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10 Crazy Scifi Weapons That Actually Exist

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Check out these crazy scifi weapons that actually exist! This top 10 list of amazing futuristic weapons exist today in real life! Subscribe to World5List: http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Check out our "13 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners" video at: https://youtu.be/bMwLm16_Q-0 Check out our "7 Celebrities Who Gave Their Kids Up For Adoption" video at: https://youtu.be/vVrlJFZ8sME 10. PHASR Rifle 9. TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8 8. Active Denial System 7. Drones 6. Tractor Beams 5. CornerShot 4. XM-25 Grenade Launcher 3. Freeze Ray 2. Armatix iP1 1. Sonic Black Holes
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Thomas Mobley (2 days ago)
At the time UN would prefer you be shot than blinded. Then they said you should wound instead of kill. Then they said wounding weapons cause wounds that are too terrible, so I expect in the future they'll only allow chess games, and everyone has to win because someone's feelings could be hurt if they lose.
Vaibhav Singh (4 days ago)
I like the black hole maker 🤭🤭🤭🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
I got a wazer wifel it shoots a laser
Noah Kirkpatrick (15 days ago)
I would shoot it up ur arse and program a warning shot
Josh F (16 days ago)
This guy is an absolute fucking moron.
Snapchatrapcat (17 days ago)
Channel name: World 5 list Video name: 10 crazy scifi weapons that actually exist me: KOWALSKI, ANALYSIS
Qube Apple (17 days ago)
The radiation is pretty much a guardian from COD
Andrew Palmer (17 days ago)
Yeeeaaahhhh... Dude you have no business doing weapon reviews... Stick to sci-fi stuff if your going this route.. These are not toys and don't need to be downplayed with your nonchalant voice...
Sean Hazelwood (18 days ago)
What about the Q38 Explosive Space Modulator? We Know it's real, Bugs Bunny stole it.
Rene Lagunas (22 days ago)
RAILGUN!!! #3 should be put to good use during extreme drought conditions (if possible). Elon Musk's consumer flamethrower should've at least received an Honorable Mention...
bkiism (24 days ago)
#2 replace the watch with rfid chips and there you go 5 years later a reality
Matthew Haskins (29 days ago)
Number 9 they showed the bolt action handle and said it was a weather sensor....wtf 😂
acresir (29 days ago)
Of course it is not a Rifle or pistol, but lasers ARE in use as air-defence: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_Weapon_System Also, a "tractor beam" (amongst others, ofcourse) has been suggested to clean up all the space debree in orbit. You talk about ripping Ships apart, but though all technology (if possible and profitable) are of high risk of being used as/in weapons, I don't think NASA was hired to do this. I have no proof, but I doubt it.
Just a random redneck (1 month ago)
Semi automatic means a bullet comes out the barrel every time you press the trigger. His description was vague.
XxdarktrickgamingxX (1 month ago)
Just a normal sniper in thumnail
Jesse Ross (1 month ago)
Sonic black holes? Sounds like the being studys of the mute pulce used in call of duty advance warfare
Jäger (1 month ago)
Want Lazer guns? just buy Tracer ammunition, stupid clickbaiters.
Tanana M (1 month ago)
You're downplaying the true nature of these systems. For example, "Active Denial" doesn't just "feel like your skin is burning from the inside out." It IS "burning from the inside out." It's a focused microwave system. Yes, exactly like pointing a giant microwave oven at a crowd. It is an appalling concept. Maybe it's meant to be "non-lethal," but so what? Ever over-cook a hotdog in a microwave? What if you're the poor sod who happened to be a little too close to the emitter? Imagine what that might do to your eyeballs.
