastly different angles than when she adjusts them. Could be further evidence of your Alzheimer's theory, secretly displaying that the two shots are actually from different days, and that she follows a routine.
Manic Mushroom (15 days ago)
I'm most disturbed but the fact that she just poured boiling water on her tea... Hope it was herbal but even then it's unnecessary. If it was anything else... *Shudder* I can taste the burn and bitter. 😂
Si Deus Me Relinquit (16 days ago)
The ducking beginning made me think there was thunder
Katie Marie (16 days ago)
I know I’m a veeerry late haha, but I kind of interpreted this film as focusing more on “routine” than anything. Everything has an order for this woman For example, she always sets the object down before slightly adjusting it (Kettle, spoon, cup), as if she is trying to put it in the exact same position everyday. When the positioning is slightly off, she seems dissatisfied and immediately fixes it. Also, if you notice the camera follows the divide in the kitchen table, and each teacup setting is placed directly over that line. Filling the cat bowl has also become part of her obsessive routine, so she continues to do so, despite the lack of animal. Also, the kitchen/kettle/cups are all yellow, further driving home the idea of her desire for order. Taking all of this into account, I believe one of two things could have most likely happened. 1) Her husband disrupted her normal/obsessive routine, and as a result, she lashed out and murdered him. 2) Something happened to cause her to kill her husband, and the resulting chaos (random blood splatters, splayed limbs, etc) caused her to obsessively cling to order in hopes of coping with her deed. Personally, I believe option 1 is more likely; here’s why: Her familiarity to the routine and exact placement/angle of every object gives the impression that’s she’s done this routine many, many times before. It’s unlikely that her love of routine and order occurred as a result of her husband’s death; if it had, she probably wouldn’t seem so familiar with the exact placement of everything. I considered the idea that her husband had been dead long enough for her to develop this routine comfortably; however, this idea is discredited by the cat bowl. The cat bowl is not overflowing *that* much. It looks like the cat has probably only been dead for a few days— a week at most— otherwise the food would have built up much more since it would be fed 1-2x a day and we can see the scoop size used. While this may seem unimportant, it leads me to infer that her devotion of order and routine began *before* her husband’s death, not as a result of it, otherwise she wouldn’t have enough time develop such a scrutinizing obsession to it. Plus, the kitchen and its decor have likely been the monochromatic color scheme since before her husband’s death (i doubt she would have redecorated afterwards lol) and everything around the house is incredibly tidy and organized, insinuating that she’s always loved order and routine. So, all this taken into consideration, I think the most likely story is that this woman had a love of routine and order, her husband did something to shatter her idea of order, and she had a mental break, murdering him as a result. Her husband is only portrayed as a source of chaos— a complete foil of her. His movements are glitched, frantic, animalistic. His image flickers, his blood is everywhere, his limbs are sprawled, and his overall presence is inconsistent. I think she probably killed the cat for the same reason, too; maybe it didn’t eat one day, maybe it didn’t cuddle with her at the right time, etc and she lashed out. Throughout the film, we consistently see the woman struggle with things that disrupt her normal routine: the placement of objects, the chaotic blood splatters in the bathroom, the memory of her now-dead husband. It’s my theory that she does not feel *any* sort of guilt about killing her husband. Instead, her look of distress at the sight of the body is a result of it reminding her that her routine and order is forever ruined — the blood, the splayed limbs, and the absence of her husband constantly remind her that her routine has been thrown off. This is why instead of breaking down and crying from guilt, she goes back to tea (as the kettle reminds her to refocus on routine) and proceeds to robotically grab the saw in preparation of disposing of the body and trying to restore order to the now-chaotic bathroom. As dark as it is, I like to imagine that we, as the viewers, are only seeing her go through this routine *once*; however, she’s actually done this exact thing *every day since her husband’s death.* She’s stuck in an obsessive loop, and it’s only until now that she’s decided to finally dispose of the body and restore order once and for all. Anyways, that’s just a theory....... A *FILM* THEORY... Sorry couldn’t help myself 😂 anyways love reading all y’all’s theory’s!! Can you tell I’m an English major haha? I love picking stuff like this apart
you're theroy is perfect. my nana has alztiemers and this is almost exactly like it.
Nocturnumque (17 days ago)
Mirror: I would rather say that she look frightened when she notices the little blood stains on cabined/wall behind her.
