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"Your Hit Parade" Introduction Presented by Lucky Strike - As originally aired on April 16, 1955

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Lost Gold Records presents the introduction to the popular show "Your Hit Parade" sponsored originally by Lucky Strike. To purchase the full collectors edition DVD of "Your Lucky Strike" featuring the top songs of the 1950's visit Lostgoldmusic.com!
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toopoable (5 years ago)
Mr. Master (6 years ago)
nice upload!
doowopshopgal (7 years ago)
I remember when I was a little girl watching the closing song of your hit parade "so long for a while" The singers would rock sideways while on the floor. I wish I could hear that and see it as well. That would be like finding a diamond in the rough!!!! thanks, stay well !!
Barry I. Grauman (8 years ago)
"YOUR HIT PARADE" was primarily sponsored by American Tobacco [Lucky Strike], 'hebneh'. However, they alternated sponsorship, from 1954 through '57, with Richard Hudnut's {a division of Warner-Hudnut} hair care products...and both sponsors made sure their products were "worked" into the show, right down to the opening title...
hebneh (8 years ago)
"Listen, please listen To the story of Quick The Richard Hudnut new home permanent - Quick! Lanolin fair, To give your hair That healthy shine! Protect your hair from damage Help prevent that dry, dull, lifeless look Can be done in just one hour From start to setting Get Richard Hudnut new home permanent - Quick! Get - it - quick!" This is when sponsors really ran TV shows. Note that the musical theme song at the beginning is the same tune as this commercial, for a seamless segue into the ad.
Barry I. Grauman (9 years ago)
A few words about the disclaimer [:05] before the show's title and sponsor I.D.: "YOUR HIT PARADE" was originally telecast live on Saturday nights at 10:30pm(et). However, there were some smaller NBC affiliates that could not carry the live broadcasts. Those received kinescoped film copies of the show by mail, for delayed broadcasts (anywhere from a week to as many as SIX weeks after the original telecast, depending on the affiliate), and these had to be identified as such for legal reasons.

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