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Ocean's Fury Unleashed

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One of the most recognizable lighthouse photographs in the world. Perceived optical illusion at end. When first seeing the famous and historical photograph, most people assume that the lighthouse keeper must have been killed. In fact, the keepers had been living in fear of death during the 1989 storm and at one point had taken refuge in the lantern room of the tower. Waves the night before had smashed through the lower windows of the tower, causing the structure to flood, washing away everything in its path including the television, table, chairs, coffee maker and even the refrigerator. The keepers in fact were waiting to be rescued by helicopter. Assuming the rescue chopper had arrived, one of the keepers opened the lower door of the structure and looked up at the helicopter but realized that it was not the rescue chopper. He also realized that a giant wave was about to engulf the tower. He immediately turned about and pulled the door closed behind him. Had he not done so at that second, he surely would have been killed. Awareness Alert: There are only 4 Northern White Rhinos left on Earth, making them the most critically endangered species. This magnificent creature will vanish before our eyes... endextinction.org
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Text Comments (336)
Chris Cook (2 years ago)
I would wanted out too, if the coffee maker was out to sea...
Laurie Bard (11 months ago)
Chris Cook 🤣 same here
Rajib Dash (1 year ago)
MariaGarcia281 (2 years ago)
Yep, no reason to live anymore
SweetCherries (5 months ago)
The ocean is a creature thats alive probably not to well tho do to all the pollution and its mad
Marc St.james (5 months ago)
how did they build it?
Katie Ribbonz (6 months ago)
That music plays in my head when I visit my mother in law every other Sunday
Larissa JustMe (2 months ago)
SweetCherries (5 months ago)
mrraffe82 (5 months ago)
cipher88101 (6 months ago)
Philippe Calatayud (6 months ago)
Very scaring!
Brett Zelinski (7 months ago)
That dude must have been shitting bricks
Equencawacha Lol
Equencawacha (7 months ago)
If he was he should have used them to add another level.
Cobb Knobbler (8 months ago)
I have a huge framed picture of this. Somebody gave it to me awhile back. Such a crazy shot.
Rowan Scovell-Lightfoot (3 months ago)
me too!
Jacob dalton (6 months ago)
Same we've had so many people comment on it
tini demonseed (8 months ago)
Me too it sits above my fireplace Tx
Desi (8 months ago)
would love to have it as my wallpaper !
kim pirihi (9 months ago)
That building had lower windows? WTF
Karen Attard (10 months ago)
I could not be a lighthouse keeper. Too risky and no chance of a decent cup of coffee when the coffee machine has just sailed out of the window
Furious G (10 months ago)
I wonder how good the Wi-Fi is?
Fk67Lg (4 months ago)
No wi-fi. Just short wave. get it? Short WAVE??????
jannis joplin (10 months ago)
Bruce Lee tho
Karl Barnett (1 year ago)
Wilson coffee machine? "Wilson!!! Wilson!!!!!, I'm sorry Wilson!"
matt cullen (1 year ago)
The construction is incredible to be able to withstand such punishment and still remain
Jay (10 months ago)
lighthouses are a product of their environment
Ed Sessions III (11 months ago)
matt cullen and remain all this time for 300 years!!
Maccrdon (1 year ago)
ocean man
Puti Rayner (1 year ago)
OH. MY. GARD!!!!! I SEE the face at 1.22 but its not the one everybody sees in the wave, BUT if you look at the bottom of the base of the lighthouse .........."gasp" nostrils and lips are very clear.....eek!!
SweetCherries (5 months ago)
The ocean is a creature thats alive probably not to well tho do to all the pollution and its mad
ryan (9 months ago)
is that a person swimming!?!?
Trixieb Beldon (9 months ago)
I see the ghost face too!
klmullins65 (10 months ago)
Puti Rayner I see one of those ghost guys from the Pac Man games running along the ledge at 1:22. But I don't see Lincoln's face at the end. I see A face, but it looks nothing like Lincoln. I have pareidolia, so I tend to see faces in everything
Big Cahoona (1 year ago)
Hell with that....no coffee maker! I'm out
Fletcher DeMaine (1 year ago)
Well, that was the wrong time to put the raccoon out for the night.
