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Kodaline - All I Want, Live op Pinkpop 2014

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Kodaline - All I Want, Live op Pinkpop 2014
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Phusanisa Thongjun (2 months ago)
I literally start crying when I heard this song
Pepita Abeln (2 months ago)
7:17 for a second I thought they were kissing
HAMDI LILLO (2 months ago)
How could another Band walk on Stage after that performance Class
I know you (6 months ago)
5:38 Iluminati?
mio butut (7 months ago)
Like U 2:08
Leigh Dan GO (8 months ago)
Charisse pempenco was there...
Gaurav Sharma (1 year ago)
I love when they let audience sing in the end 😍 goosebump moment
bad burros boy (1 year ago)
me sinto viado escutando isso,mas é foda dms!!!!
faizah ruhi (1 year ago)
this songs got me all 😢😢😢😢😢
tillsmann (2 years ago)
2:18. Gorgeous. Enough said.
Tukta Sirinapa (2 years ago)
Very emotional ❤️
chenna abishai (2 years ago)
my day starts with this song 😍
chenna abishai dont get me wrong bro. Me myself i love this song. But to start your day with this song. Your life must've sucked pretty bad. 😅
chenna abishai (2 years ago)
Ever loved video 😍😘
Alda s (2 years ago)
Thaise (2 years ago)
I love they sooooo much
Ben Huot (4 years ago)
Add to favorite...
Ray Dorey (4 years ago)
I stumbled on the video "Part II of All I Want", just by accident a few weeks ago, when I was looking for new music. The dog in the video looks exactly - well 97%, like my dog Belle. I loved the song, loved the video (Part I and II) and now I love the live version. However, apparently, I am not alone.
Chantal van der Meer (4 years ago)
Komt de hele show van Kodaline nog online te staan ?
Sund ace (1 year ago)
Chantal van der Meer hyre hugdan leknag hidnuy yealez nurga Chantal fuck you

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