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10 People who Fell into Animal Enclosures at Zoos

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Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list Zoos are a place for the average person to see animals they might not ever get the chance to observe in the wild. Zoos also have the purpose of conserving certain species, trying to make sure they don't die out to extinction.. and in other cases they can be a sanctuary against poaching and hunters. Levan Merritt 1986 As encounters with great apes go, Harambe wasn't the first incident of a child falling into a gorilla enclosure. It happened at the Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, Channel Islands in the UK, when Five year old Levan Merrit somehow fell into the zoo's gorilla enclosure, falling far enough that he lost consciousness when he hit the ground. Beijing Zoo 2009 Pandas. They're endangered, and they're absolutely adorable. That cuteness draws in many crazy panda-fans for Gugu, a panda at the Beijing Zoo. People come from all over to see him, and more than a few have snuck into his enclosure. Pittsburgh zoo, 2012 For all of these stories, a surprising number don't end with someone being killed, considering they're usually just feet from dangerous and unpredictable predators. But fatalities unfortunately do still happen sometimes, as was the case for two year old Maddox Derkosh. Detroit Zoo, 1990 The Detroit zoo is a popular destination for many who wish to admire the wildlife of the world, and apparently also for those who like going where they shouldn’t be. This time though, the story has a happy ending, and the man had a good reason for jumping in. 33-year-old Rick Swope was enjoying his day at the Detroit zoo until he came across the chimpanzee exhibit. Berlin Zoo, 2009 The case of the Berlin zoo polar bear attack incident in 2009 is both mysterious and sketchy, and not much is known right down to the name of the woman involved in this incident on our list. Cleveland Metro parks Zoo, 2015 Once again, another case of a two-year-old boy being held on top of the protective railing and falling into an enclosure with several dangerous animals. Santiago Metropolitan zoo Suicide is never the answer. No matter what you might think, someone's going to be devastated by it, your community will be impacted, your loved ones will be at a loss without you and you'll be sorely missed by many. Little Rock Zoo, 2015 A young child went to the Little Rock zoo with his father and grandfather for some fun, and multi generational bonding time. Brookfield Zoo, 1996 Here we have a more feel-good story. A young child fell into the gorilla exhibit, and was set upon by a terrifying silverback female gorilla named Binti Jua. Toronto Zoo, 2016 A visitor to the Toronto Zoo must have really like her hat, because she jumped down from the observation deck and right next to a flimsy fence that had a tiger behind it, in order to retrieve it. Amidst people yelling at her, calling her a "moron", the woman leaped down and grabbed the hat while the tiger pounced on the fence separating them, desperately trying to get at her.
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Text Comments (14157)
Guillermina Pulido (3 hours ago)
Poor kids and the other people
zenzen zel (1 day ago)
i once encountered a mountain lion
timestorm0 sunset (1 day ago)
I think the mother murdered the toddler to sue the Zoo. Believe me some people are terrible, and to place the baby on top of the railing with just a nest to keep garbage out. If she’s truly innocent then she’s beyond stupid
ANGEL NONYAA (2 days ago)
*start's crying*
ANGEL NONYAA (2 days ago)
to sad...
Amalia Espinal (2 days ago)
they killed the gorilla ,but he\she saved the boy
Kusch Thomas (3 days ago)
RIP harambe
2:11 XD ;-; .....
STEVEN_ KY (4 days ago)
I am a panda lover pls subscribe me guys ty😘
Brandon Goodman (4 days ago)
On the 8th one the mom let go
rain n (4 days ago)
Why didnt they just let tha lions eat him.... he wanted to die....
Abrill Ellis (5 days ago)
I'm still pissed about harambe because I saw him as a small child, he was a beautiful gorilla, too bad that kids shitty parents were too busy on their phones to care about their kids and thanks to those fuck nuggets there is no more harambe, they should have shot his shitty parents instead of the gorilla, not like they gave a shit about their son anyways. He wasn't hurting him he was saving him from the water and pulling his pants up for him, big deal
Mike Wilding (5 days ago)
Her mom says no climbing and he fell in
Anzelica Webb (5 days ago)
So u mean to tell me she watched her son get bit up by them dogs to death and she didn't jump over that fence to possibly save her son since it was her fault? I would never do that to my future kid but if i did it would be hard for me to do it but to save my kid i will give my life up
Pastel_ Boo (6 days ago)
Stop killing the animals! Punish the people, it’s them not following the rules, and for kids the parents should be punished. Importantly you should let them back on there homes, instead of making them more in dangerd than they already are! IMPORTANTLY DO NOT MESS WITH PANDA’S NOT MY FAVORITE BEARS THEY NEED PRIVACY >:(
Jack Bower (7 days ago)
dicks out
TheFuture YT (7 days ago)
If you came here from the thumbnail than your welcome 5:08
Tala AlexZandra (7 days ago)
What I want to know is why tf did they kill the animals when they could use a fast acting tranculizer??? Like wth. They have darts that can knock out a animal in seconds. Why not use them.