Tanana M (29 days ago)
+Arkadiusz Zabiega Ok, I'm not ready to go to Crazy Town and speculate on what deranged uses these weapons might be put to, or which political ideologies might be willing to use them (your post implies a political use). But, how did the 5G boogieman come to be part of this discussion? Yes, microwaves have been used to other purposes (the guy who invented the oven first observed his chocolate bar melt as he stood too close to an active naval radar antenna). Many telecommunications operate in the MW bandwidth. So what? The monitor you're using to view this reply uses light to transfer information to your brain. The same energy, light, can destroy your retinas. Does this mean that by using this venue, I mean to make you go blind? Pretty extreme, don't you think? My point was in fact, not at all what you say: "It's made to be non-lethal but what if..." My point was more like, "Hell yeah it's lethal, and meant to maximize pain." Pointing a giant microwave oven at crowds is incredibly cruel. I mean that literally. No government that employs such a weapon could be considered just, and no argument for its use could be credible. Imagine the urban legends of putting a toy poodle in a microwave oven. This is what this is, on human scale.
Arkadiusz Zabiega (29 days ago)
It's made to be non-lethal but what if this is what will be installed in our cities, 5G is that technology apparently, can it be used as a weapon of total control? Or to burn certain targets without making unnecessary environmental damage?
bandito 29383 (1 month ago)
Easy. Make a ion Cannon and a radioactive laser mesh firing gun
Daryl Owen (2 months ago)
Didn't mention CERN's LHC or H.A.A.R.P perhaps because the PR says they aren't weapons but not so. The only mention of DEWs was pretty weak, many believe they are responsible for the suspicious fires all around California where cars are melted and some trees are fried but houses are left intact. Many believe DEWs were used ion 9/11 in combined with weaponized nano-thermate. Another interesting fact is that the millimeter bandwidth used with 5G is the same as the LRAD and devices used for targeting individuals with electronic harassment.
Thisbandsux (3 months ago)
If I had a Grenade launcher I would try to rob a bank, so I am kinda glad I don’t own one
Arkadiusz Zabiega (29 days ago)
what you going to rob there anyway? better shoot some ducks.
Jason Fordyce (3 months ago)
#2 can be hacked with a magnet on the side by the hammer. No watch required to shoot. Framing the owner with the watch.
Arkadiusz Zabiega (29 days ago)
very interesting, also very useful in case you leave your watch in the toilet.
calvingrey (3 months ago)
Like half of the list wasn't weapons tho?
alliseleven (3 months ago)
If it were common knowledge what a pistol shrimp does, then there would be a prototype already
Channing Kilday (3 months ago)
Yeah the phaser is a small handheld version of the active denial system.
Channing Kilday (3 months ago)
The phaser in the beginning is not a blinding weapon. What this weapon does is microwave the surface of your skin making you feel like you're burning instantly but without causing any damage or harm. The blinding laser weapon looks a lot like a flashlight.
Lord Renek Gamer (3 months ago)
None of the items listed here are close to being sci-fi weapons and this is just twisted BS click bait. Look up the meaning of sci-fi, the last part means fiction.
Arkadiusz Zabiega (29 days ago)
some sci-fi made their way out of fiction and not only weapons. how we may know it's fiction anyway, because someone told us so?
Kelly Adkins (3 months ago)
Ten looked stupid
Tony Kravitz (3 months ago)
Kitty corner shot is the future of ground combat.
Baraz (3 months ago)
Eh, no the rest of the world will not debate how you interpret your US constitution in relation to the Armatix technology. :P I'm Canadian by the way. Sounds like a good tech for police officers for example (if disarmed, the pistol would fail).
