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Editors - A Ton Of Love, Live Op Pinkpop 2014

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such a great performance!
✬The Mauvetys ★ (3 years ago)
Wonderful live performance! i like this band
Jasper Snippe (3 years ago)
a legend in the crowd at 2:10! The legendary guitar player AJ peltjes is clearly enjoying the Editors. 
Greg Baier (4 years ago)
Best live version of any song they have - better than the multiple Munich lives' from Glastonbury over the years (my favorite song).  Wish they would come to to the states so their fans here could see them live.
fretui medak (4 years ago)
A lot of people tried to destroy and underrate this band in spite of the great effort they put to blend rock with electronic. I can't stand the ones who keep slandering Editors because of a wacky vibe, their style is too original and it propels you towards emptiness, as a sense of pride and gloom your brain sticks to and you grab all the things you find around yourself while gravity swallows you. This literal speech means very much and I love composing these stupid comments which are a hint to you. I do this all because I want you to feel the energy and the deepness of every track, I truly have these impressions when I afford listening to Editors: emptiness, sadness, joy, pride, but even dedication and discipline. It's close to these latest terms you get the whole message they want to convey: don't be afraid of your life and don't take heed of the troubles you discover on your way! Most songs were made by a continuous use of keyboards and electronic combinations, that's because of the search of the right vibe, to make rock and synths merge together and not to rush out a worthless album. It's helpful to give a listen to them even if you're not so keen on these guys. I acknowledge their manners aren't so appreciable, sometimes it looks to be a shortage of politeness or perhaps an excessive pride but the way they show up on stage is awesome and irreplaceable, beyond question!
MrSeemorebuds (4 years ago)
Thumb up for the longest text ever written on youtube. I like The Editors too btw, a true headliner on festivals!

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