Slay /rude/lonely/ (8 days ago)
1:29 the Gorrila is super nice it's legit trying to see if the kid is okay....
Galore python483 (8 days ago)
My dog died today 😭😭😭😭😭
Galore python483 (8 days ago)
Brandon L (8 days ago)
Why do they have to show the lion king 😂😂😂
Rosa Hernandez (9 days ago)
I was born in 2009 October 20 I am 9 years old
Pete Mielke (9 days ago)
You missed the Toledo Zoo in the 1970's. Guy enters the zoo after dark and climbs into the polar bear cage. It didn't end well for the human. Final score...Bear-1/Human-0.
Stacy Crumpler (9 days ago)
I,am crying
Deborah Whitney (9 days ago)
Well I would gladly shoot that bastard, who had those two lions killed. The selfish bastard.
Karen Doherty (9 days ago)
Why would you kill the lion cats when that naked man in into their home..that's wrong .if someone breaks into my house and I get shot cus I'm about to kill the son I'm gonna be mad
Bobby Flomerfelt (9 days ago)
People should know they don't belong in an animals territory. God brung animals here first before humans so humans have no business in their territory.
kingikegames (9 days ago)
Think of it like this if someone went in to your home you’re not just going to stand there you are gonna protect yourself
MadFan (9 days ago)
Only reason i came here was to look for Harambe comments.
Robin Bates (9 days ago)
Can't believe the family sued the zoo for the death of their child. It's not the animals fault, It's the parents. It is stupid to hold a child on the safety wall or bars. You hold the child in your arms to get a better look. The parents should have been arrested for child endangerment. There are innocent animals being killed over the stupidity of people. There are some shown here, that saves lives. It's the people who are irresponsible and not going by the rules.
C Kellim (9 days ago)
What mother puts her child on a fence!!! Ridiculous!!! I think they all need child endangerment charges!
Cousin Kevin (10 days ago)
I Ran into a dangerous snake
Kylie Smithers (10 days ago)
Bad kid
MUNDOM316 (10 days ago)
at 8:39 did he say a "silverback female gorilla"? Is that really a thing? I thought all silverbacks were just the alpha males
scrap2cash (10 days ago)
We want to see videos on YouTube... not just story telling with some fake pictures
Jack Thomas (10 days ago)
was gonna say where’s harambe and he’s at the end :( RIP HARAMBE
Simon Reek (11 days ago)
I heard someone from my country fell into a Meerkat enclosure and was not hurt!
SkyGachaTube (12 days ago)
I came across a section of a group of commentors who should go to hell, bc they are hoping the child that fell into harambe's exhibit gets bullied, when it wasn't his fault. The kid was fucking 3 at the time, like srsly. Also if they wouldve tranqed harambe it possibly wouldve made the situation worse. Yall should burn for that. Smfdh
G's_Music (12 days ago)
It was obviously the mother’s fault she knew better wasn’t thinking. Oh sue the zoo for what you did
The 1st one I don't know how to say his name but yeah He was just trying to save the child
TheWill0fStrength (12 days ago)
You notice how majority of these victims are white? Hahah
Dio Falkner (12 days ago)
Number 8, 5 and 5:14 Those retarded white fat bitches should be thrown into a lions cage as food, they do it on purpose to get a fat (like them) paycheck. Number 4 They should've shot the beast who jumped in the cage, not the poor animals. And that's exactly why there should be a Retarded Whites specific area in every Zoo or just forbid these inbred mentally-challengeds to get close the animals.
Kaas (12 days ago)
Jacob Banuelos (12 days ago)
Hurumba gta 5 mod
Chad Douglas (13 days ago)
To bad we don't live in a world where we can just kill humans for being ignorant. I'd be a pro at killing humans !
Charlotte Pernet (13 days ago)
The moms are clumsy
kelamo (13 days ago)
So basically you go to jail for trying to commit suicide...
Furry Chan (13 days ago)
7:10 that zoo is in Denmark, the country i live in!
JTCORGIPLAYER Trinidad (14 days ago)
I have encountered a wild beast it was very big It’s called A RAT
B.D W (14 days ago)
That mum is a stupid fucking bitch and shouldn’t get a penny. More like jail time
Yo MOM (14 days ago)
"A moment of silence for Haraembe". Seriously? You want us to pray for a dead animal? Get a life, you bunch of weirdos.
