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Mansun - The Chad Who Loved Me, Live at Brixton Academy, 1998

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Arguably Mansun's finest performance, October '98. Discover Paul Draper's upcoming solo material: https://www.facebook.com/pauldraperofficial https://www.twitter.com/PaulDraper http://www.instagram.com/pauldraper1970 Mansun have a voice at: https://www.facebook.com/Mansun https://www.twitter.com/mansunband http://www.instagram.com/mansunofficial Connect with other fans and keep your ear to the ground for all things Paul Draper, Mansun, and The Anchoress at http://www.facebook.com/groups/MansunsOnlyLoveSong
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Text Comments (28)
Knees (2 months ago)
Easily the best opener to a debut album. EVER.
Meedzy Pops (1 year ago)
Recently discovered Mansun through a friend and my god is this tune something else especially this version. Thank you Paul.
Encrust (1 year ago)
I think I'm always gunna seek this out. I may leave it for a while, but I always bust it out from time to time. It's nothing short of soul-wrenching every time.
张上上 (2 years ago)
美到迷幻 美到酥麻 美到窒息
Encrust (3 years ago)
Pete Kijek (4 years ago)
Remember being there!! SO many memories flooding back!!!
channnel6tv (4 years ago)
one of my fave gigs ever
Johnny Koaster (6 years ago)
Excellent version! This has to be my most favourite album ever, which has to be listened to, from start to finish every time!
Matt Day (7 years ago)
Why Not Now (7 years ago)
mansun were a gem of a band - what happened to them?
PureGem surface clean (8 years ago)
best intro by a rock band i ever saw. then into ski jump nose. time to pogo!
ddartool (8 years ago)
i love you
ddartool (8 years ago)
Knees (8 years ago)
christ i wish i'd seen em live while they were.
britpopok (8 years ago)
vikingmog (8 years ago)
a truly brilliant band. it would be class if they got back together. aslong as they didn't play electric man man that song sucked ass
relevation0 (8 years ago)
check out "you only live twice"
Dale Shelabarger (9 years ago)
Such a wonderful melody, skewed by unhappiness and misery. You can see Mr Draper's rage. Very dark.
Encrust (9 years ago)
Still can't get over how amazing this really is. The song always spoke to the soul but this version is something else entirely. Sounding like a major twat online is important to me.
Said Erickson (9 years ago)
hahaha, tell me abut it! im from México! they never came to play here :( mansun's shows was a really trip to connect yourself with a mistical feeling.... i relly hope a reunion of this band....i know it will never be, but i hope.....
Encrust (9 years ago)
This is fuckin genius.
boris yeltsin (9 years ago)
awesome awesome hairs on back of neck on edge again
ssssss (10 years ago)
Jason Martin (10 years ago)
Could this be the best start to a gig ever? Had my spine tingling.....btw...I was there!!
Grand masterflash (10 years ago)
without doubt the best ever opener!
pixiespider (10 years ago)
i just bought that CD in a charity shop and rediscovered this track!!
Peter Short (11 years ago)
WOW! Never seen this track live! Sounds superb despite the lack of strings. I recon if they made it big big BIG, they'ld have been a 40 piece orchestra behind them and that would have blown me away. Still my favourite opening track of ANY album.

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