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Skillet - Best Kept Secret (Lyrics)

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Skillets song "Best kept secret" from album "Invincible". Requested by "Kjfan21". Enjoy! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use"? for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Lyrics: Shrouded in proof, You're the mystery You're the truth that lives within the world we see You're the hand that holds destiny And I can't pretend i don't know And I can't leave it alone (yeah, yeah) [Chorus:] You're the best kept secret in my generation The best kept secret of all time You're the best kept secret in my generation And I found you out You're the hope over the centuries You're the cosmic force that rules the galaxies You're the evidence that demands our belief And I can't live for myself I can't keep this all to myself (yeah, yeah) [CHORUS (repeat)] Let it out Let it out Let it out Let it out, yeah! And I can't pretend I don't know And I can't leave it alone (yeah, yeah) [CHORUS (repeat)]
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Text Comments (128)
Skwerrlly (1 month ago)
Great old song,always liked this band
Joshua Freerksen (4 months ago)
does any get a slight nirvanna vibe?
Rall 101 (5 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Aaron Broadway (1 month ago)
Eastonv1000 (5 months ago)
Rall 101 me
Noémi Szabó (8 months ago)
Chaos Recluse (11 months ago)
I just can't get over how different this older style of their music is. Still can't say I like this over their newer style though.
WolfRaiderGaming (1 month ago)
Yep and still my favorite skillet song
Can you keep a secret?
best kept secret in my generation eh? Rofl like Generation X or the baby boomers?
Flying V (1 year ago)
My favorite skillet albums are Collide, Comatose, and Invincible.
Cherry scoprio (1 year ago)
holy shit is this skillet?!?!?
bryan proehl (2 years ago)
I remember hearing this randomly
Witness Me (2 years ago)
Yes, back when Skillet were a new wave band!
Risorac Gaming (3 years ago)
Sora657, that awkward moment when skillet was always Christian, always.
Nigerian Nightmare (3 years ago)
Ashley Hayes (4 years ago)
aaawww i miss the old skillet!!!! not that the new stuff skillet does is bad....but.....uuuuuuggggg :(
Dani Dreams (4 years ago)
This song is so old and I still love it :)
wow... talk about different styles of music! this definitely isn't the Skillet that I've been used to. I kinda like this though! :)
Kimberley T (4 years ago)
This isn't even a song by Skillet, it's the song shown on the picture (Don't Say Goodnight - Hot Chelle Rae) .-.
Sora657 (5 years ago)
Good for you.
I Wish For Freedom (5 years ago)
o.k. no...PLEASE! JUST NO!...NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! This is how debates and fights starts so just NO! i respect you belief and your religion but SOMEONE will say SOMETHING negative and WRONG and arguments WILL START! sorry but just please listen to the song... I love rock and i am tired of seeing religious comments and arguments ON EVERY ROCK SONG I listen to ...so just...no ...PLEASE!, no... -_-"
DabRecycleMichael (5 years ago)
nah team brody. jk Jesus is pretty legit
ChrisDeloris Elliott (5 years ago)
i know skillets a christian band and im not a christian but i like them anyway
MsEv4ever (5 years ago)
this song came out at 2000 ,13 years ago so calm down...and its not that bad,stop writing comments that noone wants to read.
Jenna Brannon (5 years ago)
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Jesus!!
ur new goth gf (5 years ago)
You're the best kept secret in my generation! Love this song!
Infinity's End (5 years ago)
it's still an illeagal claim.
Infinity's End (5 years ago)
this is not under fair use you moron.
Ryan Bohannon (5 years ago)
I love you IN JESUS' NAME
Ryan Bohannon (5 years ago)
Its awesome
InTheShadowz (5 years ago)
the fuck is this shit * face palm*
Thai Tong (5 years ago)
So what is the secret
Matthew Thomson (5 years ago)
yay their albums comin' out soon pweeeze make it ; )
Sora657 (5 years ago)
I hate when people pretend like a band didnt christfag e.g Kid rock he used to be a baddass now he suck pastors and jesus's dick and everyone loves him it sickens me seeing artist do that shit.
Flutter Shy (5 years ago)
I like the older songs better
5peciesunkn0wn (5 years ago)
5peciesunkn0wn (5 years ago)
well, that escalated quickly.
Sora657 (5 years ago)
dogpupe (5 years ago)
this song is awesome
Capt Honorpants (6 years ago)
Ian's Channel (6 years ago)
I listen to Collide, Comatose and Awake. My first reaction: This is Skillet? I like. :)
Colin Miller (1 year ago)
I like/listen to Invincible, Alien Youth and Collide
Ruulck Santoos (6 years ago)
My God , they're so good, no other Rock band compairs !
Thename123J (6 years ago)
Perhaps, but there are old albums, and new albums. Now this album for an example, is much different, then Skillet's newer Albums, and that's what they mean, as you know full well.
Thename123J (6 years ago)
Aye, but the song is good nevertheless.
Thename123J (6 years ago)
link6286 (6 years ago)
Thename123J (6 years ago)
This is nothing like "Monster" "Sometimes" "Hero" "Comatose" "Rebirthing" "Savior" And all the other Skillet songs i listen to e.O. No offence intended.
christopher schuster (6 years ago)
some of these songs give me the chills
Emma Zamarripa (6 years ago)
I have been listeming to skillet since i woke up then went to churchand am back addicting
SilencedMatrix (6 years ago)
Let us make known this Best Kept Secret!
lexi vandonsel (6 years ago)
Skillet ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Flint (6 years ago)
Is this the skillet with an other lead singer or did he just change his hair?
