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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sessie @ Where The Wild Things Are 2016

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http://3voor12.vpro.nl/ Setlist: 0:13 Its got old 3:14 Vegemite 6:01 Stressin’
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Text Comments (93)
Luiz Fernando (7 days ago)
I want to have adopted sons with Ambrose
Pete724Music (16 days ago)
Ambrose = the Pigpen of King Gizzard.
mcmillianq (2 months ago)
We need more thumbs up buttons for this.
Armael (5 months ago)
stu u're so incredible
d. Walsh (5 months ago)
that kid can play some mean harp
Sounds for Towny (8 months ago)
My three favorite songs from Oddments! This is fantastic. Can anyone identify that brand of harmonica used in It's Got Old?
Hypatia Stanhope (8 months ago)
Michel Gutierrez (9 months ago)
“It’s been a looong few weeks” *silence “Ahem. Inside joke.” *goes straight into playing Love all of them
Gerardo Bruno Leon Panti (11 months ago)
Stressin' chills hell out of me, amazing!
Buller (1 year ago)
What gives that F A T tone, is it just good ol' overdrive?
owen mwnap (3 months ago)
Buller tubes
Jay McNally (1 year ago)
Does anybody know the make and models of both of stu's guitars ??
stonedy2 (8 months ago)
Yeah man, that anybody would be me ;) The blue one is a Yamaha SGV 800 The red one is a Yamaha SG-3. It's not actually Stu's guitar but Joey's. If you want to know the other guitar Stu normally uses, that would be a Hagstrom F-12S. But he doesn't uses it in this little gig. If you have some other questions about their gear, hit me up ;)
Raphael Schmid (10 months ago)
Yeah sure, someone prolly does
Timmy G (1 year ago)
Still the best session.
Austin Bennett (1 year ago)
Fuckin thick mutton chops there Stuey
blaho (1 year ago)
Ambrose can play the fuck outta that harmonica
Henry Weinert (1 year ago)
Can anyone tell me what tuning that is for stressin' on the blue guitar??
Zach (11 months ago)
Henry Weinert c# standard
B-boy G (1 year ago)
Did he say eggs at the end of Vegemite?
crush537 (1 year ago)
Kezia Naomi (1 year ago)
since when is stu allowed to play joey's guitar?
thebestever475 (1 month ago)
hipsters share guitars
Epicfilmslol (1 year ago)
is this even king gizzard? or just Ambrose and Stu?
Psych Emergency (1 year ago)
Jose Farias (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the tabs for the harmonica??
ArcticPyre85 (1 year ago)
This is amazing
Alexander Perez (1 year ago)
Lets hope we see mutton chop stu in our future
Harry Lacanna (1 year ago)
What's that red guitar?
Evan O'Malley (1 year ago)
its actually says Yamaha in yellow but its a really weird font and the 'Y' looks like the Fender 'F'
Lucas Crossett (1 year ago)
Harry Lacanna Yamaha SG-3 I think the headstock says fender though which is weird
Jack Floodgate (1 year ago)
so unique with the harmonica
Jack Floodgate (1 year ago)
its great
Stu is awesome, think I'm falling in love like in nohomo way lol
12Daniel34 (10 months ago)
No homo tho
12Daniel34 (10 months ago)
Чингиз Садыков why no homo? For King Gizzard, ALL the homo!
Mr Sizzle (1 year ago)
I love his tone man
yungsavagesleeper (1 year ago)
Ambrose is a beast on that Harmonica.
NicodemiusX (3 months ago)
just like his papi
kyle Cote (7 months ago)
ambrose is a beast for being in two bands!!
cubedify (1 year ago)
Weird question i know. But does anyone know what kind of shoes he has?
Jake Fields (1 year ago)
A lot of the Gizzard dudes wear Blundstone boots. I don't know if those are but I think Stu has a pair
FairFerret (1 year ago)
Man, I want to see them so bad... seem to be great in direct.