M e r C u r y (15 days ago)
Shame on the man who killed the gorilla who did all god rip 😭😭😭
M e r C u r y (15 days ago)
Number 8 had me crying 😭😭😭😭
Neurology Love (15 days ago)
Moral of the story? Their are protective barriers for a reason, and wild animals have natural instincts. Don't be dumb. 🙆🏿‍♀️
can i get a hoyaa (16 days ago)
that’s not very cash money
Sidfried Gacusan (16 days ago)
Polar bears skin are black but fur white
Skye Prizeman (16 days ago)
Pur lions it wasent ther e fault it was the mans
Dean Glass (17 days ago)
Yes I have one time me and my cousin were outside playing in the woods and is Diamondback came up and bit my cousin we have to go to the hospital because it was only a diamondback and Diamondbacks aren't poisonous
Dean Glass (17 days ago)
That guy is so dang stupid and he's so stupid I swear I want to beat him up he's being so dumb and doing that trying to commit suicide when he killed the other two lions...
Abel Tsegaye (17 days ago)
i feel sad for the boy who got mauled by that wild dog! :(:(
TheKoolAidMaker (17 days ago)
Did the narrator call the mauling of the guy who was trying to kill himself by jumping in with the two lions a *zooicide* or is that just what I wanted to hear.
Darkness Queen356 (17 days ago)
Rest in peace Harambe one like equal 1 prayer
Amanda denman (18 days ago)
They shouldn’t have put the lions down. How was it their fault. Ugh. People are stupid.
lori wise (18 days ago)
I dont believe in zoos animals shouldnt be locked up
Jeycee Alvarez (18 days ago)
I have been to the cincinati zoo and went to where the boy fell
Dalton Tannery (18 days ago)
Yall can feel sorry for Harambe all yall want but you know good and damn well if something that big grabbed your 2 year old boy and was dragging him through the zoo trying to find a safe place to eat him then you would've shot him to and if you say you wouldn't do it then your a fucking idiot
chevy one (18 days ago)
how can people be so stupid dropping your child into a wild animal inclosure getting your kid killed and wanting to sue t he zoo they shood have inprisoned the dipshit as soon as she mentioned law suit it was her freakin fault your kids depend on you to protect them not die because your a stupid idiot tard dumbass with no freakin brains at all
Azzy Animations (19 days ago)
Why do only MOMS drop the children?
It's not the animals fault for the habit they have it's how they are meant to live it's the people's fault
Scott Prendergast (19 days ago)
German woman is a huge polar bear fanatic? I dont know about polar bear fanatic BUT SHE IS HUGE.. how the hell did they get her fatted ass out without heavy EQUIPMENT!?!?!?!
Scott Prendergast (19 days ago)
4:17 to 4:20 is not a chimp - its an orangutan- Well now, are you as mentally challenged in other subjects as well, sir?
Scott Prendergast (19 days ago)
Potato Batman (19 days ago)
Humans are trash. It's either "I'm gonna hold my kid over the tiger enclosure" or "I'm gonna put myself in a position that could lead to the animals death" like fuck off humans.
Google Rodriguez (19 days ago)
Dumb ass people wanna act live dumb asses....and then wonder why they get attacked .....wtf.....
DME Transport (19 days ago)
Let 'em die...Darwin Award recipients.
Colleen Mcdonough (19 days ago)
Animals aren't dum....
cholodude97 (20 days ago)
Fuck this channel and their 10:18 minute video
Wanda Sweat (20 days ago)
Sorry, but moms fault !!!
Yesi Amfam (20 days ago)
I feel really bad for these people
Coleton Vermillion (20 days ago)
These parents are stupid
Janelle Pineda (23 days ago)
I hate it when they punish the animals by killing them when somenr decides to go in by their own fault to see animals more closer.
John Hang (23 days ago)
any parents who don't keep their children away from the enclosure should be sue to hell. They should be facing jail time, do 500 hours of community work, and no zoo entrance for a good 10years. Discipline time!
Iesha Chatfield (23 days ago)
Shoot the people there’s plenty of them around
Louis C (23 days ago)
Rip hurambe
It’s me Itzel (24 days ago)
See this is why I don’t go too Zoo’s or anywhere 😂😂
Kathy Jo West (24 days ago)
If you're dumb enough to fall in or jump in,then that's just natures way of taking out the stupid people.
Joshua Traharne (24 days ago)
Thanks Mom😠😠🤬🤬
Joshua Traharne (24 days ago)
8 was for 76 million
Anthony Moreland (24 days ago)
All white people
Genesis Mendez (25 days ago)
Gacha JJ (25 days ago)
2:02 tho 😂
Carl Brandenburg (25 days ago)
That is so touching that the gorillas saved all those little boys
Marlie L (25 days ago)
The parents should not Have suede the zoo. It was the stupid mother, it was her fault but couldn’t take blame.. if my mom was like that I would love school 🙄
Zeus Martinez (25 days ago)
So the zoo won money from the stupid mother that killed her child in their property by using their animals, right?
Jenny Reyes (26 days ago)
Humans fault and animals pay.life is so unfair..
Kaleigh Cross (26 days ago)
love number 2
Kristen LeCroix (26 days ago)
Those loans didn’t deserve that I would be so like very mad d😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😤
insecurelylcst (26 days ago)
This is why zoos scare me

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