Zbriu (1 year ago)
Edward straka (1 year ago)
NOOOOO NOT THE COFFEE MACHINE! !!! OK. OK, get the beers we'll have to drink them... What!! [email protected]#$ the [email protected]#$ING refrigerators gone!! I think I might just get some air, it will calm me down......? 👀 🚁! what? yer hi.🙋 👀🌊👀🌊🌊😲😨💭💩+👖🆘.
rosie cheeks (1 year ago)
that's aquaman
Sam Kolanowski (1 year ago)
who else sees the bunny wabbit?
AntiSocially Splendid (1 year ago)
what does tht face and arm mean?
r3w (1 year ago)
The music is toooooooo real right now.
Doug Bullock (1 year ago)
not many people have seen it. 4.8 million people later...
spellthemagicword (1 year ago)
Pahahahahaa yeahhh
Ed Shed (1 year ago)
Isn't that Trump Tower? Luckily, the Donald made it back inside just in time.
Davdski (1 year ago)
My dream job
Connie Long (1 year ago)
Dave You Can't Leave This Empty nooooi
KC (2 years ago)
The first picture was in my childhood home framed
shadowcrawler 3221 (2 years ago)
the music just makes it so creeper
Sam Dilworth (2 years ago)
where is the face?
Puti Rayner (1 year ago)
Of course we REALLY NEED to see the face!!!!!!!! I mean some peeps need the coffee machine, and some need to see the face, like weally need to see the face.....
Marina Mori (2 years ago)
Do you REALLY NEED to see the face?????????
Pamela Corona (2 years ago)
At 1: 17 on the left of the lighthouse catwalk is a grimacing face coming around the corner towards the keeper.
Fk67Lg (1 year ago)
I see the ugly screaming face but where's the bunny wabbit???
jquest43 (1 year ago)
Tasman You don't see it ?
Tasman (2 years ago)
I want what you guys are smoking, & Nancy Hahn (below) definitely needs to avoid any mind altering substances!
Asone82 (2 years ago)
true and at the same time there's a little tiny face in the wave on the right side of the lighthouse. It doesn't look as ghoulish as that face though :-) I think our brain is programmed to see faces in any sort of patterns.
Nancy Hahn (2 years ago)
That is awesome! They say God takes on many forms. I truly believe that.
Puti Rayner (1 year ago)
Oooooooh Kaaaaay, So are you saying you see God in the grimacing ghoul or in the bunny wabbit???
Stephanie Texeira (2 years ago)
all I can imagine is looking out of one of the windows during this, it must have felt like they were sinking into the ocean.
Donny the Dealer (2 years ago)
theres a big frammed picture of this in my house
Gary Huffford (2 years ago)
Trixieb Beldon my house four!
Trixieb Beldon (2 years ago)
My house too!
Rene Fuentes (2 years ago)
Yo pause it at 1:22 and you'll see a crazy ass face in the wave
princess kelli (2 years ago)
Lol that is so weird
stefander (2 years ago)
such wow, much amazing
DH Dowi (2 years ago)
You can keep that job o - Not even for a million pa
Sinjinbin 64 (2 years ago)
No, matter a factly I dont remember that photo. But id love to live in that lighthouse.
jimmy Faust Jr (1 year ago)
Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64 yep
DH Dowi (2 years ago)
+Sinjinbin64 Sinjinbin64 Nothing is stopping u applying for the joB!
Michael Goehner (2 years ago)
damn those guys earned their paycheck
Roset03 (2 years ago)
:58 ....you will see the complete series of events from that fateful day, not too many people have seen it...except 4 million 583 thousand.
Dave Robinson (2 years ago)
That would be a good time to have a big mess in your shorts
Cole Flynn (2 years ago)
I have that pic on my wall
Gary Huffford (2 years ago)
Cole Flynn I have that pic on my tablet!
Californian (2 years ago)
Amazing; how often are the conditions that bad and how old is that lighthouse. Talk about solid as a rock...
Russel Walker (2 years ago)
Noooo... not the coffee maker!