Teresa (17 days ago)
naw, he killed her cat and she killed him. simple
Teresa (17 days ago)
i'm just sitting here like, who the F keeps a saw under their sink?
Dr. Phermit (17 days ago)
Oh, I guess I was out for when you became Night Mind.
Nightmare Expo (17 days ago)
hardy har har original comment^ next!
WhiteHat (18 days ago)
That was actually fucking amazing
Pip (18 days ago)
Almost a year later and I'm still hiding in the comments
Spider-Asian Canadian (19 days ago)
Nightmare Expo an Night Mind are my 2 Gay Dads.
MichTheGaming Nutt (19 days ago)
you said your the swamp dweler. are you shrec?
Catholic Girl (19 days ago)
okay i hadn’t heard of tea time i thought nightmare expo had turned gossip/drama channel 😂
Christopher Heidt (19 days ago)
This plays out like one of Stephen King's short stories.
gale2384 (19 days ago)
This short movie is brilliantly done, and leaves room for open interpretation of the events. It's more the horror overall, that you're going through the events with this elderly woman, her terror and normalcy interrupted, that brings the utter disturbance to life in its presentation that unsettles the viewer and leaves it up to their imagination of what happened. You feel for her, because you get a sense of loneliness and she knows she can only cover-up these deaths, be it accidental or deliberate (either-way, both laced in regret), to continue her sense of normalcy, of the quiet life that she can't mentally have anymore, but strives in denial non-the-less.
Possible theory 🤔
_xX ChankaMelon Xx_ (20 days ago)
That's not a cat. That looks like that one dragon from how to train your dragons. Maybe it's a McDonald's toy. Stop making here out to be an animal murderer.
Yellow Fruit (20 days ago)
*Oh dear my husband is oof*
Diana Fronsdahl (20 days ago)
I have worked with dementia & Alzheimer's patients for years... & I think you are correct in seeing this as a possible theme for "Tea Time." It's a very creepy look from someone else's perspective, that we don't often get to see. I don't want to get into "trivializing mental illness in games or film" or any of that stuff... I think it's a creative piece of work that isn't trying to make a statement necessarily about people with these illnesses. Just enjoy it for what it is...
Basma Abdallah. (20 days ago)
i love this
Jade Has Sum Squirt (20 days ago)
nO- just 30 seconds in and i hear a cat gets hurt(from the comments). Im not ready, but. Im stupid so,,, **EDIT** nOT THE CAT-
Red Fox Emperor (21 days ago)
Guy looks like chocolate man and idubbbz
TheGoldNinja321 (21 days ago)
Well that was unexpected
Maria Shmertzmin (21 days ago)
It's actually a beautiful masterpiece
Just-her- author (21 days ago)
I have vague memories of watching this before upon re-watching it so I'm glad for an analysis.
This makes me say oh hell naw
Sheebuh Enu (22 days ago)
I believe it might be some sort of OCD and also dementia. Because of the fact that she goes to fix the position of the spoons and the tea cups
Bratz Lips (22 days ago)
*sips tea*
Jazzy Cakes (22 days ago)
Paranoia mixed with Alzheimer's and psychosis? She's obviously afraid of the man in the tub, which is probably why she killed him. I think she was more distraught to see him than to see that he was dead. I think she forgets that she killed the man and cat, due to old age, and remembers when she sees his body. Those images of him crawling towards her may have flashed through her mind, and she decided that him being dead wasn't enough. She was still afraid of him, so she had to cut him up a little more to ensure he couldn't get to her. Maybe in a fit of delusion or paranoia, she also killed the cat. Maybe it scratched her, maybe she didn't like the way it looked at her, who knows. By then I think she remembers what she's done, so seeing the cat doesn't phase her. She'll probably forget about it again anyway.
tus gas 2 (22 days ago)
I have seen some shit
PsycheodeliaDelle (23 days ago)
This would be me if I had stayed with my ex.
depressed square (23 days ago)
So...nobody is gonna ask how the cat died?
RADIOSOAP (23 days ago)
rip night mind
Guera Noodle (23 days ago)
Her husband killed her cat so she killed him after finding the bag under the sink. I can relate. You just don’t mess with an old lady’s cat 😼
Nør 5k1 (23 days ago)
bitch didn’t want tea, bitch got the knife.
•Miles• (23 days ago)
"Swamp dweller" Shrek anyone-
RegularYoutubeUser (24 days ago)
why they kill meow meow?