Scott Nemeth (3 months ago)
The #2 gun that is restricted to 1 person is sadly a terrible idea for law enforcement and military personnel. Reason being that if you gun malfunctions or you run out of ammo in a fire fight, you cannot quickly pick up your colleagues gun or another gun from a downed enemy to keep fighting for your life or the lives the fellow officers or combatants around them.... plus, it’s potentially one more piece of equipment that can malfunction on the gun in a life or death situation giving the opposing combatants an upper hand in a firefight. Also, being controls engineer in the industrial field, I know that it’s most likely an electronic circuit board with an rfid reader or other wireless device which means it needs a power source to operate....meaning it could be a very bad day if the situation arises that you need to use it and the battery is dead, leaving your gun locked. Furthermore, you have at least a 250ms delay to unlock the gun with most wireless communication devices, 150ms min delay... plus the watch could get damaged, ducking for cover, leaving the weapon as a pricy paper weight... plus it to has a battery needed to operate and anyone who has a smart watch knows, they need to be recharged weekly or daily depending how many signals it has to power through sending and receiving signals between the slave and master device. It also opens up a Security issue allow smart hackers to hijack or disrupt the communications signals to the officer’s or military solder’s gun causing them to stay locked and efficiently removing them from a firefight with a non lethal signal. The gun doesn’t even need to be hacked, just needs to have a device that can jam or disrupt the communication signal...like an emp pulse generator. Same thing goes for self defense, this would have been a great idea if the fail proof mechanical guns weren’t already all out on the market or black market nor will bad people turn them in... But on the flip side of self defense in the civilian sectors....Other then the drawbacks mentioned, I believe it could save lives and start to minimize gun thefts and save some lives from criminals using stolen guns until they find a way to either deactivate the safeguards either by reprogramming/hacking the guns just like they already easily do with cell phones which hold you private banking credit cards before selling them on the black market. The thought is a very good one and possibly one that should be enforced on a national level .... and some of the flaw can definitely be overcome like having a guns unlock for a group of registered officers just like an IT person gives administration rights to a group of controls engineers in order to install and manipulate communication settings or log into different plant machines in order to do there work and minimize down time. Or safe guard the devices with emp protected electronics in the gun and watch... plus tech keeps improving... and battery issues could be minimize with build in solar charging cells on the face of the watch and on different parts of the gun. I will be very interesting to see how this technology evolves over the next couple of decades.
Scott Nemeth (3 months ago)
My apologies about grammar and run on sentences, typed quickly and my cell phone tends to changes my wording... especially when I meant to write “their” instead of “there” when talking about a possessions that belong to a person.
Dustin LeSuer (3 months ago)
Hi World 5 List, I watched your video and I though it was necessary to let you know that there are REAL laser weapons, not portable but ship mounted anti-aircraft cannons, but cool video
Slinkman2021 (4 months ago)
no lightsabers? bullshit
ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ (4 months ago)
wow, that was some sci-fi right there for ya, its insane how far humanity has come, and sad to see how much of it is related to war/killing people -.-
Andrej Telisman (4 months ago)
freeze ray is interesting
miidmolok (4 months ago)
5 is made in ROMANIA
Black Raven (4 months ago)
ZKZM Laser is allegedly a real life deadly laser weapon made by china
Griz Woldstad (4 months ago)
Learning about your world??? Time Bob went back to school!! Talk about being obtuse!!!!
Samiul Saqib (4 months ago)
I will go boom boom
Владимир Вик (4 months ago)
Looks like something out of HALO games. The US is making Laser M16. Im glad my country made the Ghoust Rifle. Only 3 were made so far.
BiteMyShinyMetal4ss (4 months ago)
If they actually exist, then they are no longer "sci-fi", DUH.
Joachim Lehmann (4 months ago)
It’s not science fiction, if they exist.
Will Wilson (4 months ago)
No.8 5G anybody?
asherael (5 months ago)
"smart" guns are EXTREMELY dangerous, rights aside, I wouldn't trust one even as far as I could throw it
Albert Richter (5 months ago)
In thes current times witth these rulees forbidding , Kill Shots, of our enemies, Why haven't ," Timed Stun weapons," been supported in Law Enforcement, better than they have been ??
Adrienne Bonne (5 months ago)
How about checking out the Burris Eliminator 111 rifle scope. It fits any rifle. Lasers the target. Gives you the distance to target, then drops an orange dot onto the cross. Pretty dam cool. I have one of these on a .300win mag and it's spot on every time.
