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Top 10 Fairy Tail I Top 10 Badass Moments 1/2

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Top 10 epic moments of Natsu ! Enjoy !
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Cookie Myths (12 hours ago)
Please not dub PLEASEEEE...........yUHs
Natalie Cheah (18 hours ago)
14:03. Iconic
Samantha Bloom (1 day ago)
Natsu is awsome
Mohd Khairul (4 days ago)
can you give me theme of last scene
Brian Liu (6 days ago)
Natsu is like u mess with guild u mess with me fuck off
Bukunmi Murele (7 days ago)
Hades is like now u can't use your hands and natsu is like fuck that that one killed me
Gacha Guy Gamer (14 days ago)
When the eyes be tremblin’ you know they scared as HECK
Gacha Guy Gamer (14 days ago)
When anime turns black and white you know they be movin’ at Mach 3,000,000
Gacha Guy Gamer (14 days ago)
Natsu should just keep Etherion in his back pocket for huge fights that he can’t beat
Gacha Guy Gamer (14 days ago)
If Natsu ate the stomach of a celestial spirit does that mean he is also a Celestial Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer?
Gottabae Ornah (15 days ago)
Yo whats that ost called at 7:00 ?
Tortilla (19 days ago)
and btw, i think natsu will turn out to be the strongest (and even someday beat erza, mystogan, etc) because he is a vessel that can hold anything, and his power grows with emotion and is not limited by anything but that, so if you make him really mad he can beat anyone and also eat anything in order to gain that level of power also if you have watched enough he is literally made to beat the strongest person (im keeping it vague incase you havent watched anything that mentioned that) so he is basically unbeatable
Tortilla (19 days ago)
when the character starts to look scary as fuck : glowing eyes scales? looks like he wants to stab 500 people RUN
ISABELLA Anastasia (23 days ago)
Dont mess the Natsu because when he fights you all be dead! Wrong grammar but reminder for those who judge the book by its cover
Bruce Valiente (24 days ago)
I’m taping the keyboard with my peines good thing it’s dry
BuCha Cha (24 days ago)
Natsu so powerful
Chero loves vocaloid (25 days ago)
1:32 That's one hell of a fistbump
gasai_yuno999 (25 days ago)
I can seriously relate to natsu having a firery temper where at times i wish i can really unleash my anger just like natsu but i cant because this is the real world where reputations matter that i have to hold it all in unless i want to ruin my reputation. There are people ive been this angry at but remained passive because i didnt want to get expelled/fired(when i started working) or worst go to jail
Lee Chia Hin (27 days ago)
And this is how natsu inspired to be ninja in final season
WOW I NEED SUM SUGA (28 days ago)
0:12 THAT LAUGH THO *eheh*
Brianna Frost (1 month ago)
Who tf is Gerard like wtf!?!
I guess jellal didn't know natsu is END and the E is Etherious so he can eat etherion
Yui Taylors (1 month ago)
Natsu is the only anime that makes pink hair looks so badass.
shougrakpam korry (1 month ago)
Natsu va sabertooth is also always a legend one
Inferno Gaming (1 month ago)
Do you know when Natsu got red eyes he looks like kemo-kemo?
Ken Kaneki Fan (1 month ago)
So basically.... Natsu is like the role model of the phrase: "What you eat is what you become" LITERALLY
Yashazvee (1 month ago)
Once Natsu is pissed, it's the END for you.
raj shah (1 month ago)
Natsu can take any magic because his life was resurrected by zeref through ethernano and so he didn't die
Drake Yang (1 month ago)
Roar of the thunder-flame dragon!!!!!!!!!
payden allen (1 month ago)
What is jellal magic
Gaming Addict Bros (1 month ago)
I always get goosebumps when ever I hear the fairy tail song!
gungde mahendra (2 months ago)
What episod?
BIU (2 months ago)
nice :)) great video
Utay Sutarya (2 months ago)
14:01Like luffy face
Alex blaze (2 months ago)
Lightening flame dragon moment tho
TheUltimateOtakuGamer (2 months ago)
And I'm still wondering why Natsu is scared of Erza
Joshua Veliganio (2 months ago)
Natsu's fists are like homing missiles their impossible to dodge
Phantom boy (2 months ago)
Umighguwa shinderghhu NANI??
It's Kenzie (2 months ago)
ive watched all of t episodes and still im like Lucy Natsu can eat pratcially ANYTHING
PIZZACOOKIE (2 months ago)
Why the hell is the hades fight high pitched everywhere
Z'der (1 month ago)
copyright I'd assume
Richy Myat (2 months ago)
Natsu is the only hero from fairy tail who can defeat Jellal Jellal is a beast
Richy Myat (2 months ago)
Jellal my fav hero
King Hater (2 months ago)
Zeleph_h (2 months ago)
C'est quoi cette VO
X. in (2 months ago)
END ....?? Natsu Dragneel
E.L.T (2 months ago)
je suis tout fait d'accord avec tes choix d'extrais
JUST Lenny (2 months ago)
Jellal:No one Can leave this tower alive! Natsu:*sHut ThE fUcK uP*
Dub is way better the subs
Minty (2 months ago)
omg this is not the place to debait over voices leave
Azurite Soul (2 months ago)
panto mk (2 months ago)
Who still watch this in 2018. Fairy tail is my all time favourite anime second naruto.