Trails West (2 years ago)
Lighthouses had to be built strong enough to survive anything nature could throw at one. The walls are 4' thick and most lighthouses are anchored deep into the bedrock of the earth. They have foundations deeper than most high rise buildings. That's what makes them tough. Hurricane Camille hit the Gulf Coast at Gulfport, MS in 1969. The city was destroyed by the hurricane but the lighthouse was still standing.
privatetutor1 (2 years ago)
You'd think the highest windows would be East/West facing and the others would be Northeast/Southwest. Why face the wrath head on?
I love these pictures.   I love taking pictures of lighthouses.
Batsinthebelltower (2 years ago)
Even the coffee maker lol
Roland Janvier (2 years ago)
Karen L-Smith (2 years ago)
I have these pictures/posters framed and hanging in my living room! Love them!
Taylor Made (3 years ago)
how the fuck did humans learn to build something that strong that can withstand such force
pc shastra (2 years ago)
rjwaters3 (2 years ago)
+James Fischer this is what happens during a storm and we have various adhesives and cements that solidify on contact with liquid
Spill Burg (2 years ago)
+James Fischer maybe the ocean is calm 1 day out of the year?
James Fischer (2 years ago)
+Revolution Libra and how the hell did they get it built with all the waves pounding the rocks??
Spill Burg (2 years ago)
+Revolution Libra well its not a big surface area the wave is hitting so it goes around the structure more so than just knocking it over. But yes it is a very solid structure none the less.
David Steer (3 years ago)
I love how people think it was 'photoshopped'. Let me assure the non believers out there that I remember seeing this picture in a magazine back in the late 80's. Photoshop didn't exist because digital cameras weren't around. In fact, pc's spoke 'basic' language and a big one had a ram of ............ A whopping 128 kilobytes!
jm5732 (2 years ago)
I recall seeing this photo long ago also. Memorable and terrifying.
Helium Road (2 years ago)
+David Steer I agree it's real, but you can fake photos without software. You just need a dark room (aka, a "photo shop") and some patience.
JesusChristNeverLived (3 years ago)
I hate water...
pc shastra (2 years ago)
JesusChristNeverLived (2 years ago)
+RICARDO P :O Have a nice day!
JesusChristNeverLived (2 years ago)
+JesusChristNeverLived I can't see your comments but I appreciate it
RICARDO P (2 years ago)
It's a joke, humans are made out of water.
The Amazing Zone (3 years ago)
Good youtube channel! and totally well laid out too!
MariaGarcia281 (3 years ago)
+The Amazing Zone Aww, thanks!
MariaGarcia281 (3 years ago)
Awareness Alert:  There are only 4 Northern White Rhinos left on Earth, making them the most critically endangered species.  This magnificent creature will vanish before our eyes... endextinction.org
Sterling (3 years ago)
imagine having to build that cement foundation
0innerself0 (2 years ago)
+Gurn Blanstein It took years just to build the base, that was sweeped away many times and had to be rebuild over and over. The rocks were so little emerging from the sea that the men could only work for a couple of hours or sometimes just minutes because of the hard climate. That was when they could even reach the place. Then another few years to build the tower itself.
Gurn Blanstein (3 years ago)
+Sterling Bushnell How was it done I wonder?
Carlos Vargas (3 years ago)
I prefer to live in a trash 4ever
Kaz (3 years ago)
illuminati confirned
rathbona (3 years ago)
Chica Chicken (3 years ago)
I saw it exactly
TheDGSexperience (3 years ago)
Can't see the face at the end but I see the smiling pig beside the word 'arms' 
Andrius Usonis (4 years ago)
timber_beast (4 years ago)
"Ocean's fury" or man's hubris?
Gielinorian (4 years ago)
how can this be real if our eyes arent real
MrDeadPress (4 years ago)
Wow i always thought that famous photo was photo shopped thanks for clearing that up for me. 
Steve La Dedha (4 years ago)
NOOOOOOO not the coffee maker!!!!!!
Jonno2summit (4 years ago)
That was a tragedy of epic proportion. Imagine them being trapped in there without coffee. This is hard for my mind to comprehend. THE HUMANITY!
