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10 Extinct Animals You Never Knew WERE Real

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Once scary, bizarre and strange creatures roamed our earth. Here are some extinct animals you didn’t even know ever existed. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list The world if full of life, but not all life continues on, and if it’s not documented, or discovered, how can we know about it? Join us as we talk about some extinct animals you never knew were real. 1. Megalodon Ok, we’ll admit, you probably did know about this one, but not for the reasons of it actually being real. 2. Gigantopithecus From Jaws to Planet of the Apes, it’s honestly not too much of a surprise that there was an ape that grew to massive sizes. But what sets the Gigantopithecus apart was just how big it could get. 3. Giant Swan Ok, so we’ve had the giant sea creature, we’ve had the giant land creature, where’s my giant bird? And no, we don’t mean Pterodactyls or other dinosaurs, we meant a literal bird that isn’t around anymore. 4. Irish Elk Any hunters out there? It’s ok if you’re are, we’re not judging you, we’re using it as a point of reference. 5. Elasmotherium From giant antlers to giant horns, it’s not hard to imagine certain creatures on Earth right now being descended from the Elasmotherium. 6. Great Auk They say that history is written by the victors, and if Penguins are victors, then the Great Auk is the loser. 7. Laughing Owl From the ironic, to the creepy, let’s talk about the laughing owl. Now, technically, there are species of laughing owl still out there today. The one we’re talking about was one native to New Zealand. Species name Sceloglaux albifacies. 8. Falkland Islands Wolf I’m not going to lie, I love wolves. I love just about everything about them. So when I came across the sad tale of the Falkland Islands Wolf, I knew I had to put it on the list. 9. Bluebuck Speaking of hunting to extinction, let’s talk about the Bluebuck. This creature might be self-explanatory, but it’s still a really cool creature to think about. The Bluebuck’s were native to Southern Africa for some time. 10. Barabary Lions Many creatures on this list are considered ancestors of certain other creatures on our Earth, or “tales to astonish” in many ways. Yet, one very sad tale of extinction is very recent, and it is entirely the fault of humanity for this creatures extinction. We speak of course of the Barbary Lion.
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World 5 List (8 months ago)
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HeyItssJC (1 day ago)
i like megalodon
Ghlatix (3 months ago)
15th Ha-
spidy wants pizza time (6 months ago)
I already know about megldone
Tarel Too (1 month ago)
noliv 2033 but you can’t spell it
Fergus Ascot (8 months ago)
I love megledons
Inaam Ayyash (8 months ago)
And some were weird
Lina Gallardo (8 months ago)
there is much stuff to discover on this earth and i bet when we discover them they'll be hunted to extinction
Knowledge Window (8 months ago)
Very interesting the video!
IWannaKermitSuicide (8 months ago)
That thumbnail is actually terrifying... Imagine surfing and when you look to your right you see a giant shark coming at you. Damn nature you scary!!
Gray 8O (1 month ago)
Sneaky-Jesse sad truth but some humans are even more scary tho
Sunil Jain (8 months ago)
World's 5 list showing us 10 things. Nice.
SpaceHerbz Grow (8 months ago)
I laugh at when people comment saying first or whatever lol but anyways i have a real comment, and holy moly, i new some were real but ,the others i didnt, just shows you on what the world hides and yet still has much to discover
fnaf lover 3436 (8 months ago)
Alonte Peterson (8 months ago)
STW_Hzech (8 months ago)
FlexFlash (8 months ago)
Alicia Alexander (8 months ago)
FlexFlash fjtky 😷😭😤💩
Alicia Alexander (8 months ago)

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