Ampwich (8 months ago)
Same singer since the beginning, but hair changes lol
Colin Miller (1 year ago)
He had blonde hair during his industrial/techno years
smoothie12446 (6 years ago)
@mayray6 oh, how many times I have seen the same comment on Linkin Park vids ;O just with a little difference ;P
smoothie12446 (6 years ago)
@Battleart yea, I was like, uhm was it skillet I was listening too now??? But this is awsome too ;D
1stfunnymarshmallow (6 years ago)
well they are people. and people go throu many phases....so their music is bound to have 'different' styles and be different as they travel these phases.........wow. i sound so smart there :D
ThePoutamo (6 years ago)
area 51??
oGooD781 (7 years ago)
@Moonchipz very sorry<3 , just this vid is from 2k10 and the stuff I like by them is vids from 2k8 so calm down mate
oGooD781 (7 years ago)
They've changed to techno shit, they used to be so good :/
StarsetMessenger (7 years ago)
0:19 - 0:32 "that noise makes me puke." *BLAH!* "CRAP!" (True story)
kingdom rebel (7 years ago)
I listen to this all the time on the radio and it never gets old
left4deadrox (7 years ago)
@ambergoodgund No its from the album "Invincible"
Zac Main (7 years ago)
@gar2d21 Maybe, but there's also more than 10x the number of likes.
gar2d21 (7 years ago)
23 dislikes...HOW!?
Orange Sp00n (7 years ago)
@ambergoodgund the album Invincible
skillet is different because the talk about loving god my friend is ANTI chirst and he loved some of these skillet also talks about is girlfriend like Yours to Hold and Lucy about a daughter he almost had until an abortion skillet is the best band i know
pacers2015 (7 years ago)
do people realize their singing about The King of Kings and Lord of Lords?
snowdream02 (7 years ago)
wait....wasn't there a blond girl in skillet? the girl that sings in ''awake an alive'' :o??
Jessica Williams (7 years ago)
@mayray6 lmao!(: XD
Jessica Williams (7 years ago)
@mayray6 lol. xP ur right, sorry. i really do need to shut up sometimes!
Jessica Williams (7 years ago)
tbh i like the new Skillet better. but i still love this song!
Mussiccloverr (7 years ago)
this sounds really familer
Kira :) (7 years ago)
@Battleart IKR. Look at john coopers blonde hair
Natalie Rotstein (7 years ago)
feel like this is like a popular song from some point a while back... it sounds familiar
danielle mayfield (7 years ago)
@dragonrider61998 this is skillet its just when they were younger they play completely diferent music now is all
emf (7 years ago)
the start sounds like mysterious ways by u2
Tiffany Grant (7 years ago)
@dragonrider61998 No this is Skillet, trust me
left4deadrox (7 years ago)
Reall good song tho mostly all skillet songs are ^.^
Refined by Fire (7 years ago)
you must be crazy stricker1eagle500
stricker1eagle500 (7 years ago)
is it only me who hears "you're the best kept secret, an erection"? or am i just crazy?
Vertu (7 years ago)
0:11 john is a super saiyan O:
ryangranucci (7 years ago)
@KakeraWolf Lori was definetly a better drummer than Trey (he was more of a businessman). But this type of music doesn't really lend itself to much drum work, he does prove himself a little more in the first two albums.
Curtis Richardson (7 years ago)
This is probally one of the worst skillet songs i've heard.
Vastuzerrun (7 years ago)
This is the only Skillet song where you can actually see the dislike bar...(That was meant to be positive)
gman8825 (7 years ago)
@onafia13 They were formed in 96 I believe
socomfan555 (7 years ago)
I find it funny when the new Skillet fans stumble across old skillet songs and hear what they used to sound like. Not to mention their older songs are much closer to praise songs than their new ones.
BronyBlazeFire (7 years ago)
@RadialEnergy That's because (don't hold me to this) This is some of their older stuff be fore the got the good girl drummer (the Blond one) But I agree. Monster is my favorite!
RadialEnergy (7 years ago)
Good song, but it doesn't sound like the skillet i'm used to. I like the way they do monster, live free or let me die, the last night, and comatose better.
Nez949 (7 years ago)
ahhh.. they just don't make them like the used to. Good stuff. :]
Kyle Howard (7 years ago)
wow! I think my head phones just exploded.
Andrea Varga (7 years ago)
@AragornPk10 I don't care how old a Skillet album is, I just love them all at any time :)))
Jessica Bob (7 years ago)
@Crazygirl1910 - oops!! I was really LITTLE...not listen.
Jessica Bob (7 years ago)
I used to listen to this album when I was REALLY listen XD Memories.
Mel Ari (7 years ago)
truth be told, i like the old stuff better, from Collide and back.
Grace Rusten (7 years ago)
@kbamiot Yes, I was from around there too. Closer to Bemidji than GF.
Imasnipeyaface (7 years ago)
is this skillet or Marilyn Manson?
Grace Rusten (7 years ago)
@kbamiot Minnesota is a wonderful state! I now live in Washington but love and miss my home state.
lovestefany (7 years ago)
@tapleyman haven't heard it......u upload it!! :)
layton tapley (7 years ago)
dude somebody needs to upload suspended in you. I cant find that one on youtube
Cold Flame96 (7 years ago)
@MegaChiaPet I'm very jealous. :( no fair! nothing exciting ever happens over here.
jclegofreaks96 (8 years ago)
@AlexMercer7100 no and its not bs.
Singularity112112 (8 years ago)
gj again :)
Peter Gregory (8 years ago)
Good song, but the live version is soooo much better.

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