LCdrDerrick (4 years ago)
The TV and also the refrigerator!   ...but everybody knows, that without beer and TV....  Forget about the storm! They had more serious problems, I guess
Gustavo Mc Gough (4 years ago)
Amazing! Which músic si That?
keplac (4 years ago)
That is not a man... Its a white mark on the door.
monkeyintensity (4 years ago)
"knock knock" . "who's there? " . "Sue" . "Sue who?" . "Sue Nami!".
AdMad X (4 years ago)
That was the wake off Chuck Norris's boat
Generic Name (4 years ago)
No chuck just tested the water temperature with his toe
keplac (4 years ago)
I see :/
Welsh Dovecotes (4 years ago)
Meanwhile somewhere deep at the bottom of the sea there are fish sat at the dining table watching T.V.
Jamie Cross (4 years ago)
comic sans <3
MaDeLapHnT (5 years ago)
Right? Not the coffee maker"!!!!!!!¡ what a necessary detail
MegaTaurus777 (5 years ago)
stare at anything for long enough and you will see a face or arms or whatever.....
Robby Reilly (5 years ago)
oh yeah not many people have seen this (4000000 ppl) pshhhshhhs yea so true
Tom Lowbridge (5 years ago)
God help me Jesus there's a face in the clouds
Chee Min Lee (5 years ago)
Where to apply for this job?
saltburnsurfer (5 years ago)
oh no not the coffee maker
Albert Kundrat (5 years ago)
In the Extremely Murky Troublesome Waters in The OCEAN of Today's WORLD EVENTS!
Michael Stilson (5 years ago)
I LOST EVERYTHING !!! plese help me LORD.!
unicornpopsicle (5 years ago)
My parents have that picture in their bathroom and it's always scared the f*cking hell out of me. Considering we live a few blocks from the ocean it just doesn't seem like a picture I would enjoy looking at every day. God, I hate it so much.
sulutkin (5 years ago)
I only see left eye and a nose little bit but anyway that left eye looks quite real it has even reflection point of light in the middle of that eye. Anyway those wawes are so sudden and silent from back side of tower you might not even notice that big one is already right behind you if you open that lower just to see wiew.
Julie de Bourbon (5 years ago)
there's a documentary somewhere on youtube about him actually (the guy in the photo) i think he was one of the last lighthouse keepers. he's not very old either which surprised me
Charlotte Collaton (5 years ago)
:O thats creepy
bbanana01 (5 years ago)
I have this pic.....I need it framed though
zlo333 (5 years ago)
i thought most of the light houses were automatic
Victor D. Easley (5 years ago)
I've always wondered what happened to the guy in the picture. Mystery solved. Thanks!
TV Quiberon 24/7 (5 years ago)
nice !
Alex Mate (5 years ago)
how the hell did they build burj al arab? or the palm jumeirah? or the atlantis hotel? or the jiaozhou bay bridge? with ancient aliens technologies :))
userac78 (5 years ago)
if the guy taking the pics had tried helping him instead of the keeper closing the door he would have stayed outside waiting and swept away by that gigantic wave. perplexing how a good deed can bring tragic results.
Kuromi610 (5 years ago)
theres a massive portrait of that in my school in the geography room xDD
lorndarken (5 years ago)
that music is awesome , what is it called ?
Dara Shapouri (5 years ago)
you really got a lot of info out of that picture dude
M (5 years ago)
the reason we see faces in things is because our brain constantly tries to find patterns and similarities, it's a survival instinct we have
Khalid Awaji (5 years ago)
Now that's some scary music..
ThunderLightenBolt (5 years ago)
Right to the right of the top of lighthouse it looks like a puppy's face .
Steve B (5 years ago)
They built it from the top down lol.. No, it might look like they are built from the bottom of the ocean but at low tides the reefs which they are built on are only just below the waterline, they are built on huge granite blocks like a big jigsaw and slotted together needing no cement. Crazy when you think that most were built in the early 1800's with no power tools etc.They had at most 4 hours working time before the tide rose again!
oceanceaser (5 years ago)
when it wasnt stormy
TS66 (5 years ago)
i don't get how they built this thing. the bottom part is still in brick even though its under water. how the hell did they build it?
avery gentry (5 years ago)
I would fish from the top for food!
Sock ThePuppet (5 years ago)
1046Fay (5 years ago)
Amazing photography, but nope, can't see any face or arms...

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