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10 Captivating Facts About the Titanic Sinking

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Everyone has heard of the Titanic and the tragic story about the ship hitting an ice-berg. A lot of people died by this accident. Here we take a look at the stories behind the sinking ship. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list Ah, the Titanic. The unsinkable ship and the story almost everyone in the world has heard of. The 882 ft 9 in long ship carried over 3000 passengers on a journey from Southampton to New York until it hit an iceberg and unfortunately also hit the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. Titanic is the only ocean liner that’s been ever sunk by an iceberg. More than 1500 passengers lost their lives on April 15th, 1912 and only 336 bodies were recovered. But their stories live on. Join us as we explore just a few stories of the fascinating Titanic and its 3000 passengers. So what exactly is the story behind the real Titanic necklace? Famously portrayed in the same-named movie starring Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio, it turns out that the necklace story is actually real! The names you need to know are Kate Florence and Henry Morley. They were lovers - he was 40 years old and she was 19. He wwas the owner of the confectionery shop and she was his counter assistant. So how did they end up on the Titanic? They planned to get married on the ship and start a new life together. Morley left his wife and his young daughter to be with Kate and gave her a valuable sapphire necklace. Sounds familiar, huh? Unfortunately, the two never had the happily ever after they wanted. After the iceberg struck, Kate managed to escape the disaster and was taken in the very last lifeboat. And Morley? Unfortunately, he wasn’t so lucky. Here’s a name you should know: Robert Hopkins His heroism was never recognized, even though it was portrayed in the blockbuster movie. But the fact was, Robert Hopkins was one of the unnamed Titanic heroes and only 73 years after his death did his gravestone finally recognize him for his actions. Alcohol saved one man from death on the Titanic Titanic’s chief baker, Charles Joughin, was known as the last survivor to leave the RMS Titanic. His life could’ve been saved when he was assigned captain of the lifeboat 10, the same lifeboat Masabumi Hosono jumped onto. But after seeing that three men were already operating the boat, he realized there was no chance. A book about the sinking of the Titanic was written 14 years before Titanic sunk We’ve all heard of people coincidentally predicting the future, but this is the one that’s truly mindblowing. In 1898, Morgan Robertson published a novella called Futility. It was a story about the largest ship ever built and called unsinkable by its British owners. Here’s the weird part: the plot of the story could’ve easily been the plot of the Titanic - well, umm, actually, it is the plot of the Titanic. The details are so similar, it freaked out many conspiracy theorists.
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king htoo (22 days ago)
A mummy made the titanic sink
Meme Genovia (1 month ago)
Britannic is my super favourate but titanic is my favourate
Momen Meazeb (1 month ago)
So sad
ArkansasGamer (2 months ago)
Oh shit I never knew one of the life boats was lost at sea...
Avida Dollards (2 months ago)
This sob left his wife and daughter, he deserved to die
VerchielxKanda (2 months ago)
I remember hearing about a child who was scared of water(example taking baths).  His sibling asked him why he was so scared and he said that he "was on a big unsinkable ship, we hit the biggest iceberg, and then it was really busy, and then I got really cold and wet. I went to a warm bright place and waited until my next family came."  His birthday is the same day the titanic sunk, only several years apart. =)
Kevs Gaide (2 months ago)
I always wonder all men who survived were stigmatized as in it's like the world expected only women and children to come back
Daniel Cundiff (3 months ago)
My best friends uncles brothers wifes great great grandfathers sister was on the Titanic.
Luis yael 69 Santos (3 months ago)
Im learning about this at school
Gia Nguyen (4 months ago)
April , 15
Joseph Harrigan (4 months ago)
You start off telling us Vive facts and then at the end you say Do you believe them I'm lost are they not true what was the story?
Security Possum (4 months ago)
Ya die, ya lose. Ya jump into a boat and live, YA LOSE:
Penny _34 (4 months ago)
Acually 2207 people were on the titanic including crew don’t tell me I’m wrong because I looked I did my research
Ezzat Sorour (5 months ago)
I wanna feel how does it feel drowning in Atlantic Ocean in winter people say its colder than your shower
andy gulbicki (5 months ago)
The titanic sunk in 1912 April 13th
Kairi Hoyt (6 months ago)
Anakin SkyWalker (6 months ago)
0:10 There weren't over 3000 passengers. An estimated 2200 passengers sailed on the ship. Around 700 survivors, while roughly 1500 died.