Carl McKinney (3 months ago)
How about the ATN X-Sight II. It gives you a complete shooting solution including weather, distance, elevation, and curvature if the range is far enough. All this for a $600 USD. Plus it saves a video of the kill.
Dj Junior (5 months ago)
I've seen a lightning gun on the TV I've been trying to locate any info on it I remember that it was in the us and the inside of the barrel was Glass a man was working in his own garage with his son under a military contact does anybody have any other information . I think someone erased all information
Gary Harnden (5 months ago)
Number 8 actually uses microwaves and it dose have long turn effects
terrahawk2003 (5 months ago)
I think it's funny how the people want gun control are the ones committing the crimes.
William Merryman (5 months ago)
the freeze ray could in the future put out forest fires. and save many lifes
Arkadiusz Zabiega (29 days ago)
it really just need the microwave to be switched off
Jasminder Singh Jesse (5 months ago)
The good thing about the laser rifle is one rarely misses one s target ..
Jasminder Singh Jesse (5 months ago)
For your information when it first came out of production the purpose was singular , to blind . There were some who for specifics reasons were blinded but the laser managed to penetrate the socket touching the brain and these victims end up dying . Just after they have been shot if you see the expression will be of pure agony with dried blood around the eyes. Bad scene man.
Trudy Leonard (5 months ago)
Number 4 I now it existed
Terraformed Tiki (5 months ago)
Thanks for the clickbait picture mate, grow up
drdaly21450 (5 months ago)
All of them
darryl goodman (5 months ago)
Correction the phase laser weapon is not designed to blind at all. It is designed to create an ion trail for an electric charge to go down range and act like a wireless taser to incapacitate a target without perminate harm. It would also be able to disable an automobile's electric system. The short duration pulse in the Pico seconds prevents possible optical damage.
Alana Cartes (5 months ago)
But even I have to admit that gun shooting around corners...tres cool Somebody train me
Alana Cartes (5 months ago)
Omg! Boiling ppl? Smh... Instead of finding ways to HELP ALL of HUMANITY - BCUZ if we ALL have our needs basics MET - what da ta KNOW - don't need weapons against each other . Do into others as WILL be done unto YOU..
Solowarrior1221 (4 months ago)
+Alana Cartes. you're assuming that human nature is a positive force, it's not. human nature is violent and tribal and those instincts are buried far too deep in our subconscious to ever erase them.
Alana Cartes (5 months ago)
LORD have mercy!!! I can't BELIEVE Countries had to be TOLD NOT to use permanently blinding damaging BLEEDING laser weaponry? Perhaps IF the first round WERE TO BE USED on decision makers buying the weapons for use on enemy?
Zerkini (4 months ago)
You don't get out much do you? It's war, people get their limbs blown off, their entrails brought to lumps at their feet, and more often than the media would have you believe it happens tortured without mercy before having their heads removed from their body and the concern is with if the enemy can see?
Seemor Disillusioned (5 months ago)
#8 And when the targets can not evacuate the area ? Nevermind injuries received from the stampede in the panic to get away . You have an odd definition of semi-automatic . At least now we all know where our tax money is getting wasted .
Anlushac11 (5 months ago)
No railguns? I am disappointed.
Zerkini (4 months ago)
Those are a thing too. Search youtube and you will find videos on it. We also have a shielding system as well. Though the shield isn't the pretty blue orb like in video games, it does its job.
darren jj (5 months ago)
black holes are still only a theory
darren jj (4 months ago)
NO,they have found the symptoms of black holes,NOT found black holes
Alexander Lee (4 months ago)
darren jj They aren’t, nasa and other organisations have found them in space
Richard Luce (5 months ago)
Wot would i do with no.4....? Launch grenades obviously....
BigV na (5 months ago)
Kinda fun to watch, but one gets the feeling you don't really understand a LOT of what your trying to talk about.