Wraith (24 days ago)
Poor kitty... 😔
call me roman (25 days ago)
I really think the old lady has alzheimer, she killed her husband, and then she forgot about it, the thing is, she loved her cat (she feeds him everyday) so, why is it dead tho? The husband seemed angry when he was about to grab her so maybe domestic abuse? She snapped and killed him forcefully (the stabbing area is just to odd, the lady has a chance of 75% to be taller than the husband, so idk, maybe they were fighting or something). The "arranging" the tea set perfectly might be a sign of either OCD or the pressure of his husband to make her do things well enough.
Tipsylou (25 days ago)
what is that stupid fucking lame into. fuckadoodle what an annoying voice
HasukeSMWC (25 days ago)
b-but???? WHO WAS PHONE?!?!?!?!?
Will DaWild (25 days ago)
My cat would've looked at that overflowing bowl of food like it was empty 😂
DNAsGhostzHouze (25 days ago)
I watched someone's analysis of this video where they theorize she's suffering from Alzheimer's in one of it's later stages. Edit: Now that I think about it, it could have been this video lol. I think I might have watched it awhile ago...
Katie Fluke (26 days ago)
The woman was the victim of some kind of abuse. Her spouse (who is in the tub.) killed the pet in an act of pure rage she kills the spouse for everything he has done but suffers a mental breakdown soon after. So her mind forces her to play out her daily routine everyday until she is eventually confronted with the sight in the tub. Thing is this happened years old and see is now an old woman (she upset because she’s getting old.) and even though the body is gone (she disposed of it?) she still sees it there every day.
gfdgf599 (26 days ago)
She killed Night Mind! (get it? there was a dead cat)
Undertale Chara (26 days ago)
I am S H O O K E T H
Squidward tenticals (26 days ago)
The way he died tho
ISABELLE GOWEN (27 days ago)
- looks at lipton tea- tEa tImE iNdEeD
Paul Willess (27 days ago)
get out of my swamp!!!
олен (28 days ago)
Swamp Dweller sounds like that sorcerer dude from that one Tom & Jerry movie, "The Magic Ring". back then lowkey thought he was hot asf so I guess that's okay .
Drakonis (28 days ago)
Who ever said he was her husband?
The Cheshire (28 days ago)
Hey,could you see what the fuck is up with the song staple taleworms to my penis,I’m so confused q-q
Ni- tress (28 days ago)
My great grandma had Alzheimer's before she passed. She was really friendly when i came to visit but whenever i went out to take care of her garden- she would lock the doors in fear that I was an intruder... It's sad 😢
*Talks about this being a film.* Me: *Gets ad for film making.* ._.
Pretty Mommy (29 days ago)
I agree with your theory
Nicolas Haas Soares (30 days ago)
maybe she has OCD ( helped by the fact she wants to fix everything, the teacups, the spoons, etc.). And probably has schizophrenia because of the part where the man gets to her, probably an illusion created by her mind ( last time i checked people don't revive so often, until today there's only been one record, belonging to Jesus Christ ).
Speccle (30 days ago)
D3rp G4m1ng (30 days ago)
can you not do the bass? it hurts my ears with me headphoeNEs
fUzE bOmB (30 days ago)
Maybe she has schizoprenia (I don't know what's the spelling) so yeah, maybe she has that disorder where she doesn't know what she's going or seeing.
Peter Rooney (30 days ago)
I wish they'd used something other than the TV white noise, and used some kind of damaged film effect. The white noise took me out of it.
Grey Shadow Audio (30 days ago)
Slime Man (30 days ago)
is swamp dweller thicc or no
Enee (30 days ago)
this swamp dude is proper cringe
Wow, this is actually wonderful piece of thought provoking work! I'd call it a masterpiece!
B Tan (1 month ago)
This is a case of ptsd
UltimateSegaGamer (1 month ago)
So the husband killed the cat so she killed her husband? Seems reasonable
Alexander Ferris46 (1 month ago)
That dead body really does look real though I know what a dead body looks like because I’ve been in a car crash and i sAw my wife die
Smoketurt Games (1 month ago)
Good thing I’m watching this at noon
KaileenaOni Does Art (1 month ago)
Poor cat
Mr.bomby (1 month ago)
Right at 3:19 it kinda looks like blood in her cup for a second

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