laura morales (6 months ago)
Wow that's crazy
John Morgan (6 months ago)
It was 2,200 passengers, not 3,000 :)
mayuri patil (7 months ago)
,,,,,,,.......kekejtrjtrjkqkerj5nnejjejwjsijsjdud dr uske 73 re tr 4784728282ueur ji jejuri truthfulness hi hehe jene ru rt tuh h4jrjrim my phone number is not 9923080804 and 9923930080
Sam Benghazi (7 months ago)
Go to hell all
Cindy Caguimbal (8 months ago)
Poor japanese guy 😮😮
Samantha Bowley (8 months ago)
R.I.P To everyone who lost their lives on that cold,scary and awful night. You all will forever be missed and loved. Never forgotten. Xx ❤️❤️
Elite Puppy PLAYZ (8 months ago)
The Titanic could only go for 21 knots that's its maximum speed
Elite Puppy PLAYZ (8 months ago)
And it was more than 700 passengers that was saved
Elite Puppy PLAYZ (8 months ago)
It was 2200 passengers on the ship
Iggydabboy VLOG (9 months ago)
I know im Just a kid. But I know more than a 48 year Old Man that studied the titanic his entire life. Captain smiths last thing to do was to Save a Child. And Captain Smith is nad AN idiot, he is a Smart Man that did a stupid thing. Bruce is May wanted to not only break World record of most luxery liner but also fastest liner. So he made Captain Smith go mega fast. So the Captain stupidly listened. And the bit about him sleeping, True.
Andrea McHenry (9 months ago)
Well said
Kean Nino (9 months ago)
Is real
Chris Brice (9 months ago)
Achol keeps u warm
Manoj Tripathi (9 months ago)
There was also a fire at the bottom deck which when the collided with the ice berg caused the gash or wreck to weaken more, but alothough if there was no fire titanic might have a chance of surviing
That girl in the glasses (10 months ago)
Captain E.J Smith shouldn't be held totally accountable for the disaster,sure he made some bad decisions like paying no heed to the 6 warnings of the ice field that lay ahead,cancelling the life boat drill scheduled for the morning of the night the ship sunk and probably the most grave one ,taking a whole thirty seconds to give the command to change course of ship after the ice berg was spotted but he was only human ,and in the last moments of the Titanic he did everything humanly possible to save the passenggers on board and did the most noble thing ,going down with his ship like a true Captain.
paolo fadda (10 months ago)
Yu ere asom
century tuna (10 months ago)
When did the titanic sink
Durbs (10 months ago)
Good video I love the Titanic even made a video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-At_niW6eI&t=131s
Banana Man (10 months ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 noooooooooooooooooooooo
Gachaflower Rose (10 months ago)
I'm obsessed with titanic
ginantsfan5 (10 months ago)
Pretty good vid!!!!!!!!
BoiBoi Oof (10 months ago)
Who ever dislikes are just haters
Luke The Stuke (10 months ago)
9:45 I've been there it's in Las Vegas
Pea Shooter (10 months ago)
Wellll, when R.M.S Titanic is sinking i saw the bow of the Californian
crazybird (10 months ago)
I am 15 now, and I've been obsessed with the titanic since i was 6 I even have 12 models in my room and one I made that I can crack in half and put it back together. Every day I use the model I made in my pool and just roleplay and stuff... If you think that's childish, i have aspergers... so there you go
crazybird (10 months ago)
882ft 9 inch ship 882ft 9 inch 882ft 9 inch 882ft 9 inches
Beccers In the house (10 months ago)
Why am I having such a week of “I’m obsessed with titanic “
Deepti (10 months ago)
so Sad
Julian Rodriguez (10 months ago)
I subscribed an turned on notification bell and like
Ice Wolfie (10 months ago)
Ice Wolfie (10 months ago)
Dude its just 2000+
Jakie Cake (10 months ago)
Actually, The Captain was one of the first people to try and leave.
Dawid Kaczynski (10 months ago)
You have nine idea how am I interstellar about the titanic and I.,am 8 years old
Oof_its_tori yeet (10 months ago)
I love the titanic
Roger Olivier (10 months ago)
No lives lost -> FAKENEWS, just like CNN ABC NBC CBS and others.. USA TODAY too...
MrMagee78 (10 months ago)
1250 pounds a year was well over double what the average person made back then .. it was a lot of money!!
Daniel Birchall (10 months ago)
Most of the "facts" in this video are wrong. One life boat was lost and there was a book about the titan 14 years earlier but not much else
del trotts (10 months ago)
Remember the Gusloff !
Lois Whiteside (10 months ago)
Just saying but a few of your facts are wrong. I would point them out but I can’t be bothered typing out a big explanation
Victor Hyde (10 months ago)
"Facts" and "editorialising" are not synonyms.
GLSOUNDWAVE 2814 (11 months ago)
i did not know that not all lifeboats were not rescued at the same time.
Kieran Connolly (11 months ago)
5:46 that’s not titanic! clickbait...