Douglas Brannon (5 months ago)
What about the hammer of Thor? What about the lightening bolt weapon?
ambionkanai (5 months ago)
The PHASR is NOT a phaser. In Star Trek, the phaser fires phased muons. First on the list is already a fuck up.
Psiberzerker (5 months ago)
3:40 "Non-ionized radiation." I.E. Photons, not Alpha, or Beta particles, which are Ions. "Non-radioactive radiation" is a contradiction in terms. Like an EMP shielded Radar. DARPA actually put out a contract for an "EMP shielded Radar" back in the 90s, until Ratheon pointed out that if you shield it against EMPs, you blind it to it's own signal return. Effectively making it useless as a Radar. Oops.
Carl McKinney (3 months ago)
All energy in the electromagnetic spectrum is radiation. From RF to Light it is all radiation. It simply means energy that radiates. Not all radiation is harmful however. All depends on it's amplitude and exposure time.
Psiberzerker (5 months ago)
Also photons. Technically Black Body Radiation, which is typically in the Infrared band at the temperatures we are used to (On the surface of the Earth) but may get into the visual band, as things get up to those temperatures. Hot enough to glow, starting in the relatively cool red, and oranges until they get up to the blues, and finally Ultra-violet... What do know, though? Just being an engineer, and CIS Technician who's worked with the USAF, and DARPA. I'm sure some random guy trolling comments to find someone who's wrong on the internet is an expert on Radiation, ionized or not. Now, if you'd like to educate yourself, type [Non-Radioactive Radiation], and [Non-Ionizing Radiation] in Google, and see what results you come up with, Professor. You're on the internet, the information is all right there.
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
Psiberzerker You really don't know as much as u claim. For one, heat is thermal radiation and by FAR not radioactive.
Psiberzerker (5 months ago)
Also, "Allegedly." Yeah, it's possible, but you and I know the kinds of shit seamen say when they're bored, and even Instructors make up stories all the time in training. That sounds like an exaggeration, but IKD. As for the 2 day record, probably not. They throw out requests like that all the time, to see what sticks. I just happened to be working for NORAD (Colorado Springs) at the time, and thought it was a funny story. There's probably hundreds more like it.
Psiberzerker (5 months ago)
I believe (I don't know, I didn't work on the Prowler) that the nose radar has an overload shunt. Electricity takes the path of least resistance, that's how the Faraday Cage works. The Magnetic Field (Temporary as it is) induces a current in the wires, then down to ground. Aircraft are difficult to ground, because they're surrounded by air, which isn't an efficient conductor. The DARPA request was for an Installation Radar, btw. Not a Fixed Radar. Technically, the Prowler's Emitter could knock out the Receivers. However, the nose radar has a dish, and the tail radar is behind it. So, it basically only has to worry about the signal return. That's the shielding, behind the receiver. (I would guess.)
Carenia S (5 months ago)
They have guns that can only be fired by the person by registering the thumbprint they're in the movie shoot them up and they are real guns they weren't just fake movie props they really are guns and there really is guns that you can buy that have a thing on the side that scan that you scan your thumbprint and before you can fire that weapon you have to have your thumb on that reader if your thumb is not on that reader it will not fire those guns are real is a fact so this one that's linked to a watch at it's not really a big deal in fact that's less security than the other guns
BigV na (5 months ago)
Uh, no. It's a trigger lock that is opened by finger print. Usable on most normal guns. Only affects function of the gun if you use it, otherwise it's a paperweight. And to paraphrase Jules Winnfield: "Grammar mother-fucker, do you speak it?"
China has already made a laser rifle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huxVFxaVlbs
diamondlod (5 months ago)
Good video, but... Laser weapons are being actively mounted on most U.S. Navy ships, and not to blind, but to destroy. The corner shot is a flimsy, unstable, and unreliable weapon. It’s a one trick pony that isn’t suitable for reliable use.
Link the Hero of Hyrule (5 months ago)
diamondlod yet
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
And yes, many people know about "Iron Beam" ,and other chemical lasers used mainly onboard military aircraft.