RegularDude (2 years ago)
really chill i love it
Nicolás Moreno (2 years ago)
I guess he screwed up the song at 5:06 so he decided to finish it in that way. genius!
iPhone (1 year ago)
he even whistle after that.. HAHAHAHA
Mz6 (1 year ago)
lol, he fuckd up
RegularDude (2 years ago)
probably hahaha
spwndlove (2 years ago)
I like how this is KGATLW's version of "unplugged". For everyone else, that means acoustic; for them it means no tripped out distortions. :D
Brandon Quod (6 days ago)
Sando yours has gotta be one of the most retarded comments ive ever read
Felix Knott (12 days ago)
+Sando You are so wrong but even if you were right your parameters for putting down a band are ridiculous. Why does a song have to translate to acoustic guitar well to be good? or why does a singer have to prove to you how good at singing they are without effects for them to be able to make good music? Good musicians don't self impose stupid limitations on themselves like that.
JohnBx98 (17 days ago)
Sando a lot of music doesnt translate well acoustically. That point is so dumb is like "the Beatles didnt make music in the style of Tool so the Beatles were bad musicians. They all have a style
Camsea Seacam (1 month ago)
+Sando sando i hate you you fucking piece of shit ive never been so angry at a comment in my entire life you pretentious cunt
Jack Preston (2 months ago)
go check out paper mache dream balloon my man and lemme know how it hits ya
tehGrumz (2 years ago)
I love them so so much
its1994x (2 years ago)
King Moustache and The Lizard Wizard
armonica tone key? :(
Haily Veness (2 years ago)
its in D
ratfvck (2 years ago)
currently eating a vegemite and avo sandwhich fuck yeah living is nice tonight boiz
billie (2 years ago)
This was so good! Need more sessions like these!
moyno85 (2 years ago)
He actually looks like a lizard.
Beef Bud (2 years ago)
Haha love how he ended the session. I bet he's such a nice and cool person
Leo Beatson (1 year ago)
Beef Bud he is
jufloyd (2 years ago)
Holly shit... great version of stressin! That venue also is epic... Anyone knows where that is?
THE ATTIC VIDEO (3 months ago)
Center Parcs really ? damn !
Jannis de Reu (1 year ago)
Center Parcs de Eemhof in Zeewolde
OMR TV (1 year ago)
sun of a . . .
Sjoerd Jansen (2 years ago)
It's at a festival on a bungalow park in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. They also performed that evening with the full band, 't was awesome, King Gizzard was at one of the afterparty's where I was at :) Didn't see the Lizard Wizard though.
Harry Portnof (2 years ago)
epic 60s yamaha guitar porn
Arthur Isidorio (2 years ago)
I've waited my life to listen to "It's got old" live and it's fucking amazing.
Scott D (8 months ago)
you kids should put your pants back on, this isnt black sabbath in 1970
Wolfe Dusenburg (2 years ago)
What key is The harmonica in for its got old.
lifesuxluke (11 months ago)
Definitely D
Stef Williams (2 years ago)
i think it might be D but dont quote me on that
C` rec (2 years ago)
Крутые ребята. Это видео чем то напомнило юный Pink FLoyd.
John W (2 years ago)
It's weird hearing Stu's voice not through a blown out amp
Scott D (8 months ago)
wow you must really know him dude.
Maddy Foster (2 years ago)
It's actually amazing
Zac Marshman (2 years ago)
Is stressin down a half step or something?
Tom J (1 year ago)
+Zac Hey man, Stressin isn't microtonal. Stu usually bends his string a full half-step, meaning that he doesn't explicitly play microtones here. Also, using a smattering of these "microtones" doesn't make the whole song microtonal. I guess it's a form of modulation. But the short answer is that it isn't microtonal and he doesn't use microtones. I guess everyone's going a bit microtonal crazy after their new album haha. Gizz on dude, have a good 'un
Zac Marshman (1 year ago)
Moist Mong hey man thanks I actually recently got a microtonal guitar made cause I love gizz so much and you were actually correct stressin has so many microtones! Who would have thought this random gizz b-side would be micro tonal haha anyways carry on gizz heads
Tom J (1 year ago)
+MoistMong no it definitely isn't. Microtones are related to notation; they have nothing to do with key signatures.
Moist Mong (1 year ago)
its micro tonal
Tom J (2 years ago)
jesse hassall (2 years ago)
Stu is great, seems like a chill guy

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