Khaotic (2 months ago)
natsu's flames of emotion his rage is the thing that got me really hooked with Fairy Tail but.. to me after the fights like him vs zero, him vs hades, him vs jellal, The new episodes where natsu gets angry it doesn't quite give me the chills like older ones :(
Nasty Gaming999 (2 months ago)
Yep thats me
theauchan78 toth (2 months ago)
I saw natsu and gajeel vs sting and rogue but when is the fight just between sting and natsu 4.21
Achintya Rai (2 months ago)
9:30 the face of Jellal and Natsu though....😂😂😂🤣😃🤣
Cylius (3 months ago)
8:55 ... You know that when fire is so hot that it vaporises rock you better back up a few miles...
•아이시떼•멜리 (3 months ago)
LUCIFER • (3 months ago)
Hey gimme those thumbnails
Erl Lendio (3 months ago)
Damn, this video makes me watch the fairytail again from season 1 to 3 👆 BTW 2018?
Coalman Gaming (3 months ago)
Sandhosh Daniel (3 months ago)
I just realised something natsu and goku shout when theg fight...well almost of the time
Age 21kg (3 months ago)
Me when a bad guy taunts natsu or hurts one of his friends Me- "BIG MISTAKE DUDE" Bad guy- *continues taunting/hurting natsu's friends* Me- "stop it dude" Bad guy- *contines* Me- "this isn't going to end well" Natsu- *eyes glowing* Me- *calmly* "run" Me- "to late, tried to warn u, hope u have a good funeral"
BTS x ARMY (3 months ago)
BTS x ARMY (3 months ago)
Aakarsh Sathish (3 months ago)
this is the END fr u!!!!!!!!!!!! If u know what i mean 1 42
GamerNiraj Yt (3 months ago)
Did natsu say shout the fuck up?
PHcorner Lover (3 months ago)
what episode is when natsu use thunder flame dragon?
Matt Calder (3 months ago)
Igneel must have been sitting around one day, when he said out loud, "I'd really like to try one of those human woman." Then his buddy, Shen'ron spoke up and said, "that, I can do." year later some poor lady died from internal combustion, and Natsu appeared.
Emojieghost (3 months ago)
9:30 he doesn’t actually say SHUT THE FUCK UP
Janet Lotts (3 months ago)
it you
yossy mirada (3 months ago)
where is natsu golden flame mode???
Hi there (3 months ago)
There's a better name to lightning and fire it's...... Firing...........dont hate me😅😅
Vallika Rao (3 months ago)
Fairy tail has got the best music in anime history along with naruto and bleach
Wargod Anubis (3 months ago)
I'm crying so hard right now. It's a pure bliss knowing a stuff called Anime - Fairy Tail
Shekinah Esconde (4 months ago)
Why do people say Fairy Tail is trash?!!! 😭 It’s really not!
Nafisa Nuzhat (4 months ago)
Oikawa and Jellal have the same voice actor it seems ...
Kinnara Jewel (4 months ago)
I like how they just watch as they’re master gets his face bashed in I know he deserves it but XD Lols
Guifire97 (4 months ago)
A violent rude criminal-child who always shout about dumb and hypocritical things and who can't win without the plot armor that the writer gave him, so badass... it's truly sad for Mashima, who makes pretty cool antagonist to waste them by making them fall in a 20 episode arc in front of Natsu (Ezra is the exact same), the less charismatic and weak character ever created, each of his main fight he's get destroy until he talk non sense about his friend and OS a guy 10 times stronger than him, Mashima has talent to make a world, design of character, new power, but he really sucks at fight, powerscale and MC, just put some enjoyable character instead of dumbass who lecture the antagonist "you're so mean, i have my friend and i'll kick you're ass" fuck that bullshit, just take off Natsu and Ezra, and Fairy Tail will lose his "Childish anime" reputation (which it clearly not deserved because aside of that, FT is really enjoyable)
madara uchiha (4 months ago)
U missed natsu vs sting and rough
Khoo K (4 months ago)
Once you hear the epic bgm You know it's time to run
Night Raid (4 months ago)
The voices are weird vs hades😅
L law liet (5 months ago)
Nina x (5 months ago)
Omf natsu is so amazing and powerful and he obviously loves Lucy nalu for life
Mira (5 months ago)
7:07 Super Saiyan God Natsu lol
Mugiwara no Luffy (5 months ago)
Thanks man memories are refreshed
Wayne Willett (5 months ago)
Natsu is the boss
danny phenton (5 months ago)
Natsu would have destroyed Gemma if Minerva didn’t interfere
Ryan Menkaer (5 months ago)
Where’s haberkorn?
TheaPlays Gaming (6 months ago)
pug power (6 months ago)
everybody complains how the fire dragon lightning mode is just a ex machina but when a dragon slayer eats another dragon slayers element that is produced from the dragon slayer it grants them the abilities of the other dragon slayer, like gajeels shadow and natsus lightning.
Silent Sulfur (6 months ago)
Yo, I just got done reading chapter 3 of eden's zero and I thought it was better then fairy tail. I watch this, and I was gravely mistaken.
Kyle McFarland (6 months ago)
6:40, SSJ2 power up. 8:43, 100x Kamehameha.
arthas spirit (6 months ago)
Natsu op
Eat this. -All might (7 months ago)
3:06 look at stings face i'm dying
Them Mashmellow (7 months ago)
Vilaxay Srithirath (7 months ago)
Every time Natsu is going to win the theme song always come
Huxty Nguyen (7 months ago)
Hes the creation of Devil God , only Zeref can kill him
Miruben Ravindran (7 months ago)
When he hit you so hard you go back into the manga
Potayto Is Sweg (7 months ago)
Missing the magic circles?
Kataware doki (7 months ago)
Natsu gets stronger when his friends is with him ^_^ i really love him. He is so innocent (maybe? haha) and lovely

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