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
Actually it's just like everything else. -- Depends on the shooter, make of product, etc. It's proven and reliable tech. Until you actually try a few you shouldn't be making comments about things you really know nothing about.
Richard Luce (5 months ago)
diamondlod at last someone knows wtf their talking about,good man. So many uneducated morons in the world.
Rick Thomas (5 months ago)
Glad u.s modified weapons
david diehl (5 months ago)
Number 8 active denial is now made portable. Used by the Japanese on Whale Wars against the Sea Shepard.
Arkadiusz Zabiega (29 days ago)
what if the government uses this weapon to keep people in control?
david diehl (5 months ago)
They pulled out after we sent them an earthquake
BigV na (5 months ago)
Saw that episode. Didn't seem very effective. Maybe their settings were off? I'm kinda rooting for the Japanese to just send a sub with the fleet one day. Sink the pirate bastards so quick no radio traffic to give away what happened.
Ben Verdel (5 months ago)
Freedom of speech? Ok. Displaying horrible things like the laser guns and others the way you do as technical remarkable devellopments is maybe within the boundries of the law? I wouldn't be proud to show this to my mother. Here I could have put in a reflexion, but i won't. I'm worried it is of no use.
Wayne Miller (5 months ago)
U know cern has just finished making that dumbass machine 12 times stronger or something like that they're going to try to Black Hole crazy stuff that's going to be what ends us
J053PH 5W0L1N (5 months ago)
The gun you were using for the phaser isn't the phaser weapon as today's phaser weapons are basically huge guns that have to be put on top of keeps. But the thing is that the gun you were showing is actually a real gun which it's bullets can explode in mid air. And you can set the distance until it explodes in air or not
dwf tgg (5 months ago)
I think i just wasted 13:32 minutes of my life
Tanana M (25 days ago)
+bandito 29383 Brevity. Note also, the incomplete sentence. You didn't? Aren't you cleaver. See that my meaning is still understood despite my lack of specific punctuation. Yours was lost because of it. Also "ur" isn't a word, and your oh so carefully structured rebuttal lacks a verb. You sure showed me. What is "lul"? Man, you're so cool, using nonsensical noises to make your point. What is your point? Your initial critique was that the original comment had used incorrect punctuation to make an argument. You followed with a complaint that included an even worse understating of punctuation, and grammar generally. Your position is weak, and frankly, you have nothing to stand on regarding the correction of an other's grammar. Your math doesn't work. 13:32 does not equal 1,332 minutes. Depending on your reference point It may be some fraction of thirteen hours, or thirteen minutes. Base 60 is not the same as base 10. Here again punctuation matters, and the original poster used the correct punctuation. Learn to punctuate. Heck, learn how to use verbs. Learn to be understood. Then finally maybe you can be in a place where your critique of other's use of language might be taken seriously. Good luck.
bandito 29383 (25 days ago)
+Tanana M why you telling me if ur not doing it lul
Tanana M (25 days ago)
+bandito 29383 learn to punctuate
bandito 29383 (1 month ago)
That's a lot of time 1,332 minutes is a lot I think you meant 13 minutes and 32 seconds get good m8
saket kumar singh (3 months ago)
Burnt Reynolds (6 months ago)
kairous ken (6 months ago)
give me a scarab from halo
DocWolph (6 months ago)
#6 Tractor Beam... NASA will use this device for a number of purposes including rescue, tracking and movement of object in space, and as an orbital sweeper as the Tractor beam can be used to capture that tiny space junk and dump it harmlessly into the atmosphere. This assumes we don't have factories up there than could use the free recyclable junk. Not everything on this list HAS to be a weapon.
this gave me cod/aw Vibe
NinjaVishan (6 months ago)
the world is ending soon
NinjaVishan (5 months ago)
Defiant Brood the Jehovah's witnesses will go to hell all of them lot
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
NinjaVishan Mmmmm..... yeah, right. And only groups like Jehovah's witness will be left on the new "heaven on Earth". Please!!
