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Patsy Cline - Walking After Midnight - Unreleased from "The Birth of a Star" on Lost Gold Records

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Rare live recording from a taping of Arthur Godfrey's television show in 1957. "The Birth of a Star" is the only place to find the entire performance including rare versions and covers. Visit Lost Gold Records at http://lostgoldmusic.com/index.php to purchase the full CD!
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hebneh (5 years ago)
It's a shame that the visual of this TV performance doesn't exist - but at least this audio recording does, fortunately. I really enjoy the different feel of the full orchestra in the background of this version.
Todd Teeuwe (5 years ago)
Pinions alight up South Fork way tonight aroma and Patsy Kline in the air tonight.
Ronald Vaughan (5 years ago)
Wonder if her cousin (actress Jennifer Love Hewitt) even has this? Wow....totally unfamiliar!
chandlers88 (6 years ago)
Great song although some of the pic were not of her but impersonators
Alan Lee (6 years ago)
Unbelievable I had not heard this version what a great artist!!!!
rosevilleboy1 (7 years ago)
I love this version the best. You could tell how nervous she was doing this song. This was a do or die for her. And she pulled it off beautifuly. She fought long and hard to get recognized, and this one finally did it for her. I find it hard to go even one day without hearing her voice. With 102 recorded songs, plus some live performances on youtube, I am able to do that.
Meade Music (8 years ago)
well this is nice but i prefer the uptempo country version. She just didn't shine on this one. But I guess thats the style the "Pop" audience prefers.

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