Hank Justice (11 months ago)
Inside the Titanic, there was a coal bunker fire when it set sail. At the docks, there was a coal strike too. They had just enough coal to make it to NYC. So, to ensure making it to NYC on time, the coal bunker's burning coal was tossed quickly into the boilers. There was no other choice but to maintain a high rate of speed. The bunker's bulkheads glowed red hot and this warped the water tight seams. After striking the iceberg, the compartments filled with seawater and the Titanic slowly began to sink. When the seawater flooded into the red hot coal bunkers, the steam explosion pushed the slightly ripped seams outward doubling the rate of flooding. Titanic and many of its passengers were doomed. Titanic then sank much more quickly.
THE MAJOR (11 months ago)
3000 passengers?
Danise Li (11 months ago)
Wow I was born in New York and went on a subway, and a bus. It was kinda crowd the first one in the bus and the subway but the second time one both it wasn't my siblings and I all had seats
you missed the chance to write "ICECAP-tivating" in the title
jhibbitt1 (11 months ago)
I've recently started noticing that a lot of ppl online seem to think rose and jack were real people
NCR Ranger (11 months ago)
Sounds like LOTR music
Dawid Brzez (11 months ago)
I have a model of the titanic
Seppo - (11 months ago)
How the hell do u think the captains body could be covered?
Trixie Vasquez (11 months ago)
It's so very sad
Rachel May x (11 months ago)
This video isn’t accurate. It was a Joseph Dawson not a Henry or whatever
Brandon Dill (11 months ago)
I love the Titanic.
the rampant hamster (11 months ago)
i had no idea about the missing lifeboat story...
Katalina Loya (11 months ago)
I studied the titanic for 2 years 4th grade -5th grade I’m in 5th
only takes 30days to rot wtf
what do you think the first class fish 2ed class fish an 3rd class fish are doing right now?
then the sharks come out O:
Jarred Mack (11 months ago)
the entry song is from Lord of the Rings.
AI (11 months ago)
I hate that woman and children rule maybe children should prioritize but a grown women and men should treat equal what a shame
Foxy_gaming (11 months ago)
They actually planed it to sink because they didn’t want to pay some claims for it or something
Brick Bros 99 (11 months ago)
You put a pick of the Lusitania in here
Ruth Sandoval (11 months ago)
V64 YT03 (11 months ago)
The necklace is not valuable and it wasn't on the Titanic. Only on the movie
Lucy Marshall (11 months ago)
I had a titanic homework... The question was, were did the titanic stop on the voage? My answer, the bottom of the Atlantic sea
L Yan (11 months ago)
whats the titanic....?
Mark Maloney (11 months ago)
I seen the movie titanic it is so sad and gross
Joan Foster (1 year ago)
Did you know that the titanic actually sank by fire 🔥 then hit the iceberg
timetraveler90 (1 year ago)
If you think about it Titanic was indeed unsinkable, metaphorically speaking. Think about how all the ships that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean and nobody remembers them but Titanic, millions of people around the world recognize it. Its actually more popular than planes.
Shimmersummer World (1 year ago)
Titanic was a unsinkable ship that actually sinked at night and there was no moon that night.. and the poor guys that had to die because women and children can only get on it was a very sad thing to watch. After titanic hit the iceberg it took two hours for it to sink, the water was freezing cold it was worse than the ice bucket challenge to do and lots of them got hyperthermia and died from that. Rip the captain to because he would not leave his ship he died with his ship :( R.I.P We will remember you titanic, the largest ship in the world. And almost all of the 3rd class passengers died because it was so low down in the ship and the band that played the night they all died sadly oh you can’t imagine how it was like R.I.P titanic.
Shimmersummer World (1 year ago)
tatutzz barredo (1 year ago)
My mom cried when im not born
YamiAlex224 (1 year ago)
1500 people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us there were 20 boats floating nearby and only one came back 1. 6 were saved from the water myself included 6 out of 1500 meanwhile the 700 people in the boat had nothing to do but wait wait to die wait to live weight for an Absolution that would never come
Padfoot (1 year ago)
Just to the people who do not know when the titanic was being built a fire started and the iceberg hit the exact spot and it busted and sunk.
sabiha shabnam (1 year ago)
I'm so excited for titanic 2 Jack is back!
Jakie Cake (10 months ago)
That's not actually a real thing.
sabiha shabnam (1 year ago)
In 20years the titanic will never be found
sabiha shabnam (1 year ago)
Do you know the ice berg is still there were it was
sabiha shabnam (1 year ago)
Their were 2,200 passengers on board
sabiha shabnam (1 year ago)
3,000 passengers died
Harley Whittell (1 year ago)
it was not titanic it was the Olympic that sunk
North Atlantic yes you can see the Meusem and see the real ship underwater titanic 2 is coming out and JACK IS BACK
Jakie Cake (10 months ago)
The closest thing to Titanic 2 was a 2010/2011 low budget diaster film named Titanic II
Jakie Cake (10 months ago)
Titanic 2 Isn't a real film
Annayka (1 year ago)
I feel so bad for the people who lost their lives that day
rootz natural living (5 months ago)
Me to

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