Randell Darcky (6 months ago)
If I had that grenadelauncher, I would be the most popular on 4th of July
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
Randell Darcky Yeah, and after you wake up your neighbor's kids and new baby you'd be the deadest--after he demonstrates the proper use of one. Assuming, that is, you didn't fire it up in the air, allowing it to fall back down and detonate after failing to escape the blast radius. You probably didn't know most projectile munitions explode on impact. No offense intended, just FYI so you know.
Mikhiel Thorsson (6 months ago)
Click bait again, what a fucking worthless channel.
tushardangare91 (6 months ago)
May as well listen these as podcast rather than watching as a video. Pictures do not match with the context.
Angela Buyck (6 months ago)
All this matters not if your people are sick dying and homelss lacking medical care and quality of life and your trops are mistreated.
Daniel Scott (6 months ago)
That active denial boils water and what is your body made of. The device like many others you have on here is far more dangerous then what your saying. I know from personal experience.
Erik Iacopelli (6 months ago)
oh great idea making ANY kind of black holes ON EARTH!! Ur just begging for it to go wrong
HardDie (6 months ago)
Someone get #10 to the cops please?
Knife Nut (1 month ago)
Tactical flashlights (strobe setting) do the same thing and every cop I've ever seen has had one on their duty belts.
Mic Schoon (6 months ago)
Ruby-xo (6 months ago)
Your channel is called world 5 list not 10
FORTDAWGG (6 months ago)
Otis Smith (6 months ago)
Peter Hunsader (6 months ago)
can you be any slower? fuck this.
TKSS (6 months ago)
The #2 gun: you can get killed before you have a chance to unlock it. AND, you gotta have a watch within 10 inches to use it?? Idk. I’d have to go with #10
Hayden Joy (6 months ago)
U.S. military complex and masonic nasa are spending billion's upon billion's of taxpayer's dollar's on deep underground bases worldwide
Daryl Owen (2 months ago)
D.U.M.B. isn't it? The book of Revelation seems to speak of it.
Cynical_ Serb (5 months ago)
Defiant Brood i have a fuck load of rifles and a bad attitude i hope shit hits the fan
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
hopeless, cynical and richard (dick) You're all idiotic fuckwads, and when the SHTF, you're going to seriously regret not preparing at all. About the best you can hope for is to be cum toilet sex toys for all the insane deviants roving around in gangs. And no one will ever hear you fart again. Out of your ass anyway, as you'll probably be able to keep your tongues for pleasing your masters. -------- Sorry, I just couldn't resist due to the stupidity of your comments. 📉
Defiant Brood (5 months ago)
exposing Secret Societies Bullshit I don't know about the Masons, but you are absolutely 100% correct, and its total bullshit that they're doing shit like that with our tax money just so they can save their own pussy candyasses, partying in safety while the rest of the nation (us), who paid for it AND already pays for their totally underserved decadent lifestyles!!!!
Richard Luce (5 months ago)
Ha haa
Austin Beatty (6 months ago)
JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW... this is what they have declassified, there are much scarier things in the United States' arsenal...
bandito 29383 (1 month ago)
This is why we can't have cool things in public otherwise the world would make things stronger...
Austin Beatty (5 months ago)
Captain crunch ah hoy mateys idk why you’re being a cunt about the way you’re commenting to me, so how about you drop he attitude.
Austin Beatty no shit its the god damn military why wouldn't they invest on newer model weapons
Sonia4248 (6 months ago)
I enjoy watching your videos. Great video!!
Robert M (6 months ago)
The last couple of months World 5 List' videos have been too slow-paced to my taste, i'm unsubscribing, but good luck with the channel!
Sataniel Bates (6 months ago)
Nice video, keep it up.
Insane Curiosity (6 months ago)
Freeze ray looks super cool
BigV na (5 months ago)
Punny, very punny.

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